Heartwarming / Timon & Pumbaa

  • Once Upon a Timon: The majority of the episode, especially when Timon and Pumbaa first meet and start their friendship, Timon and Tatiana's relationship, and the scene where Timon gives up all the things he ever wanted for Pumbaa.
  • Home is Where the Hog is: Pumbaa's relationship with Sharla.
  • Ivy Beleaguered: The ending of the episode
  • Scent of the South: This episode shows how much Timon and Pumbaa truly care for each other and how they would do anything to win each other back. This is an example of true friendship.
  • Timon... Alone: When Pumbaa rescues Timon from all the predators that were stalking him. This is one of those moments that show how protective Pumbaa is of his friend.
  • Never Everglades: The scene when Timon and Pumbaa say goodbye to Pumbaa Jr. and his girl.
  • Kenya Be My Friend?: Timon offering his Mister Bug Juicer to Pumbaa.
  • Timon's Time Togo: In the scene where Pumbaa is about to fall to his death off a cliff, Timon (knowing that he will die after performing one good deed) has to decide between his own life and his friend's life. He eventually decides to rescue Pumbaa. This could imply that Timon is risking his life for Pumbaa, similar to how he risked his life defeating the hyena clan in The Lion King 11/2. This doubles as an Awesome moment.
  • Timon standing up for Pumbaa whenever someone insults him or is being mean to him. One particular example is in "Animal Barn". When Mr. Pig calls Pumbaa a nobody, Timon becomes enraged and immediately confronts him by telling him that no one should talk to Pumbaa like that except for himself. This also doubles as an awesome moment.
  • Stay Away From My Honey!: When Smolder shows compassion for Timon and Pumbaa at the end.
  • Sitting Pretty Awful: When Timon and Pumbaa call their parents, thanking them for raising them and telling them that they love them.
    Timon: Mom, Dad, I never realized how hard it was raising me.
    Pumbaa: Mom, Dad, thanks for everything. If there's anything you need...
    Timon: I can't thank you enough.
    Timon and Pumbaa: Mom, Dad, I love you.
  • Cliphangers: When Timon and Pumbaa recall all the times they complimented and did nice things for each other, making them realize what a true friendship they have and they embrace each other, apologizing for what they previously said.