Funny: Teen Titans Go!

The show

     Season 1 
"Legendary Sandwich"
  • Raven, the broody goth girl, is a fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus (i.e., she's a literal Pegasister).
    • The episode then ends with Robin asking who wants to watch it.
      • After Robin asked them, Raven is happy about it while Beast Boy and Cyborg glares at him.
  • "The final ingredient is pretzel bread. It can be found... at the supermarket. Here's a coupon."
  • The Titans going through great lengths to get the ultimate sandwich... only for Silkie to eat it and then regurgitate it.
  • The entire time Robin was in the grocery store.
    • After Robin gets back he complains about how bad his experience there was to the titans, who are beaten and worn out from their quest. They all glare at him and then Robin compliments Starfire's new haircut (which was cut off by one of the sandwich guardians) and Starfire's response was just a blink.

"Pie Bros"
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy's pie song.
  • Beast Boy taking advice from a hallucination of Cyborg's head.
    Cyborg: Then get a job, you bum.
    Beast Boy: I will get a job! For you, Cyborg window hallucination!
  • Beast Boy's attempts at jobs he has always wanted.
    • Chemist:
      Beast Boy: Oooo, bubbles! (Cue explosion)
    • Lawyer (No, really):
      Beast Boy: And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is why the defendant is, without a doubt, guilty! What? You say I'm supposed to be defending him? Heh heh... oops.
    • Surgeon:
      Beast Boy: That's what's inside of people??
  • Starfire taking balloon animals and duck-duck-goose literally.
    • As well as pin the tail on the donkey. Though we don't see the game played, we see the giant spike Starfire planned to use plus a justifiably very scared donkey.
    • Not to mention the goose attacking Robin and Robin freaking the hell out.
  • Cyborg's extended laugh at Beast Boy's Pie Shop uniform.
  • Robin's gift to Cyborg.
    Cyborg: Your gift to me is a half-drunk soda.
    Robin: What? Not expensive enough for you fancy pants? You know, I like to think it's the thought that counts.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy figure out Mother Mae-Eye's secret ingredient.
    Beast Boy: Is it love?
    Cyborg: It's definitely love. (Hacks up a clump of Starfire's hair)
  • While Beast Boy and Cyborg are having a pie fight, BB reveals the original present he had planned for Cyborg, the picture he drew.
    Beast Boy: (in an angry tone) Since you like gifts so much, here's what I was originally going to give to you, back when I still liked you! (pies Cyborg with the picture inside of said pie)
    Cyborg: (in a similar tone) This is what you got me!? I love it! It's well drawn and thoughtful! Thank you! (pies BB)

"Driver's Ed"
  • We finally get to see what Robin looks like without his mask.
  • The fact that Robin lost his license crashing the Batmobile.
  • The car chase in the supermarket, complete with a Benny Hill theme soundalike.
  • The fact that Starfire and Raven are actually driving Robin to where he needs to go when it would just be easier to fly/levitate to his destination.

"Dog Hand" ("Raven's Daddy Dearest" on the original airings)
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy's Imagine Spot to when they were babies. Apparently Cyborg's father was a toaster.
  • Trigon's Large Ham introduction getting interrupted by Raven.
    Trigon "Behold Trigon! Master of the Dark! Destroyer of Dimensions! Enslaver of Civilizations! -"
    Raven "Enough with the resume dad.
  • Trigon actually being a well meaning dad and the whole sitcom vibe of the episode.
  • Starfire talking like a modern day valley girl as part of a power Trigon gave her. Which leads into this rather jarring line near end of the episode:
    Trigon: (To Raven) I'm so proud. The only thing left to do is kill all your friends.
    Starfire: (Cheerfully) Kill us! Kill us! You can, like, totally do it!
    • Earlier, Starfire spoke like a Earth teen, or rather, a caricature of one.
    Starfire: Duuuuude, you got it twisted. Your old man's straight up da bomb!
  • Muscular Robin, even making good use of it by smacking Trigon with increasingly bigger Beast Boy-transformed objects.
    • Even better is the reveal of Muscular Robin.
    Robin: Notice anything different, Raven?
    Raven: You're twitching.
    Robin: Yep!
  • And Cyborg's Trigon-gifted "power?"
    Cyborg: He gave me a dog for a hand!

