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A word of warning. There are unmarked spoilers here.

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The Prologue establishes the setting of the story, explaining that drows are what elves become when they are born underground.

Chapter 0 Prologue

The Nidraa'chal attack Chel'el'sussoloth with nether summoning. They violated several unwritten rules of warfare in Chel in the process.

     First arc 
The First Arc initially follows Ariel's point-of-view but as time goes one, the point-of-views of multiple characters from multiple factions are followed, leading to a complex and deep story where Grey and Gray Morality is a recurring theme.

Chapter 1 Daughters Of Sarghress

A baby girl named Ariel is given by Quain'tana to Syphile for Syphile to raise. Syphile spends the next ten years raising Ariel to attempt to prepare Ariel as a good daughter to Quain'tana.

Chapter 2 World Of Mana

Kel'noz takes Ariel with him to Orthorbbae, a school, where he is the headmaster of the Davya tower. There, Ariel meets Faen'arae, or Faen for short, who has empathy.

  • Groin Attack: Sandaur demonstrates this technique on an orc captive. Later, Mir'kiin attempts this on Ariel, which is how he finds out she's a girl.
  • Internal Reveal: Mir'kiin finds out Ariel is a girl, and promptly tells Nau'kheol and Khal'harror.

Chapter 3 Torn

Ariel continues to learn at Orthorbbae, until circumstances force Kel'noz's hand and he takes Ariel back to the Sarghress fortress and Quain'tana. During their meeting, Quain'tana orders Ariel to bring Mir'kiin to her so Ariel could prove herself.

Chapter 4 Fight For Me

Taking Kel'noz's advice, Ariel tries to recruit people to help her capture Mir'kiin. In the process, she meets a drow/dragon male hybrid named Rikshakar and a human Emberi woman named Vaelia.

Chapter 5 Heir To The Clan

Ariel successfully brings Mir'kiin to Quain'tana. Quain'tana then orders Ariel to kill Mir'kiin. When Ariel refused, Quain'tana decided to make Ariel choose between killing Mir'kiin who tormented her and killing Sar'nel who helped her.

Chapter 6 The Bloody Path

After learning that Faen left, Ariel is still in shock. During her bout of depression, she decided to go to the Black Dragon to watch the battles.

Chapter 7 Stand On Your Own

Ariel decides to confront Chrys'tel to get answers after getting cheered up by Vaelia, capturing her in the process. She also meets Chirinide, who first explains tainting to her.

Chapter 8 Behind The Masks

Ariel enters into a confrontation with Syphile. Syphile lost and was subsequently disowned by Quain'tana. Ariel ends up in Mel'arnach's room after that.

Chapter 9 Second Chances

After her disgrace, Syphile decides to free Chrys'tel in exchange for becoming a noble of the Vel'Sharen.

Chapter 10 Gateway To The Abyss

Chirinide, Shan'naal and Tir'ade have to deal with a nether outbreak in one of the Sarghress districts. Tir'ade gets tainted and decides he doesn't want to die as per Kyorl'solenurn doctrine and flees from Chirinide and Shan'naal.
  • False Flag Operation: Yaeminira Vel’Sharen opens a nether gate where she knows the Kyorl will see it, knowing they’ll assume it was the Vloz’ress, and convinces the Vloz to turn a captured Kyorl into a living doll and send her back to her clan, hoping to draw the two clans to war.
  • Flashback: One at the beginning of the chapter, where Kiel’ndia reminisces on how her mom’s group of nether summoners came to be, picked up Kharla’ggen, and became the Vel’Vloz’ress.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Celia Sarghress
    • Melindir Sarghress
    • Yunir Sarghress
    • Karan Sarghress
    • Seb'rath Sarghress
  • The Reveal: Ariel is Mel’s daughter, conceived on Quain’s demands in order to have a heir after Laele was possessed and Quain made barren by an injury.

Chapter 11 Choir Of Souls

Kiel'ndia and Naal'suul prepare to try and save Kyo'nne, not realizing she isn't actually in danger. Ariel and her comrades prepare themselves for the journey to the surface. Ariel meets, acquires and names Melodia. Chirinide, Shan'nal and Kyo'nne tagalong, without giving Ariel a real choice in the matter.

Chapter 12 To The Light

Ariel and her travelling companions are in the middle of travelling. Kyorl'solenurn and Vloz'ress forces clash. Kiel and Naal confront Ariel and her group, but in the end, Kyo'nne successfully stops the fight.

Chapter 13 Crossroads

The gang are in Machike, with the various kid cast preparing for whatever they are doing next. Meanwhile, the Kyorls are negotiating for the Sarghress to handover Senekha whom they are holding prisoner.

