Reviews: With Apologies To Stephen King

Well, there\'s a sad one.

Out of all of Cat Bountry's stories (that I've read), this probably takes the spot for the eeriest one.

Never read the story it's based off of, and don't intend to in the near future.

Don't do teles, kids.

I liked it

From what I've heard of Cat Bountry, I expected a sort of horror story. It does have elements of horror in it, and you do have to wonder how Sniper managed to get dominated by a teenage girl, but it's a pretty good story, especially if you know the premise of the original.

Review by Poke Nerd

It very much catches the psychological aspects of King's novel, but that's not what makes it good. What makes it good is that it's a parody, but it isn't outright trolling, and despite the tone, there are amusing points.

Review by Jack Mackerel

Just to point out, there was an endless shitstorm over the original, but Cat Bountry eventually apologized(!) and encouraged the author to make better stuff. Also, of note, the fiction that Cat was responding to is... mediocre.

Review by Maniette

Amazing, it honestly is, but so, so cruel.

Review by Belle-Mage

Utterly heartbreaking. Miss Cat Bountry has a way of making you laugh and hope for the best, then quashing that hope at the last minute.