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This is how complex the linking system was between 23‱ (basis point, 1/10000) of TV Tropes in 2011. I'd argue this is less than 10‱ of TV Tropes now.

"If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you."
Chorus to "If You Wanna Be Happy" by Jimmy Cool

Hello, this is Piterpicher.

After a year of lurking (or possibly more? I still remember how this site looked like two major updates ago), I've joined this site on 03.05.2017. Why did I join? Because there was misinformation that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is the final Five Nights at Freddy's game, when Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location was out (though at that time, I was way more tolerant of 2010s works). And yes, I became addicted to it like everyone else.

My role in TV Tropes? I just do what I can to improve the wiki. I don't care that much about the forums, I think they waste server space. I do use the ones that are related to the wiki, though. I once wanted to translate the wiki to Polish, but TV Tropes does not have a dedicated translation system yet, so I'd rather wait until they make one.


Based on Troper Types, I believe I'm an Eclectic Troper. That's probably the only Just for Fun page I actually think is interesting, plus Trope Kilowicked and Surprisingly Has A Page.

In terms of Myers–Briggs, I'm a Logician INTP-T, based on the 16 personalities test.

If you're wondering how to pronounce my nickname, I generally say it like Peter-Pitcher... But I guess Peter-Picker isn't really wrong, either.

As you can see, one of my biggest flaws is thinking I can take on something big, and leaving it 50% done. Hope that I can change it to 60% someday, though.

I've put these paragraphs in the wrong order, but I don't care about that anymore.


Cool stuff:

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    Piterpicher's 6 main goals for TV Tropes (max can be 6) 
This is a list of goals I'll try to work on and hopefully finish them someday. While clearing them is not urgent, it will ensure sustainable development for TVT. The list is limited to 6 to put some focus.
  1. Helping the Leisure Suit Larry series become Trope Kilowicked.
  2. Ascending Willy on Wheels on Pantheon.Criminal Actions.
  3. Helping TV Tropes reach 440723 articles. (37000th prime number)
  4. Giving singular Mario Party games their own pages, see Mario Party Singular Games.
  5. Correcting all links to Main.Star Wars.
  6. Finding a good image of Underdog Boost turned on from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I'd like to suggest it as an image for Comeback Mechanic.

    Trope Launch Pad drafts that need help 
  • Long Jump Game: A TLP taken by me. Needs hats and examples.
  • Pakistani Media: The 63rd country media index and this one is made by me. Needs hats and examples.

    Thoughts on TV Tropes size when it reaches half a million articles 
TV Tropes has grown a lot through its almost 15 years. Compare a 2011 article to a 2018 article, and you'll see a massive difference. We didn't have a lot of pages a few years ago, but now we exceeded 400000. We're coming closer and closer to 500000. I believe that a lot of new pages happened because of page splits. One game franchise may suddenly gain a page for each installment. However, a possible page number growth stopper is the fact that since 2016 (I think) in order to make a new page in the Main namespace, you need to use TLP or ask a moderator, so now all possible tropes go through peer review which may stop many ideas, though it's usually bad ones. I'd say we'll reach 500000 pages in 2020 since we get about 10000 pages per 3 months.

    My Story Generator result 

    Specific things I've done on TV Tropes (in other words, achievements)
This editor is an Experienced Editor and is entitled to display this Service Badge.
I've done over 6000 contributions and been 1 year and a half on this site. More specific stuff can be seen below.

    Personal notes for myself, based on my past mistakes on TV Tropes (can be used as advice for yourself, too) 
  • You do not have to use "Hello, X here" opening your every post.
  • If you're reporting a problematic troper, mention their name.
  • Tell the official policy, not your recommendation.
  • Try to go with the consensus, don't break it all of a sudden.
  • Do not ask for edits on other tropers' pages, even if it's for typos, old indexing or namespacing.
  • Do not use The Wiki That Shall Not Be Named as a source of information.
  • If you're trying to defend a bad page's existence, the "It's pointless, but it won't harm anybody" argument won't achieve much.
  • It's best to create pages before asking for disambigs that contain them.
  • A duplicate image is when the same image appears shared between two of these: A trope page, a work page, a subpage, but not a character page.
  • Red Links to non-existent work pages are okay, but not to creator pages.
  • Do not use indexes as tropes.
  • Do not make big posts with links with your phone, it won't handle them.
  • Do not ask moderators to move pages in the main namespace. It causes annoying ghost wicks. Use TLP instead.
  • Do not bump too many TLP drafts at once. It will look suspicious if you do that.
  • It's better to send messages in your own words rather than using the Issue Helper.
  • Ask more than one person for an opinion before splitting a big page or doing some other very controversial change. Asking on the discussion page could help a lot.
  • Sometimes articles can have two quotes if they show two sides of a conflict, see Meat Versus Veggies for example.

