Heartwarming: Wander over Yonder


Wander over Yonder has many heartwarming moments brought to you by The Power of Love.
  • In "The Fugitives," Sylvia ends up going back for Wander when the Watchdogs use Wander's Chronic Hero Syndrome to capture him. She even admits that escaping wasn't as important as helping her best friend.
  • Sylvia giving Wander a pep talk when he starts losing hope in "The Good Deed." He wonders whether their stopping the missile headed for the sun will wipe out the universe, and she replies with the following.
    Sylvia: Wander, with the day we've been having, that is entirely possible. But I'm also saying that if doing a good deed leads to the universe getting destroyed...partner, that's not a universe I wanna live in anyway.
  • Wander and Sylvia giving Captain Tim as a pet to Lord Hater, and him being happy about it. And Wander has tears of joy.
  • For all the grief Lord Hater gives him, you got to admire Commander Peepers for sticking by him. Hell, just watching Peepers trying to comfort Hater after his tantrum in 'The Greatest' is adorable, and then there's how he's providing backup in 'The Picnic', even cheering Hater on as he makes his crazy-awesome charge.
  • The ending of "The Bad Guy." Wander and Sylvia finally fess up that they're not bad guys, which results in every single person that was after them revealing that they're all a bunch of softies.
  • In The Hat, some time after Wander and Sylva get separated, Wander calls Sylvia on the can phone. "Hey, Sylvia! I'll always love y—" Wander is certain he's going to die, and he wants to be sure that the last thing he does is tell his best friend he loves her.
    • A similar thing happens in "The Lonely Planet" where Wander and Sylvia are about to be incinerated by Janet.
  • The whole ending of "The Little Guy".
    • There was one moment where Westley was at a small cave with Wander and Sylvia, and he was scared by them at various points, when really they were trying to enjoy the night, and Sylvia, who never wanted Westley to come with them, actually offered him something to eat, and gave him a refill.
    • When they believe that Westley was Killed In Action, Lord Hater and all of the Watchdogs give him a hero's funeral.
  • In "The Nice Guy" Wander goes through hell just to buy one bottle of Thunder Blazz for Sylvia. But just as he's about to buy the last bottle, he spots a little girl crying about not being able to buy a bottle. He buys the drink...only to give it to the little girl. The kicker? The little girl then gives it to Sylvia.
    Girl: Never hurts to help.
  • Wander's apology to Sylvia at the end of "The Tourist". His little speech about her being the reason he loves wandering moves her to tears.
  • The ending of "The Lonely Planet."
  • A more behind-the-scenes example: Huckleberry Knucklehead, the titular "Toddler," is voiced by Owen Faust...Lauren Faust's nephew!
    Huckleberry: I like lollipop!
  • Wander's little speech when he makes up with Sylvia near the end of "The Void":
    Wander: Y'know, I can imagine a whole bunch of things... a nine-necked banjo, a peppermint puppy, a radical radish, a sweeping lemur, a sun that complements you on your hat... but I can't imagine a better friend than you.
  • "The Stray" shows Wander going to great lengths to help out Little Bits. He gives her his hat (during the rain), his shoes, and some of his fur to make a cozy hat and coat. And when a creature takes her stuffed bear into a cave, Wander runs in and battles with it just to get the stuffed bear back. (And he continues to do it when Little Bits throws it back.)
    • When you're not thinking about the fact that Little Bits is a bounty hunter for Lord Hater, Little Bits herself should count as an example.
  • 'The Gift' showed Wander delivering presents to everyone they met during Season 1. The reactions from them are pretty nice.
    • Keep in mind Emperor Awesome also got one (an autograph of himself signed by Wander). THIS was the guy who was visibly rude and pissed off at the two after their last interaction.
    • Oh, and remember Princess Demura and her husband (The Dragon, keep in mind)? Turns out, they had children! And they're as adorable as they sound.
    • Even the alternate stinger where Captain Tim, the monster from 'The Pet', gets a gift from Wander set to a music box redention of "Silent Night" is adorable.
  • "The Troll" has Prince Cashmere's speech to the goat people after the titular enemy insults them multiple times.
