Awesome: Wander over Yonder

  • Wander completely dominating Lord Hater in a "Greatest in the Galaxy" contest in "The Greatest".
    • And later, as Hater gets into a laser-firing fit in his ship after losing said contest, Wander and Sylvia make him crash his ship into his own statue by challenging him to a race for the title.
  • In "The Fugitives," Wander reunites a mother with her baby, saves a balloon man's life by picking up a tack, and prevents a war by dividing food equally between two ant armies...all in one day. And all that good karma gets paid in full when all the people Wander helped throughout the episode (including the garbage barge captain whom Wander helped tie his shoes) help Wander and Sylvia escape the planet.
  • Wander deflecting a missile aimed for a sun by jumping on it.
    • "Sylvia, six fingers!"
  • A subtle one at the end of "The Good Deed." After Lord Hater's ship gets blown up, he feebly asks Wander and Sylvia for help. The two walk backwards, even rewinding the song they're singing (just like at the beginning of the episode), stop next to Hater...and both calmly tell him "No." At first, this doesn't seem like much, but consider how in "The Fugitives," Wander nearly had a nervous breakdown when he was told not to help people. Now, just an episode later, he's able to calmly and definitively refuse to help someone who asks for it. Definitely a noticeable contrast.
  • In "The Troll", after the eponymous creature easily curb-stomps the Baaaaa-halla warriors to get his food sack, he approaches Wander who's resting in the same room (and oddly not helping like he usually does). The troll then starts throwing insults about Wander's appearance. What does Wander do? He simply ignores him, prompting Sylvia and the warriors to do the same, thus rendering the troll tiny and powerless.
  • From "The Box" we have Sylvia forcing the Lords of Illumination to put something in said box, due to it driving Wander up a wall all episode.
    Sylvia: This whole thing was a set-up! There's nothing IN the box, is there?
    Lord of Illumination: Yes, YES! You get it! Could you please help me explain to him?
    (Wander continues to guess what's in the box)
    • And her Screw This, I'm Outta Here! attitude once the Lords of Illumination make a "WE were the ones who needed learning speech" right after all the conflict is finally resolved.
  • In "The Ball", they tried and failed to successfully preventing Buster, the Giant Space Dog to destroy/chew their planet, But Wander has an incredible and crazy idea by thinking instead to flee is to be fleas by living on Buster.
  • "The Bounty" has a few for Commander Peepers:
    • Getting the robot bounty hunter to teleport itself back to Lord Hater's ship
    • His awesome defeat of the potted plant
  • "The Picnic" has Lord Hater fling a dinosaur into outer space (Whereupon it explodes). He then he punches Emperor Awesome with one of his own minions, hitting him so hard Awesome flies clean through the planet they were fighting on.
  • "The Hero" had quite a few, with Wander and Sylvia easily getting through the hedgemaze set up for Brad Starlight, and Princess Demurra beating up Starlight when he tries to kidnap her. "Guys it's fine, I took care of it myself. Like I said, this isn't a fairy tale."
  • "The Prisoner" has Wander casually evading everything Peepers throws at him, showing off a Bugs Bunny level of craftiness and skill.
    • Once the self-destruct is activated on his ship, Lord Hater casually stands about while Peepers goes into a panicking frenzy, and then only after Peepers admits that Wander outwitted him does Lord Hater rather casually give the passcode to halt the self-destruct sequence. He's certainly competent and imposing when he needs to be.
  • Sylvia using sleeping Wander to beat up all the baddies in Hater's ship in "The Day".
  • All of the Dance Battle between Emperor Awesome and Wander during "The Party Animal". Not only does it look colorful and fluid, It's also extremely energetic and entertaining to watch.
  • While we don't see it, Wander beating Lord Hater and his army with a banjo at the end of "The Brainstorm" was pretty awesome, along with he and Sylvia making the same pose from the page image while standing atop a pile of defeated Watchdogs.
  • In "The Fancy Party", Peepers has convinced Lord Hater that to win the Queen's favor, he needs to act the part of a polite gentlemen. Hater's attempts to woo her are hampered by Wander, until he becomes desperate and the Queen throws him out of the party in disgust. Before she can hand over her empire to Wander, Hater blasts his way through the hall door, tossing aside her guards. It shows that in a slightly more serious show, Hater would be a pretty cool villain.
    Hater: Forget polite and proper. Forget witty and charming. I am NOT the ultimate gentleman! *Hater blasts Wander off his feet* I am LORD HATER! THE ULTIMATE EVIL! When I want something, I take it! And I want your power, NOW!!!

  • Foster fans who remained irritated by Bendy's houdininess can enjoy the fact that his expy Stok gets his just desserts.
  • Equal parts Awesome, Funny, and Heartwarming, Wander has been taken in by the ploys of Li'l Bits, who has also t Sylvia in leg irons. Li'l Bits tells Sylvia that Wander is going with her, and she knows Sylvia won't leave Wander's side. Sylvia agrees that wherever Wander goes, she goes. Li'l Bits releases her chain, and Sylvia joins them on the teleporter pad. And then...
    Sylvia: And we're not going anywhere! (Decks Wander off of the pad and joins him.)
  • Pretty much most of the things that Hater and Peepers do in "The Greater Hater":
    • After discovering that Dominator has managed to hurt Wander Hater snaps, grabs the robot that terrorized him and Peepers during most of the episode and slams it into Dominator.
    • Peepers chewing out Lord Hater for his Wander obsession and his Never My Fault tendencies
    • Peepers sabotaging Lord Dominator's Weapon Factory.
    • The mere fact that they are the only reason why Wander and Sylvia managed to survive.
      • Not to forget Lord Dominator herself! Without even looking, she delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to Wander and the others, shrugs off of their hits without a scratch, doesn't show much of a reaction to Peeper's destroying her factory, and then she leaves them all very terrified, flying off and gushes about how much fun it was to torment them.
    • Despite the fact that it ends up in failure, Sylvia's speech to Dominator was pretty Badass.
    Sylvia: (free of restraints, winding up for a punch) WELCOME TO THE GALAXY!
    • Wander absolutely refuses to let his resolve waver, even after he's been beaten mentally and physically. The way he mostly keeps his composure during his whole rant to Dominator is absolutely astounding.
  • Dr. Screwball Jones beating up Wander with little to no effort while singing.
    • Bonus points in that not even Lord Dominator has come this close to kill him
    • Wander drawing his banjo to combat Screwball's accordion, culminating into a musical beam-of-war battle between the two.
    • Wander, despite receiving that beating, taking advantage of Screwball's Evil Gloating to formulate a plan to defeat him
  • Sylia exploiting the personality traits the fragments of Wander embody in order to round them up.
  • Peepers effortlessly turning the battle with the Evil Sandwich around.
    • Lord Hater gets points for leaping straight into the Evil Sandwich's command central, zapping the guy with a wonderful "You're toast!" pun, and just to add insult to injury, puts a little flag in him.