Tears of Joy

Oh what are you so happy about?

"Smile when you're happy, cry when you're sad...and do both when you're happier than you've ever been."
Asuka, The Second Try

To many, tears are an expression of sadness or weakness. Sometimes it can even indicate ultimate Badassery, since only the hardest badasses can get away with shedding them. In any case, tears are always connected to emotions too strong to contain and are to be used sparingly and wisely, else the character passes off as wangsty or just plain weak, even if they're female.

Still, there is one instance when tears are never looked down upon and accepted from anyone: joy.

Crying for joy is the uppermost expression of happiness and ecstasy and is the best indicator of a Crowning Moment of Awesome or a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: the villain has at last received comeuppance, The Quest is finally over, the Starcrossed Lovers are reunited for good...

Often witnessed in Real Life during similar moments, making this a Truth in Television. Weddings are a good source of this.

Not to be confused with the Tearful Smile which meaning is more ambiguous. Sometimes overlaps with Tender Tears.

Compare Manly Tears. Contrast Tears of Remorse.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Goku in Saiyuki does this once upon seeing Sanzo back to his old ways in the first arc of the series.
  • Fist of the Blue Sky: Many times and by men! Sometimes witnessed in Fist of the North Star as well.
  • Berserk: Casca upon seeing Guts alive after the 100 men slaughter.
    • Also happens later when she sees that Guts is alive after his near-fatal battle with the apostle Wyald.
    • In the movie reboot, Casca and Guts are dancing at the Hawks' victory ball, and she's having such a fun time with Guts that she's actually crying.
  • In Sasami: Magical Girls Club, after a confession gone wrong, Monta assures Misao (awkwardly) that her magical powers aren't creepy and don't make him hate her, and she starts to tear up. That's when Sasami shows up, and seeing the tears, asks if Monta made her cry. Misao quickly tells her friend that these are tears of joy.
  • Very funny example in Baccano! when Jacuzzi shows Nice his new face tattoo. He thinks she's crying out of sadness and he starts crying too because he hates making her upset, but she's actually happy.
  • Chimchar in Pokémon. After everything the little guy's been through with its former trainer, you can't blame it for reacting this way.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed promises Winry she'll be doing this the next time she cries.
    • And she does when Ed and Al return home in the final chapter and Al has his body back.
    • Also Lan Fan, when she receives a message from Ling saying that he's found a secret to immortality, which will ensure their clan's survival. But when her initial joy passes, she suspects that there's more, and Al is forced to admit that Ling is the new Greed.
  • Rozen Maiden: Traumend — Shinku revisited by Suigintou, and it's not an empty dream this time.
  • Naruto:
    • From Chapter 441: Naruto does this when he learns that he didn't kill Hinata or the rest of the other villagers when he was in his six-tailed and eight-tailed Kyuubi states.
    • From Chapter 443: Hinata does this when she learns that Naruto was alive and managed to defeat Pain.
    • From Chapter 450: Iruka seems to be shedding a Single Tear after seeing Naruto being welcomed back to the village after defeating Pain, after having a flashback in which he remembers how much of an outcast Naruto was before. Considering that Iruka is essentially Naruto's father figure, this is both appropriate, awesome, and heartwarming.
      • From that same chapter, Hinata, after Naruto comes back safe and sound.
    • This happens again when Minato starts crying the moment his son, Naruto, is born.
    • From Chapter 488: Shizune cries when Tsunade wakes up from her coma, and then hugging her.
    • From Chapter 699: Sakura cries after Sasuke apologizes to her for everything that he did to her.
    • From The Last: Naruto the Movie: Hinata does this again, twice: first when Naruto wholeheartedly accepts her red scarf, despite it being ruined by Toneri, and then at the very end when Naruto tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and only her.
    • Iruka does this again in Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding when Naruto asks him to come to his and Hinata's wedding as his father.
