Characters: New Gods

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The dreaded domain of Darkseid. It is the polar opposite of New Genesis.


AKA: Uxas

The Big Bad of the Fourth World, and later a prominent villain for The DCU as a whole, see his own article for more info.

Darkseid's Elite

Darkseid's inner circle. After the God of Tyranny himself, these are the most potent and evil beings of Apokolips and the main instruments through which Darkseid works his dark will.

Amazing Grace

One of Darkseid's greatest minions, she pretends to organize a rebellion every once in a while. When it inevitably fails, the people are left hopeless again, solidifying Darkseid's control once more. She is Glorious Godfrey's sister.


Darkseid's advisor and chief interrogator. This spineless, wormy little man dreams of one day ruling Apokolips himself. He is Bernadeth's brother.

Desaad possessed Mary Marvel during Final Crisis, apparently reveling in turning the pure young heroine into an oversexed murderer. He was exorcized when Captain Marvel Junior used Shazam's lightning to turn Mary back to her mortal self.

Devilance the Pursuer

The god of the hunt, Darkseid's chief tracker. He was a recurring foe of the Forever People. Devilance was eventually killed by Lobo.

Doctor Bedlam

Darkseid's chief scientist, who is a disembodied entity who inhabits a number of robotic clones called "animates".

Glorious Godfrey

AKA: G. Gordon Godfrey / Rev. G. Godfrey Goode

Darkseid has Godfrey pose as a televangelist to turn the people against their superheroes and preach the gospel of "Anti-Life" — unthinking obedience, making them easier to conquer. He is Amazing Grace's brother.

During Final Crisis, Glorious Godfrey possessed a human man and posed, again, as a televangelist to distract people from Darkseid's plan. He dies when his host body burns out and Darkseid refuses to create a new body for him.

Granny Goodness

The leader and trainer of the Female Furies. Although she is an elderly woman, she is one of the most wicked and dangerous beings alive.

Granny incarnates on Earth in Final Crisis, first as a human pimp and later in the body of the Apokolips-born Green Lantern, Kraken. In this form, she captures Batman for the Evil Gods and nearly conquers Oa in Darkseid's name, but is exposed by Hal Jordan.

  • Apron Matron: A sick parody of one.
  • Bad Samaritan
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Commonly treated as a joke by comic fans, Granny Goodness has the best track record of not getting her butt kicked by super-heroes and the New Gods AND commits acts of horrific abuse without any consequences ON CHILDREN 24-7 on Apokolips.
  • Break the Cutie: A flashback story established this as why she's evil: she was made to train alongside an attack dog named Mercy, who she felt love for. Rather than kill it as her final test of loyalty to Darkseid in order to gain entrance into Darkseid's inner circle, she argued to let Mercy live as the dog was a loyal and powerful servant. Darkseid then ordered Mercy to kill Granny and when Granny killed her beloved pet in self-defense, Darkseid was so impressed that she actually fought back and killed Mercy, that he granted her inner-circle status. And Granny pretty much lost what little remaining goodness in her heart as a result of having to kill the only being she ever loved.
  • Combat Sadomasochist
    Granny: Did that hurt? Good. It was supposed to.
    Amanda Waller: Yeah, it hurt. (rifle-butts her) Does this? It's supposed to!
    Granny: That's all right, dearie. Granny likes pain.
    • What's more, Granny instills this in her "children." Those raised by Granny are taught that pain and torment are the truest expressions of love.
  • Evil Old Folks: She's technically younger than Darkseid, but looks old in a way we understand.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Not only does her name count, but her lethal attack dog was called "Mercy".
  • I Was Quite a Looker: She was downright gorgeous (in a harsh, spartan sort of way), as shown in a flashback.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Seriously, not unless you have a small army of badasses backing you up.
  • Orphanage of Fear: She runs these, to break children's spirits and weed out potential recruits.
  • Terms of Endangerment: Her trademark. She tend to refer to other people in a grandmatronly way, even though she doesn't even bother with Faux Affably Evil.
  • Torture Technician
  • Undying Loyalty: There's a reason Granny is so highly placed in Darkseid's inner-circle: she genuinely worships him, and it shows in her training. Granny has trained the Female Furies to be loyal to Granny first, but Darkseid foremost, meaning that in a test of loyalty, the Furies will choose Darkseid.

