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I have work on Mondays to Thursdays. Due to a lower workload, Fridays are likely free, but I'm also probably going to be part of an online college on weekends. I'll still try to make edits daily.

If I don't edit for a month, I give full permission for the administrators to put all my to-do list items publicly in a document or something so the content does not go to waste.
This is how complex the linking system was between 23‱ (basis point, 1/10000) of TV Tropes in 2011. I'd argue this is less than 9‱ of TV Tropes now.

"It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice."

Hello, this is Piterpicher. (call me Piter if you want to, but I won't try making shorthands of your name unless you leave it somewhere clearly and agree to use them, though I may skip numbers or use initials) (Formerly known on primarily Flash gaming websites as PITERPICHER3752 reason for change ) I am an autistic young man from Poland and a gamer, troper, an employee elsewhere, general weirdo, and game designer... eventually.

After a year of lurking (or possibly more? I still remember how this site looked like two major updates ago), I've joined this site on 03.05.2017 (that's the 3rd May Constitution, if you're in Poland, so it's twofold significant for me). Why did I join? Because there was misinformation that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is the final Five Nights at Freddy's game, when Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location was out (though at that time, I was kinda interested in it, I don't even care about it nowadays). And yes, I became addicted to it like everyone else.


My role in TV Tropes? I'm a materialistic inclusionist, always looking for new stuff to add to the wiki or improving what already exists. Adding examples, adding example context, adding images, adding indexes, adding videos (until I mostly stopped because my computer's a bit too crap for it), adding whole articles (though I was never into adding quotes or potholes). I don't get people who specifically like to delete for their subjective quality reasons. I like to get rid of objectively underperforming crap, like works with no tropes and tropes with not enough wicks. Other than that, I'm generally a "blue ocean strategy" guy, who makes pages and edits to improve coverage on stuff that's lesser known or does not appeal to the current status quo, as I believe that TV Tropes "no notability + humorous and quick way to deliver info" build is useful for it.


That said, I am also active on forums related to the wiki, less on the forums that are just for the forum, I don't give attention to them after early 2018 because I kinda think they waste server space, though humorous side content is important. I may have posted something on the Just For Fun or Media forums, but it's usually to show my signature when it's important for the former or ask a question for the latter. I used to post in Image Pickin' a lot, but eventually quit due to it just no longer feeling like it's good to participate or particularly effective. Ever since I left, I have posted a few. times, mostly out of something that just didn't feel right and I saw on the home page. Now I actually prefer working for the Trope Repair Shop, where contributing is more useful and also more objective. For specific contributions, see the "Achievements" folder below.

Based on Troper Types, I believe I'm an Eclectic Troper. That's one of the few Just For Fun pages I actually think are interesting, plus Trope Kilowicked, Surprisingly Has a Page, The One With…... I might have softened up on those, but still use a small portion of them.

I can speak and write in Polish (native), English (highly advanced, with my greatest achievement being the fact that I freaking ACED the base and extended high-school English exams), and German (lower intermediate, had the "satisfactory" grade on my high-school report card). My knowledge of French, Russian, and Japanese is nothing to write home about.

In terms of Myers–Briggs, I'm a Logician INTP-T, based on the 16 personalities test. Also a 0 on the Kinsey Scale of Tropes. I find The '50s, The '80s, and Turn of the Millennium to be the most appealing decades, even if I only got to live in the latter.

If you're wondering how to pronounce my nickname, I generally say it like Peter-Pitcher... But I guess Peter-Picker isn't really wrong, either.

As you can see, one of my biggest flaws is thinking I can take on something big, and leaving it 50% done. Hope that I can change it to 60% someday, though.

I've put these paragraphs in the wrong order, but I don't care about that anymore.

Cool stuff:

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    My Story Generator result 

    Specific things I've done on TV Tropes (in other words, achievements)
This editor is a Veteran Editor III and is entitled to display this Silver Editor Star. (Image by Herostratus, mentioning because of CC-BY-SA 3.0)
I've done over 16000 contributions and been 3+ years on this site. (Image by Jkudlick, mentioning because of CC-BY-SA 3.0)

I consider my work on TVT to be quite prolific since my start. I strongly believe in inclusionism and want the wiki to be as big as possible (We shall reach 1000000 articles eventually). That said, I am not afraid to make changes to existing content as well.

I've been continually improving my work. I admit that the pages on the original version of this list were mediocre at best, in theory being good enough for wiki standards of 2017 but that was a relatively unpolished time. I also tried to inflate page counts of namespaces, which was ultimately successful. These pages should usually show my level of understanding of this website.

New list, WIP:

