Funny: Drowtales

The chibi pages in general tend to be a good source of this.

  • This page is generally agreed to be one of the funniest in the series' run due to the chibi art style depicting the mighty leaders of Chel'el'sussoloth, the fact that it's all in character, and Quain'tana's "Moon Age" there in the middle. Bonus points if you imagine Phani'nath doing some of the lines in a a falsetto.
  • And of course: "Hel Yes!
  • Kyo'nne seems to be involved in a lot of these. See also here for her description of human menstruation and her comically bad grasp of the local human dialect.
  • Eat Cake!
  • The alternate ending to the "Rescue Faen" arc in the last row of panels for one chibi page deserves a mention. Evil Empress Faen FTW!
  • Despite being a dramatic scene, the page where Syphile jumps out to attack Quain'tana while shouting a challenge is hilarious because of the What an Idiot factor and Quain'tana's Oh, No... Not Again! face. The forum reaction to this page was universal facepalm.
  • This page quickly became a fan favorite because of the sheer awkward hilarity of Diva'ratrika, who is their grandmother, Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol meeting for the first time, and the fact that it's the conclusion to a Brick Joke that was first introduced back in chapter 7.
    • It's sequel of sorts in chapter 47 is just as hilarious, with Chrys' utter consternation at seeing a random Vloz'ress Mook wearing her mother's old dress, which was literally pulled out of the garbage.
  • "Please let the tiger go." Especially since in the background of the fifth panel you can see Ariel "sneaking" away to get close to it with a Cat Smile.
  • Even though it comes in the middle of a Tear Jerker, Demon!Naal has a moment of this, mainly her finger poke of doom to Kiel, which many fans read as an exasperated "Just get out of here already!"
  • This page actually confirms a much earlier non canon chibi page, where Kel'Noz claims he and Mel used to crossdress and switch places when they were kids.
  • This exchange:
    Fame'nidea: "How did you get up there?"
    Kiel: "With difficulty"
  • Kiel's response to Khaless' Breaking Speech, and her demon pals respond in turn two pages later (top right panel).
  • The Vloz'ress scourge's reaction to realizing Ariel is about to give him Death from Above is nearly word-for-word Oh, No... Not Again!.
  • This page, especially how Jak'iaah mostly just looks annoyed while the rest of the boys are freaking out (save Sen'gil, whose face is basically the :/ emoticon).
  • This Sharen seems to think she could take Quain in a fight. The entire forum basically laughed their asses off at this. Maybe she should ask the last person who tried that how it went— Oh Wait!, that's right, she can't, since she's dead.
  • After several straight pages of wham, this page was a much needed change of pace and funny as hell to boot.
  • The author's description of page 36 of chapter 40:
    Beating on Faen is turning to be a national sport. One that Durlyn disapproves strongly. Meanwhile Shinae is pushing her own national sport : everyone getting a good beating. It's all boil down to violence though, the root of all drowish sports.
  • The fates of several of the cameos in chapter 40 as summed up on the end of chapter page. Of special note is Ksava, who turned out to be Not Quite Dead and scared the hell out of some hungry commoners who were trying to eat her, and Sengil, who suffered an arrow to the knee.
  • When Nihi'liir was decapitated, while the act itself was more awesome then funny, the forums couldn't resist saying several puns that will make you laugh. There are more as you go through the posts. It really got going on page 10.
  • In Chapter 41, yet another little Vloz'ress moment with Kiel.
    Kiel: [cheerfully] With a pilot like this, we're bound to explode.
    Pilot: Big boom!
    Kiel: Try to get us there first, you know, before breaking everything.
    Pilot: [insane laughter]
    Kiel: I knew I could count on ya. [to audience] Expendable assistant, he said. No shit.
  • A wallpaper of Kiel and Chiri swapping clothes, due to the fact that Kiel is clearly enjoying the situation while Chiri is quite obviously not.
  • Kiel discovers that Everyone Is Armed in Chel the hard way.
  • Chrys'tel and Kiel's hilariously awkward conversation after she kills a Diva body double.
    Chry'stel: You killed my grandmother?
    Kiel: Pretend grandmother!
  • Baliir's preferred metaphor for the oppression of the clans.
