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An imprint of DC Comics which used to be an independent company. Wildstorm Productions was originally a company founded by Jim Lee that was one of the original founders of Image Comics, and Wildstorm's comics were part of the Image shared universe. It was named from a blend of the titles of its two flagship team books, WildCATs and Stormwatch. However, when Jim Lee parted ways with Image, the Shattered Image Crisis Crossover was used as a Cosmic Retcon to separate Wildstorm's Image titles into a shared universe all their own. Later, in 1999, DC Comics formally bought Wildstorm during the aftershocks of The Great Comics Crash of 1996.

This led to a golden age for Wildstorm, as several of its most iconic titles were launched during this period. A sub-imprint of Wildstorm was America's Best Comics, created as a one-man imprint for Alan Moore's return to superhero comics.

Upon crossing over with the DCU in 52, the Wildstorm universe was integrated into the DC multiverse as Earth-50, but due to lack of market interest and declining sales, the Wildstorm imprint was discontinued in 2010. With The New 52, many of its characters and concepts (like Stormwatch, Grifter, and Midnighter) were imported directly into the DC Universe.

Six years after its discontinuation, it was announced that DC Comics would be rebooting the Wildstorm imprint in 2017, with Warren Ellis overseeing the line and co-writing a flagship title called "The Wild Storm." Inspired by the critical success of Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint, it'll bring back re-imagined favorites like Grifter, Jenny Sparks, and the Wild CATS.

Notable comics published by Wildstorm include:

Wildstorm Universe:

Creator-Owned Titles:

Licensed Comics:

Comics in the DCU featuring Wildstorm characters:

Warren Ellis's Wildstorm

  • The Wild Storm
  • Micheal Cray
  • Wild C.A.T.S.
  • Zealot

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