Funny: Wander over Yonder

Yes, this actually happened.

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    Season 1 

The Picnic
  • Lord Hater and Wander's dynamic looks to be this, with Hater desperately trying to ignore Wander and just get on with his megalomaniacal speech.
    Wander: She wanted to come, but she had to go to the bathroom! Zbornaks go only once every like, five months? Crazy, huh? She told me it takes a while, and it's kind of embarrassing. And so she doesn't want everybody knowin' about it, so she said: (imitating Sylvia) "Wander, don't go blabbin' like ya always do!" (stops, in normal voice) Oh.
    Lord Hater: I DON'T CARE!
    Wander: Where? Well, I don't know where she's goin' to the bathroom, around here somewhere! Why do ya wanna know? (at the camera, in deep voice) Weird.
  • Everything Emperor Awesome says or does.
  • "Got force field? Boo-ya!"
    • "Bro seriously, can we wrap this up? I've a tanning sesh in like, fifteen"
    • "Sorry, Lord Hater, did you want the mayo?"
    • The whole chase scene in general. Props go to the end of the chase where Hater rises up behind Wander with bloodshot eyes and looking ready to strangle him.
  • After chasing Wander, Lord Hater realizes that he has given Emperor Awesome the top spot on the temple and he is about to be given his wish. So what does he do? He runs toward the temple, bowls through Emperor Awesome's army, throws his giant dinosaur into space and punches him with enough force for him to go through the entire planet. And yet he STILL can't do anything about Wander.
  • The Celestial Being makes an epic entrance, and then says...
    Celestial Being: Hey there. So, uh...I'll be the one granting your wish today, 'kay?
    • His entire attitude in general, including flash-smiling for Wander's photos while looking utterly stoned the rest of the time.
  • The faces Lord Hater makes, especially after he's granted his wish: That Wander just leave him alone for five seconds. Peepers even does the countdown.
  • Whenever Emperor Awesome's dinosaur is showing expressions - giving a glare of annoyance after Lord Hater makes him slam into his forcefield and then looking on confused along with both armies when Hater starts chasing Wander off the tower.
  • This particular moment:
    Lord Hater: (makes the forcefield shatter) RAAAAAWRRRRGGGHHHH!
    Wander: (suddenly having an Oh, Crap moment) Here you go. (quickly hands Commander Peepers his picnic basket and runs rappidly down the stairs).

The Greatest
  • This scene:
    Lord Hater: Soon, every planet in the universe will be mine! Even pathetic little specs like Banglebrop, all under the control of... LORD HATER!!! *cue lightning*
    King Bingleborp: It's... Bingleborp.
    • The way he says it like a spoiled child is what really sells it.
  • The look on Wander's face when Lord Hater's arm pops off during their arm-wrestling match.

The Egg
  • Sylvia's Punctuated! For! Emphasis! answer to Wander's hug tip:
    Wander: The baby needs to know we're helping it, NOT hurting it! It needs some reassurance! It neeeeeeds...
    Sylvia: Don't tell me—
    Wander: A HUG! (looks at her with eyelashed Puppy-Dog Eyes)
    Sylvia: Over. My. Dead. BODY.
  • "I'm not happy right now."
  • "MY BABY!" Just Wander's tone of voice (yes, Wander's) makes this hysterical.
  • The soundtrack gets its own Moment of Funny in this one.
    Oh yeah
    Mother and child, y'all
    It's the big reunion

The Fugitives
  • Upon Wander blowing a chance at escaping:
    Sylvia: A rock? You blew our escape for a rock?!?!
    Wander: Excuse me, ma'am! You dropped this!
    Sylvia: I can't believe you botched our escape for something as unimportant as—
    Rock Mother: MY BABY!
    Wander: BABY!
  • Sylvia's reaction to the 'reveals' of each good deed- Specifically the one with the ant army when she's just standing there in stunned silence as a Watchdog punches her (with no effect what so ever, following with her punching the Watchdog off with no problem at all)