    Noooooo!!! Give! Him! None! Don't you see, my friends? We are – proud, and brave, and strong. We are – good people, with good hearts, and we are all – beautiful on the inside. We know this to be. So, why should we care, what this sad, patetic pitiful creature, thinks of us?!
  • Wander and Sylvia getting back together at the end of "The Rider"
    Wander: Would you say us being friends is the greatest adventure of all?
    Sylvia: No, because that would be way too sappy. But I'm kinda thinkin' it...
  • Sylvia calling Wander "Wandie" in "The Greater Hater".
  • Despite the fact that he had to give him up later many of Wander and Loopy!Hater's interactions in "Fremergency Frontract" were adorable, especially with how happy he is that Hater actually wants to be his friend.
  • The whole scene with Sylvia and Helpless!Wander in "The Wanders".
    Thanks, Syl. That was the most important part.
    • Before that, while Sylvia is deciding whether or not to re-merge Contrary!Wander, we get the following dialogue between Sylvia and the Wanders.
    Sylvia: Are we sure about this? Because my life is pretty crazy with this one in it. (beat) *sigh* But it would be so much worse without you.
  • At the end of "The Axe" Lord Hater of all people admits that he really does rely on Peepers, and even gives Peepers his own statue next to his.
  • In "The Cool Guy", after neglecting Peepers for pretty much the entire episode, Hater flips his shit and leaps to Peeper's defense when Emperor Awesome bullies him. And it's AWESOME.
    • At the beginning of the episode, there's Peepers and Hater having fun together with little figurines of themselves.
  • In "The Battle Royale", after Hater knocks off Lord Dominator's helmet and becomes infatuated with her, he has an imagine spot, one of them features Hater and Dominator having an wedding, with Peepers as best man, Sylvia as bridesmaid and Wander being the one who marries them. Considering his views on Wander this actually says a lot.
    • ...Later followed by a shot of him and Dominator with kids and Wander's head mounted above his fireplace and Sylvia's "pelt" on the floor.
  • At the climax of "The Black Cube", Sylvia stands up for the BLACK CUBE OF DARKNESS, defending it from an angry mob after its attempt to save one of the kids that had spent the whole episode picking on it backfired. And this is after THE BLACK CUBE had hit the Rage Breaking Point and nearly sucked out Wander's soul.
    • Wander being in the episode at all. He provides a much-needed ray of optimism and hope in what is otherwise a very bleak story. He first shows up after almost three minutes helping THE BLACK CUBE to pick up its car keys, and its a huge sigh of relief.
  • The ending of "The Eye on the Skullship": Andy has given up on his show and gone back to his menial security job... when Peepers calls him up and tells him the other Watchdogs are clamoring for more. Andy is filled with glee when he sees how much he's inspired his fellow Watchdogs by making them feel important.


  • A meta one in Craig McCracken talking about his decision to bring in Weird Al for "The Boy Wander" on Tumblr:
    Since I was a kid Al represented the idea that being goofy or strange wasn’t something to be ashamed of, it was badge of honor to wear with pride! When I created Wander I wanted to instill in him that same unapologetic silliness.
    There were a lot of “what if’s” that actually came true on this cartoon. So I’d not only like to thank Al for being a part of this episode, but for instilling in me and the other goofy, strange kids who grew up to work on this show, with the confidence to… dare to be stupid.
  • In another meta example, Dave Thomas, the supervising producer, talking about how the premise for "The Wanders" was actually thought up by his 5 year old son, and posting a video of his son with a copy of the script signed by Craig McCracken, Jack McBrayer, and April Winchell.
  • In "The Fremergency Fronfact" there was a scene where Hater lifts up a little girl named Olive. Frank Angones, who wrote the episode, revealed in this tumblr post that Craig had changed the little girl's named to Olive in honor of his daughter, who was born shortly after he wrote the script for the episode.
  • Shortly before the show's premiere, Jack McBrayer and April Winchell gave an in-character interview for Radio Disney. At one point the characters were asked to describe each other, and after Sylvia gave a rather flattering (and accurate) description of Wander, we get this:
    Wander: *sniffling* Sylvia...that...is the most beautiful thing...I have ever heard! *sniff* I love you!
    Sylvia: Awww, I love you too, you big goober...