  • Nanoha in the penultimate episode of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, when after certain events that had a few instances of You're Not My Mother being invoked, she is finally reunited with her adopted daughter. Although the tears didn't start flowing until she saw her daughter standing back up on her own two feet just like Nanoha tried to teach her before, saying that she had promised her Nanoha-mama that she'd be strong.
    • Subaru also starts crying at the end of the first episode when she finds out that Nanoha (who she's spent the last four years idolizing for saving her life) not only recognizes her, but complements her on how much she's grown.
  • They're pretty frequent in One Piece, and more often than not, the audience is tempted to cry along with the characters:
    • Chopper does this near the end of his debut arc. It's enough to make ANYONE cry, so don't feel bad for bawling like Chopper after seeing this.
    • When Usopp rejoined the crew, Luffy and Usopp were bawling like idiots, Nami was crying a little more realistically, and Franky wasn't crying damnit!
    • Nico Robin on several occasions in Enies Lobby after realizing that, after 20 years, she'd finally found True Companions.
    • Also Brook cried after Luffy told him that his friend Laboon was still alive and still waiting for him.
    • Jinbei shed Manly Tears when Nami told him that she forgave him.
    • Koala broke down into these when Fisher Tiger changed her slave mark into a sun mark, told her it is OK to cry (Breaking her Stepford Smiler façade in the process), and vowed to return her home.
    • Luffy can only burst into tears when in chapter 731, Sabo reveals that he is alive.
    • In a flashback in the Dressrosa arc, even a badass gladiator like Kyros can't hold in tears of joy when his daughter is born.
    • In Chapter 791, with Doflamingo down for the count, the Birdcage disappears and his reign of terror is brought to an end. The relieved citizens roar with joy and shed tears of happiness; even Kyros bursts into tears now that his, his family's and Dressrosa's fight and suffering is over. This combines with Book Ends when you remember that people were crying happily when they bought into Doflamingo's Engineered Heroics that gave him control of Dressrosa.
    • In Chapter 797, after Rebecca tells Kyros that she doesn't give a crap about his criminal past, and throws away her status as princess so they can live together, both father and daughter cry tears of joy.
  • Vash from Trigun does this occasionally, though never in serious scenes; he doesn't get that happy. Relief that everybody survived a particular snafu gives him the fountain-eyes, though.
    • Meanwhile, in a far more horrible example, poor Legato Bluesummers in his flashback story to his childhood—his telepathic powers allowed him to instinctively survive when Knives sliced apart the building in which he was being raped to death and all other occupants. He then kneels in front of Knives, who is his new instant god, and says he'll release his power and let Knives kill him in a moment with the angel-arm blade at his throat, but...he would like to stay by his side.
      Knives: [Beat] What is your name?
      Pre-Legato: [Looks up with incredulous Tears of Joy] I...have none!
      And then Knives walks away, naked boy in shackles trailing behind him, destined to grow up to be his terrifying, twisted, devoted right hand. And better treated by the Omnicidal Maniac who doesn't give a damn about him than by anyone else, ever.
  • When Kenichi faces a master weapon-user alone for the first time to buy time for his friends' escape, the Ryouzanpaku masters scold him for nearly throwing his life away and send him to his room. But they're really secretly proud of his growth as a martial artist and as a man. Kenichi cries with happiness.
    Kenichi: Honestly... those masters of mine...
  • In Mai-Otome, Akane's two room attendants, Erstin and Irina, have this after she decides to elope with Kazuya instead of becoming Florence's Otome.
  • Bakuman。 lampshades this in Chapter 99, "Tears of Joy and Tears of Disappointment". The former is from the main characters, after they manage to fulfill the terms they made when they got PCP serialized, and thus avoid cancellation. Miyoshi does this at times, such as when the main characters are first serialized.
