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"Y'see, deep down, in my most secret heart of hearts, I'm still a totally depraved sonuvabitch whose main goal in life is to watch you die. Slowly and painfully. Just like your kid."

"I will take you to a hell without exit or end. And there I will murder your souls! And make you crawl and beg! And die! Die! Die for Darkseid!"
Darkseid, Final Crisis, spoken through the mouths of one billion slaves

A list of Complete Monsters in DC Comics and associated brands.

Examples with their own pages

  • Doom Patrol: Captain Zahl, who later became a foe of the Teen Titans, was a Nazi U-Boat commander turned criminal mercenary who never gave up on imposing the Third Reich's vision on the world. After a confrontation with Niles "The Chief" Caulder left him down an arm and confined to a back and neck brace, Zahl took on a behind-the-scenes role, transforming Otto Von Furth into the always-burning Plasmus, and manipulating the unstable Madame Rouge into betraying the Doom Patrol and Brotherhood of Evil both, resulting in the demise of both teams. Hunted across the world by surviving Doom Patrol members and associates Gar Logan, Robotman, and Mento, Zahl battled the New Teen Titans when he and his army joined Madame Rouge's attempted conquest of Zandia. Under Zahl's direction his men massacred thousands of Zandia's expat inhabitants, and captured the Titans, subjecting them to the horrors of his Devolving Pit.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: Silver Age foe The Controller wasn't one to let morality get in the way of his plans for universal conquest. Abandoning his highly advanced race, The Controller decided to use his superweapon, the Sun-Eater, to obliterate every inhabited system in the Milky Way, starting with Earth's sun, Sol. When Ferro Lad's Heroic Sacrifice destroyed the Sun-Eater, The Controller attempted to brainwash the Legion into becoming his new army, then sought to murder them all when that plan failed. Convinced of his own innate superiority, and willing to wipe out an inhabited galaxy just to send the a message, The Controller would let nothing stand in his path of becoming the universe's Dimension Lord.
  • Martian Manhunter: Commander Blanx appeared only twice in the Silver Age, but he made up for limited appearances with not rage, or hate, but pure, cold-blooded sociopathy. For reasons known only to himself, Blanx restarted the war between the Pole Dwellers (Pale/White Martians) and the Desert Dwellers (Green Martians). Meeting his adversary, J'onn J'onnz in single combat, Blanx won through cheating and exiled him; he later journeyed to earth and tried to kill J'onn during his exile there, resulting in numerous human deaths. Where Blanx really crossed the line, however, was in his rule of Mars. Already dictator the entire planet, Blanx used alien technology to take control of the Blue Flame that provided Mars' only source of heat, and set the entire planet ablaze. When J'onn J'onnz returned home, he found his family and friends dead, his civilisation in ruins, his planet unlivable, and all Martians, Pole Dwellers and Desert Dwellers alike, on the verge of extinction. When J'onn confronted Blanx and demanded to know why, Blanx explained that he had been contacted by an offworld mining corporation that wanted to buy Mars, but that "according to the aliens' code, I could only sell if I were the last living Martian." Blanx did them one better, killing not only every Martian, but Mars itself, desolating the entire planet out of sheer greed and apathy. In one issue, Blanx altered the tone of the Martian Manhunter stories from light-hearted sixties fare, to introspective angst, wiping out his own people in the name of his checkbook, and leaving J'onn alone. In terms of utter soullessness, no Martian Manhunter villain has ever surpassed him.
  • Teen Titans: Trigon the Terrible, Raven's Archnemesis Dad and a God of Evil, is an interdimensional demonic overlord who reigns over an empire where countless souls are kept in horrible bondage, with those who dare to resist—"resistance" can be defined as "don't do as ordered quick enough"—being ruthlessly exterminated. As an infant, Trigon slaughtered the very cult responsible for his birth, including his own mother, before conquering his home world. When he was six, he destroyed his home world and began traveling across the universe to expand his rule. By the time he was thirty, Trigon had conquered his entire dimension and several million worlds. Trigon has sired many children across the centuries, destroying any who dare to oppose him. Seeking to expand his dominion to Earth, Trigon took the form of a handsome man and impregnated a woman named Arella, revealing his true form and taunting her afterwards. After his daughter Raven's birth, Trigon would make numerous attempts to subjugate her to his will. When she refused to join him, Trigon destroyed her home world, Azarath, before corrupting Raven's soul and launching a campaign of destruction on Earth, forcing Raven to do battle with her own friends. During his invasion of Earth, Trigon reduced the island of New York to a graveyard, fusing the bodies of four million inhabitants together as part of an ever-growing spire of writhing, tormented souls. Trigon ultimately intended to merge Earth with his own dimension, happily condemning billions of lives to annihilation. Willing to exterminate entire worlds to make an example, and with trillions of deaths to his name, Trigon is the most terrifying and wicked foe the Teen Titans have ever faced.

  • Aquaman: Black Manta, real name David, makes his living as a brutal pirate, often in the employ of others, and is obsessed with destroying Aquaman at all costs. To this end, Manta killed Aquaman's infant son by trapping him in a chamber that suffocated the boy, despite Arthur's best efforts to save him. Manta continues to torment his nemesis by targeting and murdering those he can. Not even Manta's own family is exempt from his cruelty: his own son, the new Aqualad, was the target of Manta's wrath when Manta attempted to murder him with zealous hatred, for no other reason than rejecting the path Manta wanted for him. In Brightest Day, Manta tries to go straight, opening up a fish market, but when the customers rejoice that Aquaman is alive, Manta murders them with a knife, before burning down his own house and resuming his quest for vengeance. Manta is a vicious, hateful murderer who would poison the entire ocean just for the chance to hurt his nemesis.
  • Captain Atom: Major Force is the Evil Counterpart of Captain Atom. The guy is responsible for one of the most infamous Stuffed into the Fridge incidents in comics (the Trope Namer, in fact). He murdered Kyle Rayner's girlfriend and stuffed her body in a refrigerator for Kyle to find. He later did the same thing by stuffing Rayner's mother into the oven, before pointing out it was a dummy and that he "never repeats the same trick." He's the worst possible person to choose for a military experiment that turns humans into powerful immortal Energy Beings. He is so crazy, he rips off Major Liberty's (his ally and fellow government cape) arm and beats him to death with it because, to quote: "We don't need two majors on this team!"