The Good Deed
  • Wander and Sylvia's song rewinding as they walk backwards to help a starving creature.
  • The ENTIRE courtroom scene.
  • Wander's numerous good deeds eventually cause a sun to slightly shift. This causes a nearby fortune teller to inform her client that he will not be a strong and powerful leader, and instead is immature, awkward, and emotionally unstable. Guess who she's talking to?
    Lord Hater: I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE! (Flips the table over) YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS, SUN! (Storms out. After a moment, he pokes his head back in) So...anything about a making out...or even holding hands...? (Fortune teller shakes her head) RAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHH!!
    • Hater gets The Stinger when he asks for Wander's help, only to be denied.

The Prisoner
  • Lord Hater's wants Peepers to bring Wander to his torture chamber.
    Lord Hater: Now I'm going to my torture room and I want you to bring Wander immediately. Or else. RRRAAAAGGHHH!!! Got it pal?! Psyche, we're not pals, Hater Out!...Seriously, this is not going to be easy he's a tricky one, Hater Out!
    • And then he teleports out, and back in one more time just to do the 'I've got my eye on you' gesture.
  • Wander's Button Song, when he starts pushing all the buttons on the control panel.
    Do you know the button song?
    The button song?
    The button song?
    When you play the button song
    You find out what goes wrong!
  • Lord Hater's video and Wander's reaction to it.
  • Wander's slow smile when he learns he's holding the ship's self destruct button, before running off with it
    Peepers: No! Not the ship's remote self-destruct button! I told Lord Hater that was a bad idea.
  • The password for the self-destruct deactivation is Hater's catchphrase, which only Hater knows.

The Pet
  • All the nods to Alien(s).
    Sylvia: Get away from him you-
    Wander: *smiling* SYLVIA!
  • The ending. After deciding that Captain Tim is too dangerous for him to keep as a pet, Wander says that he still wants to find him a forever home. So, they give him to Lord Hater who of course loves the little monster. But of course this also results in the Watchdogs getting chased/chewed on by Captain Tim.
  • Adding to that, Lord Hater takes CAPTAIN Tim's title seriously, saying that his pet is now ranked higher than Commander Peepers.

The Bad Guy
  • The residents of Doomstone revealing they're all a bunch of softies.
  • Papa Doom literally crying like a baby.
  • All of Wander's attempts to act like a bad guy. Just, all of them.
    Sylvia: *Listening to Wander growl* Is, is that some dinosaur in there?
    Wander: Little bit!
    Sylvia: Ohhh we're doomed.

The Troll
  • The moral of the episode: Don't. Feed. The Troll.
  • A lot of the goat warriors comebacks come out a bit weak...
  • Wander shaking his head and rolling his eyes while smirking when he realizes what the others don't when facing the troll.

The Box
  • "'Night, Boxia!"
  • Wander's breakdown upon seeing the 'Gone Fishing' sign.

The Hat
  • During various points in the episode, it looks like the bottom of Wander's hat has a smiley face or a frowny face. It's funny because it seems like the hat has a mind of its own.
  • Sylvia reaching into the hat to get something to save Wander...and pulling out a "Back in 5 minutes" sign.
  • The Jellyfish Pie Sylvia loves is exactly what she needed to defeat the giant worm.

The Little Guy
  • While you have to feel for the guy, the scene where Westley calls up Peepers to come pick him up is pretty funny.
    Westley: No, I don't have them, Sir. But that's not the only reason you'd come and pick me up, right?
    Peepers: What else is there?
    Westley: Maybe because I'm a good soldier and you like me?
    Peepers: [uncontrollable laughter]
  • Peepers' rant after the Watchdogs failed to capture Wander and Sylvia.
    Peepers: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
    • Said failure involving the entire squadron going over a cliff into a pit like a herd of lemmings only makes it funnier.
  • The whole series of accidents Wander and Sylvia have to save Westley from after he 'captures' them.
  • Lord Hater, getting out of the ship to get Westley. "This better be worth it, Peepers! I had a brunch today!"
  • Lord Hater may not be in the episode much, but when he is, it is just comedy gold. The way he yells at the screen while watching the security camera footage like it was an action movie - even eating popcorn while watching - and his breakdown during Westley's funeral (which is also kind of sweet when you think about it) are just comedy gold.