Chapter 14 Under The Moonlight

Ariel's gang leaves Machike and Ariel sees the surface for the first time.

Chapter 15 Wasteland

Rikshakar betrays Ariel and kidnaps her. Chirinide, Shan'naal and Kyo'nne separate from the rest and arrive at a Kyorl'solenurn outpost where Chirinide and Shan'naal learn several things that change their world view.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Rikshakar
  • Wham Episode: It turns out Drowussu are the descendants of Light Elves the way Drowolaths are the descendants of Dark Elves. Also, several Kyorl Judicators are in fact Light Elves.

Chapter 16 Shattering Empire

Zala'ess calls a gathering of the clans minus the Sarghress to gather support against them and assert her authority. Meanwhile, her forces attack the Sarghress fortress and Mel'arnach takes the opportunity to escape.

Chapter 17 Enemy At The Gate

Yaeminira challenges Sil'lice to a duel. Sil'lice takes the opportunity to reveal a devastating secret about the Sharen clan's connection to the Nidraa'chal as well as Empress Diva'ratrika's true fate, which Yaeminira ignores.

Chapter 18 Shifting Allegiances

Syphile tries to assassinate Quain'tana. Meanwhile, Zala'ess denounces the Sarghress as a rebel clan and tries to convince the rest of the city to destroy them. The Kyrol'solenurn, Sullisin'rune, and Jaal'darya clans are not amused and start threatening rebellions of their own.

Chapter 19 Val Of Sharen

Sil'lice gives her youngest children, Kau and Shala, a bedtime story about her participation in the Nidraa'chal war and how she was forced into exile.
  • Breather Episode: After several intense chapters in a row, this chapter, while it does show how poorly the Val'Sharen lost to the Nidraa'chal, nevertheless have a touching moment between Sil'lice and Kau and Shala.

Chapter 20 Boundless World

Ariel regroups with Melodia, Vaelia and Liriel and explore the surface while looking for Faen. Melodia starts learning to speak while Liriel show signs she is not what she seems. Meanwhile, Chirinide, Shan'naal and Kyo'nne arrive at a joint Illhar'dro-Nal'sarkoth outpost. Meanwhile, the Vloz group searching for Discordia are in Haltonreibe.

Chapter 21 Through Foreign Lands

The Vloz group succeed in catching Discordia. Ariel, Vaelia, Liriel and Melodia reunite with Chirinide, Shan'naal and Kyo'nne when the former group saved the latter. Together, they arrive at where Faen is.

Chapter 22 Reunion

Ariel finds Faen, though in not an exactly happy state. Chirinide and Shan'naal put an end to the King's systematic killing of elves and drows to get their blood for an attempt at immortality. Liriel completes her transformation into a new person. Ariel completes her bloodrite.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • The Halme King and Queen of Nagyescsed
  • Wham Episode: Faen is found, but after she suffers severe Break the Cutie that leaves her mute for nearly the entire remainder of the First Arc. And Liriel transforms fully into Diva.

Chapter 23 Farewells

Chirinide and Shan'naal splits of from the group to guide Light Elves back to their home of Vanaheimr. Vaelia splits of from the group and joins the Highland Raiders. Liriel reveals her true identity as Diva'ratrika to Ariel and Faen. She decides to go by Diva from then on, believing it to be for the best.

Chapter 24 Strings

Kiel, with Naal's help, attempt to take power within the Vloz'ress before news of Senekha's death reach the majority of the clan. Meanwhile, we see what Vaelia has been up to in the Highland Raiders.

Chapter 25 The Ninth Tower

Mel'arnach and Snadhya'rune catch up. Snad reveals Kalki is their daughter born through Jaal'darya advances in Drow technology. Meanwhile, Lulianne finds the Ninth Tower and encounters Sha'sana who reveals many things about the taint and the Nidraa'chal. Meanwhile, we are shown a continuation of Vaelia's adventures with the Highland Raiders.
  • Wham Episode: Kalki is the daughter of Mel and Snad. The former was previously only known to have had Ariel as her child while the latter was not known to have had any kids whatsoever. And Sha'sana reveals that the taint was thought to be the perfect vaccination to getting possessed by demons, and while it can be that, it is revealed the vast majority of those tainted were given a flawed version where the seed will continue growing and eventually take over the host. The Nidraa'chal have agents in every major clan and several minor ones, and were the ones who truly won the war about 15 years previous, regardless of what everyone else thinks.