"Double Trouble"
  • Cyborg's genius dance.
  • "Finally, I can relax. Ahhh... okay I'm bored."
  • Cyborg tricking Raven to make the magical duplicates by using Bait and Switch tactics... Twice!
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy realize how annoying they can be when their clones eat everything and hog the video games.
    Cyborg: The worst part is they put tub back in the freezer even though it's empty! I mean, who does that?!
    Beast Boy: Us, apparently.
    • Robin and Raven commenting on it.
    Beast Boy: Are we really that annoying?
    Raven: (Floating by, reading a book) In a word, yes.
    Robin: (Carrying a box) Now you know how we feel.
  • Mr. Freeze Ice Cream.
  • Morbidly obese Cyborg and Beast Boy.
  • The dancing Tyrannosaurus rex in the Dance Party Ending.
  • Lonely Cyborg groaning angstly at Raven, annoying her to ask him what's wrong.

"The Date"
  • The entire fortune-teller sequence at the start of the episode, especially this bit:
    Cyborg: And my fortune is "You and Starfire will have seven kids!" What!?
    Beast Boy: That's gonna be awkward since I'm already marrying her.
  • Robin Hearing Voices in his head. The voice lampshades this and Robin argues with it; making everyone else think he's crazy.
    • In the end, Starfire starts hearing the voice and goes out with it.
  • Robin insults Speedy's face and voice, despite both of them looking and sounding alike.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy's way of asking a girl out: crying and begging on their knees in a whiny voice.
    • Robin bribes them to keep an eye on Speedy with a Scooby Snack. It works (And Beast Boy transforms into Scooby!)
  • Robin successfully ruins Starfire and Speedy's date, but can't live with the guilt. He admits to Starfire about what he did. It looks like she's about to forgive him for it, but she punches him out instead.
  • Before attacking Speedy, Robin lets out a Howie Long Scream.
  • "Let me go." "No." "Let me go!" "No." "LET ME GO!" "No."
    • Adding to the hilarity is that Cyborg and Beast Boy say "No" in the exact same tone every time.
  • The face Robin is making.

"Dude, Relax"
  • Robin is suffering from mission withdrawal when there's no crime for a week. He gets all twitchy and on edge like a drug addict.
  • Robin tried to make sleeping a competitive sport.
  • Raven shutting down Robin.
    Robin: Raven, you need to-
    Raven: No.
  • Beast Boy reveals that he paints other animals green to fool the Titans so he can relax. Cut to a flashback where Robin is screaming for Beast Boy's help while a big thug is choking him, not realizing that the fat green dog in a bite collar is just a regular dog.
    Robin: That explains a lot.
  • At the end, Robin manages to finally relax and ignores the call... only to find out that the Titans are really in danger.
    Cyborg: Why is Beast Boy just sitting there?! (A green-painted pigeon sits watching them, then flies away)

"Laundry Day"
  • Beast Boy stinks so bad, it nearly sends Cyborg to heaven... only to get his soul vacuumed by Beast Boy and puts him back in his body.
  • The contests the Titans held to figure out whose turn it is to do laundry.
  • After Raven magically strips the other Titans so that she can get the laundry over and done with, the others immediately panic and cover themselves, except for Beast Boy, who just shrugs and goes about his business.
  • Raven's attempts in washing the Titans' outfits.
  • Cyborg's robot closet. There are several Shout Outs to other shows... and a Fembot body stashed in there too.
    Cyborg: (embarrassed) Heh, heh, how did that get there?
  • Starfire's attempt at sewing which ends with her somehow baking a beautiful dress...which she hates.
    • Didn't use enough milk, apparently.
  • Robin gets locked out of the tower while in the nude. He gets swarmed by bees and fan-girls with camera-phones.
    • When Gizmo shows up with a robot army to take down the Titans, he takes one look at Robin's naked bod and hightails it out of there.
  • When their clothes have a mind of their own and force them to wear each others outfits. Only it turns out that Raven cast a spell onto their outfits to teach Robin a lesson for not doing the laundry.
  • Raven and Robin's outfits' ... dancing.
  • How has the part where, seeing it's his turn to do laundry, Robin puts the list in a blender and swallows it?
    Robin: What chores list?
  • Raven gloating over Robin at the end.
    Raven: Sucka.