  • In Sailor Moon R, Beruche (Birdie in the DiC dub) is confused when she sees Kōan (Catzi in the dub) crying after she starts her Heel–Face Turn. Beruche, in the dub, asks her why she's crying as they embrace. Kōan tells her, word for word, that they'r tears of joy.
  • In Tiger & Bunny, Kotetsu cries these when he realizes that Barnaby remembers him again. Karina cries them two episodes later when it turns out that Kotetsu didn't really die.
  • Happens several times by Nia in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, always when Simon does something special for her. The two most notable occasions are when she was kidnapped, first by Guame and second by the Anti-Spiral. Both times she has a stern, serious look, despite her facing death, confident Simon will rescue her. It's only when Simon finally does rescue her that she finally loses her composure.
  • Several times in The iDOLM@STER, most notably in episode 20 when Chihaya just lets the waterworks gush after recovering from all the turmoil inflicted on her.
  • In Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, one time when Ponyo is not dead, Sosuke cries.
  • In Code Geass Suzaku cries with joy when he is reunited with his friends after the hostage-taking incident. In R2, when it is fully brought home to Lelouch how deeply his friends care for him, he has a truly beautiful monologue to himself on the nature of happiness and the few good memories he has, and is moved to tears (though this could be a combination of happy and sad, since he is also thinking of all the loved ones who are not there with them.)
  • In Hetalia, a sketch by Himaruya shows that whenever Ancient Rome leaves Heaven to check on his grandsons, the eldest grandkid Romano cries these tears. This being Romano, he then hides so his grandpa won't see him cry.
  • Joe from Ashita no Joe is seen crying quietly after the "welcome back" aprty thrown for him when he returns from juvenile jail.
  • Season 2 Episode 11 of Black Butler. Alois (in Ciel's Body) asking Hannah to tell him that she loves him and give him a hug. Which he's always needed. She does both, which prompts him to cry tears of joy and say "Love is...warm, isn't it?"
  • Nagisa in CLANNAD starts crying at the end of the first season, when Tomoya asks her to date him and confesses his love to her at the same time.
    • In Another World: Tomoyo Chapter, Tomoyo sheds tears after Tomoya declares that he would follow her in response to the same word she spoke earlier (as the two become lovers again). Tomoya likewise embraces her and silently cries as well.
  • Dragon Ball
    • Most of the main cast cried for joy when Goku returned for a day during the Buu Saga. When he was officially brought back to life, his wife cried into his chest.
    • Videl cried when she was reunited with Gohan after coming back to life.
    • If the characters know Goku is coming or he's arriving onto a battlefield, expect many tears to be shred.
    • One of the precious few times Goku cried in the series was when he was reunited with his grandpa after he came back to life for a day.
  • All the three members of Sket Dance broke down into happy tears when Switch finally puts away his laptop and, for the first time in years, spoke in his normal voice.
  • Mingchao in Et Cetera does this a few times, when she finds Baskerville again after losing him in a cave-in; when they are reunited after he gets his memory back; and at the end when he decides to travel with her back to Hollywood she has dewy tears in the corners of her eyes.
    • Fino gets the dewy tears too after she is reunited with her little brother Yaghi in Book 4.
  • Kaoru from I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying started crying in episode 13 when her pregnancy test turned positive.
    • Both she and Hajime are crying in the final chapter of the manga when their daughter is born.
  • Panzer World Galient: In chapter 5, when Chururu meets Jordy again, she cries in happiness.
  • In the first episode of Monster Rancher's Post-Script Season, Holly has this reaction when she sees that Genki has returned to her world.
  • Caster starts weeping in Episode 7 of Carnival Phantasm when Soichirou proposes to her.
  • Parodied in one scene from Nichijou, where a class treats the end of a test as if a war had ended. The students cry tears of joy, two girls are hugging in relief, one student says his parents will give everyone a free bag of rice, and a boy and girl suddenly announce that they're getting married.