Chapter 26 Of Trust And Friendship

Chrys'tel and Shinae meet up with Naal and Kiel. Nau'kheol and Khal'harror join the group. Together they attempt to investigate the door at the bottom of Orthorbbae. Meanwhile, a group of Relic Hunters hired by the Jaal'darya find a ruin, not realizing the Jaal'darya are planning to infect them with a deadly fungus that rots their bodies from within and causes hallucinations.

Chapter 27 A Thin Existence

Mel and Snad learn that Lu had been injured. Chrys'tel's group stage a commotion to get a keystone to open the door at the bottom of Orthorbbae. They managed to get the key, open the door and see what's inside, which horrifies them. Meanwhile, the last part of Vaelia's current mission with the Raiders is shown.
  • Wham Episode: There are bodies of Orthorbbae staff members in the room, even though they are still doing their jobs. The ones the kids see are actually summons. Naal'suul turns into a demon when one of the summons attacks them.

Chapter 28 Holehearted

Kiel cements her status as the de facto Vloz'ress leader by killing Kes'sen, but not all are happy with the new leadership. Meanwhile Kuso and Baliir are hanging out in Chel. A special story made by a fan for the comic for a contest is featured and several elements of the fan story are made canon.

Chapter 29 Vanaheimr

Chirinide, Shan'naal, Myou and the Light Elves they were escorting reach Vanaheimr. However, during the night, most of the Light Elves saved from Nagyscyed, save Freyja, are killed by assassins due to them being not considered true Vanir. Chiri, Shan and Myou are nearly killed too but Freyja's brother, Freyr, saves them.

Chapter 30 Back To The Refuge

Ariel arrives back in Chel and relates her adventures to Quain'tana. Meanwhile, "Diva'ratrika" who is in fact a Body Double holds a very public parade in the middle of Chel. Sarv'swati also recruits the Black Sun as mercenaries.

Chapter 31 Beloved Enemies

Chry'stel agonizes over what she learned from Sil'lice and consults with Yakuise, a Kyorl'solenurn who lives in the Sharen basement. Meanwhile Zala'ess warns Shinae not to let Chrys'tel out of her sight lest she act like a traitor. The two meet up with their friends at a cafe in Chel, and Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol leave for the Sarghress fortress to talk with Sil'lice again.

Chapter 32 The End Of The Line

Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol meet up with Diva and enter Sil'lice's compound, only to be accosted by Kadara, who throws Chrys and Nau into iron maidens until Sil'lice gets back home. Once they're released Sil'lice enlists Chrys'tel to be her spy in the Sharen. Meanwhile, Mel has arrived back at the fortress as Snadhya'rune's prompting and asks to be forgiven by Quain, but Quain does not buy her story and instead breaks Mel's arms and has her thrown into the dungeon, where Kel'noz takes Ariel and reveals her true parentage. Ariel however decides that she's had enough of people claiming to be her real parents and rejects Mel as her real mother, though the end of the chapter gives a Hope Spot after she asks Quain to give her another chance and has her arms healed.

     Second Arc 
The Second Arc begins fifteen years after the First Arc ended. Chel'el'sussoloth is now in a state of warfare as the Val'Sarghress and their allies fight the Vel'Sharen and their allies.

Chapter 33 Refuge Of The West

The former jewel of the west, Nuqrah'shareh is torn apart by civil war and an insidious foreign scheme.

Chapter 34 The Claims Of Queens

Chrys'tel arrives in Nuqrah'shareh with her mother. It is revealed that the Sharen clan has lost most of its territory and is in open war with the Sarghress and Sullisin'rune clans, who want them all dead. Zala'ess seeks the Illhar'dro clan's aid in defeating the rebels and offers to help them deal with their own rebellion in return.
  • Bring Help Back: The Sharen clan's entire purpose for travelling to Nuqrah'shareh. The war with the Sarghress is starting to go badly and Zala'ess wants to forge an alliance with the Illhar'dro.

Chapter 35 Civil Unrest

A young Val'Jaal'darya named Wafay navigates through Chel, a city now torn apart by Urban Warfare in order to warn the Sarghress about a terrible scheme being operated by her own mother and recruit their help to stop her.

Chapter 36 Mother's Legacies

Faen'arae returns to the Sullisin'rune dome for the first time in years and meets her mother. Meanwhile in Nuqrah'shareh, Chrys'tel and her comrades disrupt the local rebellion. To her delight, her allies reveal that the great clans of Nuqrah'shareh have agreed to help Zala'ess crush the rebel clans of Chel in return for conquest.

