Funny / Timon & Pumbaa
"We'll be making people laugh, Timon. That's all I need."

The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa is one of the Disney media that is commonly noted for its humor. Therefore, there's quite a bit of this.
  • Brazil Nuts: The whole episode, with moments such as the"fat" Timon, Eduardo confused horseradish for a horse and a radish, and the piranha running gag!
  • Island of Manhood: Pumbaa singing "Timon is a meerkitten!"
    • When Pumbaa imagines Timon as a baby, Timon tells the audience "What are you looking at, you mook?"
  • Bora Bora: When Timon in ski clothes comes out of a delivery crate singing "Jingle Bells" only to realize he's on a tropical island, and Timon's face after Pumbaa claimed Timon hasn't done his other hoof.
  • Never Everglades: The running gag of Pumbaa Junior biting Timon's tail.
  • Kenya Be My Friend?: Pumbaa's reaction to Timon's poem, and Bampuu asking why he's supposed to think stars are balls of gas burning millions of miles away.
  • Amazon Quiver: Timon and Pumbaa coming out of the tree in 2090.
  • Rumble in the Jungle: The whole episode. Particularly when Timon and Pumbaa are told by Rafiki to hug and make up only to turn into a sumo wrestling match.
  • I Dont Bolivia: Timon constantly getting tricked by Toucan Dan, even thinking he is Santa!
  • Yosemite Remedy: Timon's Zany Scheme on getting even with Thief, a raccoon criminal who stole Timon and Pumbaa's suitcase full of valuables. First, Timon orders Thief one hundred pizzas, which he would not be able to pay for. Then, he attempts to shave off the raccoon's leg, put long sock and a red high-heel on it like a woman would wear. And then, he attempts on placing Thief's trash house at the edge of a cliff. All three of those revenges backfire.
  • "Can't Take a Yolk": The whole episode.
  • The "Stand By Me" short, where Pumbaa suffers Amusing Injuries every time Timon sings the short's title.
  • This scene in "Uganda be an Elephant".
  • Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum: Pumbaa laughing at the pie in the giant grasshopper's face.
  • Mind Over Matterhorn: The entire episode.