WMG: Timon & Pumbaa

Fred ships Timon and Pumbaa with each other

  • You know Timon's wacky prankster friend, Fred? Well, the whole princess kidnapping was staged by him and the snake was his hit man. He wanted Tatiana out of the picture so Timon would get together with Pumbaa and have a bromance. He spied on Pumbaa beforehand to stake out potential male mates for Timon after Timon confessed to being bisexual and thought Timon and Pumbaa would make a cute couple. His goat trick in Mind Over Matterhorn, his appearance in Tanzania Zany and his impersonating Timon's mother was his way of putting Timon and Pumbaa's relationship to the test. In other words, Fred is a particularly depraved Shipper on Deck as well as a Chessmaster.

The entire series is a bunch of fanfics written by Rafiki.

  • And posted where, may I ask?

Quint is a Time Lord.

In every episode he appears in, he has a different name and a different occupation. No matter the odds, Timon and Pumbaa still manage to cross paths with him.
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