Chapter 37 A Song Of Hope

Kyo'nne is revealed to have become a pop star over the Timeskip and is presently promoting peace and a colony sponsored by Snadyha'rune. Meanwhile in Nuqrah'shareh, Chrys'tel takes part in an operation to take an ancient airship away from the mysterious foreign schemers.

Chapter 38 Battle For North Cliff

Ariel's district, the North Cliff, is attacked by a former Sarghress turned Vlozz named Maki, who has a big grudge since Syphile's successor had not ignored her corruption. Meanwhile in Nuqrah'shareh, a Nidraa'chal False Flag Operation successfully convinces the clans of Nuqrah'shareh that their plans to attack the Sarghress are a priority.
  • False Flag Operation: The Nidraa'chal plant a Sarghress sword at the site of one of their raids, leading the Illhar'dro to believe that the Sarghress were responsible for the Civil War and food shortages.
  • You Are in Command Now: Ariel's normal commander, Sarnel, is badly wounded, the second in command is dead, and the next ranking officer declines command in favor of letting Ariel have a shot. As we learn next chapter, the higher ups had specifically prevented Ariel from moving up in the ranks and kept her in the Home Guard until the District War is over to protect her.

Chapter 39 Remember The Reason You Fight

Ariel reports at the Black Wolf tavern. The Sarghress are working on an operation designed to expose the false empress and manage to kill one her Body Doubles. Meanwhile, Kiel'ndia runs a recruitment drive and receives a very special invitation.
  • Wham Episode: Shinae gives birth, but the baby is stillborn and horribly mutated, confirming what Sha'sana said earlier about the faulty seeds.

Chapter 40 Hold The Line

The Sarghress push towards conquering a specific district to rescue the Sharen clan's Slave Mooks from being forced to fight them. The Sharen argue over whether to hold the line or fall back until the great clans of Nuqrah'shareh can help them crush the rebellion. We then see what Vaelia has been up to lately, which is to liberate a prison colony run by the Vel'Sharen and Val'Beldrobbaen.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Ariel, a strong healthy warrior. Shinae, a pressure sorceress who has been greatly weakened from a failed childbirth. Ariel never stood a chance and would have been killed if Shinae hadn't been forced to retreat by The Cavalry.
  • Just in Time: Word of God says that this is specifically subverted when Ariel chops off Nihi'liir's head only just after Nihi'liir orders the death of all the Slave Mooks, causing the deaths of many of those the Sarghress were trying to save.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Nihi'liir Vel'Sharen

Chapter 41 End Of Charades

Kiel'ndia launches an attack against the Sharen to expose the false Empress and end their crumbling charade.
  • Broken Masquerade: The Sharen clan and their alllies have spent the last several decades pretending that Diva'ratrika is still alive and in charge of the Sharen Empire in order to maintain control and morale. With the help of a Nidraa'chal traitor, Kieln'dia manages to stab the impostor and officially announce the death to all Chel, preventing the Imperial Guard from just replacing her with a Body Double again.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Fake Diva
    • Elbinac Vloz'Ress
    • Kailodion Xyrrai'zestu Sharen
    • Tsuris'Lok Vloz'Ress note 
  • Wham Episode: The death of Fake Diva will have repercussions.

Chapter 42 Schism

The Dutan'vir faction within the Sarghress clan launches an attack on the Kyorl to reclaim some of their lost territory on behalf of their current clan without its approval. The Kyorl'solenurn clan have to deal with this as well as internal turmoil as differing views come into conflict. A sinister conspiracy within their own ranks threatens to split the clan in two, forcing all of them to make a choice. A continuation of Vaelia trying to liberate the prison colony is also featured.
  • Chekhov's News: In Chapter 40, the war map showed arrows depicting which territory each army was marching into. The Sharen and Beldrobbaen clans were pushing into Sarghress controlled districts, while the Sarghress were mostly pushing into Sharen controlled districts. But a single Sarghress arrow was shown going into Kyorl territory, and was later revealed to have claimed the district on the Sarghress clan's behalf. In this chapter, we learn that it was the Dutan'vir using the distraction of the District War to reconquer their old home without permission.
  • The Coup: One of the Judicators, Kyuusei, launches one, and while unconfirmed, it is hinted that he had Shimi'lande assassinated towards this end.
  • False Flag Operation: Shimi'lande's murderer disguises herself as Kiel'ndia Val'Vlozress to fool the Kyorl into believing her clan responsible.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Ill'haress Shimi'lande Val'Kyorl'Solenurn
    • Kyuusei Kyorl'Solenurn
    • Kio'nel Vel'Sharen
  • Succession Crisis: Traditionally, the previous Kyorl Ill'haress picks her own successor. But the Judicators discard Shimi'lande's choice with one of their own, bringing tensions to a boil.
  • Thanatos Gambit: Being a Seer, Shimi'lande was aware of her impending death, and left behind some final messages to guide the future.
  • We Need a Distraction: Vaelia's mission to free the slaves from the Penal Colony turns out to be a distraction, making the Sharen worry about an attack from the wrong direction, when in fact the Sarghress's main attack is against the colony below the Penal Colony, Dariya'ko.