"Ghost Boy"
  • Beast Boy tries to prank Robin, Cyborg, and Raven, but they're all totally unfazed.
  • Beast Boy's face when he tries to prank Starfire.
    • Also, Starfire's face once the other Titans tell her that she's being pranked.
  • When everyone convinces Beast Boy he's a ghost, he decides to do what he always wanted: jump into a volcano.
    Cyborg: Jump into a volcano?!
    Raven: What kind of dream is that?
  • Everyone trying to stop Beast Boy from jumping into a volcano and dying one-by-one in silly ways. They come back as ghosts.
    • Robin takes being a ghost pretty easy.
    Robin: Guys, check it out! I can fly! I finally have a superpower! (does some flips) Woohoohoo!
  • Apparently, random lasers from space are a danger.
    Robin: Careful, there are still many dangers on this volcano: falling rocks, lava flows...
    Starfire: Laser beams.
    Raven: (confused) Laser wha? *ZAP!* Where did that even come from?
    Starfire: On my planet, it is not uncommon to be struck down by a stray laser beam from outer space.
  • The ending, or rather, the lack of one.
    Cyborg: So... what now?

"La Larva Amor"

"Hey, Pizza"
  • Robin has his sights on building a community center for senior citizens, but reconsiders building a pool when Starfire wants a reason to use a bikini.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy's escalating attempts at getting a free pizza; eventually resorting to using a laser satellite to blast the pizza parlor.
    • Cyborg and Beast Boy's crazy faces when they are about to press "The Button".
    • In the end, they never get their free pizza, but an old guy does. The two get so mad, they have a breakdown while Robin and Starfire watch confused.
  • At the end of the episode, Starfire models the bikini... on Silkie. Robin tries not to vomit.

  • Robin is putting the Titans through Training from Hell jumping jacks. Raven is doing girly ones in midair, Cyborg literally falls apart from exhaustion, and Starfire goes so fast, she warps through time and comes back wearing ancient Egyptian clothing.
  • Raven somehow slips on a Banana Peel while levitating.
  • Cyborg wants Robin to be leader again. Want to know why?
    Cyborg: WHY?! BECAUSE I HATE BANANAS! (Squeezes a banana until it pops)
  • After Gorilla!Beast Boy beats Robin, he says he's now leader because of the "Law of the Jungle, baby!". Robin begs the others for help, but...
    Cyborg: He's right. It is the law...
  • When Gorilla!Beast Boy becomes leader, he grows more feral and turns the Tower into a jungle. Starfire and Raven follow suit.
    • And the three go ape when they receive a call from Batman.
  • "You can't ignore me!"
  • Cyborg's disappointment in Robin for letting all the craziness happen, and calls him out for going soft.

