Reviews: Witch And Wizard

Plot holes be damned, this series is too awesome to pass over.

James Patterson's Witch And Wizard series (formerly a trilogy in the same way that Maximum Ride was formerly a trilogy) is full of implausibilities and plot holes and weird dialogue.

But then again, so is Adventure Time. And like Adventure Time, this series is just plain awesome.

Clearly people who hate this series haven't been reading it properly. It's quite clearly established that this isn't supposed to be our world, or even our universe. Once that comes into play, any and all rules of physics and other sciences may be suspended at will, along with the reader's disbelief, hopefully. I really don't understand why people read these books expecting something "realistic." Just like, say, Revolution, if you expect everything to be realistic, you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

Especially in the sequels, it gets really good. And really dark, too. Don't try and read The Fire after eating a heavy meal. You may get sick. Violently so.

I can't stand it...

This series is like Harry Potter meets Nineteen Eighty Four meets Maximum Ride and ALL! ON! SPEED! Oh, and don't even get me started about the countless Plot Holes that Paterson has created. Not only is the premise outrageous, but the execution is terrible. Being bound, gagged, and blindfolded is brought down to a single comedic line of dialogue, there isn't a real coherent plot aside from the main goal of stoping the N.O, it tries to be cool but fails miserably, and the narration will go on and on and on and on about how much of a dirty, disgusting, loser, parasite, [INSERT AGGRAVATINGLY LONG LIST OF INSULTS HERE] Dirty Coward Byron is! I GOT A HEADACHE JUST TRYING TO READ IT! This book just plays off of the hype from the Harry Potter series and goes in a HORRIBLE direction with the premise.