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Shout Out: Teen Titans Go!
  • Pretty Pretty Pegasus, a Show Within a Show Affectionate Parody of My Little Pony.
  • One of the pillows on the Titans' couch is shaped and colored like Finn's head.
    • That's actually Batman.
  • Beast Boy in pig form may be an unintentional reference to Angry Birds.
  • The supermarket chase is one to The Benny Hill Show
  • The picture Beast Boy draws for Cyborg's birthday in "Pie Bros" depicts them flying in space with a colourful ribbon trail behind them, referencing Nyan Cat.
  • In "Driver's Ed", Beast Boy has a picture of Nite Owl on his wall, as well as a picture of Plastic Man.
  • In Beast Boy's flashback at the start of "Dog Hand", the warthog that kicks him away is orange with black hair, like Puumba from The Lion King.
  • When Cyborg and Beast Boy are playing cavemen and dinosaurs in "Double Trouble", Cyborg is dressed as Fred Flintstone.
  • "The Date":
    • Robin has a Superman figurine hanging from his ceiling light.
    • Robin bribes Cyborg and Beast Boy with Scooby Snacks to make them look after Speedy. Beast Boy even morphs into Scooby.
    • Starfire has a The Dark Knight Rises Bane plushie on her bed.
    • The same version of Bane is also drawn on the punching bag in Robin's room.
    • Starfire's date with Speedy is a reference to their current relationship in the New 52.
    • Starfire's dress is based on Jane Jetson's.
  • In Robin's flashback scene in "Dude Relax", the bear wearing a collar is a reference to Yogi Bear.
    • The circus flashback itself is a reference to Dick Grayson, the original Robin in the DC comics. This is in line with a previous reference to the circus in the original Teen Titans series when Raven entered Robin's mind, suggesting that the Robin in the show is the DC Animated version of Grayson. It should be noted that the episode baits viewers who know this into predicting that Robin stopped relaxing after his parents were killed just like in the comics, only to reveal that it's because the animals kept stealing his stuff.
  • In "Laundry Day", one of Cyborg's bodies is shaped like one of the Voltron lions in leg mode.
    • Another one is DCAU's Brainiac ("too brainy").
    • When Beast Boy uses a vacuum to suck up Cyborg's soul, the music resembles the Ghostbusters theme.
    • Starfire's dress-making skills and the end result is a lot like what the character Giselle does for a hobby in Enchanted.
    • When the suits start attacking, Robin's and Raven's suits slack off and dance to It Takes Two by Rob Base.
  • At the start of "Ghostboy", Beast Boy pops out of Robin's closet as a Velociraptor using the Jurassic Park T. rex's roar.
  • "La Larva Amor" has several during the milk mustache contest, such as Robin becoming Mario, Raven becoming Gandalf and Beast Boy becoming Chewbacca, complete with Bowcaster. Also, Cyborg resembles B.A. Baracus.
  • Of the many references to other DC characters in the series, perhaps the most potentially impactful on the story was Beast Boy finding a Green Lantern ring in the couch at the start of "La Larva de Amor". Of course, as he was looking for something else, he tossed it aside.
  • Apparently the skeleton reaching for water under Starfire's bed was Deadman (Boston Brand).
  • In "Hey, Pizza!" Starfire buys an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini.
    • The money used in the episode have Lex Luthor on the bills, a shout out to the fact that for a while Lex Luthor was President of the United States.
  • In "Gorilla" Beast Boy is under the impression that gorillas and crocodiles are natural enemies. Sounds like he's been playing a certain series of games too much.
    • In addition, some of his gorilla sounds when he's refusing to speak are directly ripped from Mario Kart 64's DK voice.
  • In "Girls Night Out", Beast Boy combs his hair down, but has a cowlick similar to Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.
  • In "You're Fired", Zan hides as water in a fishbowl while Beast Boy is a goldfish, referencing The Fairly OddParents.
  • "Super Robin":
    • Raven gives Robin nearly all of Superman's superpowers. And with it comes Superman's signature spit curl.
    • The way Cyborg lands after beating Gizmo is basically the same as generally used by Iron Man.