Chapter 43 Breaking Frontline

As the rebel clans break through the front lines, Kiel'ndia agrees to attend the Felde conferance and Zala'ess's alliance prepares its entrance.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Nishi'kanta's family finally takes their vengeance on Sarv'swati by removing the golem cores powering First Landing's defences, allowing the Sarghress to take Chel's main entrance with ease.
  • Trapped Behind Enemy Lines: According to Word of God, Sarv'swati has this problem in the very beginning of the chapter. She starts out stationed in the fortress of First Landing. On the side facing the city, Sarghress troops are launching The Siege. Then, the Sarghress launch a surprise attack from the side facing the outside world. Sarv'swati is forced to gather everyone she can and break through the siege to retreat to the main Sharen fortress. This also cuts off the Sharen clan's last gate to the outside world, preventing reinforcements or a final retreat from the city. Chrys'tel gets around this by negotiating with a Vloz'ress summoner behind Kiel'ndia's back, giving Zala'ess's alliance permission to send reinforcements through the Vloz'ress clan's gate.
  • Trial by Friendly Fire: Word of God says that the Sarghress and Nishi'kanta's turncoats failed to properly coordinate the assault on First Landing. As a result, many of Nishi'kanta's children are wiped out by their own Sarghress allies, while the rest of them are taken by the Black Sun.

Chapter 44 Invitation

Ariel and her companions are stationed in the independent colony of Ys as the District War escalates to its conclusion. Meanwhile, the Felde conference begins, where Snadhya'rune declares open war on all the clans.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Being on the verge of defeat, the Sharen take advantage of the Sarghress clan's self-perception as "good guys" to use some really dirty tactics, like using an innocent child as bait.
  • Cornered Rattlesnake: Upon the conquest of First Landing fortress, the Sarghress are able to conquer most of the rest of Chel with ease. However, three Sharen strongholds hold out. Unable to retreat and too proud to surrender the last symbol of their rule, the Sharen make one of their Last Stands at the council dome. Though the battle is becoming hopeless, they manage to inflict huge losses upon the Sarghress.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Ran'diirk tries to assassinate Snadhya'rune after puzzling out her role in Diva'ratrika's murder, but fails and ends up killing himself in the effort. Ironically enough, in what Snadhya'rune portrays as an act of mercy, she grabs his aura and converts it into a summon, making what is left of him her slave.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Kyne Val'Sharen, a Golem pilot of Sil'lice's line, makes one of these to kill Sarv'swati. Mana arts fail to stop her, she sweeps an entire band of the Sharen clan's dragon riders aside, and even Sarv'swati's enormous dragon falls to her golem's claws. She almost succeeds in killing Sarv'swati herself, but is distracted by Vidhiyani crashing her floater into her golem.
  • Honor Before Reason: With no means of escape, and horribly overwhelmed, the Sharen clan's only option is to surrender or die. Being too proud to surrender, the Sharen clan tries to fight to the death, though the survivors are ultimately broken into surrendering.
  • Kick the Dog: The Sharen carve a nether gate into a child to serve as a lure against Sarghress soldiers and a measure of psychological warfare.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Kyne Val'Sharen
    • Ran'diirk Xyrrai'zestu Sharen
    • Dycle
  • Last Stand: After a thousand years of ruling Chel, the bulk of the Sharen clan is nearing its doom. The empress is officially dead, the Beldrobbaen have ended their alliance, the colony of Dariya'ko has fallen, the Sharen have been cut off from the outside, and the rebels have overrun the Sharen from where they were most vulnerable. The Sharen have lost everything except for three strongholds, and are on the verge of losing the last symbol of their rule. While they manage to kill huge numbers of Sarghress with increasingly desperate tactics, they are being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Zala'ess's line is still safe and is returning with an overwhelming army of reinforcements, but they are likely to arrive too late. By the time the chapter ends, Sarv'swati and her forces have gone over the Despair Event Horizon, and the surviving Sharen inside the Imperial dome give their surrender.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Faced with her doom, Sarv'swati finally expresses remorse for murdering her mother and breaks down in tears.
  • New Era Speech: At the Felde conference, Snadhya'rune finally ends all subtlety and presents herself as a savior. She promotes the taint as a way of seeking enlightenment, denounces the clans as warmongers, threatens the clans with annihilation, and displays the stolen Nuqrah'sharian airship as a means of reconquering the old world. She closes her speech by declaring the end of the Moonless Age and the Dawn of an Era.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: With the Sharen clan defeated, their Black Sun mercenaries depart. While her surviving forces surrender, Sarv'swati herself manages to elude capture and disappear.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Instead of accepting Snadhya'rune's offer of mercy, Ran'diirk tries to blow her up with him via an overcharged golem core. Even though such weapons are very easily defended against. Snadhya'rune protects herself from the blast with little effort. Ran'diirk isn't so lucky.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Word of God compares the Sharen tactic of focusing their firepower on sealers to this.
  • Taking You with Me: After receiving a mortal blow from Sarv'swati, Kyne Val'Sharen tries to take Sarv'swati to the grave with her by crashing her golem's cockpit against the council dome's wall.
  • They Do: In Ys, Faen and Ariel finally have their Relationship Upgrade.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: After Ran'diirk's failed, suicidal effort to assassinate Snadhya'rune, she proceeds to convert him into a summon under her control.

