The "New 52" continuity is actually a trap that may doom the DCU to facing another multiversal crisis.
  • Look at the facts:
    • For one, the merging of mainstream DC, Wildstorm and Vertigo was at the behest of a person named Pandora, as in a Box. That's the first clue that nothing good is going to come of this in-universe.
    • In addition, Pandora is seemingly a shade of Red Skies Red.
    • For another, DC has never been this "pre-crisis" since the Crisis itself: the JLA characters and JSA characters are once again (generally) in separate universes, the Kents are dead and Clark is single etc.
    • And, most importantly, if DC ever decides to go back to a Pre-Flashpoint style universe again, you KNOW they'd have a big miniseries to do it.
    • The may just use hypertime to retcon the whole New 52 continuity out of existence to back the universe back to the pre-flashpoint universe.
    • The New 52 already had a rocky foundation. Add the fact that history in the DCU keeps getting retconned, and I can imagine that the DC Universe is going to suffer a Time Crash Crisis Crossover as it breaks under the strain of the Continuity Snarl.

The "New 52" continuity and the Post-Crisis continuity are coexisting.
  • "Vibrating at different frequencies" maybe. The Batfamily and Green Lantern cast are experiencing and have knowledge of both timelines (which is why they overlap).
    • Supporting this theory is the fact that Batman has his father's letter (from Flashpoint) on display in the Batcave.

The main timelines -Earth-Two, Earth-One, Post-Crisis, New 52- are a single continuity which is reset time and again by a cosmic entity
  • The entity responsible for the "New 52" has been altering the timeline since the end of the Golden Age; and he keeps changing things every time start getting happy lives or their backstories become too convoluted.
    Eventually the main heroes will remember their past lives: Superman will remember his early adventures back in 1938, Supergirl her death in the first Crisis, Batman his marriage to Catwoman, Batgirl her accidental debut when happening upon Killer Moth, Wonder Woman her killing Maxwell Lord... and they will know all of it happened in a different timeline.