    Comic Books 
  • Supergirl:
    • In two origin stories -Action Comics #252 and The Supergirl from Krypton- Supergirl cries in happiness when she meets her cousin after landing on Earth.
    • In Supergirl Vol. 5 issue #34, Kara Zor-El sheds happy tears while Lana Lang gives her an encouraging speech.
    • In The Hunt for Reactron, Supergirl cries in happiness after Thara reveals herself as Flamewing, since if Flamewing and the Kryptonian gods are real, it means their murdered father is in a better place.
  • Happens in X-Men at Scott and Jean Grey's wedding. At the reception, she saves the last dance for Xavier, which would seem awkward since he's in a wheelchair, but she uses her telekinesis to lift him up and they proceed to share a proper dance. A few of the X-Men shed joyful tears watching them.
  • Cornelia and Irma from W.I.T.C.H. give us one on the cover of season 1, issue 12
  • In the Doom comic, this is Doomguy's reaction to acquiring the BFG 9000.
  • In Violine, Violine has these after finding her father.
  • Deff Skwadron: Uzgob cries a Single Tear of happiness on seeing his new ride.
    Flamin' Mork, boss, it's... it's... Zog me, it's bootiful.

    Fan Works 
  • A Crown of Stars: Asuka sheds them in chapter 25 while she tells her mother that Shinji has said he loves her.
    She paid no further attention to the tears dripping off her smile as she told her mother everything; he felt warm, he looked at her, he kept her nightmares at bay, he swore to her, he loved her, he loved her, he loved her...
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In chapter 4 Shinji cried with happines several times because he and Asuka were together and they had made love.
    • Rei also cries after getting a hug from Shinji and Asuka in chapter 8. She even describes it as "the closest thing she had ever experienced to a moment of perfect happiness."
  • The Child of Love: Misato sheds them when she hears Teri crying, confirming Asuka has given birth and both mother and daughter are alive.
    Misato, hearing Teri, goes limp and slowly drops to the floor. Tears of joy start running down her face.
  • Children of an Elder God: When Ritsuko woke up from her long coma, Maya cried in happiness:
    Maya looked to be in her forties now, and she had a long white streak in her hair which rather reminded Ritsuko of a skunk. Her smile was still so bright; she was starting to cry, though she smiled.
  • Evangelion 303: Asuka was crying in happiness after managing to tell Shinji that she loved him.
  • The page quote comes from The Second Try, during a scene where Asuka and Shinji have been reunited with their daughter, whom they thought they had lost forever.
  • Kanae in the Haruhi Suzumiya fanfic Kyon: Big Damn Hero when she truly realizes, after begin lost traveling though worlds escaping from an Alien Invasion for years, she doesn't have to keep running anymore because she has the SOS Brigade to help her.
  • Several times in Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns. Faren, the dwarven commoner, experiences this after he is smacked out of his Fade Demon-induced nightmare. More shocking is when Trian Aeducan, of all people breaks down though.
  • In Game Theory (Fan Fic), Precia sheds these when Alicia finally wakes up.
  • In Stallionsof Harmony Verse, Blueblood sheds them when he sees the rest of the Stallion Six still alive, and later when he's reunited with Princess Celestia.
  • In the Mork & Mindy fanfic Mork And Mindys Twenty Fifth Anniversary, Mindy begins crying when Mork tells her how Orson has fixed his Merlin Sickness, meaning that their relationship will not have to change.
  • This Bites!: This being a One Piece fanfic, this trope comes into play quite often.
    • Cross sheds a few after the Straw Hats learn everything he's been hiding from them but they still accept him anyway.
    • Shanks is sobbing after a full night of listening to the SBS, hearing the Straw Hats face down Lily Carnation, and finally hearing Luffy triumph.
    • The SBS's talk about tolerance and the stupidity of hatred for hatred's sake elicits these tears from both Koala and Jinbe, especially when the latter hears some fishchildren say how stupid racism is.
    • Abound from everyone when Merry lives.
  • Quizzical: Thweet Geniuth: "And The Winner Is..." Reprise:
    “Princess, why are you sad?” asked Ray. “Please don’t cry.”
    “These are tears of Joy, little Ray,” answered the Princess. “I am reminded of how very happy I am to be here.”
  • In Neon Metathesis Evangelion, Shinji cries those aplenty when he learns Rei has "survived" the Bardiel fight (or rather, a new clone has been activated, of course).

