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Locked Pages: Lock, UnLock and Edit requests

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Important Note: The page locking bug introduced in the 1.8 update has been mostly fixed, however, there are still some recurrences we are working on debugging.

You can get around a spurious page lock by going to If the page is still locked, it's likely checked out by another troper.

This thread is for requesting edits or unlocks to Locked Pages or for requesting locks. It can also be used for technical requests to moderators such as creating new pages in the Main/ and other restricted namespaces without going through YKTTW.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Check Locked Pages and Permanent Red Link Club first. They can provide guidance on what are good and bad requests.
  2. Include working links in your request to the page(s) in question.
  3. If asking for edits, state your changes exactly as they should appear on the page, including proper Example Indentation, namespacing, and pothole and quote formatting. And make sure that what you want to add is actually a valid example.
  4. We do not edit archived articles, even to correct links.
  5. If you need to have the capitalization of a page title or namespace of a work fixed, ask here.
  6. Some locked pages have ongoing cleanup threads, like Complete Monster (Thread), Five-Man Band (Thread), and Magnificent Bastard (Thread). Other than purely technical requests, edits to these pages ought to be discussed in these threads first.
  7. Also, we do not do direct edits (other than changing wicks) to Magnificent Bastard or Complete Monster example lists. Rather, you need to do the edit to a sandbox page that follows the format Sandbox.Magnificent Bastard<Name of the example subpage> and Sandbox.Monster<Name of the example subpage> (e.g for Monster.Disney it's Sandbox.Monster Disney) and ask for it to be swapped in on Friday for Magnificent Bastard and on Tuesday for Complete Monster.
  8. Inappropriate pages that keep being recreated, pages banned under The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit and subpages that are disallowed (like Headscratchers pages for tropes) are valid reasons for requesting page locks.

NOTE: Edited with OP's permission.

Edited by SeptimusHeap on Sep 26th 2020 at 10:53:00 AM

Arawn999 Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Nov 18th 2020 at 6:50:33 PM

I would like to request a lock for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and its associated pages until the game is officially released on November 20th, as the game was leaked before its official date and people have been posting content from said leaks — which goes against TV Tropes' editing policies — on the pages, particularly Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

I've messaged the tropers responsible for adding the leaked content, one of whom did not appear to be aware of TV Tropes' policy against it.

Edited by Arawn999 on Nov 18th 2020 at 6:58:29 AM

Nov 18th 2020 at 7:06:13 PM

Regarding NightmareFuel.RWBY, I was wondering whether to add a notice on the page to ask for edits in this thread would make sense given that not everybody finds their way here. It would suck to lose a lot of Wiki Magic.

Apologies, but may I raise a concern with the addition of that link?

There's already a notice on the page saying the following:

Please bring all potential examples to the Nightmare Fuel clean-up thread for approval.

It has a direct link to the NF clean-up thread.

The reason that message was added was because the clean-up thread discovered that tropers were circumventing the clean-up by coming straight to this thread instead of engaging with the clean-up effort, and the entries being added were still problem entries that then needed further cleaning up. The mod visiting the thread at the time (Willbyr, I think, but please accept my apologies if I've remembered that incorrectly) advised that RWBY entries have to go through the clean-up thread before they're allowed to come to this thread.

Given that we're finding that tropers still won't engage with the clean-up thread and continue proposing problem entries, I think this is still a concern worth considering. It also means that the RWBY page now has two contradictory messages on it for edit submissions.

Edited by Wyldchyld on Nov 18th 2020 at 3:16:01 PM

If my post doesn't mention a giant flying sperm whale with oversized teeth and lionfish fins for flippers, it's just not worth reading.
WarJay77 Some like it hot from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Some like it hot
Nov 18th 2020 at 7:37:10 PM

I'm with [up]. We can't direct people here as a first resort. They have to run their examples through the cleanup thread first, because the page is locked due to problematic edits and edit warring over the cleanup effort. Directing them here first doesn't solve the issue at hand.

Wick Check Project Official Sandbox (TM)
mightymewtron Certified Weird Girl from sout park Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Certified Weird Girl
Nov 18th 2020 at 7:44:56 PM

What's our take on uploading videos onto trope pages that were locked? I had an idea for a video example for Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male (the video does not depict any actual rape), and I know I'm able to add the video, but I didn't know if I should since the edits have to be run through here due to the potential for controversy and content policy violations.