"Girls Night Out"
  • Raven can only imagine how a girls night out is like: stuffed animals, flowers, rabbits. Absolutely terrifying.
  • Starfire's huge Puppy-Dog Eyes when she tries to convince Raven to hang out with her.
  • Starfire enthusiastically kicking Raven's popcorn to the floor and then grabbing her and tossing her through the wall of the Tower.
  • When bored, Raven visits Jinx to gloat about putting her in prison.
    Raven: Hahaha, look at you. You're in prison. (chomps some popcorn)
    Jinx: I hate you.
  • Starfire's rather polarizing threat to Jinx on what she would do to her if she tries to betray them.
    Jinx: Sounds like a blast...
    Starfire: Yes, (eyes glow) eye blast. That is how I will obliterate you.
  • Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy have exciting montages of... wearing hats and french fry eating.
    • They get a little too excited over their fries.
      Beast Boy: (dragging his butt on the floor) AAAAAAAAAAA!
      Cyborg: (punching his face) I CAN'T TAKE IT! I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!
  • Batman and Commissioner Gordon are on a stakeout when the cops are chasing the girls, and seem to not care at all.
  • The ending.
    Robin: Nice try, ladies, but... *together* LAAAME!

"You're Fired"
  • The reason why Beast Boy get fired.
    Beast Boy: Is this about that planet blowing up? Okay so I messed up. But everybody messes up from time to time. To time to time. To time.
    Robin: To time.
    Raven: To time.
    Cyborg: To time.
  • The auditions: Vixen nearly gets in but since she was in bird mode at the time, her eating a worm breaks the deal for the Titans. B'wana Beast merging Silkie and a Rabbit together gets him thrown out instantly. And Detective Chimp doesn't even get to say three words before being kicked aside (literally via a boot on a spring).
  • Cyborg heckling the auditiontionists. He kept on calling Vixen lame and made a bunch of puns with B'wana Beast's name.
    Cyborg: (pointing at B'wana Beast's loincloth) If you B'wana some pants, I can get you some!
  • Two Words: Beast Babe. Nobody is fooled.
  • An octopus riding an ice-unicycle
  • The Wonder Twins auditioning:
    Both: Wonder Twin powers... activate!
    Jayna: Shape of tiger! (transforms)
    Robin: That tiger is awesome!
    Zan: Form of water! (transforms)
    Robin: (Beat) ...That tiger is awesome!
    Zan: (Disheartened) I can also transform into ice and gas...
    • The twins soon make it clear that they need to be together to activate their powers, but seeing as Zan is basically useless, they offer him a job... as a receptionist.
  • Raven's reaction when Beast Boy tells her to flush him down the toilet.
  • People constantly calling the tower when they're looking for the Bat Cave.

"Super Robin"
  • While facing off against the H.I.V.E., Robin goes after Mammoth. He has a hard time beating him while the other Titans easily defeat their criminals and watch the one-sided fight while eating hotdogs.
    • Mammoth mostly just stands there doing absolutely nothing.
  • Robin tries to get superpowers by merging his DNA with an actual robin's. The bird starts doing acrobatics, throws a birdarang and exits using a grapple gun. He pops up two more times at random.
  • Starfire talking about meatloaf while the other Titans warn Robin how superpowers are a curse.
    Raven:(grimly) Superpowers are a curse.
    Cyborg:(grimly) A curse.
    Beast Boy:(grimly) A curse.
    Starfire:(grimly) Meatloaf.
  • Robin's Chicken Dance. It was so idiotic and hilarious, it almost made Raven smile. Almost.
  • Vindication!
    • Uh huh! That's right! Super powers are a curse curse curse cursity cursity cursey cursey cursey curse!

"Tower Power"
  • Cyborg boasting that the other Titans couldn't program a VCR... and none of them know what a VCR is. Causing Cyborg to go on a long tangent about it.
    • He does this two more times about Webster and The Pointer Sisters, but Robin stops him the third time.
  • Robin singing the original series' main theme in the shower, then Cyborg joining in.
  • "I'm fighting a vacuum cleaner... and losing! This is embarrassing."

  • Cyborg and Beast Boy's excuse to get out of eating Starfire's unusual food. It's clearly obvious they want to go to the movies instead.
    • "Carpool!"
  • Robin tries to eat a mouthworm and it starts screaming as soon as he bites down. Then they have a screaming contest before Robin escapes using a smoke bomb.
  • When the Titans are squicked out by Starfire's parasite, Cyborg ducks his head into his body like a turtle.
  • Robin goes to show Silkie something on his computer, but he has to click through sexy pictures of himself.
    Robin: No one must know about that.
  • Robin being right about Parry the whole time, and bonus points for Parry being the same species that tried to eat Starfire before.

