Creator / Avatar Press

A relatively small Comic Book company that's better known for Bad Girl Comics and graphic horror. To change this image, Avatar would open its doors to a number of established writers and offered them an opportunity to publish creator-owned comics without any content restrictions whatsoever. Said writers included Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, and Warren Ellis.

In 2010, they founded the Boundless Comics imprint that was originally created to publish Lady Death comics but, since 2015, is now used for publishing more graphic works using repurposed characters and properties such as Webwitch, Hellina, and The Ravening.

Avatar series and graphic novels include:

Most of Avatar's books generally have these tropes:

  • Bad Girl Comic: Avatar's specialty. They created the Boundless Comics imprint specifically to publish these.
  • Brand Name Takeover: Avatar has published so many Ellis and Ennis titles, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was their company.
  • Fanservice: Unless Ellis or Ennis is writing, then it quickly becomes Fan Disservice.
  • Gorn: The horror titles are full of it, especially in the various alternative covers. Even writers not usually known for extreme splatter like Kieron Gillen and Alan Moore tend to go for full-throttle ultraviolence in their Avatar work.