Kalibak the Cruel

Darkseid's son by his first wife Suli. His greatest wish is to prove himself a worthy heir to his father, but that will never happen, considering the kind of person his father is.

In Final Crisis, Kalibak first possessed a human thug; after his host died, Darkseid's scientists created a bestial tiger-man body for him to inhabit. He was killed in combat by Talky Tawny.


AKA: Iluthin

Darkseid's personal assassin and weapon master. Kanto is a master of both courtly intrigue and fencing, and ruins men just as efficiently with the pen as with the sword. He dresses in the manner of a Renaissance nobleman.


A renegade bug from New Genesis, he led a colony of bugs from New Genesis to Apokolips. There, in return for his loyalty, he was made a New God by Darkseid.


One of Darkseid's concubines, she became the lover of Orion.


The uncle of Darkseid and general of the armies of Apokolips. Steppenwolf is one of Darkseid's most loyal and trusted servants. He is a genius tactician who rides a hover bike with the same power as Orion's Astro-Harness.

Virman Vundabar

A vicious little man who was raised in Granny Goodness's orphanage just like Scott Free, Virman is one of Granny's greatest successes. He is preoccupied with military efficiency, especially that of the Prussian Empire of Earth, on which he based his persona. His niece Malice is one of the Female Furies.

The Deep Six

The Female Furies

Darkseid's elite female warriors, founded and led by Granny Goodness. They serve him without question. Supergirl, Mary Marvel, and other powerful women have served on this team, usually thanks to Brainwashing.

Alianna Hubbard

A human woman recruited by the Furies. Do not underestimate her.

  • Strong as They Need to Be: As Mister Miracle found out the hard way, her strength and speed is augmented to rival her comrades.


The Furies' resident archer.


Co-field leader of the Furies. She shares this duty with Lashina, who she doesn't get along with. She is Desaad's sister.

Bloody Mary

A vampire that can control her victims and use telekinesis.


Her swords, and karate chops, can slice through any matter like a hot knife through butter.


AKA: Kay

A Fury who decided to escape to Earth when she saw the opportunity, developing an obsession with the young hero Superboy. She eventually joined the Secret Six and fell in love with its leader, Scandal Savage. She was killed during the Death of the New Gods storyline.


Co-field leader of the Furies. She also works undercover as a prostitute when Granny Goodness requires it.

Mad Harriet

A psycho with razor-sharp claws.

Malice Vundabar

A little girl dressed like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She has her shadow monster, Chessure, devour her victims. Malice is Virman Vundabar's niece.

Speed Queen

She skates along at extreme speed.


This beefy woman's legs are so strong that she can generate earthquakes with her stomps.


She has light based powers.


A hulking minion of Darkseid specifically sent to bring back a terminally ill person whom Desaad believes has most if not all of the Anti-life Equation in him.

  • Appeal To Flattery: How the ill person convinces him to spare the KO'ed Orion and Lightray after surrendering, after all, he's the one he came for and those two couldn't possibly be a threat to one as strong as he.
  • The Brute / Hair-Trigger Temper: A nasty disposition with the strength to go with it; only by constantly remembering his orders does he keep from tearing his quarry apart.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Whether they confronted him directly or caught him off-guard, Orion and Lightray were no match for him.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Became a victim of this when the man threw himself off the balcony and made it seem like Agogg was responsible. Darkseid simply would not believe the person would sacrifice himself like that, and accused Agogg of trying to keep the equation for himself, demanding he reveal it to him immediately or be incinerated on the spot. It doesn't end well.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The Nursery his target used to frequent to entertain the young patients had better help Agogg locate him quickly.


Darkseid's third and youngest son, he plots to overthrow his father and take over Apokolips. He also dislikes being compared to his father, a comparison that he cannot escape since he is very much a pale imitation of Darkseid with his rocky skin and weaker Omega Beams.

