Headscratchers / Teen Titans Go!

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     "Dog Hand"-related Headscratchers 
  • Why couldn't Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire, and/or Cyborg think about calling Trigon for help with Raven's cracked tooth? After all, Cyborg's meatball "glue" isn't a permanent solution.
    • ...Maybe because they sent Trigon to another dimension? Seriously, why they want Trigon to help after what happened in "Dog Hand"? Trigon would never help them after that happened and even if he did, it would probably be a trick.
      • Speaking of "Dog Hand", why didn't Trigon revoke the Titans' powers that he gave them? Shouldn't he have known they would use them to defeat him?
      • Perhaps he simply cannot. There is a trope Faustian Rebellion. That asks that exact question and it's common enough that once powers are given they cannot be taken back either at all or without complicated rituals.
      • Why did Cyborg waste his wish on that stupid dog head when he could undo his father's work and become human again?
    • But he still loves his daughter.
    • Because Trigon's solution probably would more than likely involve letting the rest of the team die first before stopping the tooth demon so that there would be nothing left to stop Raven from conquering this world (and then going out for ice cream to celebrate!)
      • It was only that one time. It probably won't happen again.

     One Chubby Robot 
  • In the episode with the doubles, how did Cyborg's robot parts get fat? Are his robotics some sort of comedic nanobot-material in this continuity?
    • I can't think of any better explanation.
    • I got one: Rule of Funny.

     We Wear The Cloak 
  • In "Legs" the Titan all put on Raven's cloak with... interesting side effects. My problem is that in "Meatball Party" and "Laundry Day", Beast Boy and Starfire, respectively, wear Raven's cloak without any adverse side effects (actually, no effects at all). What. The. Heck.
    • I think it's because the spell Raven used to make Robin do the laundry stopped the demons or something...
    • Well, the entire show runs on Negative Continuity. Aside from what you've mentioned, this episode also showed Raven walking, something she had a terrible time trying to do when Robin forced the rest of the Titans to go without using their superpowers in a previous ep. Going by that episode, she really shouldn't have been able to walk so freely in this one, let alone dance and put on a new superhero persona who's entirely based around kicking.

     Gizmo's The Boss 
  • Gizmo tells Jinx that she's not allowed to see Cyborg anymore...............wait a minute why is Gizmo telling Jinx what to do?
    • My best guess is that, being the smartest of the group, he's the leader.
  • Don't the Titans minus Cyborg and Robin have better disguises? At the very least, BB could use his "Beast within", Raven has illusion magic or just her standard Elderitch Abomination form she uses all the time in this series, Starfire could just dye her hair, put on the armor, and say she's Blackfire.

     No Disqualification 
  • In "No Power", everyone already used their powers before the battle. Why weren't they already disqualified?
    • Because Robin caught them before the powers could be used to any effect. Beast Boy didn't get the pickle jar open while in gorilla form, Cyborg didn't get his burrito cooked with his torch, Raven stopped floating as soon as Robin caught her, and Starfire didn't go through the hole she carved in the wall.
    • That's wrong. The challenge was that they couldn't use any super powers for 24 hours. Didn't matter if they accomplished a task or not, they couldn't use any power whatsoever for any reason. That they did in any way means they lost, hell he taunted them when he saw it. But since the writers hate Robin for some unexplained reason he doesn't win.

     A Love For Legs 
  • In "Legs" Beast Boy clearly has some sort of leg fetish. So how come he wasn't fawning over Terra's legs in "Terra-ized" or Valentine's Day episode, she was wearing shorts.
    • Maybe he just thinks Raven's legs are nicer.

     Standing Up For The Little Guys 
  • Why did DC/CN makes this, instead of an adaption of Tiny Titans? It has more or less the same premise, but people would think it was less of an 'insult' to the old show.

     Surviving A Long Time Travel 
  • So many questions with the time travel episode. How did Beast Boy and Cyborg not die of starvation and dehydration from standing there for thirty years? How did their eyes not dry out and cause them to become blind after thirty years without blinking? How did Cyborg's mechanical parts not shut down since he did not recharge them for thirty years? Why didn't the janitor pick up the slice of pizza on the floor at any point in thirty years? Hope they got fired for that. Why didn't the manager kick them out at closing time? Why didn't they age? How did Cyborg not get a mouth infection from putting that thirty year old pizza slice in his mouth? How was the pizzeria still standing after thirty years? Why didn't anyone ask why they were just standing there for thirty years?
    • Rule of Funny.
    • This is pretty common with time travel episodes, from what I recall. There was a Pinky and the Brain episode where they froze themselves for 30 years, and the Doraemon cast doesn't seem to die when they time travel.

     Batman the Turkey 
  • This troper doesn't get the joke. Why was Batman turned into a turkey? Why did Raven think Robin will be okay with this? Batman didn't do anything wrong in the segment. He was invited to their house. Wouldn't it make sense if Batman was a jerk to Robin early in the episode?
    • Raven doesn't have any emotional attachment to Batman, and it's been made abudently clear the other Titans don't care if Robin is upset.

     What An Insult! 
  • Why are the writers so spiteful toward fans of the original show? It seems like they take every opportunity to call fans of the original babies or say that they can't take a joke. One or two near the beginning would have been fine. Now they're just being mean-spirited about it. They act like any criticism is unfounded and they treat every other animated DC show like a joke. In fact, they wouldn't be out of place with the warped versions of the characters they've shoved at us.
    • Because they're childish and can't take criticism. They're perfect and we're bad for thinking their show is bad. They can't possibly make a bad show.
      • "Because they're childish and can't take criticism"—that could easily apply to the complaining fans.
      • But writers and creators shouldn't stoop to the complaining fans' level. They should be better than that, and ignore the hate comments. Wouldn't that make the writer just as immature as the angry fan? These writers are full grown men. I see writers in forums that will engage in arguments with fans. You should act professional and ignore the hate, not stoop to their level.
      • I think I have an answer: the show feeds on the hate of the original show's fans. It knows the original was better, it doesn't care, and it wants to take a huge dump on it just so people will be mad. And if "Truth, Justice, and What?" "Two-Parter" and "The True Meaning of Christmas" are any indication, it wants to insult anything it possibly can so that more people will be upset. I wouldn't be surprised if they made an episode dissing Pokémon, given the huge fanbase that franchise has.

     Why do People Take This Show so Seriously? 
  • I've seen people, mainly fans of Mr. Enter, tackle this show 24/7 as if it were Satan. I mean it's just a show for little kids, and I don't want to hear the overused excuses "mean-spirited humor," "it's not like the original," and "they keep insulting older fans."