Edited by mightymewtron on Nov 18th 2020 at 10:45:13 AM

I run the Nostalgia Critic cleanup so you don't have to!
Piterpicher from Poland, for real Relationship Status: Awaiting my mail-order bride
Nov 18th 2020 at 9:53:19 PM

Do we have to lock the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity page? It's only one day left before the official release or whatever. People won't cause much damage by that point and you can always revert them.

As for locked videos, I think they can be uploaded. It's usually a good idea to consult a cleanup thread if the page has one though, like with Complete Monster. Besides, a moderator will have to check if the video is acceptable before approving it anyway.

Edited by Piterpicher on Nov 18th 2020 at 6:56:02 PM

SeptimusHeap from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Nov 19th 2020 at 12:41:38 AM

Alright, here we are...

@25379: The deleted wick tool apparently no longer exists. Another fix for this issue and hopefully the ghost wick issue is in the works.

@25396 and @25397: These are in.

@25398: That page is moderator locked, if you want an edit you can request it here.

@25400: Thanks, but it seems artificially creating a ghost wick on Sandbox.Test worked better. But thanks anyway.

@25402: Per @25405, I don't think it's necessary anymore.

@25402, @25403: Imma ask my colleagues about this. My concern is basically, cleanup threads pre-approving examples for tropes is not their normal purpose and while Complete Monster has operated on this principle for years I am a little hesitant about letting it spread too widely. We've had complaints about cleanup threads arrogating the right to define the trope and being jerkish about it.

@25404, @25405: Our video policy isn't very well developed, but I think it's allowed so as long as the video is SFW.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
gc10 Human Bean from Yeetaly Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Human Bean
Nov 19th 2020 at 3:02:09 AM

I wanted to be sure if edits were allowed even through this topic for A Serbian Film, given its controversial content. That's I wanted to ask:

  • A the beginning of the page indicate the Serbian title, so:
    "A Serbian Film (Српски филм / Srpski film) is a 2010 arthouse...".
  • Secondly, a poster. I was thinking of this one which should be acceptable.
  • Last, I think the page needs a warning like FATAL has one. That's how I would write it:
    Because of its extreme graphic violence and distrubing content, we're not providing trope examples. Be warned if you intend looking for A Serbian Film outside of TV Tropes.

Edited by gc10 on Nov 19th 2020 at 12:03:44 PM

I'll be back... with weapons!
ccorb Don't make my eyes turn. from Whale Island Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Don't make my eyes turn.
Nov 19th 2020 at 4:17:52 AM

[up] There's been talk of partially restoring the trope list on FATAL. Here's the sandbox, but god knows when that will happen. Ditto for A Serbian Film.

@Septimus Heap: You know what else operates on that principle? Magnificent Bastard since 2018. The Writing Pitfall Index since earlier this year. It's also likely going to happen with Getting Crap Past the Radar. The point of it is avoiding the type of shoehorning and complaining that gets us mocked on Tumblr.

Edited by ccorb on Nov 19th 2020 at 7:51:27 AM

She/her or they/them
Nov 19th 2020 at 5:08:29 AM

With A Serbian Film, that has at least 2 Title Tropes: Indefinite Article Title, a.k.a Opposite Trope to Definite Article Title I should TLP...

And Work Info Title...

And then maybe Verbing Nouny or something because "Serbian" and "Film"...

We just don't want to trope the content.


''Castle'' may refer to:

* [[Fanfic/{{Castle}} The Fanfic]].
* [[Series/{{Castle}} The television show]].
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Castle}} The animated show]].
* CastleTropes, for tropes about that kind of building.
* UsefulNotes.{{Castles}}: Our notes on the real life info of the building.

If a direct wick has led you here, please correct the link so that it points to the corresponding article.

Edited by Malady on Nov 19th 2020 at 5:15:19 AM

Help with possible disambig and redirect issues!
Nov 19th 2020 at 12:14:43 PM

[up] There's no verb in "A Serbian Film". "Serbian" is an adjective.