  • The flashback to the last party Titans East had, with Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven being the "life of the party".
    • DJ Raven throws down some beats with her spooky music; creeping everyone out.
  • Raven. Dancing. While retaining her deadpan expression.
  • Silkie's so hungry, he goes around eating everything in sight.
    • In Robin's room, he eats one of his explosive birdarangs and his extending staff.
    • In Beast Boy's room, he eats BB's litter box and underwear, but spits out the box of tofu and wipes the taste off his tongue.
    • In Raven's room, he conjures up a big, scary demon... and eats it right up.

"Meatball Party"
  • The demon in Raven's mouth really likes attacking Beast Boy.
    Beast Boy: Why does it only go after me?! (gets dragged off)
  • At the dentist's office, Raven's mouth demon thrashes the dentists while the rest of the Titans are in the waiting room oblivious to the carnage.
    • Also at the office:
    Robin: Guys, I just realized. If Raven seals that tooth, Beast Boy will be trapped inside forever!
    Cyborg: *Reading a waiting room magazine* Well, nothing we can do about it now.
    Starfire: Actually, I believe there is still time-
    Cyborg: CAN'T YOU SEE I'M READING AN IMPORTANT PERIODICAL!? *beat* Found the teacup hiding in the tree.
  • Most of the ways Raven's mouth opens when the monster attacks. Most notably when the top half of her head unhinges from the lower half.
  • "GENIUS! How did I put that together with just a drawing of a snake and an upside-down smiley face? I have no idea."

"Staff Meeting"
  • Robin is hearing voices in his head again. This time it's his staff.
  • Robin's idea of a staff meeting: Literally whacking the other Titans with his staff to discipline them for slacking off.

  • Robin wakes up one morning and just feels like singing.
    "Morning stranger going through the Titan computer!"
    • And as soon as he realises what's happening he goes competely insane sounding the alarm, and throwing a smoke grenade to the floor- when the smoke clears, he hasn't moved a muscle
  • Starfire using slang again.
    Raven: There's something I don't like about [Terra].
    Cyborg: I think I know what you don't like.
    Starfire: That she's all up in your man's grill, and you're all, "Uh-uh, boo bear's mine."
    Raven: (Beat) What.
    Cyborg: We watch a lot of daytime talk shows together.
  • Robin testing Terra by jumping out when she least expects it.
    *pops out of a bush* TITAN TEST!
  • Cyborg suggests Terra is "in 'the L word'" with Beast Boy...
    Starfire: Lllllobster!
  • Near the end, when Terra tears apart the island to crush Beast Boy with a massive boulder, the view pans out to encompass everything, the entire island shakes dramatically... and then a round chunk just comes out of the island with a small *pop* noise.

"Artful Dodgers"
  • Starfire and Raven singing a dodge ball version of the original series theme song. It's all the more funny if you saw that coming.
  • The reason why Starfire's not allowed to play dodge ball? Last game she ate the ball. The reason Raven's not allowed to play? Last game she ate the opponents.
    Raven: (Gets hit in the head with a dodge ball) ... I'll consume your souls for that, mortal swine! (Goes One-Winged Angel and sucks the rival team into her mouth)
    • Just like how Starfire and Raven are benchwarmers, the Hive Fivers have See-more and Billy Numerous sitting out as well.
  • What do the Team Titans do when they lose the dodge ball championship to the Hive Fivers? They call the cops to arrest them and win by default. The Hive may have won, but they're still criminals.
  • Beast Boy always being the last one to be hit with the balls.