  • Darkseid: Born Prince Uxas, he is one of the New Gods, is the ultimate God of Evil in the DC Universe, and is the Trope Codifier for Dystopia Justifies the Means. As Evil Overlord of Apokolips, Darkseid subjects its denizens to hellish conditions with the overwhelming majority of the population ill-treated slaves. His Elite fare no better as Darkseid is all too willing to subject them to hideous tortures or obliteration should they fail him. Darkseid detests all that is good in the universe and seeks to extend his influence everywhere he can. While he once loved someone, his mother, Heggra, wanting to make him evil killed Suli, helping turn Darkseid into the Galactic Conqueror we know him as (but not before he had Heggra poisoned). During Final Crisis, Darkseid is dying, and so wants to destroy the multiverse and all life in it as a final gesture. He kills his son Orion to gain dominion over Earth. Once there, he enslaved the minds of everyone he could touch, turning them into savage parodies of themselves, intending to as he said "murder their souls and take them to hell without end." His ultimate motive is to use the Anti-Life Equation to rob everybody of free will and turn them all into mindless zombies who worship him as a god while he tortures them eternally, all for fun. Just as bloodthirsty and monstrous as any of those who serve him, Darkseid combines urbane sophistication, limitless cruelty and insatiable drive for power, and is the one single villain that all the heroes despise and fear.
  • Dr. Arthur Light was a man with one singular passion: his absolute love of rape. A supervillain with powers over energy, Light had been considered a joke for a time. It was revealed in Identity Crisis that the reason for this was because Zatanna had given him a magic lobotomy, because Light had snuck aboard the League's satellite and found the Elongated Man's wife Sue Dibny there alone, and took the chance to violently rape her. After he regains his mind, Light returns to his favorite habits. He also stole the powers from the heroic Dr. Light, Kimiyo Hoshi, comparing his violation of her to a rape in of itself. Becoming steadily more sadistic and depraved, Light enjoyed hurting every superhero he could and threatened to rape their loved ones as he had Sue Dibny. When the Spectre, the spirit of God's vengeance itself, visited Light to punish him in Final Crisis, he was in the midst of preparing to rape a group of girls he'd dressed as heroines from the Teen Titans to satisfy his hatred of and lust for them.
  • The Flash:
    • The Barry Allen Flash's Arch-Enemy is Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, AKA Professor Zoom. An obsessive fan of Barry, Eobard managed to duplicate Barry's powers. He then attempted to replace Barry, before stalking and apparently murdering his wife, Iris Allen, when she rejected his advances. Eventually he drives Barry to kill him to save his new fiancé before he can kill her. However, Thawne was resurrected years later, and has gone out of his way to cross every line he can find since. Using his time travel powers to edit his life, Thawne kills his brother (who he blamed for holding him back), his parents (who weren't supportive of his obsession with the Speed Force), a professional rival, and every man that a woman he is interested in has ever dated; he then traumatises her as a child when she still spurns him, taking Evil Is Petty to new and exciting levels. He kills Johnny Quick shortly after his own resurrection, tries to force Barry Allen, newly returned to life, into becoming the Black Flash, and during the Flashpoint crossover, alters the time stream further and further to make Barry's life as miserable as possible. In addition, in The Flash: Rebirth he kills Allen's mother, among other acts, thus indirectly causing Flashpoint. He has no Freudian Excuse or mitigating factor for these actions, but is instead just a selfish man who plans to get what he wants at the expense of everyone else.
    • The most infamous criminal in the history of Gorilla City, Grodd was driven into exile after killing the city's benevolent leaders and ruthlessly plundered the mind of his friend Solovar to discover the secrets of mind control. Combining a ruthless brilliance with a gorilla's power, Grodd established himself as a feared player of the underworld. He would brutally murder anyone who stood in his way or just dispose of humans for the enjoyment, considering them far inferior to himself. Grodd's mental prowess is such that he enjoys dominating and twisting the minds of others to feral savagery or into sycophants for his ego. In battle, he is also highly sadistic - for example, crippling Hunter Zolomon, who recalled with terror how Grodd treated him like a toy he could break. To date, Grodd has made no fewer than eighteen attempts to completely wipe out all of humanity to purge what he sees as a lesser race.
  • Green Arrow: Stanley Dover Sr. was the secret main villain of the Quiver arc. We first meet Stanley Sr. when Green Arrow rescues him from a mugger. Stanley Sr. comes off as a kindly old man and even becomes Green Arrow's assistant. However Stanley Sr. has a secret, he has been a Satanist since the 1950s. His wife left him when he suggested they sacrifice their first born infant to a demon to gain immortality. No longer married, Stanley Sr. traveled the world and studied the occult. Decades later he returned to America and moved to Star City. His daughter Shelia now grown up, made contact with him. Wanting to remain respected by the community, Stanley Sr. pretended to be a loving father. Shelia would often have Stanley Sr. baby sit her infant son, Stanley Dover Jr. One day, while baby sitting Stanley Jr., Stanley Sr. attempted to summon the Beast With No Name and bind it to him. However the Beast bonded with Stanley Jr. instead. Years later, when Stanley Jr. was a teenager, Stanley Sr. found that the Beast had bonded to his grandson. So Stanley Sr. kidnapped his grandson and began to torture and starve him to force the Beast out. Stanley Sr. began to murder children and feed their blood to his grandson. Stanley Sr. eventually revealed his true colors to Green Arrow, planning on transferring his soul into Green Arrow's body to further his power mad quest. Stanley Sr. also plans to rape Mia Dearden, a former teenage prostitute Green Arrow had recently rescued.
  • Green Lantern:
    • Mongul II is a case of Overlord Jr. at its worst, and has dedicated his life to aping and surpassing his equally unpleasant father, Mongul I. During his first appearance in Green Lantern, Mongul II used the Black Mercy plants to trap Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen in a fantasy world; he subsequently murdered his sister, Mongal, and kept her corpse as a trophy. When Mongul II really comes into his own, however, is after gaining a Sinestro Corps Ring (by murdering its owner). Taking control of the Black Mercy homeworld, Mongul II uses his ring to alter the genetics of the Black Mercies so that they will trap their victims in their worst nightmares, instead of their ideal fantasies. He coerces the benevolent Mother Mercy into aiding him by threatening to make her eat her own children if she does not. Defeated by the Green Lanterns, Mongul II escapes from prison, seizes control of the Sinestro Corps by killing anybody who disagrees with him (or even annoys him in the slightest), rips out Arkillo's tongue, and overruns the planet Daxam, slaughtering or enslaving the population. Beaten off by Sodam Yat and Arisia, Mongul II later arrives on Korugar, and is in the process of having the citizenry strung up along the streets when his reign is finally halted by the return of Sinestro.
    • Blackest Night Big Bad Nekron seems, at first, an Above Good and Evil Cosmic Entity who's simply doing what he's designed to: return the universe to its cold, lifeless state. Even using the Black Lanterns to pull at people's heartstrings is a fair enough tactic, given he needs enough emotion-filled hearts to exist on the physical plain. But allowing the many resurrections just so he could have sleeper agents (said sleeper agents still retain control of their minds, but are trapped in their own bodies) was just plain cruel and callous. It makes you doubt Nekron's supposed lack of emotion. His deciding point is when he turns the resurrected heroes into Black Lanterns, which led to And I Must Scream: these Black Lanterns aren't truly dead, and instead are forced against their will to torment and kill those closest to them (unlike the other Black Lanterns, who are twisted mimics of the reanimated persons). As an Eldritch Abomination, he would be Above Good and Evil and thus exempt from Monsterdom, if it weren't for the fact that he actively schemed and plotted to increase his personal power at the expense of other beings. He's not as emotionless as he thinks.