WarJay77 Some like it hot from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Some like it hot
Nov 19th 2020 at 12:17:53 PM

Regarding Nightmare Fuel, RWBY is the only page we're locking and needing edits approved for. It's not the standard. The entire reason behind it being locked is the fact that the editors weren't using it correctly and kept edit-warring over us. We're not trying to have any control over the trope, we're just trying to keep the page in a quality state. Thus far every edit people have attempted to add has had some glaring issue, such as being just a dry scene-summary rather than a proper Nightmare Fuel example.

If you're not going to direct people to the NF cleanup thread, what's the point of having it be locked at all? Either way people will just try and get around the cleanup effort, either by adding examples directly or by going here as the first-resort, so what's even the point if us asking them to come to the cleanup thread is apparently a bad thing?

We're not looking to be Complete Monster. We're just looking to keep this one specific page bad-edit and edit-war free.

Edited by WarJay77 on Nov 19th 2020 at 3:21:35 PM

Wick Check Project Official Sandbox (TM)
Arawn999 Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Nov 19th 2020 at 2:23:04 PM

Considering Age of Calamity has officially been released in Australia, I suppose that negates the need for an edit lock.

AlexThePrettyGood Could be worse from Feeding the cat Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Could be worse
Nov 19th 2020 at 3:47:53 PM Everything can be found on the Internet... except common sense.
Crossover-Enthusiast Yo! from quarantine (send Red Lobster biscuits) Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Nov 19th 2020 at 4:21:21 PM

Archives don't get edited.

Just a (Monster) Kid
SeptimusHeap from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Nov 20th 2020 at 12:05:44 AM

@25407: Mostly done, but I'll ask about that image.

@25413: Done save for the archives.

Re: NightmareFuel.RWBY. Upon reconsideration I've done the change.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
Nov 20th 2020 at 12:05:40 PM

[up]Thanks very much for that. We'll make sure that the NF clean-up thread doesn't abuse that, and that the RWBY page remains an exception to the rule.

Edited by Wyldchyld on Nov 20th 2020 at 8:07:51 PM

If my post doesn't mention a giant flying sperm whale with oversized teeth and lionfish fins for flippers, it's just not worth reading.
HeavyMetalHermitCrab The Number of the Seabeast from The Wretched Sea
The Number of the Seabeast
SeptimusHeap from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Nov 20th 2020 at 1:02:58 PM

Did that and added the image to A Serbian Film.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
Ultimatum Disasturbator from an Amiga Forest somewhere Relationship Status: I know
Nov 20th 2020 at 1:22:25 PM

Part of me thinks a work as vile as that one does not deserve an image

Edited by Ultimatum on Nov 20th 2020 at 9:22:44 AM

Chat with me on this thing!Also, I make art, look!
Nov 20th 2020 at 2:43:53 PM

[up] I disagree; as long as a SFW pic can be found for a page, it can be added.

I've given the pic the standard PNG upgrade and reformatted the IP tag to put it in line with other such pages.

SeptimusHeap from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Nov 21st 2020 at 12:35:02 AM

Magnificent Bastard edit & lock requests are done.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
GastonRabbit A real nowhere man from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
Nov 21st 2020 at 5:32:57 AM

Main.Needs Wiki Magic Love was moved to Administrivia.Needs Wiki Magic Love per TRS, and the wick on Main.Administrivia needs to be updated.

Edited by GastonRabbit on Nov 21st 2020 at 7:33:06 AM

"An ear for an ear makes it hard to hear." —Gaston (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)
SeptimusHeap from Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
Nov 21st 2020 at 5:47:01 AM

Done along the discussion page and Needs an Index.

Edited by SeptimusHeap on Nov 21st 2020 at 2:47:48 PM

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." - Richard Feynman
ShonenTrash98 Weekly Shonen Jump Lover
Weekly Shonen Jump Lover
Nov 21st 2020 at 3:31:23 PM

Under Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII: Playable Characters

  • Water Is Womanly: Aerith is a compassionate healer who wears a pink dress and is associated with rain and water in Advent Children, even creating a healing pool for those inflicted with geostigma. She is also heavily associated with the lifestream, which flows like water. Aerith was also laid to rest in a lake in front of the Forgotten City. Nojima even in stated in the Advent Children -Reunion Files- that "Aerith has sort of a 'watery' image about her, so [the staff] used water to convey her presence".

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