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Characters: Riviera: The Promised Land
The cast of Riviera: The Promised Land. Contains massive spoilers.

Riviera characters are associated with the following tropes:

Ein / Ecthel

Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (JP), Yuri Lowenthal (EN, PSP version)

The Protagonist. He is sent to Riviera by Hector to actuate the Retribution, and many of the other characters remark on how naive and hopeless he is; nevertheless, he is an extremely powerful Grim Angel (he manages to keep up with Ledah with a little help from his Exposition Fairy, despite the fact that he's as new to his job as new gets!). He traded his wings for his Diviner, Einherjar. Ein is separated from his companions Ledah and Rose by Riviera's guardian, Ursula; she gives him Laser-Guided Amnesia and deposits him in a Sprite village so that he can better consider their point of view. After she gives him his memories back, he becomes her Laser Guided Spanner in the Works.

Much of Ein's personality is up to the player's direction and dialogue choices, but his default demeanor is innocent and friendly; he believes the best of everyone around him, even (to a point) his enemies. His age and surname are not given by Sting. Some fans hold his birthday to be July 10, the release date of the PSP version in America.


Voiced by: Natsumi Yanase (JP), Wendee Lee (EN, PSP version)

Granddaughter of Elendia's elder and one of the first girls to join forces with Ein. Fia took care of Ein while he was an amnesiac, and invited him to live with her and her friend Lina. She is well-read and responsible, and explains a great deal about the world to Ein when he still can't remember very much (including several battle mechanics not gone over by Ledah and Rose). She starts out apparently infatuated with Ein, assigning him the suffix -sama in the Japanese version; depending on the choices of the player, she may fall in love with him by the end of the game.

Gossiping with the house fairy Coco reveals that Fia has a sweet tooth and is insecure about her weight, and is less mature than she likes to act. Her age and surname are not given by Sting. Some fans hold her birthday to be July 12, the release date of the WSC version of the game.

Lina / Lyuri

Voiced by: Hiromi Konno (JP), Stephanie Sheh (EN, PSP version)

A Haine girl who's lived with Fia since she moved to Elendia two years ago. Lina joins up with Ein at the same time as Fia. Lina is cheerful, whimsical, and extremely immature—most of the time. She shows her occasional moments of brilliance and good judgment of character, and helps to cheer Ein up in his Darkest Hour. She doesn't know much about everyday mundane things (like what kinds of wood are used to light her and Fia's own stove), but brings energy and drive to Ein's quest like no other. She doesn't have much affection for Ein initially, but depending on the actions of the player, she can fall in love with him by the end of the game.

Lina is actually quite a bit older than she looks, and her childishness is implied to be just an act to make her look more cutesy. In one scene, she claims to be a year older than Fia (who neither confirms nor denies it). Her surname is not given by Sting. Some fans hold her birthday to be November 22, the release date of the PSP version in Japan.


Voiced by: Ai Nonaka (JP), Paula Tiso (EN, PSP release)

A native of Rosalina and a member of the Arcs, a race of Sprite. Serene's village was wiped out by Malice towards the beginning of the game when she was ordered by Hector to gather a thousand Sprites' souls. Ein, Fia, and Lina rescued her from Malice while exploring Lacrima Castle, and she joined up with them afterwards. Serene is the most boyish and rough-natured of the four Sprite girls accompanying Ein, and is friendly with Lina; the two tease each other back and forth over the course of the game. Serene secretly harbors considerable survivor's guilt about being the only Arc to live through the Rosalina massacre. Depending on the player's actions, she can fall in love with Ein by the end of the game.

The Precious Chapter drama CD features an installment that focuses on Serene's backstory and her life in Rosalina before the game.

Serene is stated to be about the same age as Ein, but her surname is not given by Sting. Some fans hold her birthday to be April 4, the release date of the PSP version in Europe.


Voiced by: Yuko Goto (JP), Vanessa Morley (EN, GBA version), Michelle Ruff (EN, PSP version)

Known as the Scarlet Witch, Cierra is a Witch, and a magic researcher who normally lives in Wiese Forest. She joined Ein and the other girls while they explored the Nelde Ruins in search of one of the Accursed (which she mistook for Akurst and thought they were looking for magical herbs, at first!); she insisted on traveling with them in order to look for her "friend", Gateau—actually Ein's lost familiar, Rose. Cierra joins the party with a high level of affection for Ein, and is considered by fans to be one of the easiest characters to win over by the end of the game.

Cierra is the oldest of the girls who travel with Ein's party, and acts as an older sister to the others. Her magic, while quite powerful, sometimes tends to be of the hit-or-miss variety because Cierra herself can be quite absentminded. She gets lost easily and isn't very good at making potions, although she is an excellent chef. Although her age is not officially given, she seems to be at least 20 years old (the legal drinking age in Japan), as official and unofficial works both tend to portray her drinking wine or beer. Her surname isn't officially given, either. Some fans hold her birthday to be November 25, the release date for the GBA version in Japan.