  • Antagonistic Offspring: He planned to overthrow his father and take over Apokolips.
  • Bastard Bastard
  • Eye Beams: He has inherited the ability to produce Omega Beams from his father, but his are much weaker.
  • The Unfavorite: Darkseid hates him the most of his three sons. Considering that Grayven planned to overthrow Darkseid, it's not much of a surprise.


The mother of Darkseid and Infinity Man, and the sister of Steppenwolf. After her husband Yuga Khan was absorbed into the Source Wall, Heggra became ruler of Apokolips, after which Darkseid manipulated her into declaring war on New Genesis. Disapproving of her son's affair with Suli, Heggra had Desaad poison her; in retaliation, Darkseid had Desaad covertly kill Heggra as well, securing his rule over Apokolips.


Darkseid's elite warriors, they are composed of various people brainwashed to serve him.


The normal shock troopers and foot soldiers of Darkseid.

  • Henchmen Race: They're both bred from stock and modified clones of Apokoliptian citizens, but their only purpose is to serve as Apokoliptian soldiers, and they serve their superiors (Darkseid foremost) without question.
  • Mooks

Yuga Khan

The original ruler of Apokolips and the most powerful New God that has ever lived, he is the father of Darkseid. Prior to the beginning of the series, his quest to understand the Source caused him to merge with it, but he does briefly return only to get back in the Source by the end of that event.

     New Genesis 
The domain of Highfather. It is the polar opposite of Apokolips.


The daughter of Genesisian scientist Himon, she is the inventor of the Mother Box computers used by all New Gods as well as the co-inventor of the Boom Tube mode of transportation.

Big Barda

AKA: Barda Free

A former leader of the Female Furies. She defected and married Mister Miracle. The pair were also members of the Justice League of America in the "Justice League International" era.


The Forever People

A group of five young New Gods from New Genesis, who went to Earth to fight against Darkseid. They acted much like Kirby's idea of flower children at the time the stories were published. The five of them were able to summon "Infinity Man" in emergencies.

In Death of the New Gods, the Forever People died in a Bus Crash before the story began. Grant Morrison published vaguely goth designs for their new incarnations in a Final Crisis sketchbook, but the actual story revealed that their new counterparts were actually the Japanese "Super Young Team".

Mark Moonrider

Mark Moonrider is the team's unofficial leader. He has a "Megaton Touch" that shoots energy from his hands.

Vykin the Black

The keeper of the Mother Box, Vykin has powers of magnetism and technopathy.

Big Bear

The team's muscle. Big Bear is a hulking young man who drives the Forever People's super-cycle. He can alter the density of objects.


Serifan is a young and wistful young man who dresses like a cowboy. He has no powers but carries two pistols that shoot "cosmic cartridges".

Beautiful Dreamer

Possessed of psychic powers that allow her to cast illusions, Dreamer is the team's heart. She is romantically linked to Mark Moonrider.


AKA: Izaya the Inheritor

Ruler of New Genesis. He is Darkseid's good counterpart. As part of the pact between New Genesis and Apokolips, his son, Scott Free, was given as hostage to Darkseid, while Darkseid's son Orion was given to Izaya; Orion became the New Gods' greatest hero, while Scott escaped Apokolips and became a hero as well. Of all the New Gods, Izaya has the closest connection to the Source, which he often consults in times of need.

During Genesis, Izaya's physical form was killed by the Olympian war-god Ares, but his spirit lived on inside the Source. He sometimes returned to aid New Genesis by possessing the body of his hand-picked replacement, Takion. After the end of the Fourth World, Izaya incarnated on Earth as a homeless man and led the struggling good gods. Following Final Crisis, he has been resurrected to lead the gods of good in their new home.



AKA: Sollis

A fun-loving god, and Orion's best friend.

Mister Miracle I

AKA: Scott Free

The son of Highfather, but raised on Apokolips as part of Highfather's peace treaty with Darkseid. Darkseid left him to the mercies of Granny Goodness, who did her best to break his spirit — and failed. He eventually escaped and settled down on Earth with Big Barda. He and Barda were also members of the Justice League of America during the Giffen "JLI" era.