Chapter 45 A Giant's Shadow

After centuries of defiance against the Vals, Quain'tana has nearly conquered Chel and reminisces on the hard life that brought her here. Meanwhile, Ariel decides to pursue the stolen Airship and the Minameidians prepare to attack Felde. A sidestory set in the recent past showing Wafay's quest is also featured.

  • Break the Haughty: Sarv'swati accepts herself as a failure and acknowledges that murdering her mother was a mistake.
  • The Cavalry: The Sharen fortress tries to count on Zala'ess arriving with her Nuqrah'sharian reinforcements in order to completely turn around the war. But for unknown reasons, she is delayed and fails to make any moves.
  • Freudian Excuse: This chapter gives Quain'tana's. She was originally a Street Urchin and was nearly killed for sport by a Sharen knight over stealing bread. This made her determined to bring down the Vals and gave her no sympathy for weakness.
  • Enemy Mine: During the Sharen fortress's surrender parley, Sabbror agrees to turn over the Sharen clan's holdings in exchange for helping the Sharen get revenge against the traitors that infested the Sharen with faulty seeds.
  • Honor Before Reason: By this chapter, the Sharen clan's only remaining holding is the Sharen fortress itself. Quain'tana gives the Sharen terms of surrender, allowing them a chance at diplomacy, but threatening to end their clan if they do not comply. Saphala Vel'Sharen, the Val left in charge, rips the Sarghress document into pieces because she is too proud to give in. Similarly, Nir'naya refuses to acknowledge the Sharen clan's defeat and tries to insist on Sarv'swati doing something about it.
  • Persona Non Grata: The council of Ys kicks the Sarghress out of the colony. The kicked out Sarghress personnel are suspicious of the motives behind it.
  • The Siege: Aside from Zala'ess's reinforcements, the entire Sharen clan is trapped in their fortress. The Sarghress keep them surrounded and threaten to attack the fortress with all of their legions if they do not surrender within their deadline.

Chapter 46 Convergence

The Mimians attack Felde before Snadhya'rune can become unstoppable while the Sarghress try to sabotage the Nidraa'chal's new biological weapon.