The Ball
  • The ending with the yarn planet and the giant cat.

The Bounty
  • Hater playing a Street Fighter-like game with himself and Wander in it.
  • This exchange...
    Peepers: Seriously? You hired a plant to do MY job?
    Hater: Well, he can't possibly be worse at it than you, can he?

The Hero
  • Sir Brad Starlight is a walking punchline, what with his big ego and no real skill to back it up, his living in delusion, and his being on the receiving end of pretty much all the episode's slapstick for both of those reasons.
    • The best part? Drago's not all that evil.

The Birthday Boy
  • Wander's birthday song, also an Ear Worm.
  • The look on Hater's face when Wander tames his monster. Complete with an Aside Glance.

The Nice Guy
  • Wander's antics in the convenience store are priceless from start to finish.
  • "Flatulent, refruzzled, and terminally blarped... Fraudulent, reflarzled, and eternally blorked... Frembulous, regargled, and essentially zonked... Mid-grade industrial rocket fuel supplement, not for consumption?!"
  • After Wander finally pays for the Thunder-Blazz:
    Cashier: Finally! I kinda thought you were gonna rob the place.

The Time Bomb
  • Sylvia snapping in and out of her 'bomb' mode for all of two seconds to trip another competitor in the middle of explaining what the bomb mode is.

The Tourist
  • Wander and Sylvia's VERY short stay at the hotel.
    Concierge: Enjoy your stay!
    Sylvia: (grins) We will!
    Wander: (runs into room for quick second, then runs back to join Sylvia and Concierge in elevator) We DID!
    Sylvia: (in disbelief) We WHAT?!!
  • Sylvia chuckling while expressing disbelief that Wander of all people is getting competitive with Trudy, especially considering that Sylvia got over her Competition Freak issues a couple episodes prior.
  • During the travel montage, Sylvia becomes increasing exasperated at Wander's rushing through the various tourist sites.
    • The fact that during their visit to Shatterton (a town made entirely out of glass), the only thing Wander breaks while rushing the bus is the farewell sign.

The Brainstorm
  • "Banjo."
  • The entirety of this episode, but some major examples include...
    • The Doom Dragons plan ("And now Wander has an army of Doom Dragons. Great work, Peepers.")
    • The Electric Laser plan ("We'll bring lots of back-up batteries!" "Peepers, will you just think for one second before you talk, okay?")
    • The Kidnap Princess plan ("Is that what you want, Peepers? For me to marry the person I hate the most in the entire universe?")
    • The suggestion of blocking their sun. ("Warmth-generating group hug!")
    • Followed by a suggestion of melting their icecaps. ("Pool party planet!")
    • "But what if Wander flies in at the last second and fires a shrink ray from his eyes?!" "Sir... He! CAN'T! DO THAT!"
    • Hoist by His Own Petard: They're eventually defeated by the one instrument they neglected; the banjo.

The Day
  • Sylvia winds up in a locker room full of naked Watchdogs and asks them to put on some towels before they fight. The thugs oblige by wearing towels on their heads.
  • Hater glazing over the fact that he paid for his new and expensive force field generator by not paying Peepers for months.
  • Wander and Sylvia escape Hater's ship by riding on a rocket that abruptly plummets to the ground and explodes.
  • Wander sleeping through the entire ordeal.
    • By extension, everything Wander says and does while sleeping.
    Wander (ignoring the hangar release and hovering at the alarm button): Giant glowing red cookie? You DO deserve a high-five!

    Commander Peepers (fooled by Wander's Watchdog disguise): You're alright, soldier. What's your name?
    Sylvia (puppeteering Wander): It's —
    Wander (tears mask off in sleep): Youuuuu stop that evilpineappleking!

The Night
  • Everything that happens to Wander in the episode.