  • Kevin Costner in Tin Cup and The Bodyguard (shared with Whitney Houston)
  • When Data finds his cat Spot alive and well after the Enterprise saucer's emergency landing in Star Trek: Generations, he cries, and thinks that his emotion chip is malfunctioning. Troi tells him "I think it's working perfectly."
  • The Abyss. After the Miraculous Bitchslap of Life revives Lindsey Brigman, everybody breaks down. Especially "One Night", who was the only one besides Bud to openly break down after the rest originally gave up on Lindsey. Early in the film, she had said some bad things about her.
  • In one of the Wee Sing live action videos, the following dialogue happens:
    B: Why are you crying?
    A: I always cry when I'm happy.
    B: Well, what do you do when you're sad?
    A: Cry.
  • Pepper Potts cried these in Iron Man when she saw Tony when he first came back from being imprisoned for three months.
  • At the end of Kill Bill Vol. 2, The Bride is seen on a motel room's bathroom floor crying while clutching a stuffed animal. A close-up of her face reveals that these are indeed Tears of Joy at her Happy Ending, with Bill dead and having been reunited with her daughter.
  • Vontae Mack in Draft Day when he's drafted as the first overall pick.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: Moira MacTaggert experiences this when Charles Xavier restores her memories of their romantic relationship in 1962.
  • Fearless (1993): In the last scene, after Max nearly dies but is revived by his wife, he cries joyfully as he repeatedly shouts "I'm alive!"

  • In John C. Wright's The Golden Transcedence, when Helion has paid off Phaethon's debts by way of an apology, and they meet again, Helion offers Phaethon a legal document. Phaethon knocks it aside to embrace his father, and Helion uses the paper to dry his "joy-wet" eyes before remembering to give it to Phaethon, who deeply appreciates it even in its less than pristine state.
  • In Dan Abnett's Warhammer 40,000 Gaunt's Ghosts novel His Last Command, the sight of Gaunt makes Zweil's eyes well up before he declares that it has given him the most joy of anything in his long life.
  • In Robert E. Howard's The Hour of the Dragon, when Conan the Barbarian appears alive,
    "Oh, but Trocero will weep tears of joy to see you, sire!" cried one.
    "Aye, and Prospero!" shouted another.
  • In Poul Anderson's A Midsummer Tempest, Jennifer cries for joy on being reunited with Rupert.
  • From Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming:
    But Harry had eyes only for the man who stood in the largest portrait directly behind the headmaster's chair. Tears were sliding down from behind the half-moon spectacles into the long silver beard, and the pride and gratitude emanating from him filled Harry with the same balm as phoenix song.
  • L. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero Regained:
    • When Mab does something that requires a soul, Miranda weeps for joy.
    • Miranda starts to cry when her siblings take over her duties at Prospero Inc., so she can go off with Astreus and spread the news of their freedom among the elves.
  • In Teresa Frohock's Miserere: An Autumn Tale, Lucian feels he could shed these after Lindsey rejects Catarina for him — until Catarina resorts to force instead.
  • From P. G. Wodehouse's Thank You, Jeeves, after Jeeves has bailed the hysterical Bertie out of trouble yet again. Granted, Bertie expresses gratitude towards Jeeves Once an Episode, but this moment is especially significant given that Jeeves quit working for Bertie at the beginning of the book, and Bertie tried to replace him with another valet who just didn't compare:
    'Jeeves,' I said, and if there were tears in the eyes, what of it? We Woosters are not afraid to confess honest emotion, 'there is none like you, none.'
  • In Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, after an entire book of keeping her emotions in and not reacting to anything, when Elinor learns Edward's able to marry her after all, she runs out of the room crying "tears of joy, which she at first thought would never cease."
  • In Michael Flynn's Spiral Arm novel On The Razor's Edge, Podiin, when Gidula agrees not to free him.
  • In the Anne of Green Gables series, Anne explains why she's not a big fan of diamonds and would rather have pearls for her engagement ring. Gilbert points out that pearls symbolize tears, and Anne in turn mentions the several times she cried tears of joy.
  • In Berättelse om herr Roos, the almost 60-years old titular character Valdemar Roos wins 2 million Swedish crowns and starts a second life obliviously to his family: He quits his job and looks after a small cabin in the woods to spend his days there, and after he finds "Lograna" through his estate agent Espen, he immediately falls in love with the cabin and starts to cry for a few minutes, knowing that he finally found his place on earth.
  • In The Witchlands, all of Nubrevnans in Safi's company cry with joy when they see Noden's Gift, an oasis of clean water and fertile earth in the middle of a Polluted Wasteland their country has become. Some even fall to their knees and kiss the ground.

