Reviews: Waking Nightmares

Better than I initially thought

I'll be truthful- some things sound really corny and cliche, but all in all, I think worth a read.

First time I heard about it, I was intrigued. However, the beginning was slow and the style was slightly off for me, so I put it off. Then I read the chapter, RED Interlude, and interest kicked off from there.

Something I have to admire the writer for, is that he/she knows their internet. And TF 2 memes. And has an amazing imagination that manages to incorporate Slenderman, MLP (including Cupcakes and Smooze), Doctor Who (starring the Doctor as Doctor Whooves, River as Minuette, and Jack as Orion), and TF 2 (Painis Cupcakes, Snoipahdiles, Christian Brutal Sniper, hats, and a bazillion other memes) all into the story, and still make sense.

The concept of "Dark" counterparts is a bit too mary-sueish of an idea for me, as well as three additional Elements, but the plot is intriguing enough that I can overlook that. Pyro's a girl, which always bugged me personally, and the pairings are... odd. I mean some, like Demo/Berry Punch kind of make sense, but Soldier/Derpy? Zacora/Spy?

So, some complaints, and the author is clearly not a top-notch writer, but is already better than what I had originally expected, and they clearly take the story seriously. All in all, I would say check it out.

Unoriginal and uninspired.

Honestly, I expected more from a crossover with so much potential. And this... doesn't deliver.

The start of the fic is bland and uninteresting already - the team is stranded in the Everfree Forest (the default spawn point for HiE insertions), and someone brings them to the town. So, to cover up for that, we get INSTANT ACTION AGAINST A NEW (BUT OLD) EVIL!, where it shows how crazy awesome the newly-ponified BLUs are while making all the MLP cast, even the Princesses, almost entirely useless. Another thing is, there's no conflict between the two worlds' characters except for the Equestrians finding the BLUs creepy and brutal. But that's not the worst: what is is how much the author shoehorns cheap grimdark on the BLUs' background. I stopped reading after a very badly written sob story the Spy tells about his family.

Good grammar doesn't save a bad fic. Disrecommended with both thumbs down.

EDIT: Added a missing parenthesis.

It's pretty good but missing something....

Okay, total disclosure here: I don't really play TF2. I know of it, but I don't have that much hands on experience with it. And I am a brony. THAT BEING SAID, I enjoyed reading this fic. I personally find the BL Us enjoyably sadistic, although Engenier and Demoman get a lot of screen time. Pyro is also enjoyable (whom is declared female here): the firebug we all know who scares her own team, but secretly in distress. the t

As for the MLP:FiM cast, I must agree with some of the other reviews: They start out useless, but they do get their time to shine. But the fic has the BLUs in their world, so it makes more scene to me for it to focus on the dimensional strangers than the natives.

However, there is something missing. I can't put my finger on it, but something is.

The chapters are pretty long, that's a plus, and the characterization is usually strong though sometimes takes a hit. The humor though far and few between usually makes me laugh out loud. Overall, I like this and it should get it's own page.

A Professional Opinion

Here's the Laconic version: It's the BLU ponies...fighting Slender Man, who is also a pony. What more do you people want?!

Of course, beyond the basic reason ("It's awesome"), the work explores a series of nonconventional character pairings and somehow finds a way to balance the cutesy nature of My Little Pony with the stylized violence of Team Fortress 2. Oh, and did I mention Princess Celestia AND Princess Luna get Ubercharged? Seriously. The action alone is enough to propel this fic to stardom. There's no shortage of action here, folks, if that's what you're into. But this work also promises plenty of drama once our villain makes a bolder move. Bursting with drama, action, and probably a bit of romance (not yet, but eventually), this is definitely one you should check out.