    • Krona's arrogance led to the creation of the multiverse and antimatter universe and/or evilnote , but if that was just a result of him holding the Idiot Ball, the stuff he did after that put him well across the Moral Event Horizon. War of the Green Lanterns retconned him into being the one who was behind the Manhunter's annihilating a sector, but we had seem him do far, far worse long before we learnt that, and at the absolute apex of his villainy he was callously destroying entire universes because he thought he could do better. The most chilling thing about him is that he can commit mass murder on a multiversal scale with zero compunction, and believe he was completely in the right to do so.
  • Hitman:
    • Tom Dawson, father of Tommy Monaghan, is a simple Irish businessman who made a name for himself via a series of land deals. Also a vicious egomaniac, Dawson was the frequent client of the local prostitute named Katie. The first time they met, Dawson informed her he knew her trick to shame her hypocritical clients who persecuted her: naming her children after them. Dawson warned her never to try that with him. When Katie became pregnant, and Dawson heard she was considering to name the baby 'Tommy,” he burned down her house with her infant daughter and two young twin sons still inside. Katie was forced to leave her daughter Frances at an orphanage to save her life and fled to America where Dawson found her and butchered her with a knife. Assuming the baby died in the cold, Dawson went back to Ireland until 30 years later when Frances found Tommy and brought him to her old home. Dawson attempted to have Tommy killed and brutally murdered Frances the same way as he had her mother. When Tommy confronted Dawson, Dawson showed no remorse, snarling that Tommy had no right to call him his father and that he and Katie were nothing but gutter trash preying on “respectable men” like himself. After Tommy said that Katie had simply recognized Dawson as a bully and coward and stood up to him the one way she knew how, Dawson's only response was "to hell with her," finally prompting Tommy to shoot him.
    • Mr. Truman, an unassuming, mild-mannered little CIA agent who is out to destroy metahumans (if he can't control them), makes his career on blackmail and murder, but it's not until the final arc where he shows the darkness inside himself. Truman has human beings injected with a special metahuman formula to create a personal army of metahumans but while the formula works, it steals the minds from its subjects. Tommy becomes aware of this when he rescues a young woman who had been a witness Truman had tried to silence by unleashing one of the monsters on her without care for collateral damage. When he realizes the creatures still retain their human minds and are locked in a corner of their heads, incapable of stopping their actions, Truman orders them to be set loose on one another with the resulting carnage filmed for his amusement.
  • Jonah Hex: William "Sawbones" Zimmerman was a brief but memorable foe of Jonah Hex. A former doctor during the Civil War, Zimmerman made a name for himself via horrible experiments and live dissections of prisoners of war, with his apprentices and himself also carrying out the same vivisections on blacks. After the war, Sawbones takes to kidnapping and murdering innocent young women without even the pretense it is for anything but enjoyment. When Hex falls into his hands, the doctor attempts to torture him to death as well, revealing he has a group of like-minded fellows he's trained that he intends to spread into the country, killing those they can via horrible means all in the name of twisted "science."
  • Justice League of America:
    • Felix Faust is one of the most power hungry sorcerers alive. Kicking off his career by selling his infant son's soul for his own ability, Faust committed many acts of cruel murder and torture to fuel his black magic. When he finally realized he could no longer bargain with his own tainted soul, Faust resorted to harvesting the soul of an innocent little girl to trade to demons. Faust offered his assistance to Black Adam to help resurrect Black Adam's wife Isis, but deceived Adam into thinking Isis's revival had failed, while Faust kept a paralyzed Isis to serve as his personal sex toy.
    • Grant Morrison's JLA: Earth-2 brought us Brainiac's Antimatter Universe counterpart. An organic syntellect who was captured by Ultraman and forced to be his slave, Brainiac schemed to not only escape his bonds, but to upgrade himself into an "Nth Level Intelligence." In order to do this, he swapped a plane in the Antimatter Universe for one in the Matter Universe, killing all the passengers on both in the process, and triggering a war between the Justice League and the Crime Syndicate. While the teams were busy fighting, Brainiac set in motion a plan to merge the Matter and Antimatter Universes, a move that would have resulted in the annihilation of all reality, plotting to use the energy from the resultant explosion to complete his upgrade and become a god. Willing to destroy all life in order to better himself, Antimatter Brainiac was every bit as vile as his Matter Universe twin.
  • Martian Manhunter: In Post-Crisis continuity, J'onn's first foe—his own brother, Malefic—was also one of the worst. Malefic engineered a psychic plague that incinerated the rest of the Green Martian race out of nothing but spite and envy at being the only Green Martian without telepathy; the reason he's not a telepath is because he committed Mind Rape, an unthinkable crime in Green Martian society, and was punished by having his psychic powers and memory stripped away. So Malefic committed genocide on his own race over a punishment that he wholly deserved. As if this wasn't enough, Malefic was so bent on ruining J'onn's life after the latter defeated him that he followed him to Earth and murdered Karen Smith, J'onn's (as Detective John Jones) partner on the police force. This was the last straw for J'onn and he threw Malefic into the sun. The saddest part about all of this is that J'onn was the only person who was ever sympathetic to Malefic because they were brothers.
  • The Outsiders: Mr. Tanner, from the Wanted arc, manages to occupy a special field of depravity despite being a normal human with no superhuman powers. Mr. Tanner runs an international slavery ring, with a focus on young children; countless children are abducted from across the globe to be painfully branded and serve as abused sex slaves for years on end at the hands of Tanner and his buyers. Having perpetuated the ring of pedophilic rape and torture for years, Tanner catches the eye of one of his previous victims—Grace Chou, who suffered under his abuses for three years and is now a fully-grown superhuman—and goads her into coming back into his grasp by arranging the murder of an innocent man and kidnapping the young daughter of Arsenal to be turned into a sex slave. Tanner's atrocities are a dark reminder of similar incidents happening every day in real life, and despite being an incredibly minor villain in the long run, Tanner still stands out as one of the most realistically depraved characters in the DC universe.
  • Secret Six:
    • Junior, daughter of the first Ragdoll, is a crime boss so depraved and ruthless even Intergang gives her a wide berth. Famed for her cruelty and monstrousness, Junior routinely offers her victim a choice of dying horribly or letting Junior kill their families. When most choose the second choice, Junior records it, along with the victim's horrible death, and sends it to the families. Having obtained a card that is literally a pass out of hell, Junior kills and tortures countless people, raping men and women alike. When the card is stolen, Junior attempts to have her sins absolved by a priest, only to painfully kill the man when he refuses. Junior captures Bane of the Secret Six, who has the card, and tortures him with scissors and bricks to gain the location of the others. At the end, Junior loses control and attempts to slaughter every villain present when they see her mutilated true appearance, even her own brother Peter/Ragdoll II. Despite her backstory of her father having molested her, Junior is afforded no sympathy, knowing what a depraved monster she truly is and committing countless evil deeds because she loves it and feels she can get away with anything due to the card in her possession.
