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Awesome: Teen Titans Go!
  • The Titans vs the sandwich guardians.
  • As goofy as the Bumbling Dad persona is, it is actually quite clever how he used Raven's friends to try to convince her daughter to be a Demon Spawn. It just goes to show why Trigon is considered the source of all evil. Fortunately Raven isn't stupid.
  • Robin defeats Gizmo just by being naked.
  • Starfire successfully survives a rockslide. Only to get zapped by a random laser from space.
  • Beast Boy tricking everyone in the end. Taking out the context of them all dying and becoming ghosts, it's pretty awesome to trick the pranksters by going along with their prank only to then turn it on themselves.
  • Silkie's huge adventure in "La Larva Amor". He hooks up with a beautiful woman in Mexico, gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, escapes from his prison, and defeats the ex in combat without even trying. Unfortunately, no one will ever know about it because he can't talk.
  • Robin actually making Raven smile by yelling at her when he re-establishes himself as alpha male.
  • "Girls Night Out" has Raven, Starfire, and Jinx riding a building like a surfboard.
  • Beast Boy's quip about still being a hero despite being unable to learn his lesson before going off to capture Zan.
  • In "Super Robin", the Titans curbstomp the H.I.V.E.. Except Robin, who decided to go after Mammoth.
    • Beast Boy goes T. Rex and chomps Jinx.
    • Gizmo whips out a huge arsenal of guns, but Cyborg takes him out with one little missile.
    • Even if Robin's fight with Mammoth wasn't as awesome as the other titans, he still deserves props for managing to take down a guy at least twice his size.
    • And the part where it only took him a few seconds with superpowers to solve all the world's problems. Even Superman couldn't do that!
  • Robin was right about Parry being a monster all along.
  • The ending of "Starliar" is a more mundane moment of win for Starfire.
  • Raven vs. Terra in "Terra-ized". Raven's the only one who realizes Terra is evil and defeats her by sucking her into another dimension.
  • A giant burger-bot vs. a giant burrito monster. It's a draw.
  • The Titans have an incredible battle using a Humongous Mecha against Gizmo's giant robot army.
    • Not to mention Robin beating Gizmo with just a the left leg, with his upgrades to match.
  • Starfire turns out to be a surprisingly effective villain in "Starfire the Terrible". She blows up the moon and while her evil lair is made of cardboard, it has real lasers and a robot army that gives the Titans a hard time.
  • Robin and Cyborg accidentally combine their attacks to create an explosion so powerful, it can be seen from space.
    • Bonus points later for trying to combine other things, the first thing they try? Robin's cane and Cy's Jukebox, and the combination Works
  • Once Raven realizes how awesome her legs are, she gives them quite the workout. Just ask Jump City's villains.
  • Robin, Starfire, and Raven's trio in "Waffles".
  • Remember in "Super Robin" when Robin wore himself out beating Mammoth? Well, while infiltrating the Hive as Red X, he effortlessly beats the crap out of him!
  • Everyone's dream...well maybe except Beast Boy's dream in "Dreams".
  • Cyborg's voice and the Titans' dances in "Grandma Voice".
  • The Titans battling the Puppet Wizard during the season 1 finale to get their souls back.
  • Starfire's revenge on Blackfire during the end of "Mr.Butt".
  • Beast Boy unleashing a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Aqualad in "Pirates".
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