Rose R. Crawford

Voiced by: Rika Komatsu (JP)

In both feline and humanoid flavors.

Ein's familiar and Exposition Fairy in the first chapter. Rose was assigned to Ein to help him cope with being sent out right after being made a Grim Angel, and is often frustrated with his lack of knowledge about things she believes to be obvious. Although she teases Ein relentlessly, she does care for him deeply, and considers him to be her friend, not just her master. She is shown to have an interest in history, and is very respectful towards Ledah. If none of the heroines care about Ein enough, he returns to Asgard with Rose at the end of the game; all versions from the original GBA release on, however, do include a special ending for her (referred to by fans as her Good Ending or True Ending) that requires a base amount of Cierra's affection.

Rose doesn't like being equated with a cat because of her appearance, and is highly unamused when one of Cierra's potions robs her of her voice. While her age is not given, she is one of three characters from Riviera whose full name was revealed by Sting (and the only one whose full name is revealed in-game). Some fans hold her birthday to be October 18, the release date for the Special Edition of the PSP version in Japan.

Ledah Rozwelli

Voiced by: Masakazu Morita (JP)

A second Grim Angel, dispatched along with Ein. He is much more experienced than Ein, and much more professional in his dealings with demons and traveling. He and Ein were separated at the end of the first chapter, after which Ledah continued to follow Hector's orders and prepare for the destruction of Riviera. His devotion to the gods' will (which he believes Hector to be the spokesperson of) leads to his confrontation with Ein, subsequent Heel-Face Turn, and final Heroic Sacrifice. It is revealed at the end of chapter 6 that Ledah had to sacrifice his emotions to become a Grim Angel, although he does seem to retain some emotional capacity.

Not much of Ledah's background has been released, although his surname and Grim Angel registration number and class were given out with the Prologue Disc. His age is not given, but judging by his voice, he seems to be older than Ein at the very least. Some fans hold his birthday to be June 28, the release date for the GBA version in America.

Malice Ructor

Voiced by: Mariko Suzuki

A third Grim Angel, sent to tail Ein and Ledah by Hector. As compared to Ein and Ledah, Malice's loyalties lie only with Hector. She first encountered Ein directly while chasing Serene, and neither of them seemed to recognize each other; he did know who she was by their next meeting, however. Malice says that she gave up her future to become a Grim Angel, but it's eventually revealed by Hector that she failed to become a real Grim Angel and that she (like her Expy characters in Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare) is an artificial Grim Angel with a fake Diviner; she was only his pawn, nothing more. Near the end of the game, she is sacrificed by Hector to resurrect Seth.

Malice's backstory and surname are revealed in one of the voiced dramas on the Epilogue Disc. Her age is never given. Some fans hold her birthday to be May 8, the release date of the PSP version in Australia.


Voiced by: Yuko Shioyama (JP)

Defender of Riviera, Ursula is said to be the ghost of a woman who died in Ragnarok, but considering that this is claimed by Hector (and he's a lying liar who lies), her true origins remain shrouded in mystery in-game. She kidnapped Ein and gave him Laser-Guided Amnesia in order to convert him to her cause, and points him in the proper direction to start battling the Accursed. Later, after realizing that she was mistaken about Hector's views, Ursula contacts Ein via a dream to get him to protect her. She fades away at the end of the game, as her existence is linked with Seth's.

According to the side materials, Ursula was created by the gods as a defense mechanism to protect the Retribution—Seth is the embodiment of the gods' power, but to get at her one must first get past Ursula, and because they are symbiotic beings, killing Ursula would defeat the purpose. She is worshipped as a goddess by the Sprites.


Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama (JP)

A recurring character over the Dept Heaven series, Hector is one of the Seven Magi, and is finally the main villain of Riviera. He spent the past several millennia planning a takeover of Asgard, and set it into motion by getting Malice to revive demons in Riviera, giving him an excuse to send his Laser-Guided Tykebomb trio down to actuate the Retribution and destroy Riviera, conveniently giving him the opportunity to grasp the gods' power for himself. Unfortunately for Hector, Ursula kidnapped and converted the weakest Laser-Guided Tykebomb, Ein, and turned him into her own Laser-Guided Tykebomb. Hector's grandiose and complicated plan is brought to a screeching halt For Want of a Nail.

In addition to his role as main villain here, he has a cameo appearance in Knights in the Nightmare and is referenced in Yggdra Union.

As over the past two games in the series, Hector is shown having brought about the utter ruin of an innocent Wide-Eyed Idealist, narrowly avoiding a The Dog Bites Back from said Wide-Eyed Idealist-turned-Magnificent Bastard via interference by some trusty, well-meaning Unwitting Pawns (the Royal Army in Yggdra Union), abusing his test subjects, and sending the gods' most devout servant on a suicide mission that ends in her fall from grace, this man has garnered a respectable amount of fan hate. Taking him down at last is kind of satisfying.

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