  • An Arm and a Leg: When the Nidraa'chal prepare to execute a Sarghress squad, the first shot "misses". When Filf'rae notices she is still alive for the moment, she watches her right hand disintegrate halfway off.
    • Kalki slashes off Ariel's left arm with her sword. Soon after, Ariel retaliates by using her flesh-shifting powers to steal Kalki's.
  • Bed Mate Reveal: Khaless's "surprise" for Kharla'ggen involves the two having sex.
  • Blood Upgrade: Snadhya'rune stops toying with her opponents when she sees her own blood.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • The 3 Sullisin'rune Nidraa'chal empaths are able to route an entire army of Mimians all on their own.
    • Snadhya'rune delivers an utter curbstomp battle to Mikilu, effortlessly defeating her with her summons. Erelice manages to sneak up on Snadhya'rune and stab her In the Back, but that just makes her mad. She leaves Erelice as a smoking crater with a single mana blast and sends her guards and surviving attackers fleeing for their lives.
  • Famous Last Words:
    • Brizdra: "Sharess. I shouldn't have volunteered for this mission."
    • Lulianne: "I am... Dutan'vir!"
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Femi Jaal'darya
    • Brizdra Sarghress
    • Filf'rae Sarghress
    • Sabryne Sarghress
    • Lulianne Dutan'vir
    • Myridil Kavahini
    • Shala Val'Sharen
    • Kalki Nidraa'chal
    • Ere'lice Sarghress (via getting devoured by Khaless)
  • Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul: Snadhya'rune's so-called safe taint is revealed to be akin to this, as poor Chrys'tel discovers after Shinae takes the procedure.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Kalki starts to beat Zhor with his own daughter's arm to escape him after he has pinned her down.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Filf'rae's bondages are blasted off by the airship's first shot. But instead of running for it, she covers and shields Vayas'arn from the second blast. Her corpse is charred, but she succeeds in saving Vayas'arn's life.
    • Ere'lice distracts Khaless long enough to allow Riz'riia, her fellow Sarghress enough time to make a getaway and be devoured in her place.
  • In the Blood: Zhor told Sara'hilana in the previous chapter that Snadhya'rune is "insane". After her mask finally cracks, we see that this is true. What's more Kalki seems to have inherited the insanity, which comes to bite Kalki in the epilogue.
  • Long Runners: As of November 2014, this is the longest chapter of the comic - reaching a total of 146 pages.
  • Offing the Offspring: In a foul mood already due to the Kavahini attack; Snadhya'rune has her summons casually tear Kalki apart.
  • Off with His Head!: Brizdra's death is particularly gruesome, the upper half of her head being blasted off by the mana cannons on the Nidraa'chal's stolen airship.
  • Public Execution: Sara'hilana injures a couple of Kalki's "pets". Additionally, Snadhya'rune takes a big blow to her ego when a Sarghress squad assassinates Femi. When all of them are captured, she expresses a desire for "something spectacular". As a result, an elaborate execution is prepared with the entire thing being made into a public show. The Sarghress are tied to pillars and Sara'hilana only narrowly avoids joining them. The entire Sarghress squad minus their leader is then executed by the mana cannons on Snadhya'rune's stolen airship, to the cheers of all spectators.
  • Revenge by Proxy: When interrogating the leader of a Sarghress squad that angered her, Snadhya'rune asks Mel'arnach for suggestions on how to deal with her. Mel'arnach urges Snadhya'rune to "cut her up". Snadhya'rune says she is too civilized for such a thing and enacts an execution of her squad instead with a highly dramatic execution. The first blast "misses", which is confirmed by Word of God to be part of a sadistic mind game. After hearing the squad leader try to give a weak concession, Snadhya'rune and Mel'arnach give her a sadistic smile and finish the squad off.
  • Sucking-In Lines: The Nidraa'chal's stolen airship is revealed to possess extremely powerful mana cannons. When the cannon is prepared for firing, they gather in a stream of mists, due to being powered by the Mana the mists are charged with.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • Snadhya'rune is enraged and loses her cool for the first time when the Sarghress manage to assassinate Femi. She is deeply satisfied when they are all captured.
    • When Erelice manages to stab her, Snadhya'rune screams in outrage at how ungrateful her "filthy low born" enemies are and starts ripping the place apart.
  • Wham Episode: The entire chapter becomes this, from the bioweapon plot being halted in its tracks by the assassination of Femi, Kalki cutting off Ariel's left arm, Lulianne's self-sacrifice up to Snadhya'rune murdering her own daughter in the epilogue.

Chapter 47 Puppeteer

Quain'tana and Zala'ess negotiate an end to the District War, while Ni'bai Val'Sharen finally puts her vengeance plot into motion.

