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Funny: Timon & Pumbaa
You'd be better off counting what's not, or what is trying to come across as. Here are a few examples.

  • Brazil Nuts: The whole episode, with moments such as Fat Timon, Eddie confusing horseradish for a horse and a radish, and the piranha running gag!
  • Island of Manhood: Pumbaa singing "Timon is a meerkitten!"
  • Bora Bora: When Timon in ski clothes singing "Jingle Bells" and Timon's face after Pumbaa claims Timon hasn't done his other hoof.
  • Never Everglades: Pumbaa Junior biting Timon's tail.
  • Kenya Be My Friend?: Pumbaa's reaction to Timon's poem, and Bampuu asking why he's supposed to think stars are balls of gas burning millions of miles away.
  • Amazon Quiver: When Timon and Pumbaa come out of the tree in 2090.
  • Rumble In The Jungle has a lot of moments.
  • I Dont Bolivia: Timon getting tricked by Toucan Dan, even thinking he is Santa!
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