"Burger vs. Burrito"
  • Seeing Beast Boy dancing to beat box music as a cat. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Adorable.
  • Beast Boy's song about burritos and Cyborg's song about burgers.
  • One of the moments of the montage of the fight escalating shows Beast Boy, as a gorilla, trying to eat a pile of bananas. Cyborg somehow managed to replace the edible part of the bananas with burgers.
    • And then when Cyborg can't start the car... because Beast Boy replaced the engine with a burrito.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy have various burger vs. burrito challenges; including a hill race, shooting range, and aerodynamic tests.
    • The final challenge has a humungous burger-bot fighting a burrito Kaiju. It's a draw.
  • During the final food battle, Robin, Starfire, and Raven finally make a solid opinion on their food preference in the burger vs. burrito debate. They'd rather go out for pizza.
    • Likewise after the battle, Cyborg and Beast Boy are having a hankering for food. Unfortunately, one wants ice cream, but the other wants pie. Fortunately, they're willing to combine the two this time.
  • After Cyborg and Beast Boy divide the tower, Beast Boy puts Raven in a giant burrito after she sleeps on Cyborg's side and in retaliation she telekinetically wraps his ears around his head. When Cyborg laughs, she removes his screws and he falls apart.

  • Beast Boy's constant attempts to hit on Raven. It's like he's channeling Johnny Bravo.
  • "And Starfire's match is... Aquaman!"
    • Robin just plain loses it when he hears this.
  • Robin tries to woo Starfire by flexing in a speedo. Cyborg wishes he didn't see that.
  • Cyborg's reactions to Robin trying to mimic Aquaman in general
  • How the episode ends up: Just as Beast Boy and Raven are about to kiss in a climactic rooftop wedding, Cyborg flies in and announces that there was a glitch in his program. Beast Boy's match is now... the scratching post, which he immediately falls for. Raven's pissed, but Robin takes the chance to retry Starfire, as it might have changed for her too. Which it does, as her new match is also... the scratching post. Cue Beast Boy and Starfire getting into a catfight over the affections of the scratching post, Robin and Aquaman crying in each others' arms, Cyborg puzzled and sad over his failed program, and Raven hating everything.

"Colors of Raven"
  • Beast Boy's version of counting.
    "Zero, one, two..."
  • Red Raven beating the crap out of Cyborg and Robin for no reason. Strangely, she never once harms Beast Boy.
  • Pink Raven goes around making everything a Sugar Bowl. Beast Boy and Cyborg are supposed to catch her, but have a fun time in the saccharine setting she made.
    • While they were having a lovely picnic, Pink Raven ends up capturing herself. With her gone, everything returns to normal and the food the BB and Cy were eating turns back into garbage. Cyborg and Beast Boy's "Collect All Five" faces end up being a sharp contrast to Robin and Starfire's faces of glee.
  • Starfire and Robin go after Purple Raven, who has set up a kissing booth. Robin knows what he must do: get in line and smooch her. Just as they were about to kiss, Starfire knocks him away and captures Purple Raven herself.

"Left Leg"
  • When the Titans go into the big robot, a Teen Titan version of "Go Go Power Rangers" plays.
  • Robin's arrogance causes the Titan's first outing with their Humongous Mecha to be total failure. They couldn't even stop Kitten from robbing a bank and she's just an ordinary teenager.
  • Everyone is creeped out by Robin's incredibly muscular left leg. This is what Raven has to say.
    Raven: Get that away from me!


"Lazy Sunday"
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg going through the Five Stages of Grief after Robin gets rid of the couch, particularly when they reach "Anger" and Beast Boy is blowing bubbles angrily.

"Starfire the Terrible"
  • The team doesn't take Starfire being evil seriously at first, so she has to commit evil acts to convince them to do so. How does she convince Robin? By destroying a year's supply of his hair gel. How does she convince the rest of the team? By blowing up the moon!

"Staring at the Future"
  • Cyborgs and Beast Boy's reactions to the word "responsibility". The funniest example would have to be when they meet future Raven.