    • Mr. Smyth from the the "Depths" arc is a man with a radical plan to "better" the world: Bring back the institution of slavery, as it is what "great nations" are built upon. Smyth takes in the slaves and forces them to work in horrible conditions, leading to their deaths from overwork, cave-ins or gas. When a slave named Maria refuses to work any more, Smyth has his assistant begin slaughtering innocent slaves en masse until a broken Maria promises to keep working. Smyth later tricks Deadshot into murdering Maria by offering her "freedom" if she can run to safety before telling Deadshot she is an escaping dangerous prisoner. Smyth also keeps Amazons as slaves with the intent to force them into servitude or death as well, and shows no concern over anything but the restoration of the institution of slavery.
  • Shazam: Most of Captain Marvel's villains are difficult to take seriously. That can't be said of Mister Mind, a two-inch long parasitic worm from Venus. As his people's advance scout on Earth, Mister Mind took control of Captain Marvel's cousin, Sinclair Batson, mutating him into a monster. When Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel foiled Mind's plans, the worm vowed revenge, and bodyjacking Sarge Steel of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, set in motion a plan for a nuclear holocaust. Incubating his larvae in sores within Sinclair's body, Mind took mental control of his offspring after they were born and had them in turn infest nuclear technicians, army officers, and politicians, while he himself used Sarge Steel's authority to obliterate Fairfield, Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel's hometown. Defeated before he could end the human race, Mind broke out again during the events of 52, and after mutating into his adult form of The Hyperfly, tried to devour the totality of space/time, plotting to end the multiverse. Motivated by nothing more than anger at Captain Marvel for embarassing him, Mind is as bad as The Big Red Cheese's Rogues Gallery can get.
  • Starman: The first Ragdoll, Peter Merkel, was once just a two-bit thief whose gimmick was being triple jointed. Tired of being a joke, he decided to reinvent himself as a mass-murdering cult leader. Gathering together the lost, the homeless, the addicts together to fuel his growing ego, Merkel decided to revenge himself upon the world and directed multiple murders, making the streets of Opal City run red with blood, with Merkel indiscriminately targeting the innocent, with intent to target the innocent families of his enemies. Merkel took advantage of his hold over his cult to take sexual advantage of the women, and hideously abused the resulting children. His son, Peter Merkel Jr, was hideously scarred by his attempts to surgically alter his body to be like his father, and he went so far as to have himself castrated since they "got in the way", only to be rejected by his father anyway. His daughter Alex suffered worse. Having desired a little girl, Merkel subjected her to horrible sexual, mental and physical abuse. Merkel became despised until his death by the rest of the supervillain community for his treachery and depravity and stands as a unique icon of a former Harmless Villain becoming a genuine terror.
  • Swamp Thing: Anton Arcane is a Mad Scientist turned Evil Sorcerer obsessed with immortality and its secrets. First seen attempting to steal the Swamp Thing's body, Arcane failed and died in the attempt. His soul, however, returned from hell to steal the body of his niece Abigail Arcane's husband, Matthew Cable. In the guise of Matthew, Anton raped Abigail and consigned her soul to hell in his place. In his new position on earth, Arcane attempted to drive reality itself to insanity, using the souls of resurrected serial killers to cause destruction as the innocent succumb to savage, homicidal urges.
  • Vandal Savage practically invented evil as a human concept. Born Vandar Adg, a caveman who received super intellect and immortality from a meteorite, Savage used his endless life to become the biggest monster he could. Over the millennia, he has been one of the most vicious and depraved men in history and one of the most efficient manipulators in the DCU, with billions of bodies to his name. Savage has spent his time as The Man Behind the Man to many conquerors, organizing conquests and massacres. Vandal has also fathered legions of monsters, but with the exception of one child, he considers the rest pathetic and treats their lives or deaths as not worthy of his attention. His treatment toward his sole legitimate child, Scandal, was no better: on her birthday, he forced her to run a gauntlet of men beating her, and if she failed, he swore he'd murder her mother. Despite Scandal being a lesbian, Vandal wants a male heir—and has no compunction having Scandal raped by other supervillains to get it. Vandal's crimes have also including introducing a new drug in the stead of heroin that burns out its users to death very quickly, multiple murders and cannibalism (which he might well have invented as a concept), attempting to pull an asteroid down to earth and murdering Golden Age superheroes with their families after founding a Neo-Nazi group called The Fourth Reich. His sole motives are fun, boredom, or to shape the world in his twisted image.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • What Dr. Psycho lacks in height, he makes up for in depravity. A psychotic dwarf who bears a grudge against nearly everyone, Psycho is a violent misogynist, Serial Killer, cannibal and rapist, and he combines this with incredibly potent Psychic Powers that include More Than Mind Control and some minor Reality Warper traits (his classical "create and shape ectoplasm" abilities). His crimes are myriad, but one that truly cements his classication as a Complete Monster is this: he once used his psychic powers to take control of dozens of innocents, promptly forcing them to engage in cannibalism of each other. Not only did this turn him on, he decided to force the victims he was controlling to experience his sexual pleasure as if it were their own. Eventually, he grew bored and let the survivors go free, condemning them to associate those traumatic memories with arousal and to suffer with it forever-more. Dr. Psycho gleefully participates in such atrocities and remembers them with the relish a normal human being would associate with savoring delicious food.
    • Doctor Poison II has only had a few appearances, but has made up for that with the sheer ugliness of the crimes she commits. The granddaughter of a Japanese war criminal, she has continued her grandmother's research, creating new toxins and diseases with which to infect the world. Kidnapping a man named Richard Agoras, Doctor Poison subjected him to lengthy torture and experimentation, ultimately using the Pandora Virus to mutate him into a hideous monster, and unleashing him on Wonder Woman. When captured following this incident, Doctor Poison unleashed the Pandora Virus into the atmosphere, endangering millions of lives. Escaping custody, Poison joined Queen Clea's new Villainy Incorporated, and helped to overrun the nation of Skartaris, requesting that any prisoners they took be turned over to her for further use in her experiments. Obsessed with producing the perfect toxic agents and little else, and making her appearance as horrible as possible in order to maximise fear in her victims, Doctor Poison is as bad as a Mad Scientist can get.