The Dog of War. The son of Darkseid, but raised on New Genesis as its greatest champion according to the terms of Highfather's peace treaty with Darkseid.

Had his own series in the early 2000s, written and drawn by Walt Simonson, which ran for 25 issues, and featured Orion finally confronting his father, winning, and showing what happened next. Final Crisis begins with Orion found dying of a bullet wound and foretelling doom with his last words; the murder investigation kicks off the story.

Takion of the Source

AKA: Joshua Saunders

One of the few mortals to ascend into the New Gods, Joseph Saunders was a blind human whom Highfather appointed guardian of the Source because he was apparently "without fate", meaning he would not be missed. Izaya made Saunders a "Source elemental" and his own avatar. In Genesis, Izaya was killed, and Takion took his place as Highfather, sometimes serving as a conduit for Izaya's spirit. He died in the Fall of the New Gods.

     Other Gods 

Black Racer

AKA: Willie Walker

The god of Death, as even the New Gods must die, someday. He looks like a knight with skis.


AKA: Drax

The older brother of Darkseid, Drax attained the title of Infinity-Man from the previous owner after being nearly killed by his younger brother. He eventually came to serve Highfather and became the protector of the Forever People. He appeared whenever the Forever People touched their Mother Boxes together and recited the word "Taaru". The Forever People would then disappear until Infinity-Man returned power to them.

In Death of the New Gods it's revealed that The Source was directing Infinity-Man to kill all of the New Gods, since the Source decided it was time for the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the improved "Fifth World".


The god of knowledge. A mysterious being that observes the events of the universe. Metron traverses time and space in his Mobius Chair. Although born on New Genesis, he is not bound to it. He is highly amoral, and has worked with both Highfather and Darkseid to further his own ends, but always keeps his word.


Francis "Funky" Flashman

An unscrupulous huckster who lives in a crumbling mansion with his sycophantic servant Houseroy, Funky hears of Mister Miracle's daring exploits and makes a deal to serve as his promoter. Following an attack by the Female Furies in which Funky leaves Houseroy to die, Scott and Barda decide the slimy Funky can't be trusted and walk away. Funky reappears several times in the DC Universe, usually with some get-rich-quick scheme that backfires on him.

Mister Miracle II

Shilo Norman was the informal ward of the original Mister Miracle, Thaddeus Brown, and later became something like a Kid Sidekick to Scott Free. In more recent years he became the new Mister Miracle.


A little person who was the assistant to Thaddeus Brown, the escape artist who first took the name Mister Miracle. After Brown is killed by Intergang and Scott Free takes up his name and costume, Oberon became Scott's assistant. He is Scott's best friend, sidekick, confidant, and father figure. Oberon was also an honorary member of Justice League International, serving as director Max Lord's personal assistant.

Sonny Sumo

A Japanese martial artist with incredible skill, discipline, and honor, Sonny Sumo is summoned by the Mother Box when the Forever People are captured by Desaad. He rescues them, and they learn that he possesses the power of the Anti-Life Equation, making him a target for Darkseid but giving him mind-control powers. In desperation, Darkseid uses the Omega Effect to fling him and the Forever People through time; while the young New Gods are rescued by Highfather, Sonny lives out the rest of his life where he really belongs, in feudal Japan.

Years later in Final Crisis, a new version of Sonny Sumo appears as a Japanese superhero who aids Shilo Norman and the Super Young Team in the fight against Darkseid.

  • Bald of Awesome
  • Born in the Wrong Century: With his skill in battle and sense of honor, he could have been a samurai in feudal Japan, but in the 20th century all he can use his talents for is paltry show fighting. He eventually gets sent back in time, where he fits in much better.
  • Call to Agriculture: Darkseid's Omega Effect sends him back in time to feudal Japan, where he lives out the rest of his life as a noble warrior, ultimately retiring to life as a farmer.
  • Compelling Voice: The
  • Put on a Bus
  • Sixth Ranger: To the Forever People. He only joins them for a few issues before being Put on a Bus to the distant past.