    Tropes that apply to me 
  • Achievement System: A fan of these in games. Since TV Tropes doesn't have one (there were badges for service once, but they're gone), I use my tropers page as a place for achievements. Then again, I mostly buy Nintendo consoles, which don't have them...
  • Archive Binge: I've once sat through the entire Edit Banned thread which is a few hundred pages long (though I did take breaks). It took some time, but it was an interesting read.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Yeah. Some think I'm high.
  • Disco Dan: I'm basically a 2000s netizen and gamer and I can't accept post-2010 memes and internet behaviors, though I do like old music and other stuff.
  • Entry Pimp: I wanted to be one for I Dream of Mimi, but ultimately failed (still made the article bigger, though). Then I tried to do the same with Leisure Suit Larry games and failed again (the games got individual articles and far bigger, though). Possible future pimping candidate would be the Mac Venture series (Déjà Vu, Shadowgate, Uninvited)
  • Fanboy: Of quite a lot of things. Generally for obscure, pre-2010s video games.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: I consider almost all pages in the Just For Fun namespace and their subpages to not exist and I don't plan to edit or make them anymore since they're unneeded, have little point and are mostly a waste of server space. I also ignore most non-wiki related forums.
  • Grammar Nazi: More of a Namespace Nazi, though typos are also very annoying for me.
  • I Hate Past Me: I think I was a very bad man until a few years ago, to the point that I consider myself a completely different person now.
  • The Mad Hatter: I know I'm a huge weirdo and I've learned to accept it, I can't even imagine living without my oddities.
  • Mouthful of Pi: Downplayed. I can recite at least 50-something digits from memory. Since some know over 100000, that's hardly an accomplishment. And I did forget 40 of them after I've used them…
  • New Media Are Evil: Downplayed. I like video games, wikis and pre-2010 internet culture. On the other hand, I don't use social media that much and I'm not fond of post-2010 internet culture.
  • Ninja Editor: Has anyone seen a post made by me that wasn't edited at least once? Alright, this may have gotten slightly easier, so try to find two in a row.
  • Nostalgia Filter: I tend to look at works that were created before 2010 way more favorably than those after that time.
  • Old Shame: Probably most of my edits before reaching the Journeyman Editor +1/2 level (9 months and 3000 edits). I think I was a bit cowardly and didn't get the policies back then.
  • Ridiculous Procrastrinator: I should seriously get to work. Life got hard lately. But I tend to procrastinate.
  • Single-Issue Wonk: Zig Zagged Trope. It's tough for me to focus on one Wiki thing at a time, but when I do, I put a lot of attention into it.
  • Sliding Scale Of Silliness Vs Seriousness: I'm generally a serious person, maybe too serious at times.
  • Wall of Text: I've realised many people don't read my posts since they tend to be long so I'm gonna leave TL;DR versions when I feel it's exhausting.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: My methods for editing TVT may be extreme at times. But they are meant to improve it.

    My own quality scale for works and tropes in wicks 
Note this only includes works and tropes. It's also just a rough guide, not a policy.
  • F Class: 0-3
  • E Class: 4-14
  • D Class: 15-34
  • C Class: 35-99
  • B- Class: 100-499
  • B Class: 500-999
  • B+ Class: 1000-1499
  • A- Class: 1500-2999
  • A Class: 3000-5999
  • A+ Class: 6000-11999
  • A* Class: 12000+

    My "Lenient Bonus Level" draft that was discarded, may try it again 
TLP Note: Rolling Updates
The shockingly easy Secret Levels some games have. They exist so the player can relax after a difficult game, enjoy the scenery or music, or just feel satisfied. Basically, if you can get to this level, you deserve something enjoyable to play through as a reward. Examples of this trope are almost always Breather Level.