  • Young Justice: William "Billy" Hayes, better known as Harm from this initially light-hearted comic series, was a teenage supervillain who was also a complete sociopath. Adopted by loving parents, Harm initially terrified his adoptive younger sister Greta and her fears were proven right when Harm murdered her in her bathtub to seal a demonic pact and give himself super powers. His goal was to become the world's greatest murderer and he decided to hunt down and destroy all the kid heroes before moving on to the big leagues. He captured Red Tornado and reprogrammed him as a suicide bomber against Pope John Paul II to make a name for himself in the supervillain community. When his father, realizing what he was, killed Harm with a gunshot to the back, Harm's spirit later returned. He possessed his father and used his body to enact more evil deeds, none more enjoyable to him than screwing with Greta, now the ghostly heroine Secret, by making her think her father never truly loved her. When defeated, Harm, for sheer spite, forced his father to throw himself into one of the fire-pits of Apokolips while Harm possessed him to kill them both.

New 52
  • Swamp Thing: Anton Arcane's new incarnation is a being of boundless cruelty. In his pursuit of immortality, Arcane took over the elemental force of The Rot, the natural force of death and decay, and subsumed it to his will. Arcane extends the Rot to devour all that lives and trap the world in deathless limbo he can rule. Arcane even forced his own nephew to be the Rot's avatar, devouring his mind from within. In Arcane's battles with Swamp Thing, Alec Holland saw a future where Arcane gruesomely tortured and beheaded Abigail and saw lobotomized clones Arcane had made of her as cannon fodder.
  • Green Lantern: Volthoom is the Reality Warping Big Bad of the Wrath of the First Lantern storyline. Before the beginning of the plot, he was responsible for the torture and murder of millions of people across the universe, which lead to his imprisonment by the Guardians. When they decided to put him in lesser restraints eons later in order to further their own plans, Volthoom broke free and set off on a quest to regain his lost powers by feeding on the emotions of various Lantern ring wielders. To do this, he pulls off a Despair Gambit on each one by showing them visions of what could have happened had something gone different in their most defining or tragic moments in their lives, warping reality around them so that they become immersed in it, and denying them the chance to change the past. Out of all the emotions, he finds negative ones such as despair and misery the most savory to him. This leaves his victims physically and mentally broken as a result; in doing this, he almost drove Atrocitus to suicide. When Sinestro resisted Volthoon and lashed back at him, Volthoom destroyed Sinestro's home planet Korugar and everyone on it. Volthoom's ultimate goal after completely restoring his power is to rewrite all of reality to the way he wants it to be.
  • Mongul is the sociopathic ruler of the weaponized moon, Warworld, and one of the most wicked villains in the New 52 continuity. Having become a firm believer in "survival of the fittest" after witnessing an animal brawl end in blood and death as a child, Mongul immediately murdered his baby brother, followed by his own parents when they tried to get him counseling. In the present, as the cruel leader of the aforementioned hellish Warworld, Mongul uses it to attack dozens of planets across the galaxy, massacring the populations of millions then subjecting many of them to And I Must Scream fates with his Black Mercy plant, while using any survivors as soldiers, slaves, or raw material to be harvested. Along with this, Mongul runs Gladiator Games where any losers will have their entire races exterminated. When any enemy leaders specifically ask him to surrender before they are fully aware of his power, Mongul personally rips their heads off, mounts them on pikes, then displays them as trophies, of which he has hundreds. Later, after failing to turn all of Earth into a Hive Mind of chaos under his control, Mongol coldly kills his son, Jochi, for failing to live up to his reputation, and eventually lays a trap for the Sinestro Corps, hoping to massacre them and force any survivors into his thrall, all while taunting the helpless Sinestro about the torture he intends to inflict on him and his people. Disgusted with everything weaker than himself and angered by anything stronger, this version of Mongul is just as bad as any of his previous incarnations.

  • Arrow, Season 2.5: Khem-Adam is the leader of Onslaught, a group of fanatical, religious terrorists, who took advantage of the power vacuum in Kahndaq after the previous dictatorship was overthrown. His main goal is to force his country back into the old, barbaric ways, with women in particular being reduced to nothing more than serving the needs of the men. He crosses the Moral Event Horizon right in the very beginning, when he has a group of young women forcefully abducted for nothing more than undergoing school education (and after murdering their teacher right in front of their eyes). He is later shown to orchestrate mass executions on any one who dares to oppose his godly quest, and assigning the girls to his men as personal slaves to be beaten and raped. When one of the girls kills her abuser in self-defense and manages to escape, he immediately orders the rest of the group to be executed as an example. Misogynistic, cruel, and with a delusional fantasy of carrying out the will of the Old Gods, Khem-Adam earns the disgust of even the hardened, criminal members of the Suicide Squad (one member in particular being a former military leader of the aforementioned overthrown dictatorship).
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2012):
    • Skeletor is the ever-present main antagonist of this story, and the most personal foe the Masters of the Universe face throughout it. Originally one of the two possible heirs to the throne of Eternia, Skeletor was rejected his chance at the throne due to his half-Gar lineage, and as such, developed a deep-seeded hatred for his entire family and a lust for power. Making a deal with the monstrous entity Hordak, Skeletor poisoned the Eternia royalty; fatally stabbed his brother; kidnapped his infant niece and gave her to Hordak for him to torture and corrupt; and began laying siege to Eternia, leading to the slaughter of hundreds of innocents. With no care for anyone but himself, Skeletor tortures and kills his own minions, abuses his significant other, and regularly tries to betray his masters, while simultaneously going along with their plans gleefully, no matter how many innocents may die at his hands. Seemingly redeeming himself, Skeletor quickly reveals it was a ruse and, after killing Hordak and usurping the role of final villain, uses the tortured souls of billions of innocents to create a weapon that he first uses to annihilate dozens of planets and their populations, then reveals he will use it to annihilate everything that has ever existed across every dimension, and, on the off chance that he himself survives, he will rebuild the multiverse and rule over it as a god of death and evil. A psychopath who refused to be anything but the supreme master of all, and, failing at this, the destroyer of all, Skeletor was much more evil and much more serious than his usual incarnation.
    • The aforementioned Hordak is an ancient "space vampire" and is the root of all evil in the story. Once the member of a heavily-populated race, Hordak tricked his enemies, and his own people, into massacring each other in a huge war, at which point he absorbed their souls into himself, leaving them in tortured agony. Using his victims' corpses as his army, Hordak tried to take over Eternia before being banished into an alternate dimension, which he quickly took over as his own, and then used to enter the realm of Etheria, where he slowly slaughtered billions of innocents before devouring their souls. Later leading a full-scale invasion onto Eternia, Hordak reveals that his Dragon is actually the long-lost sister of He-Man, Adora, whom Hordak had kidnapped then tortured and corrupted into becoming his killing machine. Along with Mind Raping Adora anytime she would begin to realize her true heritage, Hordak sadistically murders her surrogate mother in front of her, then allows her to realize she is responsible for Eternia's imminent destruction. After dominating Eternia and regularly gorging on the souls of hundreds of citizens, Hordak destroys an entire planet to show his newfound power and reveals his plan to dominate the entire universe and turn it into a nightmarish realm where he is worshiped as a god while all those who oppose him suffer horribly. Serving as a contrast to Skeletor's omnicidal psychopathy, Hordak was a genocidal sociopath who believed all life to be inferior to himself.