The Fancy Party

The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty
  • "Haven't you ever lost something you wished you could get back?" "Besides the last ten seconds of this conversation?"
  • After the entire quest to find the all-knowing being whom they can only ask one question- "Is this your sock?"
  • When the sock that Wander and Sylvia have been going through all the trouble throughout the episode to return to its rightful owner, is finally returned, it's revealed that the sock is actually a hand puppet that acts as a Morality Chain for Destructor. Cue a series of flashbacks and current events that emphasize how ridiculously significant Destructor having the sock as a hand puppet is to the entire kingdom. For restoring the kingdom to its ridiculously happy glory, Wander and Sylvia are praised as heroes as they leave. In the end, not even Wander and Sylvia understand what exactly just happened.

The Void
  • The song of Wander's, along with the various things that happened during the song, even Sylvia being FORCED to sing along.
  • Among the various random images behind the door Sylvia tries to use is Jack McBrayer. The guy who voices Wander.
    • Another one of the random images is The Two Man Gentlemen Band, who provide all the music for the show.
    • Yet another is a Freeze-Frame Bonus saying, "Thanks for watching Wander over Yonder and for taking the time to still frame this! - CM"
  • The final image before the insurance sales-squid is a black and white photo of Craig McCracken himself.
  • Let's be honest, the whole episode is hilarious.

The Date
  • Sylvia: "So he got jilted, it's not the end of the world."
    Lord Hater: (on communicator) "Hey, Peepers. Yeah, the king of this stupid planet was totally lying. His lame daughter was a no-show. Whatever. Imma head back to the ship, curl up with a pint of Fudgy Pudgy Vanilla, and BLOW THIS PLANET TO KINGDOM COME!!!"
    Sylvia: "Okay, so it is the end of this world."
  • Hater drowns himself in body spray like a middle-school bro. It makes his robe inflate and knocks out the waiter.
  • Wander "playing footsie" with Hater, who of course thinks it's Sylvia doing it, and promptly gives Wander a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. The look Hater throws Sylvia while he's doing it is utterly priceless.
  • The show itself fast-forwards through Hater's constant talking about himself and bad jokes.
  • "There is a pea touching my po-tay-to. DO IT OVER!!"
  • Sylvia's expression during the bumper cars.
  • Hater knocks Sylvia away from the ferris wheel gondola so he can have a seat for his stuffed animal. Then enjoys it when she retaliates by making the ride spin really fast. And finally barfs on her.
  • Everything about the wedding.
    • Especially the end, when Peepers points out that Hater was dating Wander and Sylvia, "WHAAAAT!"
  • As Sylvia and Wander are heading off, Sylvia suddenly recalls Hater's comment about her and Wander being a "six and a four" in terms of looks. "I'd better have been the six, or I'm going back and decking him."

The Gift 2: The Giftening
  • Patient Zero going into a feral rage and attacking Peepers when his present gets taken away, only to revert right back to a giggling idiot when it's given back.
  • Lord Hater's Tex Avery-inspired reactions are a goldmine.
  • "Curses! Pete's succumbed to the dance!"
  • Wander waving at the security camera in the slow-mo replay.
  • The ending where Hater gets inflected with the happiness.

The Buddies
  • "This is bad!"
    • "This is worse!"
  • Hater after landing in the prison portal: "Ugh, this place smells like zombie armpits." [writing in notebook] "Zombie Armpits...Good name for band."
  • The best bud handshake Wander makes up on the fly.
  • The entire "Something something best of frieeeeends!" song.
  • Peepers' "But I thought we were buds!" (and the animatic. Dear God, the credits animatic.)

The Liar
  • Mama Bird zapping Wander and Sylvia every three seconds.
  • Wander names a baby bird "Scaredy", but when Sylvia names another "Tiny", Wander insists he's more of an "Allen".
  • "Wait for me, tiny umbrella."

