Reviews: Whiplash

Repetitive Hilarious Destruction

Whiplash is a video game I just remember going back to over and over, making new saves until all the available slots were filled. And then I'd proceeded to start a new save over an old one to continue the cycle. Looking back at the game, it's kinda odd why I did so.

Whiplash is a platforming game with a heavy emphasis on smashing pretty much everything. Game play itself is pretty straightforward and Spanx's control is pretty solid, though jumping does tend to feel a bit stiff at times. Attacking using Redmond is nice and easy, though it can pretty much boil down to button mashing, even with the new attacks and combos you can acquire.

Which brings me to the point of the game, in which you break everything. And I do mean everything. Nearly every object and machine can be smashed to oblivion in this game, and it is heavily encouraged to do so. However, depending on who you are, this can either be exceptionally cathartic or really dull. To alleviate any possible boredom, however, the game features a counter that deducts money from Genron, which can be satisfying to see. The

The game's presentation is fine for the most part. The main characters, Spanx and Redmond, look and animate nicely, as well as some of the animals you encounter and the human enemies. However, those characters are rendered in a more realistic fashion compared to the playable characters, so the difference can be a little odd. Cut scene animations are pretty meh, though but not anything really terrible.

So, despite feeling pretty iffy about the game so far, I realize that what kept me coming back is the humor. This game is just brimming with hilarious moments, from the banter Spanx and Redmond share during game play, to the few but gut busting cut scenes. I know I said before that the cut scene animations were mediocre before, but the lines the characters say and the gags they do make laugh every time I see them. If you thought Portal was the only humorous game about escaping an iffy scientific testing facility, Whiplash would like to have a word with you.

So overall, it's a bit of a mixed bag, but if you enjoy some great humor and can find this game somewhere, I'd say give it a shot.