  • Just Imagine... Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe:
    • The Thief of Souls, known primarily by his identity Reverend Dominic Darrk, is the demonic and manipulative mastermind behind all the evil in the series, seeking to pave the way for his master, Crisis, to invade Earth. After possessing a man, banishing his wife to Dreamland, then corrupting their son into a sociopath like himself, the Thief sets up his Church of Eternal Empowerment, a cult that recruits its members through kidnapping, brainwashing, or threats of death. Along with regularly ordering assassinations and executing his own minions for the slightest of failures, the Thief unleashes monsters to rampage across entire cities more than once, and later releases a virus called the "Sleeping Death", which plunges its victims into neverending sleep while the Thief steals their souls to offer up to Crisis. In the end, even when beaten, the Thief happily taunts the heroes about the coming of his master, and the joy he will take in the knowledge that they will all spend an eternity of agony at Crisis' hands.
    • Crisis himself is the force behind the Thief of Souls, and the most evil being the JLA encounter. Coming to Earth after attempting to devour thousands of innocents' souls, Crisis plans to turn the entirety of the universe into his personal playground by fusing the Dreamworld with Earth, then plunging every living thing in the universe into eternal pain and suffering. After brutally tormenting the heroes with their worst fears, Crisis manipulates his descendants Robin and Melana to betray their team, at which point Crisis hopes to eternally imprison them in a gemstone while he rampages across the universe, bringing death and destruction across the cosmos simply because he can.
    • Armando Guitez is the Big Bad of the Wonder Woman story, and manages to stick out even among other far more powerful villains as a truly reprehensible monster. Using his wealth, Guitez begins tearing apart Mexican ruins looking for ancient and powerful runes, and threatens any nearby farmers off their land with death, ordering one beaten to death and shooting another in the head just for voicing their compaints against him. After murdering Judge Mendoza for displaying disgust at his crimes, Guitez plans to rape the man's daughter Maria before murdering her would-be rescuer, Steve Trevor. Guitez, finding the ancient runes he has been searching for, absorbs the power of the demons residing within them, travels to Los Angeles, crashes the plane he's on into a populated street, then goes on a massacre throughout the city for fun as he searches for other runes to make himself ever more powerful. Guitez's evil ran so deep, that even one of the demons he absorbed proclaimed his shock at Guitez's sheer black soul.
  • Star Trek: Redjac returns in both the DC and WildStorm comics. In the DC two-parter, "Wolf on the Prowl" and "Wolf at the Door", it commits several more murders in the body of an Enterprise crewperson, had established itself as the "God of Evil" on a primitive planet, and killed thousands of said planet’s inhabitants to give itself power in a last-ditch effort to get revenge on Kirk by destroying the Enterprise. In the Wildstorm comic "Embrace the Wolf", based on the TNG universe, it provoked an all-out nuclear war on a peaceful Federation planet, and challenged Data in his Sherlock Holmes persona to save his fellow crew members while Redjac took up its mantle once again as Jack the Ripper. Acting less as a senseless predator and more as a psychotic serial killer on a galactic level, Redjac is one of the worst that Star Trek has to offer.

Vertigo Comics
  • 100 Bullets: Augustus Medici is the most powerful member of the Trust and the one pulling the wires of every other character. The Trust is a coalition of thirteen families that secretly founded the United States, but this is not enough for Augustus, who puts into motion a grand and intricate plan to take the other members' holdings for himself. Augustus proposes that the Trust and their enforcers, the Minutemen, take over another country, to which the Minutemen refuse and are marked for death by the Trust. The Minutemen's leader, Agent Philip Graves, secretly working for Augustus, would then lead the Minutemen on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and kill the Trust members Augustus wanted dead. After Augustus's son Benito is almost killed, Augustus enlists the sociopathic Wild Card Minuteman Lono to torture and kill another trust head who had a hand in the hit and his heirs, and also orchestrate a false flag assassination of female Trust head Megan Dietrich, whom Augustus then seduces despite a very large age difference. When a rival Trust head has two of Augustus's key allies killed, Augustus crosses the Moral Event Horizon by resigning his seat in favor of Benito, knowing that this will lead to Benito's murder at Megan's hands and a power vacuum that ultimately kills all the other Trust members and most of the Minutemen. When confronted by a disgusted Graves over killing his own child, Augustus justifies himself by saying that he didn't technically make Megan do anything.
  • American Vampire has these 2 dreaded creatures:
  • Coffin Hill: Emma Coffin, founder of the titular town, escaped the Salem Witch Trials and left the innocent to die in her stead. Not content to rest in peace, Emma's evil spirit tormented the families of those who eventually hanged her for her crimes of sacrificing others for her magic, while also tormenting her own descendants. Emma threatened her descendant Eve into helping her return to life by threatening to kill everyone Eve loved and the entire town as well. It is further revealed Emma's source of power are the souls of her victims, imprisoned in the Coffin manor and kept trapped in their worst nightmares as Emma feeds off them.
  • Crossing Midnight: Lord Aratsu, the God of Swords, is one of the most powerful Kami alive. He is also a vicious, usurping, tyrannical megalomaniac who considers it his right to steal a girl named Toshi from her parents and twin brother because their father prayed at his shrine before her birth. When she refuses to become his slave after Aratsu brutally murdered the family dog he dismembers her mother to use her life to force Toshi's hand. Once Toshi agrees to serve him, Aratsu repairs her mother, but doesn't even bother to mend her soul, leaving her an empty shell and fully susceptible to hungry, soul eating imps. Once Toshi is his slave, Aratsu uses his swords to cut away her past and future, leaving her to exist in only a moment in time. Should she ever displease him, he would allow time to lapse and her to vanish. Aratsu's cruelty is revealed as the story goes on: he gained his power by treachery and murder, having severed his predecessor's memory and condemned him to exile on earth. A violent egomaniac, he also kills any who do not give him the blind worship he feels he's entitled to. While many Kami are alien creatures, Aratsu is an all too familiar and understandable being, and eclipses any human, dragon, demon or Kami in the story with his evil. By the time the rebellion against his rule rolls around, he has no compunction sending the amnesiac Toshi to kill her own brother.
  • Fables: Leigh Douglas, formerly Mrs. Sprat, shows her dark side when she reveals that she became a nurse to see other Fables suffering by her hand. She later gladly teams up with the personification of darkness, Mr. Dark, to destroy her former home in exchange for beauty and power. Once Dark is defeated, Leigh takes her place back in Fabletown proper, but plans to use a spell to seize control of Bigby Wolf and use him as a feral weapon to slaughter other Fables, intending to use him to exterminate the Fables of her old home. Out of spite, she plans to mutilate and torture the "pretty ones" until they're hideous, then kill them. Her worst deed is sending Bigby to murder his former wife and their young children. Despite her new-found beauty, Leigh proves at every opportunity no other Fables is as hideous inside as her.