"No Power"
  • Starfire, for some reason, would rather cause property damage by blasting or smashing through a wall instead of going through doors that are literally just steps away.
  • As the Titans struggle to go through a day without their powers to win their bet against Robin.
    • Raven is hit the hardest with this, as her constant levitation and lack of walking has made her lose the ability to walk. She is later forced to use a walker to get around.
  • In the fight against the Hive 5, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy realize that they can do just fine without their powers, beating the bad guys by using only a mailbox, a stick, a walker, and an angry cat, respectively.
  • In the final scene, Raven is unable to get passed the door.

  • When Robin fears Batman's wrath for the Titans trashing the Bat cave, he goes through a number of quick changes acting out a rapid fire conversation of him begging Batman for forgiveness. Including his hair changing to look like Batman's cowl and even has "Batman" ask what "Alfred" thinks and acts him out as well.
  • Raven's friendship with the bats.
    • I'm suddenly much less afraid of Batman.
  • Starfire in Batgirl's suit and Robin's reaction to it.
    • Her fight with Jinx is funny as well.
  • Both the opening with Robin gloating and the end where he decides to blame the Joker.

"Caged Tiger"
  • Beast Boy's Potty Failure in the elevator.
    Robin: Okay, wow! That just happened.
  • Robin going crazy from being stuck in the elevator for so long and starting to act like a caged tiger. He even licks his own "paw."
  • Cyborg finally snaps and threatens to blast Beast Boy.

"Second Christmas"

"Nose Mouth"
  • Robin sleep-fighting.
  • Starfire's response to Raven giving her '80s Hair:
    Starfire: I LOOK LIKE THE RIPE BANANA! (rocks back and fourth in fetal position)
    Robin: I think it looks kinda cute. (dozes off, magic keeping him awake slaps him again)

  • Raven's crazy kicks. At one point Jinx catches both her legs and she kicks with a third leg. Jinx is just as confused as the audience.
    • Recall in a past episode, Raven could barely walk, and now, she's a pro at it!
  • Beast Boy just can't get enough of Raven's legs.
    • And Raven seems to like the attention, to the point that she happily shows off her legs again after Beast Boy freaks out upon seeing them being hidden by her cloak.
  • Cyborg puts on Raven's cloak and it makes him act like her; floating around, speaking in monotone, and using his nonexistent magic.

"Breakfast Cheese"

  • Just the sheer absurdity of Cyborg and Beast Boy trying to go a whole day saying nothing but the word "waffles."


  • The “Official Superhero Conduct Charter" has some rather funny things written on it by both Superman and Batman.
    (A little doodle of Batman's logo with a speech bubble above it): I SHALL BECOME THE BAT!
  • Robin: "I am watching-" *runs into a wall*
  • Also when they're trying to hide their relationship from Robin and Gizmo.
    Gizmo: Do I look like I was born yesterday?
    Cyborg: Kind of.
    Jinx: Yes.
  • When Cyborg declared to Jinx.
    Jinx: Blueberry Pie. My favorite.
    Cyborg: (confident) I knooooww.
    Jinx: That's creepy.
    Cyborg: (nervous) I knooooww.

"Be Mine"
  • Cyborg arranges for Jinx to come to the Valentine party. Unfortunately, his efforts are defeated by the guards tazing him whenever he tries to get close to her.
  • Terra's surprisingly deep laugh after she temporarily banishes the Titans to the center of the earth.

"Brain Food"
  • Cyborg's reaction to Beast Boy shoving a fish in his ear
  • Essentially anything the Titans do after Beast Boy's brain-drain spell.
    Cyborg: Guys, look! (Beat) A birdy!
  • Silkie being affected by the opposite spell, and using his new super intelligence to build a Humongous Mecha in his own likeness with which to combat the incoming asteroid.

"Más y Menos"

  • Starfire's dream, where after the other Titans refuse to go on a picnic with her she screams and turns them into cats.
  • Robin's dream is a collage of redubbed footage from the original series, starting out with the climax of Trouble in Tokyo in where he defeats the villain in one strike.
  • Both of these, however, pale in comparison to Silky's dream.