    • Beast Boy looks like Yoda when he becomes an old man.
    • How have we gone this long without how Raven told him how "With great power, comes greater responsibility"?
  • "Tower Power"
    • During Cyborg's explanation on VHS, a still from Batman: The Animated Series is shown on a TV, and both Cats Don't Dance and The Iron Giant are shown on VHS tapes.
    • He later talks about Webster and The Pointer Sisters.
      • He mentions that the actor who played Webster "was like 40 in real life". Cyborg may have confused him with Gary Coleman, who starred in Different Strokes.
    • When Cyborg is hooked up to the Titans Tower mainframe, he loses his humanity and starts acting more like HAL 9000. He even starts speaking in a Creepy Monotone, only shows his cybernetic eye, and utters the famous line "I'm sorry, but I cannot do that".
      • He also starts filling the tower with a green gas that looks like the neurotoxin from Portal.
    • A reference to The Brave Little Toaster is made in the end, where Robin's Lampy, Starfire's Toaster, and Raven's Kirby.
      • No wonder that scene was so disturbing.
  • "Starliar"
  • "Meatball Party"
    • When attempting to communicate via pictures Raven draws Darth Vader's helmet to represent "force". For clarification, she was attempting to say "You can't force me to have fun all the time".
    • One of the ponies Raven plays with has a blue mane and pink fur, like Firefly from generation 1 of My Little Pony. Firefly happens to be the favorite pony of Lauren Faust, who created Friendship is Magic, where Raven's voice actress plays the lead pony.
  • "Staff Meeting"
    • The Universe Tree looks a lot like the Deku Tree.
  • "Terra-ized"
    • The secret data room has a series of different doors opening ala Get Smart and Mystery Science Theater 3000.
      • One of these doors is a vault door, labeled "101." the number and way it opens are clear references to Fallout 3.
    • A Darkseid doll can be found leaning against the couch.
  • In "Artful Dodgers", Starfire puts a dodgeball in her mouth like a jawbreaker.
    • During the victory dance, Cyborg does that dance from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • "Burger vs. Burrito"
  • The display on Cyborg's monitor in "Matched" is in the same style as the stage select in Mega Man 2.
    • And just as he activates the machine, there's a pixel version of the heart shot from The Powerpuff Girls.
  • In "Colors of Raven", you can spot a boy wearing a Hero of Time hoodie.
  • Cyborg's new Humongous Mecha in "The Left Leg" bears quite the resemblance to Sym-Bionic Titan.
    • When the Titans ride the pneumatic tubes to board said mecha, the music played is the classic touchtone 3-3-2-3-9-3 of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme.
  • In "Starfire the Terrible", Robin's hair shifts from his old original style, to Bart's, Goku's, and Sonic's styles.
  • "Books."
    • During their search of books the Titans turn into their 80s Counterparts.
    • They find a book with a face on it similar to Necronomicon Ex Mortis
  • "Power Moves": In one of a few references to the Cartoon Network show, Robin and Cyborg's first Power Move is actually from the first episode.
  • "Staring at the Future": The time machine built by Cyborg and Beast Boy is powered by a device that resembles the Flux Capacitor.
  • In "Nose Mouth", after Starfire talks about his "Sleep Fighting", the words "Sleep Fighter II" appear in a certain font...
  • In "Legs", when Raven changes her outfit, it's a gold one. Which could be a subtle shout out to her bodyless good soul self. Or the nicknamed "Gold Raven".
  • In "Opposites", Cyborg says "strategery".
  • In "In and Out" when Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy pretend to be villains to infiltrate the HIVE's base, Beast Boy is wearing his original red and white jumpsuit.
  • In "Missing" the boys return Silkie to Killer Moth, and have a huge blast with the reward money, Scrooge McDuck style.
  • In "Mas y Menos," the titular duo takes the Titans' pizza and gives it to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • "Mr. Butt" spoofs Cape Fear in the scenes of Starfire working out in prison, complete with similar background music.
  • In several episodes, the first being "Pie Bros.", Cyborg turns into a morph ball.
    • He also uses a weapon select screen reminiscent of Super Metroid in "Dreams".
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