  • Aggressive Negotiations: When Quain'tana and Zala'ess meet to parley, Zala'ess pulls out a golem and has it point its cannon at her to make threats. After Zala'ess tries to sow doubt about Quain'tana's allies, Quain'tana returns the favor, grabbing her face and threatening to end her with two fingers.
  • Disaster Dominoes: Word of God describes Nyo'ka's actions as having a cascading effect. With Kiel'ndia and Larvova occupied with the Felde meeting, Chrys'tel brought Nyo'ka's children back from Nuqra'shareh and asked her to lend them the Vloz'ress gate as a favor. Nyo'ka agreed, bringing the Sharen Nuqrah'sharian alliance into Vloz'ress territory and effectively ending their neutrality. The presence of the Sarghress and Sharen armies keeps all of the saner, more organized Vloz'ress occupied with the distraction. In the end, it all goes so perfectly that Ni'bai is able to take control of Kharla'ggen from right under their noses.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Kiel'ndia is outraged when she learns that Chryst'el negotiated with Nyo'ka behind her back to let the Sharen alliance in through the Vlozz'ress gate, thereby dragging the District War onto Vloz'ress territory. Fame'ndea distracts her by throwing Nau'kheol at her.
  • Enemy Mine: The Sarghress and Sharen clans work together to deal with Kharla'ggen's threat ultimately agree to an alliance against their mutual foes.
  • Foreboding Fleeing Flock: Just opening the gate to the demon god's realm causes a massive, overwhelming swarm of demons to flood Chel. So desperate are the demons to escape the demon god, that they do not feed or consume as they normally do.
  • Hope Spot: Snadhya'rune continues to look increasingly unstoppable, even as her enemies continue to exhaust themselves against one another. And yet, against all odds, the Sarghress and Sharen clans manage to negotiate a peace treaty. Then Ni'bai gains the power to bring about The End of the World as We Know It and uses it.
  • Mass Hypnosis: After being empowered into a Physical God by absorbing the power of a demon god, Kharla'ggen uses empathy on a massive scale to force the entire city to kill the clan leaders.
  • Morton's Fork: Summed up as the Sharen clan's dilemma. Even though Snadhya'rune has moved out of the shadows and become a very visible threat, it remains impossible to unite the clans against her. Either the Sharen give up all claim to Chel and surrender to the Sarghress, or they fight the Sarghress until both sides are weak enough for Snadhya to conquer them without so much as a standing army. Due to Pride being very important to their people, the main cast concedes that the latter is inevitable.
  • Revenge: Ni'bai is a member of Nishi'kanta's line. Most of her family was wiped out through treachery during The Purge of Diva'ratrika's loyalists, and she therefore wants revenge on the traitors responsible for it. In this chapter, she finally gets the chance to act on it.
  • Rule of Symbolism: When Kharla'ggen collapses out of exhaustion, a member from each of 4 clans work together, hand in hand, to save her. But no one accepts Shinae's hand. Word of God describes this as symbolism, and it gets Lampshaded a page later.
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: The various characters travelling on Kiel's giant turtle all have to do this despite their clashing attitudes and agendas.

Chapter 48 Old Blood

The Beldrobbaen clan deals with the aftermath of Kharla's Mass Hypnosis, and the madness inducing plague they have been infected with by a traitor in their own ranks.

  • Deal with the Devil: Several Belds are infected beyond the Jaal's ability to save, and as such choose to submit themselves to Snadhya'rune.
  • Despair Event Horizon: When Kharla briefly controls the entire city with Mass Hypnosis, the Belds take it particularly badly, falling ill and making excuses to remain in their rooms. It gets worse when they learn they have been infected with poison.
  • Enemy Mine: The Beldrobbaen are highly conservative and naturally do not get along with the Jaal'darya clan. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the Jaal would normally charge everything the Belds own to save Old Blood such as them from the plague, they agree to do so free of charge due to mutual resentment towards Snadhya'rune's manipulations.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: A traitor infects the clan with Snadhya'rune's madness inducing plague by poisoning their food.

Chapter 49 Holy Mother

The rightful Holy Mother of the Kyorl'solenurn attempts to reclaim the clan from Vala'drielle and the Nidraa'chal coup.

  • Frameup: Yuh'le kills many from the Order of Twin Eyes and Vala'drielle portrays the survivors as the ones responsible for murdering their own comrades.
  • Kick the Dog: Vala'drielle orders an entire district collapsed just to deal with a small group of renegade Dutan'vir, killing thousands of innocents in the process. Even many of the Knight Templar Kyorl are left in shock.
  • The Purge: The Order of the Twin Eyes is wiped out for resisting The Coup and the Nidraa'chal eliminate the Judicators to solidify the Holy Mother's position.
  • Wanted Poster: One condemns Anahid as an anarchist and another brands Chiri'nide as a heretic. Both depict them as cartoonishly evil.

Chapter 50 Unravel

With Snadhya'rune's arrival in Chel, her enemies wither and collapse before her all at once.

  • Bystander Syndrome: Even though Iliva'fay is stabbed in a very public location, not one person besides Naal is willing to help, not even for a reward.
  • Demonic Possession: With Iliva'fay on the brink of death, Naal being unable to help her, and no one else willing, Naal salvages Iliva'fay's body for herself.
  • Identity Amnesia: Naal's demonic spirit recovers sapience with the destruction of her original body, but has difficulty remembering who she was.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Iliva'fay Val'Sullisin'rune
  • Hostage Situation: Shinae takes Nona’brail hostage to ensure her escape.
  • Mugging the Monster: Iliva'fay gets stabbed by Erusa'kel and is left to die. Two men proceed to loot her body, only for Naal to possess her and attack.