Literature / The Golden Oecumene

It was the time of the Masquerade.

During the millenially-celebrated Transcendence of the Golden Oecumene, Phaethon Prime of Rhadamanth learns from various sources that he has been subjected—or that he has agreed to undergo—memory redaction to remove all traces of what some consider a shameful crime and others a scheme of true heroism; and further learns that to undo the locks on his mind will result in his shunning and exile, not only from the Transcendence celebrations, but from the Oecumene itself. Phaethon seeks to discover what his motive for the agreement could have been, as friends and enemies both try to dissuade or destroy him.

The Golden Oecumene trilogy (also known as The Golden Age) is a series of works by John C. Wright set in a hard SF far future world.

The books are:

  • The Golden Age
  • The Phoenix Exultant
  • The Golden Transcendence

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