Reviews: Wii Sports Resort

How can this game be so good?

I have had a nintendo wii for a few years, and when I got it there was a choice of two bundles-wii console and wii fit plus, or wii console and wii sports resort. The former was sold out everywhere, a fact that I was a little unhappy about for all of about a day. As soon as I played the game I changed my mind. The game has something for everyone and covers a wide variety of sports, all of which take place on the fictional wuhu islands (which also make an appearance in a few other wii games). In one sport, island flyover, the player is given the chance to fully explore the island for 5 minutes, locating points of interest in a small aeroplane. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I probably know my way around wuhu island better than my home town. Another sport revolves around swordplay. This is a major step up from just 4 sword directions, the onscreen avatar is fully responsive to the controllers movements. Thirdly I must mention the sport of frisbee golf. The player attempts to get a frisbee into an area on a golf course. For each shot they can choose from three sizes of disc. although it can be fairly tricky to get used to it's great fun and there's nothing more satisfying than getting a hole in one. It's a fun and original game. The sports range from simple, like wakeboarding, to nintendo hard, like archery, but there's something for all tastes and it can be played either casually or in a more 'hardcore' setting. It's more than just a showcase for the motionplus' abilities, it's a total must have game for anyone with a wii and time to spare!

Something for Everyone

Following after the phenomenally successful Wii Sports, which was simple fun but lacking in depth, one might believe Wii Sports Resort is little more than a glorified tech demo for the Wii MotionPlus at retail price. Make no mistake, this is a tech demo, a superb one in fact. It is also well worth every dollar regardless of whether you're a casual or dedicated gamer.

Wii Sports Resort features sports-based minigames which, like the original, feature simplified controls to be accessible to anyone. However, this is where the Wii MotionPlus makes a huge difference. Although the games might seem shallow, the sheer precision the device adds makes the package a much more immersive experience. They are easy to pick up, yet difficult to master since you have to pay much more attention to your gestures, particularly in Frisbee and Archery. Waggling the Wii Remote randomly will not work here.

The game itself is quite a meaty package. Despite only having twelve distinct subgames, most of them feature multiple game modes which about doubles the total. For example, in Swordplay, you can either engage in a one-on-one Duel, challenge your reflexes with Speed Slice, or beat up mooks in Showdown. Bowling goes beyond offering just a ten-pin game and adds an extra 100-pin game and a normal game with the (literal) twist of requiring you to control your spin to dodge obstacles. A few of the games, including Wakeboarding and Cycling, lack variety in gameplay and Canoeing just sucks, but overall you're guaranteed to find a favourite game you'll want to play repeatedly and master. The game is very good at encouraging this with five "achievements" in the form of stamps for every game mode, typically rising in difficulty from "pull off one good shot" to "get a perfect game". Even the most skilled of gamers will require hours and hours to get some of the more difficult ones.

So if you're looking to chill out every so often with a simple, variegated game or want a game that will push you to your limits, you can't go wrong with Wii Sports Resort. The Wii was designed as a console that everyone can enjoy, and this game indeed has something for everyone.