     Season 2 
"Mr. Butt"
  • The first place Robin has the Titans look for the missing Starfire? Beneath the yard.
  • Raven's total unwillingness to use her arms in this episode, going so far as to levitate Starfire's bracelets instead of wearing them during a role-playing session with Blackfire.
    • She didn't even wear Starfire's clothes like the other Titans; she just wore them over her closed cloak.
  • Robin's declaration that he's "only attracted to niceness, and sweetness, and innocent things, like a puppy with ears too big for it's head!". This was in reaction to Blackfire asking him if he missed her.

  • Aqualad's first-date idea to impress Raven? An undersea concert, by fish, clams, and an octopus …which turns out to be bait for a shark feeding frenzy!
  • Later, once Beast Boy's jealousy comes to the fore, Raven declares she'll check out some shipwrecked skeletons with whoever can win a fight…to the death!
    • Aqualad, however, refuses to fight, so Beast Boy jumps through his brawler animals and just wails on the guy!
  • Cyborg's Squee face when Aqualad becomes a pirate.

"Salty Codgers"
  • After he drains the youth from some kids, all of Mad Mod's physical features radically improve... except his teeth.
  • The Titans chasing Mad Mod in a Monty Python-esque fashion.
  • Old Cyborg suddenly having grandchildren for some reason.
  • The Death of the Teen Titans sans Raven.
  • How Raven crosses the Black River of the Underworld.
  • Death's Villain Song.
  • Raven tricking Death.
  • The Titans come back to life as old people zombies and Raven is completely fine with that.

"Slumber Party"

"Caramel Apples"
  • Trigon and Starfire spending quality time together.
  • A bit dark but you gotta admit it's funny to see BB and Cyborg getting hurt after each Rousing Speech Robin gives.
  • The episode's climax involves Raven and Starfire becoming one another's father. It's as weird and hilarious as it sounds.

  • The entire episode is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic meets Teen Titans Go!, and is every bit as hilarious as it sounds.
  • Raven's ridiculous expressions when she realizes Control Freak has beamed the Titans into her favorite show.
  • Raven's explanation for the in-universe fandom's portmanteau naming.
    Raven: A flerd! It's half flock, half herd!
    Control Freak: Holy smokes, you're a nerd.
  • The pegasi being corrupted by the Titans' actions until they themselves start to believe that violence is the best answer.
    • After the Titans beat up the unicorns:
    Sparkleface: That was scary.
    Butterbean: Very scary. But it stopped the unicorns from playing their music.
    • After Robin smacks the panicking unicorns with his staff:
    Butterbean: Those slaps worked very well.
    Sparkleface: I liked watching it.
    • This culminates with their plan to stop the giant goblin and their response to Raven's objection.
    Unicorn: I say we form a friendship circle so we can hug him from all angles and-
    Butterbean: Or we can kick him in the face.
    Raven: Butterbean! What's wrong with you?
    Butterbean: (laughs) That just seems like the quickest way to get rid of him.
    Raven: But you taught me that friendship and love are the best way to deal with problems.
    Butterbean: Did I? That sounds ridiculous.

"The Mask"
  • After losing his mask, Robin hastily retreats to The Tower while covering his face to protect his secret identity. He runs into a pole. Undeterred, he summons his R-Cycle and rides it into nearest wall. Finally, in an ultimate display of total stupidity and/or determination, he calls T-Plane...

"Robin Backwards"
  • The Bizarro Titans' version of the T-Plane being upside-down and dragging itself across the ground.
  • The whole total-opposite concept of the Bizarro Titans is hilarious.
    • Grobyc, who walks around in a tank top and boxers, and is 99% human; 3/4 of his face is mechanical.
    • Nevar, a well-tanned girl who always has a disturbing "smile" on her face.
    • Boy Beast, a dog-creature with the power to shapeshift into any boy!
    • Erifrats, a hulking, hideously misshapen, unibrowed Tameranean.
    • And their leader Nibor, who's exactly what the normal Titans want instead of their own Robin.