  • Hellblazer: John Constantine has encountered depraved villains, but several leave the rest far behind.
    • The First of the Fallen was already said to be at the bottom of hell when Lucifer himself was cast down. Far more depraved, violent and sadistic than Lucifer, the First is introduced as a trader in souls whom John bests in a battle of wits. The First promptly devotes all energy to vengeance to destroy John in every way, shape and form, while destroying his friends and loved ones and condemning a city to an orgy of blood and violence, simply for his own enjoyment. The First shows no loyalty to allies and frequently destroys them, in one instance changing demon lord Nergal into a mortal to torture him simply for amusement. In his cruelest act, the First captured the soul of John's innocent sister and played upon her love for her hell-bound husband to manipulate her into staying in hell to split the torture between them.
    • Samuel Morris, known as The Family Man, was the first human being John Constantine ever killed. The Family Man was an old man with a penchant for happy families. Upon locating them, with a mother, father, and children, he would murder them by lacerating their bodies and ending by slashing their throats. Having murdered his own parents as a child, the Family Man had a habit of leaving no witnesses, with his victims including John's estranged father. Despite being only human, The Family Man remains one of the most evil and disturbing villains in Hellblazer's annals.
    • Joshua Wright was an unscrupulous magician with no compunction about rape, manipulation or murder. Wright seduced John Constantine's former lover Isabelle Bracknell, and made her his Scarlet Woman, a woman he could practice all his magic through. When he got bored of her, Wright would drive her to the lowest depths for a laugh, forcing her through painful body modification, raping her, getting her pregnant to make her get an abortion and having the aborted fetus implanted under her skin, and having her prostitute herself. In his own words, he was merely amusing himself at this point. When he got tired of her, he murdered her with a hammer. When confronted by John, Wright shows no remorse, gloating "that's what magic's all about, innit? Fucking someone. One way or another."
  • A History of Violence: "Little" Lou Manzi from the comic version is a ravenously psychotic mob boss and Torture Technician who makes Cold-Blooded Torture his hobby. Since becoming the head of the boss twenty years before the story, Manzi keeps a man as a toy, torturing him in every conceivable way he can think of day in and day out till the man is nothing more than an armless, legless chunk of meat—barely alive and conscious. In present, he tries to get the man's partner back to be his victim as well by threatening his family and his young children.
  • Preacher:
    • Marie L'Angell is the terrifying grandmother of protagonist Jesse Custer. She takes "controlling" to a new level and views her own family as tools rather than people. Her usual punishment of her grandson Jesse was locking him into an airtight coffin with an air hose and letting him wallow in his own shit and piss for a week. Then, she attempted to kill her daughter Christina for trying to stop it. But the worst of Marie's cruelties is her obsession with "hardening" Jesse by destroying all his non-family ties, including his puppy dog, his girlfriend, and his childhood friend. And his own father.
    • Jody is generally the instrument of this. Unlike Marie, however, Jody makes no pretense that he doesn't enjoy what he does. He blows Jesse's father's brains out right in front of him and then sneers "fucking crybaby" at a tearful Jesse. When Jesse's dog tries to be friendly to Jody, Jody nails its head to a post and then brutally beats Jesse into submission. Years later, Jody forces Jesse to cry "uncle" while twisting his arm so bad the bone snaps out. In the present, Jody shoots Tulip in the head at Marie's request, while Jesse watches. Later, when Marie finally orders Jesse's death, Jody isn't content with just killing him, but wants to break and humiliate him and make him beg first. When Jesse finally bites a chunk off of Jody's arm, breaks his back and strangles him to death, Jody is too twisted to feel anything but pride that his abuses turned Jesse into a killer.
  • The Sandman: Dr. Destiny, aka John Dee, transforms from a standard, somewhat campy supervillain into a nightmare inducing lunatic. When first seen Destiny comes across as a harmless, even somewhat pitiable, man. This impression goes out the window when he, for no real reason, casually murders the woman who had given him a ride, made pleasant small talk with him, and given him a coat. Once the good doctor regains the Materioptikon, a ruby used by Morpheus to create reality from the fabric of dreams, Destiny shows off just how bad he truly is. Sitting in a diner, over a twenty-four period Destiny begins steadily driving the establishment's patrons and employees mad. He makes them have sex with each other, mutilate themselves, and torture and kill each other. At one point he gives them their minds back and when they demand to know why he's doing this to them, he responds, "Because I can." By the time he's finished all of the diner's inhabitants are dead. All while this was going on, Dr. Destiny was using the power of the ruby to drive everyone on the planet mad. One disturbing instance had him making a kids' show host tell his viewers to slice open their wrists. When Morpheus asks Destiny what his goal is now, Destiny replies that at first he wanted to rule but now he wants to destroy the world and dance in the wreckage.
  • Scalped: Mr. Brass, the Torture Technician of the Hmong gangsters, is a short, mild-mannered man with one arm who's also a terrifying sadist. When introduced, Mr. Brass informs a prisoner he never asks a question twice and has him 'pick a number', one through ten. The man selects a number which turns out to be the body part Brass removes. Brass proceeds to remove his eye before even asking a question. Brass spends his time torturing his way through the residents of the reservation, largely for his own pleasure. How brass satisfies his 'peculiarities' (he has a penchant for raping and murdering teen prostitutes, male and female) disgusts even the ruthless mob boss Lincoln Red Crow. In the gritty, dark Black and Gray Morality world that is Scalped's Rez, Brass is the worst the world has to offer.
  • Transmetropolitan: Senator (and eventually President) Gary "The Smiler" Callahan, in a world nearly without ethics, he goes above and beyond the call of evil. He has his campaign coordinator publicly assassinated to win sympathy for himself after his campaign went into the gutter; he has his family killed in an "accident" to again win sympathy; he has a member of his State Sec pull a sniper spree on civilians so that no one would notice the freak storm brewing nearby, a storm that causes massive damage and loss of life, all so he could wipe the evidence against him from existence (and that was a fool's errand as Spider kept his own private records, meaning that the Smiler did what he did for nothing); he has a peaceful protest of college students riddled with bullets at the first opportunity of "I thought he was pulling a gun"; he allows the brutal murderers of an innocent kid to go free and orders the cops to butcher all of the protesters as soon as violence was initiated (and it was done so by the murderers) and then (briefly) used his power to prevent the media from even acknowledging the riot and the slaughter of innocent civilians from happening.