  • Somewhat meta, but the in-character commentary from the character's creator when Cas'nihlus is being tortured. A textbook example of Too Kinky to Torture.
    There are a million worse things you could be doing to me other then just setting my foot on fire. No no no, get the one with the hooked end on it, there you go. Sharess you're terrible at this, no wonder you didn't make it into the Order of Salvation.
  • Considering that chapter 42 in general is a very dark chapter the chibi pages are absolutely hilarious.
  • Ariel's reaction to Faen kissing her is to stumble around in a daze for over a page, not noticing when someone hands her a piece of meat until she's already left the room.
  • The twins Din and Perci are very touchy feely. What makes this darkly hilarious is that they're unknowingly doing this to their grandmother, who's clearly mortified.
  • When finding out that Nau is being offered up to 'make babies of Sharen linage' he makes a flustered lie that he's already taken by Kiel. His face in general.
    • Later, Chrys wonders just what the hell happened to him. The last panel is best summed up by his single line.
  • Chapter 45 opens with Ariel moaning in deep pleasure, clutching her bedsheets. Die'tra, standing outside, grins in approval. Scrolling down the page, though, reveals that Faen is...
    Die'tra: [disbelievingly] Combing hair?!
    • On the same page, Faen is wearing socks with little bear heads on them. Looks like Die'tra's nickname stuck.
  • Also in Chapter 45, Chiri can't figure out how to use the colony house's non-manatech oven. Kau tells her it uses fire. So Chiri uses fire, the only way she knows how.
  • The author has recently started putting up preview images of the new pages with fake dialog. Some of them are great.
  • Vanir warrior Grey has the upper hand in a fight with Sabryne. Then...
    Sara: Hey! Yes you. The whitey. [Raises mana cannon, wearing a huge Cheshire Cat Grin] HIIII!
    [Grey just barely has the time for an Oh, Crap before being ignominiously launched into the lake]
  • This exchange between Sara and Chrys'tel:
    Chrys: Sara... I am in a relationship with your brother.
    Sara: That's not what I- Goddesses, I'm not that flirty, am I?
    Chrys: Well, a bit, yes.
  • Two old enemies meet once again... only to find that their past vendetta’s have lost their impact over time.
    • On the same page, Nau not so subtly checking out Ariel's posterior and the last panel in general to that.
      • And on the next page, the hilarious consequences of that action.
    • Also of note is Kyo's epic face palm.
    • On the previous page, Ariel mistaking Nau as his little brother!
  • Kiel and Fame try to distract a guard so they can free An'jin, emphasis on "try" since he subverts The Guards Must Be Crazy and ignores their first couple of attempts. So they resort to throwing Kuso (whose modesty is only barely preserved by his helmet) at him.
  • The Sarghress family facepalm strikes again!
  • Read the Cast and Cameo sections at the bottom of this comic page.
  • You aren't fooling anyone with that smile, Snadhya.
  • Kiel attempts to bully a chef into giving them food using the threat of the turtle summon crushing the place. The chef, like any jaded service worker, doesn't bat an eye and just tells her to get back in line.
    • Followed immediately by this exchange:
      Kiel: Ariel!!
      Ariel: What?
      Kiel: I hate your clan!
    • Even better in that Ariel's "..." implies she had to think about that one, with the lack of an exclamation point only emphasizing it further.
  • Now that Ariel's Prehensile Hair has become a fully-realized ability, one of Kiel's demons starts speculating about the possibility of tentacle sex. A mortified Ariel promptly reforms her hair into a bob cut.
  • Zala tells Quain'tana she can knock it off with the looming, and Quain'tana, clearly uncomfortable, takes a seat and then pours the liquor she was offered on the ground as deliberate Take That, to which Zala laments that with all that's going on no one knows when they'll see such quality hooch again.
  • Baliir's attempt at revolutionary politics in Chel is noble at heart, but fails to account for one rather important detail: the Vloz'ress are, quite simply, insane.
  • So, you're stuck in a room with a nether demon god, and everything is going to hell. People are yelling, fighting, and fleeing while an Eldritch Abomination looms larger and larger over the whole mess. All Karla does is admire how "cute" it is.