    Live-Action TV 
  • At the end of Selfie episode "Here's This Guy", Henry comes to support Eliza as she introduces a keynote speaker at Pharmacuticon, even though they've had a falling out. She's glad to see him, and the two reconcile, with Henry gently reminding Eliza that she still needs his help and he's happy to do so. She's so happy she starts to tear up a little, and he kindly offers her his handkerchief.
  • In one of the climaxes of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Takeru just barely got out alive after a death duel with Juzou, thanks to his friends. When he tried to leave again, since he was actually the clan lord's Body Double and he felt extremely guilty for tricking his friends, all his friends made him listen that they'll always stay by him, even if he's fake, because their experience together aren't fake and he is the 'lord' in their eyes and the lord that they pledged their loyalty to. As an ultimate expression of how glad he is that he still got friends, Takeru had quite the heartful cry.
  • Colin Morgan as the titular character of Merlin is the master of this. Just try not to get choked up yourself when he cries with joy at being reunited with his first love, or when he watches his best friend get crowned Queen of Camelot.
  • At the end of the Firefly pilot, River is crying in relief and happiness when she hugs Simon, after he rescued her.
  • Sherlock: The guests and John do this in "The Sign of Three" when that bloody-awful best man's speech turns out to be very sweet.
  • At the end of the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, amidst the Cooldown Hugs and Tear Jerker, Buffy cries these tears to the shock of Dawn whom thought she'd wanted the world to end as she'd spent the season in a walking depression as she coped with being alive again.
  • The Doctor Who episode "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" has the Doctor repeatedly notice this in other people and remark on how it's a strange human thing: "Happy tears. Humany-wumany". The ending reveals he's full of it when he starts doing it himself.
    • Clara in "Time Of The Doctor," when the Time Lords give the Doctor—who's about to die of old age—a new regeneration cycle for a final battle against his enemies.
    • In the Two-Part Episode "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang", Amy Pond finds herself crying when she starts to remember someone who's been erased from her memory.
  • In the series Legend of the Seeker, when Cara discovers the kind little creature u pon which the universe's destiny rests, and which she is trying to save and help giving birth after this creature witnessed an horrible event, is dying, she is understandably sad. After laying her on a flower on a place in which the Nightshade (the creature) had to give her babies birth, she turns back and hears a strange sound, while the light lowers around her, and when she turns back again, she sees that her babies have just been born, and fly around, understands that she did not fail, that they are going to live and that she has just saved everyone with them, the usually collected Cara cries tears of joy. Later, she meets the injured Kahlan, help her to climb and begins answering Kahlan's inquiries about the creature' s situation by uttering, with a beam (possibly bordering tears of bliss again), she wishes she (Kahlan) would have been there, because it is the most beautiful thing [she] (Cara) [has] ever seen.
  • In many game shows, it is not unheard of for a contestant that wins a grand prize (money, a trip, a car, etc.) to break down crying in absolute joy since they won something they could never get on their own.
    • In a 1973 telecast of The $10,000 Pyramid, celebrity player Bernadette Peters helped a contestant win $10,000. The camera got a close-up of Bernadette's face. She was crying tears of joy for the contestant.
  • House of Anubis, a few times.
    • Fabian does this when he finds Nina, after an entire episode spent getting desperate and crazy searching for after he had sent her down the hole during Senet.
    • Mara, when she finds out that Jerome is putting someone- his father in this case- before himself for once.
    • Jerome, when he gets the gem back, and sees his father freed from prison.
    • Pretty much everyone when Joy is saved from dying in the Season 2 finale.
      • Likewise, everyone when Eddie turns out to be alive at the end of Touchstone Of Ra.
    • Patricia seemed close to this when she finally got to talk to Joy again.
  • In Breaking Bad's Grand Finale, after spending months as a slave to the neo-nazis and Todd, Jesse drives a car at full-speed through the gate of their compound to freedom, crying and laughing the entire time.
  • In Babylon 5, Jane, the ISN anchor imprisoned by President Clark's regime, takes a minute to compose herself when she returns to report on the overthrow of President Clark.
  • Mike and Eleven are both in tears when they're finally reunited after a year apart on Stranger Things.