  • The Unwritten: Pullman, the most visible member of the Ancient Conspiracy, is a sadistic murderer who kills multiple people with relish; this includes a little girl he smothered to death with a pillow. At times he goes out of his way to kill when he has absolutely no reason to execute the victims. Pullman admits his hatred for storytellers and goes out of his way to make such targets deaths as painful as possible. Seven thousand years old, Pullman has had time to wrack up an impressive count of misdeeds, including when he was travelling with Gilgamesh himself, and raped or killed a woman that he sneered he 'used as cattle ought to be' when confronted. Pullman is ultimately revealed as attempting to slay the Leviathan, the creature behind all stories, in order to achieve his own death, as his own story as Cain, the first murderer, will not allow him to die. however, he has no intention of dying alone, and when he's dealt with deathblow by the heroes, he gloats to hero Tom at 'dragging his bitch' with him, having murdered Tom's girlfriend before receiving the final blow.

  • For the Wildstorm universe in general, TAO is the most vile the world has to offer. TAO was created as the Tactical Augmented Organism, growing at an amazing rate into a man. The problem was, TAO grew with a sense of cold superiority and disdain for all others. He masterminded several wars between superheroes, resulting in many casualties, in an early attempt to end the world. Using his powerful hypnotic suggestion abilities, he forced the strongest heroes into being his sex slaves to prevent them from stopping him. After these plans fail, TAO reinvents himself as the ruler of a crime syndicate where he distinguishes himself with cold professionalism combined with violent sadism. As the hero of Sleeper describes it, TAO won't pull out your guts. He'll make you do it to yourself, and enjoy it all the while.
  • Crimson: Lisseth, the Queen of All Vampires, is the originator of all evil in the world and the progenitor of every living vampire. After being spurned from God's sight due to her imperfections and further turned down a place at Lucifer's side, Lisseth drank the blood of her former lover and fellow outcast Ekimus, stealing his immortality and becoming the first vampire. Still craving revenge for her exile, Lisseth enacts a plan to eliminate the Chosen One, Alex Elder, and teams up with fellow vampire lord Victor Van Fleet. Lisseth greets Alex on a pile of Templars she's massacred, and later tricks her former lover into releasing the ancient Chalkydri lord Sopha, who begins an assault meant to wipe out all mankind. This is all the first part of Lisseth's ultimate plan, which aims for nothing more than the complete destruction of all creation—Heaven, Hell, and Earth and their rulers—and then to remake creation in her own image. In the final battle, Lisseth delves low enough to murder a child and her father after they refuse to pay tribute to her and kills the fallen angel Zophiel in a failed attempt to kill Alex, and ultimately dies raving on how she seeks to destroy everything and everyone. Always a selfish, envious monster at heart, Lisseth's own evil was reflected in the very breed of monsters she birthed.
  • Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Freddy Krueger is the same sadistic child-murdering monster he is in the films, and more. Following the events of the film, Freddy continues his spree of evil by once again manipulating Jason Voorhees into finding the Necromonicon Ex Mortis to grant him reality-warping powers before sending the Deadites against Jason when he turns against him. He takes things further in The Nightmare Warriors, where upon his return, Freddy takes control of the Deadite army, placing Jason as general. At Freddy behest, Jason and the Deadites leave death and destruction throughout Washington, where Freddy takes control of the White House where he reveals his plan for "No Child Left Alive" and the carnage he plans on spreading across the world. Revealing himself to be in a incestuous relationship withhis daughter Kathryn, possibly due to brainwashing, when she fights with Jason, Freddy admits he plans to kill her when they are finished. Freddy possesses Stephanie to seduce and abduct Jacob, before encouraging Stephanie to kill as a Voorhees. Upon Jason's death, Freddy absorbs his soul as well before boasting himself as a "Dream God". Now desiring power and domination in addition to his bloodlust, Freddy takes his evil from the films to a more grandiose level.
  • Modern Warfare 2: Ghost: In this comic book prequel miniseries, Manuel "El Gordo" Roba is the leader of the Zaragoza Drug Cartel. A target to the United States due to his drug and terrorist smuggling activities, Simon Riley was sent alongside a US squad to kill him. The squad was betrayed by their leader Vernon to Roba, who proceeds to subject the squad to months of brutal brainwashing, torturing them under drug-induced insomnia and forcing them to fight each other, uncaring if they die or not since Roba considers all men to be expendable. In one case, Roba hanged Riley from a tree from hooks in his waist because he displays resistance. Roba kills the annoying Vernon and buries the unturning Riley alive with his corpse. When Riley escapes, Roba sent his successfully brainwashed soldiers to take care of him. Under Roba's orders, they were sent to UK where they murdered everyone associated with Riley, including his family, his shrink and his superior, before pinning all the murders on Riley to completely ruin his life.
  • Planetary: Randall Dowling is a twisted Mad Scientist and leader of The Four, an evil analogue of The Fantastic Four. Having made contact with another world, Dowling plans to assist it in conquering earth in exchange for power. Keeping Earth's technology at its current level by withholding or suppressing discoveries that could eradicate disease and save countless lives, in order to prevent humanity's advancement, Dowling locates children with budding technological skill able to advance humanity. He has their families killed in "accidents", before tormenting and brainwashing the kids into using their talents to stifle humanity's growth, with bombs planted in them in case anyone tries to rescue them. Using the Red Scare as a threat, Dowling also creates "City Zero", where suspected "spies" are rounded up and subjected to inhuman experiments, kept alive in horrible agony for Dowling's purposes. To store his experiments and weapons, Dowling also wiped out all life on a planet, just to insure it was freed for storage. Treating his fellow members of the Four as disposable as well, Dowling's only care is for his own ego, advancement and power, no matter how many worlds he sacrifices.
  • Steampunk, by Joe Kelly et al.: Lord Mortimer Absinthe is the tyrannical ruler of the Absinthian Empire in an alternate 1800s Europe. Once a disturbed Mad Scientist infamous for conducting grotesque experiments on animals—one of which, his pet dog, he mutilated and experimented when he was only 5 years old—the fisherman Cole Blaquesmith turned to Absinthe in a moment of desperation to cure his beloved Fiona. After Cole had retrieved knowledge from the future for Absinthe in return for curing Fiona, Absinthe spitefully lets Fiona die and tears out Cole's heart. Over a period of years with the knowledge he's cultivated, Absinthe orchestrates a murderous takeover of Europe and sets up a despotic regime where the lower-class are forced underground into incredible squalor and the tiniest hint of rebellion is killed. Absinthe perpetrates a bloody, genocidal war against France leading to colossal loss of life, sets up free slave labor in the Chasm Community—with promises to kill any slave that stops providing him labor—and in his crowning moment of evil murders a prisoner in front of one of the Vatican's agents and prepares to hand off millions of London's own populace to be killed in the Consecration Engine via having radium injected into their brains. When Cole returns from slumber in Absinthe's reign, Absinthe takes a perverse glee in mocking him about Fiona's death and hands him to his agent Nixon to be tortured, ordering Nixon to be killed when Nixon betrays him. Regularly perpetrating murder, torture, massacres, and cruel experiments in his free time, Absinthe's sardonic sense of humor and tendency for flamboyancy is only outweighed by his limitless capacity for sadism and cruelty towards everyone who does—and doesn't—oppose him.

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