Reviews: What Chapter 372 Of Fairy Tail Should Have Been

A Shameless Revenge Fic

A lot of fanfics exist to take revenge on canon characters, from a good guy who makes a questionable judgment call who doesn't get punished for it, to a villain who commits atrocities against the heroes. Few fanfics, however, are as brazen about or focused on this purpose as this one is, and this isn't a good thing

The fic takes place at the start of Chapter 372, in which Erza, now free, is interrogating Kyouka, who'd previously tortured her for information Erza didn't even know. This time, instead of Kyouka escaping from her shackles and attacking Erza, Erza inflicts horrific tortures on Kyouka, completely out of proportion to what Erza suffered in canon.

The preceding paragraph describes the entirety of this fic. The author eschews everything that does not relate to the torture so the fic is written as a Script Fic that consists of character dialogue and the bare minimum description of their action, making it come off as minimalist and lazy.

Erza's highly Out of Character here, as while she isn't quite as compassionate as people like Lucy or Wendy, she isn't a Sadist like she is in this fic, even considering what Kyouka's done to her.

Perhaps the worst part is that there isn't much of a point to this fic.Kyouka gets tortured, but considering that in canon, Mard Geer did the same thing to her for "toying with" humans, and she later gets killed by Minerva, it hardly seems necessary, except as a way of satisfying those who think she should have suffered more.

All in all, I can't recommend this fic in good conscience unless you enjoy seeing characters like Kyouka suffer and don't care about anything else.