Creator / David Kaye
This is David Kaye. David Kaye is doing well, yeeesss...

That's because David is the most well-known voice of Megatron, second in favoritism only to Frank Welker, a role he has held for a long time. He is also very well-regarded for his roles as either strong Bishōnen characters, big badasses, or confident Big Bads. Despite such recognition and how long he has performed his Megatron voice, he has an exceptional range that makes it difficult to point single out any particular role as being him.

A running joke among the fandom is that he is also the announcer for the "Male Enhancement" commercials... we're sure the Missus is very happy with him, yeeesss!

Not to be confused with the character Tom Rooney played on This Is Wonderland, noooooo; also not to be confused with the child actor who did voices in Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, he is David A. Kaye, and he is doing better stuff, never to be confused with the pedophile rabbi. EVER

His New York counterpart is Marc Diraison (both are in L.A. now).

Has a Twitter account and a Youtube account.

Notable roles by David Kaye (most from The Ocean Group):