The Stray
  • On one hand, it's evil, but on the other, some of the abuse Li'l Bits puts Wander through with her mind control eyes is hilarious.
    • Repeatedly making him play "fetch" with her headless teddy and a monstrous beast.
    • Kneading him within an inch of his life when she wants him for a pillow.
    • Making him sing a creepy bedtime lullaby about being her servant and doing anything she wants.
  • Hater's amusement with Li'l Bits' Elmuh Fudd Syndwome.
    • Which Li'l Bits uses against him to escape punishment in the animatic.

The Big Job
  • Wander claiming to be the night janitor, only for there to already be one on duty. "So Hater hired a newer, younger, and prettier janitor, huh?! Well, you listen to me pal, I ain't goin' without a fight!"
  • The occupants of Hater's device all leave politely when Wander asks them to.
  • The entire mission was only to mess up Hater's hot tub by making it so he can't get it just the right temperature.

The Helper
  • "We're making a movie about making a movie!"
  • Hater only showing up to buy lunch and triple pickle cream pies for the Watchdogs.
  • Wander's elaborate play of throwing himself out of town.

The Funk
  • Hater's "Meh." response to all of the attempts to cheer him up, complete with not coming out from under his blanket, and Peepers' mounting frustration.
  • The night-long prankfest.

The Enemies
  • The "fair maiden" ploy.
    "That was your plan? Please! That would have never worked!"
    "It just worked ON YOU!"
    • And then Wander doesn't realize there's a plan at all, thinks they're just playing dress-up, and joins in.
  • Brad still thinks he's a hero.
  • The falling rock gag.
  • Wander thinking Hater and Brad are playing hide and seek with him.
    • Wander getting exasperated at Hater and Brad's "hide and seek style".
    Wander (holding up a massive rule book): If y'all need a little refresher on the rules of Hide and Seek...

The Rider
  • The hundreds of tiny boxes with the tiny glass furniture.
  • Hater's ship 'talking' for him.
  • The location of Hater's super-secret treasure horde is on a floppy disk.
  • Wander making blaster noises instead of firing it.
    • And then stopping the space-ship chase cold to rebuild the Fruit Cart.
  • "Dreadfully sorry, but I think I knocked over something rather important during my rampage. It seems the station will be, um, well, exploding. Cheerio!"

The Gift
  • Sylvia eating the Watchdog's cookies after giving him a present.
  • After the fake ending, Hater orders the Watchdogs to attack and loot the town, but they give gifts to the townspeople instead.
  • From the animatic: "Okay, whose hand keeps touching my butt?!"


The First Take
  • Wander giving shout-outs to practically everyone he met in Season One.
  • "Bye, galaxy!"
  • Wander easily getting his hands out of his shackles.

The Smile
  • Wander's ridiculous smile throughout.
  • Hater hating Wander's second face because he compares it to winning the lottery.
  • At one point, Wander's face is replaced by a caricature of his voice actor, Jack McBrayer.

The Killjoy
  • Hater repeatedly trying to press the button on his podium to make Wander go back up.
  • The ending where Hater tries to destroy both Wander and Peepers.

The Theme Song
  • Hater's whole thing with the guitar.

The Bathroom Break
  • The Watchdog janitor's random breakdancing routine.
  • Hater returning with toilet paper on his shoe.

The Planetary Conqueror
  • Hater repeatedly forgetting his lines.
  • Wander saying "Conquered" over and over again.
  • At the end, Hater once again forgets the word "Conqueror" and when he hears from it from Wander one more time, he screams.

The Sharpshooter
  • Hater's faces as he goes through the speech.
  • Hater constantly missing Wander.

The Glitch
  • Every time the camera freezes, Wander and Hater always somehow making the stupidest faces.

    Season 2 
The Big Day
  • Hater's song on his iPod that goes, "I hate to say that I loathe you."
  • The part where Peepers runs up to the guards like Lancelot did at the wedding in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
The Cartoon
  • In the trailer, Hater is trying his hand at animation, and in a meta-moment, he says, "Animation is hard! People who do this for a living need to be shown more respect!!"
  • Jon Hamm playing an actor portraying Lord Hater in a movie.