  • "Celebrate The Magic" After having a fun day with friends/family at Disney World, learning more and more about Disney's history as a whole, and having memories that'll last a life time, tell me you don't tear up even a tiny bit when you hear the last 45 seconds (Especially with a brief clip with Walt Disney near the end). Happiest place on earth indeed.
    Walt Disney: "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse"
    • Can double as a tearjerker for those who are only there on vacation and won't be able to go back for a while, missing the "Happiest Place on Earth".
  • The Supremes: "Touch"
    (Oh, baby!)
    Don't worry, don't worry if I cry
    These are tears of love in my eyes
    I feel this love flowin' through
    Like a river, boy, straight through me to you
  • Arcade Fire, especially in their first album, are basically this in musical form.
  • "True Tears of Joy" by Australian band Hunters and Collectors.
    Come on confess your confusion
    Spread it around
    They trickle down your cheeks tears fall
    Like seed on barren ground
    Your thoughts are scattered
    Like paper everywhere
    Tiny pieces of laughter and despair
    But you cry true tears of joy

    Newspaper Comics 
  • In Prickly City, when Kevin the Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse, predicts a chorus of weeping, Carmen "explains" as tears of joy for a renewable energy source.
    • Later Kevin learns that Carmen and Winslow had just left him in prison. He weeps with pride at how well they had learned from him.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Happens a few times whenever a superstar accomplishes something big, such as winning their first World Title.
  • The audience's reaction to CM Punk's debut match on WWE against Justin Credible was so great that it reportedly moved Punk to tears backstage.

  • If certain steps are taken, Junpei from Persona 3 gets these when he learns that Chidori is alive.
  • Follow the good ending and girls do this in Persona 4 when Nanako is revealed to have been successfully resuscitated.
  • In the Tokimeki Memorial series, numerous girls shed those when their confession of love get reciprocated by the protagonist in their Happy Ending. To cite a few of them: Shiori, Hikari, Nozomi, Saki (in the Drama Series), Yuu, Maki, and Itsuki.
  • Isabella in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, after Will comes to rescue her.
  • In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Aqua sheds these tears after learning that Sora, who was just an ordinary young boy when she met him, has grown into the one who will restore balance to the multiverse.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • In The Wind Waker, Orca cries, apparently for the first time in a long while, after Link masters the sword technique he never could.
    • Skyward Sword:
      • Zelda cries tears of joy after Demise is defeated.
      • Groose sheds these twice: the first time when Link informs him that Zelda is on the Surface, but she's okay. The second time when Zelda wakes up from her thousand-year sleep, but this time he full-on blubbers like a baby.
    • In A Link Between Worlds, Hilda cries out of strong gratitude for Link and Zelda's Selfless Wish to restore Lorule's Triforce.
  • Yuna cries these at the end of Final Fantasy X-2 if you get the good ending and she is reunited with Tidus.
  • Fate/stay night: In Realta Nua's unlockable epilogue to the Fate route, Saber lets her tears fall after finally reuniting with Shirou.
  • Final Fantasy IX: Garnet in the ending, upon being reunited with Zidane, who she believed to be dead for a year. Combined with Anger Born of Worry and The Glomp too.
  • Truelove Junai Monogatari has Yumi-sensei shedding those in her ending, when the Player Character proposes to her with a handmade ring.
  • Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy XIV, was tasked to salvage the game after the previous director botched the project so bad that Square-Enix was nearly ready to shut the game down for good if it didn't pick up. After working countless hours in the span of 2 years, the game was retooled and ready to launch. Yoshida held a launch event on the game's launch date and as he gave his speech, he broke down halfway through the speech and was unable to hold back his tears of joy. For a man who helped bring a dying online game back to life and gaining tons of support from fans, the tears were well earned.


