Stalker Without a Crush

Not all stalkers are motivated by sexual or romantic desire. Some are non-romantically obsessed with someone, some want a favor from someone, some just want to stalk someone for the hell of it, or whatever other motive.

Compare and contrast Stalker with a Crush. Contrast because it refers to motives other than having a crush on someone, and compare because it can often resemble that motive for stalking through the "Does This Remind You of Anything?" approach. Also, sometimes a Stalker Without a Crush can develop a crush on whoever they were stalking over time.


Anime and Manga
  • Muteki Kanban Musume: At Episode 2A “Challenger: His name is Nishiyama Kankuro”, When Miki feels she is Being Watched, Akihiko invokes a Stalker with a Crush on her. Miki denies it, sensing agression. That agression is projected by Kankuro, who has come back to town to get revenge on Miki's bullying.
  • This is used in same way in the two versions of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, with only a few differences.
    • Light novel: Rikka follows Yuuta around for a bit where she overhears him letting out his inner chuuni after he lends her his umbrella. This ends up putting them down the path to hitching up when she decides to make a contract with him.
    • Anime: Rikka follows Yuuta around during the time that she's living with Touka right after her father dies but before they move into their grandparent's house, admiring him while he screws around in his Dark Flame Master persona. It's more ambiguous whether she had a crush on him or not.
  • In the BW chapter of Pokémon Special, it turns out that N had been watching Black (and later White) for most of Black's initial journey.
  • Blue Exorcist has Saburota Todo become this towards Okumura Yukio. It is full of squicky rapist subtext and he seriously freaks out Yukio.
  • Return to Labyrinth, the manga sequel for Labyrinth, has this for Jareth towards Toby. It's implied that after Sarah rescued her brother and defeated him, Jareth had been watching Toby and Sarah. He had been more involved with Toby, though, thinking that he could make the boy happy by "granting" his wishes. His stalking eventually leads to physically showing up wherever Toby is.
  • In Bleach, Aizen claims that he's known Ichigo since the day he was born and has been manipulating him since the very beginning, including arranging his first meeting with Rukia. The purpose of this was to help Ichigo reach his potential so Aizen may have a Worthy Opponent that would allow him to achieve higher levels of transcendency. Later chapters reveal that this was not a lie. Aizen was present the day Isshin and Masaki first met and was in fact the reason they met at all, meaning Ichigo wouldn't have been conceived if not for Aizen.
  • Doctor Tenma to Astro in the 2003 version of Astro Boy. The without a crush part is further hammered in with Astro being a robot and Tenma being his father in two different ways, however it still manages to come across as very creepy (which Astro outright says in a Crowning Moment of Funny).
  • Shiina did that in Koufuku Graffiti just to know her Old Retainer Tsuyuko's birthday. This is particularly justifiable as Tsuyuko is Shiina's Parental Substitute.

Fan Works
  • In the fanfic Back To The Future Prequel, Hank follows Doc even in public places to intimidate and bully him in revenge for Doc accidentally hurting his sister.
  • In the Pokémon fanfic "Xanthic Growlithe Contract", researchers would stalk a herd of Ponyta and Rapidash. This agitated them so much that the herd disbanded and did the Pokémon equivalent of miscarrying all their offspring.
  • In the Harry Potter / The Dark Knight Saga crossover fanfic Ace Of Spades, Harry becomes one towards Commissioner Gordon after he comes to the conclusion that Gordon is Sirius Black with amnesia.
  • In the Princess Tutu fanfic, An Uncommon Witness, Hardboiled Detective Fakir starts to stalk Duck because she's a key witness in the case against a very powerful and dangerous mafia, but as the case is still not solid enough for witness protection to step in, he decided to do it himself. Amusingly, Duck's friends believe him to be a very persistent suitor.


  • In the novel Strangers on a Train, Charlie Bruno stalks Guy Haines after murdering his wife, in order to try and make Haines fulfill his end of the Murder Swap he never agreed to.
  • In The Belgariad series, anyone who wants to be a disciple of Aldur has to stalk him until he gets irritated enough to grant their wish, just so they'll quit stalking him. The situation may be reversed when he wants you to be his disciple.
  • In the Douglas Adams novel The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul, private dick Dirk Gently explains that he will pick a random car to follow if he gets lost while he's driving. He finds that while often he never gets where he intended, he always ends up where he needed to be.
  • In The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Eddie Poe is one, following Vlad around for the perfect moment to snap a picture and expose him as a vampire, or rather an half-vampire.
  • Granted, we don't actually know how the giant slug from The Night Land is feels about its quarry, but it's a pretty safe bet that it doesn't view them in that way.
  • The entirety of Green Eggs and Ham involves Sam-I-Am stalking an unnamed character (also the narrator of the book). Throughout the story, Sam wants the unnamed character to sample a dish of green eggs and ham, much to the latter's annoyance.
  • Macon to Ethan in Beautiful Creatures. He was sneaking into Ethan's room while Ethan slept to eat Ethan's dreams in order to "replenish" himself. Ethan is understandably freaked out when he realizes.
  • In the Millennium Trilogy, Lizbeth Salander regularly stalks people online for fun and profit. She's even developed a virus that can allow her to observe other people's computer usage.
  • In the Midnight Louie books, Kathleen O'Connor, alias Kitty the Cutter, is this to Max Kinsella, and his one-time lover Temple Barr and her new lover Matt Devine get drawn in by extension. After a brief fling with her in his youth, she became obsessed with Revenge on him for perceived violations. She's been after him ever since.