Compare with Bonus Level of Heaven, since LBLs don't need to be set in Heaven, and BLoHs don't have to be any easier (in fact, they can be harder) than the rest of the game. Contrast with Brutal Bonus Level, the exact opposite.

Beware of unmarked spoilers.


Platform Games
  • Mr. Gimmick: Stage 7, which you can only get to by collecting all six treasures and not continuing once. It's a level in the sky with really pleasant music, featuring very simple platforming compared to the previous stages.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The 8-bit version has Crystal Egg Zone. To reach it, you must find all six Chaos Emeralds. Compared to the really hard Scrambled Egg Zone and its maze of pipes, Crystal Egg has little danger, pastel coloring and carousel-like music.
    • Sonic Adventure 2: Getting all 180 emblems and all A Ranks unlocks Green Hill from the original Sonic the Hedgehog in 3D. It's not really hard since it is the first level of the first game, but the idea of seeing Green Hill again was fresh at the time, and it wasn't overused like it is now.
  • Super Mario World: While the Special World counts as Brutal Bonus Level, Groovy (its fifth stage) is very easy and relatively short compared to the rest of it. What's unique about it is how it's the same level that was used in the game's demo mode.
  • Treasure Master has a Prize World unlockable by entering a secret code at the start and beating five worlds. While what came before is tough, Prize World is an easy amusement park.

Indexes: Video Game Settings

    The Pyst song lyrics (not entirely accurate) 
I'm sick of livin' in my livin' room,
I just can't see the shitty broom!
(Doo doo doo) I am pyst!
(Doo doo doo doo) Man, I just can't change my ugly mood,
Yes, I am one unhappy dude!
I'm pyst! (He's unhappy, so unhappy)
I could turn on my big TV,
But no one on there looks like me!
Makes me pyst! (Doo doo doo)
I change the channel, switch the switch,
Get the same old stupid bitch! (Change the channel, change the channel)
Man, I'm pyst!
A bunch of ugly superstars
Tryin' to sell me shoes and cars! (Cars and shoes, that's bad news)
Whoa, I'm pyst!
Maybe my ill mood would improve
If I put Egyptian food in a tube!
Like they say, just do it!
I could go bowling but I lost my ball,
I could hunt pigeons but I got 'em all!
I could go fishing with that other guy
But the only thing that bites
Is mosquitos and flies!
I could go to friends at work
But the boss is such a total jerk!
It gets me pyst! (Total jerk)
I'm changing tires, pumping gas
Which I've got in gobbling class!
Oh, pyst! (Gobbling class)
But every day I punch the clock
And still, I'm hearing really hot!
Man, I'm pyyyst... (And he's pyst)
From 9 to 5, I bust my butt
Work like a slave and all for what?
I'm super pyst!
Is there some way I could change my luck?
I saw some aliens in my pickup truck!
Right now, my elders, are drinking champagne
Maybe I could have chocolate every day!
Yeah... Now, hold on!
It may not be that bad...
Maybe it's my attitude about being too negative
Bumming myself out...
After all, I do have six channels on TV every which way
I have a room full of my medals
I know what to do if it rains
I have an athlete's body
But I still have athlete's foot
And I have a girlfriend who appreciates me
For who I am
Yeah... hey!
I feel so relifted
I'm gonna take me a little nap
Hey, ya highness!
Get your robot off that beast dog
Clean em' before they walk away
But baby!
This is supposed to be my castle
And all I get is pain and hassle!
(I'm so pyst) I'm pyst! (It's his castle)
You may really be the king
But I'm the queen so dig this thing!
Now I'm pyst! (Dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it dig it)
But I am old, get on my case
I only know one in my face
I'm pyst and I've got a right!
Yeah, I've got a left!
So wake up, smell the coffee time,
Go to work or you're history, piston!
Oh yeah?
But maybe I'm lifeless and you'll help, will ya?
And you'll be hootsin' tootsin' alone, big guy!
But I could be there and go from distant lands?
So go away!
This TV is nothing but trouble!
Lemme help with that!
Ugh, this is fun!
Yeah, go to the kitchen and make me ham, baby!

Now if you excuse me, I've gotta go, fight for pre-2010s culture some more.