    Web Original 
  • In Slice of Life, this is Pinkie Pie's reaction the first time she eats a real cupcake (that is, one not made with rocks).
  • This was Markiplier's reaction to the 6 Million Subscriber Video made for him by MarkiplierSINGSBadly and his community.
  • Subverted in Jake and Amir. Jake thinks the term "tears of soy" in Amir's manuscript is a typo of this, but it turns out to be entirely accurate.

    Western Animation 
  • Jake cries these after he introduces Finn to his puppies in Adventure Time, and so did everyone in the audience who saw this scene.
  • The Air Conditioner after he is repaired and brought back to life by Rob in The Brave Little Toaster.
  • Lots of times in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Always heartwarming.
    • Arguably, the most moving example would be the reunion between Zuko and Iroh. Try not to cry yourself, we dare you.
  • In the Grand Finale of Danny Phantom, Sam and Danny, post-Relationship Upgrade, talk about how things will change now that he's revealed his secret identity to the world. At one point, Sam wonders if his newfound fame and responsibilities will mean that they won't be able to see each other anymore. Danny, noting her fear, takes out the ring she had given back to him earlier and puts in on Sam's finger, saying that he could never have gotten to where he was without her. Sam's response is to tear up and look back at Danny, deeply touched.
  • In the Grand Finale of Sequel Series Legend of Korra the final three minutes in which the long awaited Fan-Preferred Couple of Korra and Asami was finally made canon caused many fans to weep in unbridled joy. A compilation of some of these reactions can be found here (Spoilers obviously).
  • Kaeloo: When the cast go exploring outer space, Kaeloo briefly cries with joy when they find another planet that looks just like theirs.
  • Gus Griswald in Recess during his first episode. He begins crying tears of joy after the other main five gave him a tour of the school and making friends with him, telling them about how in all of the schools he's been at in the past six years, he's never had any friends, and is glad that they're so nice to him.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic:
    • Princess Luna sheds one in "Elements of Harmony" upon being welcomed back by her sister.
    • Pinkie Pie sheds these in "Baby Cakes" upon hearing Pound and Pumpkin Cake's first words: "Pinkie" and "Pie" respectively.
    • In "Magical Mystery Cure" Twilight's parents and brother all express "liquid pride" at her princess coronation.
    • In "The Mane Attraction", Applejack and Coloratura/Rara both get teary-eyed while the latter is performing "The Magic Inside".
  • Kyle does this in the South Park episode "Crack Baby Athletic Association" while watching an episode of Terrence & Phillip with Stan, right before a Mood Whiplashing commercial.
    • Played for Laughs in "Cartmanland": Cartman does this when he's having the time of his life, completely alone, at his own personal amusement park. "I'm so happy!" *sniff* "I'm so-ho-ho ha-happy-yy!!"
  • Beetlejuice: In "Doomie's Romance," Lydia cries happily when Doomie's tears revive Pinky, the Mayor's former pink convertible. Beetlejuice does so as well, but he uses the old excuse that he had something in his eye.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: In episode 50, Daphne cries when Fred kisses her and tells her he loves her. Velma cries when she witnesses it.
  • Charlie Brown's All-Stars: Charlie Brown after the gang presents him with his own sweater that reads "Our Manager."
  • In The Powerpuff Girls episode "Buttercrush," Buttercup cries tears of joy—she's buying Gangreen Gang leader Ace's sob story.
  • Marge in The Simpsons episode "'Tis the Fifteenth Season" when Homer gives her the last porkchop out of generosity. The family is visibly freaked out by her tears.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: At the end of "Summit to Save Earth, Part 2", as the UN delegates cheer for the President's suggestions, Gaia briefly shows up as a hologram, with a big smile on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks.
  • Mr. Grumpy in The Mr. Men Show episode “Robots" nearly sheds one after his robot replica throws Miss Chatterbox out of his house.
    Mr. Grumpy Robot: Why are you crying?
    Mr. Grumpy: They’re tears of joy!
  • Steven from Steven Universe starts to cry when Lars comes Back from the Dead. Later in the same episode, he cries again after eating a PB&J-sandwich after not eating for days.
    Steven: (mouth full, sobbing) Life is beautiful!