Live-Action TV
  • In Bones, the season four episode "Man in the Outhouse" has Noel Liftin, a stalker who was previously on the show as a Stalker with a Crush. Booth pays him $50 to "stalk" one of their suspects and get more information. He proves to be frighteningly good at it.
  • In Teen Wolf, werewolf Derek Hale has a tendency to come off as this to people, including other werewolves and those he wants to join his pack. Stiles has even called him out on it. However, from hints throughout the series, it seems that this isn't too odd a behavior among werewolves as a whole.
  • An episode of CSI: New York has a kid creepily following Stella around. When they finally confront him, they find out he thinks she's Mac's deceased wife, who gave the kid up for adoption 17 years ago.
  • Subverted in an episode of Life On Mars, a gunman takes over the offices of a newspaper, holding the editor, a reporter, Sam and Hunt hostage, at one point he gives a detailed account of what everyone does after hours. The reporter accuses him of spying on them, it turns out he's worked there for the last eight years and has finally snapped after getting no recognition for what he does.
  • In The Escape Artist, Foyle starts stalking Will Burton's family just because Will didn't shake his hand, resulting in the eventual murder of Will's wife. His later stalking of Maggie may or may not delve into Stalker with a Crush territory.

Multiple Media
  • Vhisola in BIONICLE was obsessed with her former teacher and only friend Nokama, so much that she dedicated her own house to make a Stalker Shrine for her. After Nokama got transformed into a Toa warrior, however, her obsession quickly turned to jealousy and hate, as she couldn't cope with the notion that Nokama's duty of protecting their city would mean spending less time with her.

Newspaper Comics
  • Dilbert's Dogbert needed to do research on the customer base which consists of stupid rich people. In the next panel, he was revealed to be stalking a group of golfers.

Professional Wrestling
  • After they (and Nidia) were both released by WWE, Gail Kim went after Jazz, whom she had never wrestled, after finding out Jazz had left for Japan. When Jazz went back home to the USA following her tour of Japan, Kim followed her there too.

Tabletop RPG
  • Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Oriental Adventures (1985) supplement. If an application to study with a martial arts master fails, the prospective student may begin courting the master, trying to gain his favor (e.g. by giving a small gift or offering). The hopeful student may continue until either they are accepted or they offend the master.

Video Games

Web Original

Web Comics
  • In Orbit, Neptune is this. Oh god, is he ever. He's always lurking, and there are no walls in space. You look behind you, and no matter how many AU are between you, Neptune is there.
    Neptune (to Venus): You're prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Western Animation
  • In The Simpsons, Burns goes broke because of his Yes-Man underlings, and is convinced that hiring Lisa would get him back on track what with her integrity. However, Lisa refuses to work for him, because she is convinced he does not deserve to be helped. Burns, in turn, follows her around in a very stalkerish manner, begging that she take the job.
  • Spongebob Squarepants, to Squidward. He really likes Squidward and always wants to include Squiddie in his activities. Which is why Squidward can't stand the little guy.
  • Adventure Time has the Ice King, who repeatedly stalks Finn and Jake because he's lonely and wants them to hang out with him, and do things such as read them his fanfiction, and watch secret tapes with them.
    • In the episode "Hitman," the Ice King stalks Finn and Jake at their house to protect them from the hitman he accidentally hired. (He thought that a "hitman" is a man who literally hits and punches people, as the Ice King wanted petty revenge, not deadly vengeance.) In the process, he follows them around and breaks into their house.
    • Lemongrab repeatedly breaks into the Candy Castle to watch the candy people sleep in the episode "You Made Me!". He does this because his castle has no citizens, and he is desperately lonely and sad.
    • The Ice Queen stalks Fionna to get to Prince Gumball. While the Ice Queen is a stalker with a crush, she was stalking Gumball's crush, not Gumball. She spent most of the episode trying to kill Fionna.
    • Finn sometimes.
      Finn: I watch you while you sleep!
      • And the ending of "New Frontier." "I will never leave your side for the rest of our lives!"
    • Finn and Princess Bubblegum do this to Lemongrab in "Too Young." They stalk him around the Candy Castle to play hideous pranks on him.
    • Marceline does this sometimes, mostly to deliberately frighten or annoy people, and in a friendly, teasing manner.
    • The squirrel from "The Duke," who so desperately wants Jake to print his letters in his newspaper column. "Princess Potluck" revealed the squirrel is still stalking Jake, five seasons later.
  • In Danny Phantom, Vlad may be a Stalker with a Crush for Maddie, but he is equally willing to spy on and learn everything possible about her son Danny, who he'd just love to have as a son himself.
  • Ogo from Robot and Monster is a good example of a really obsessive one. He's obsessed with both Robot and Monster and is his neighbor. He considers them as his best friends, but the two are terrified of him. Despite that, Monster considers him his friend, while Robot doesn't.
  • Pinkie Pie becomes this multiple times in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but given that she's stalking her friends it's fairly similar in themes to the stalker WITH a crush.
    • "Griffon The Brush-Off" has Pinkie Pie following Rainbow Dash around a fair bit, but in a fairly cheerful way. Dash finds this slightly annoying at worst, but also amusing.
    • "Party Of One" features a less pleasant variety when Pinkie's friends seem to be making excuses for why they aren't coming to her latest party. It turns out they were only avoiding her to throw her a surprise party and didn't want the surprise ruined.
    • In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twilight stalks Pinkie Pie from the bushes (with binoculars and a safari hat, no less) in order to conduct a scientific study of her behavior. Pinkie is perfectly aware of what Twilight is doing, but plays along anyway.
  • In her final appearance in ChalkZone, it's revealed that Terry has been stalking Rudy and Penny for months while gathering information regarding the chalk world. Even Vinnie, who hates the two children as much as Terry does, finds this creepy.