    Personal notes for myself, based on my past mistakes on TV Tropes (can be used as advice for yourself, too) 
As you can tell, despite all my achievements above, I'm not perfect. No editor is. The thing is, you should look back at your (and my) mistakes and not commit them again.
  • You do not have to use "Hello, X here" opening your every post.
  • If you're reporting a problematic troper, mention their name.
  • Try to go with the consensus, don't break it all of a sudden unless you have really good arguments.
  • Do not ask for edits on other tropers' pages, even if it's for typos, old indexing or namespacing.
  • Do not use ED, Kiwi Farms, or 4chan as a reliable source of information (reliable as in "would use to back up my claim even in a casual discussion", not just "would use on my school essay that isn't directly about it"). It might be fine to browse those sites for fun, but not everyone trusts them, usually justifiably so as they tend to be biased and cause harassment.
  • If you're trying to defend a bad page's existence, the "It's pointless, but it won't harm anybody" argument won't achieve much.
  • It's best to create pages before asking for disambigs that contain them.
  • A duplicate image is when the same image appears shared between two of these: A trope page, a work page, a subpage, but not a character page.
  • Red Links to non-existent work pages are okay, but not to creator pages.
  • Do not use indexes as tropes.
  • Do not ask moderators to move pages in the Main namespace. It causes annoying ghost wicks. Use TLP instead (though it's better to ask mods for redirects or disambiguations).
  • Do not bump too many TLP drafts at once. It will look suspicious, or at least cause annoyance if you do that.
  • It's usually good to reply if you edit/want to edit someone else's TLP draft as it can sometimes lead to edit conflicts if you just do it by yourself.
  • It's better to send messages in your own words rather than using the Issue Helper, click the Tropers page "Send Message" button instead.
  • Ask more than one person for an opinion before splitting a giant page or doing some other very controversial change, even if that other person seems committed. Asking on the discussion page a could help a lot.
  • Do not take images from Wikipedia. They typically make them small or low-quality on purpose because of some odd copyright policy.
  • If you feel a page is about to get too long, it's better to split it or discuss its split sooner than later, not at last minute when it shows a too-long warning.
  • Verifiability and notability are two different things and we only have a policy for the latter, though they sure feel similar on Wikipedia.
  • Just because someone focuses on deletion doesn't mean they're cold. They can still be reasoned with and may apologise.
  • Someone advertising a transparent image doesn't mean much if it's too artifacted. Consider using the show image button.
  • Mob mentality doesn't help things.
  • Some people really are here for forums and fun, even if I prefer the wiki stuff a lot more.
  • Avoid discussing controversial topics you really have no clue about.
  • Moderators remake pages with miscapitalised titles/namespaces with a script usually. Sadly, this means they have to do blank edits and not change the page type, but you won't be able to change that.
  • Issues which aren't that important or common (like miscapitalisations) shouldn't be looked after and just fixed when you spot them.

    Tropes that apply to me 
Tropes are not supposed to apply to real people, but many other tropers have lists of tropes that apply to them, so eh, I don't care that much.
  • Achievement System: A fan of these in games. Since TV Tropes doesn't have one (there were badges for service once, but they're gone), I use my tropers page as a place for achievements. Then again, I mostly buy Nintendo consoles, which don't have them, and don't really care about them anymore, as I long to be considered more important in other ways nowadays.
  • Actually Quite Catchy: While I don't like most of Nintendo's post-2012 output these days as I see it as soulless, I have to admit "Jump Up, Super Star" and "Edge of Dawn" are damn good songs and have hummed/sang them to myself several times.
  • Androids Are People, Too: I am a staunch believer in this. Certainly more than animals. If anything, even computers or phones are more human than animals. They are much better and more communicable as companions.
  • Archive Binge: I've once sat through the entire Edit Banned thread which is a few hundred pages long (though I did take breaks). It took some time, but it was an interesting read.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not answer my fairly long queries with just one sentence or ignore it while responding to something else in the same topic. Stuff I write may be long, but I do it cover all possible bases, and when someone responds to me this way, I feel they're not paying attention. This is also why the [up] emote ticks me off, as it either makes it clear it's referring to me as if it wasn't obvious in the first place if it's the first post below or it makes it easier for others to ignore your post.
    • I don't like when other tropers are perfectionists, excessive deletionists, or just killjoys. I can delete and improve stuff, and we definitely need a quality standard. Some actions I just feel go too far, when we don't focus on other aspects enough, or we delete stuff that is liked by some and would ultimately be harmless.
    • Don't wikiword your troper name. It just makes you seem like a show-off to me, and is there seriously something wrong with having a space in your username or two? It may actually make it look unique, compared to how it displays on other websites.
    • Semicolons (outside of programming, as they're useful there). They're probably the dumbest interpunction which people actually use. Even so, they're close to indistinguishable from commas on large screens nowadays, and just don't seem like they assist with writing or sentence readability. I also hate em dashes and similar crap as they're not on your typical keyboard and I really see no point to copy-pasting them when hyphens do the job 99.9% of the time.
    • Goddamn Hammer Explorer phone keeps switching to Roaming internet for some reason when I want it to use normal 3G internet and it pisses me off (it used to turn itself on again for the night, but I got used to it).
    • I just hate when parents (or occasionally others) keep telling me "my food will get cold" and try to not get me to do other stuff beforehand. Yeah it will, but it doesn't freaking matter, I'll eat it anyway and it's not like it'll have an adverse effect.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: LOL at the trope name, Progressbar 95 makes blue segments correct and orange ones wrong. But I don't really believe I have an average sense of morality as I see it as too subjective. I generally would rather live by procedure than rule.
  • Childhood Brain Damage: I may have it, as I remember having a tic of hitting my head during somewhere between 7 to 9 years. According to a brain scan I had a few years later, no lasting damage or possible future factors have been confirmed, so I guess this is a subverted trope. Luckily I do much safer tics now that don't harm me or others.
  • Children Are a Waste: I don't think so at all (I'm pro-natalist), but I'm unlikely to have children in the future because I'd probably be too irresponsible to take care of them (unless someone else does while I work).
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Yeah. Some think I'm high. To be honest, I feel like I'm under permanent drug effects, so I don't need to take them.
  • Disco Dan: I'm basically a 2000s netizen and gamer and I can't accept most post-2010 memes and internet behaviors, though I do like old music and other stuff. Since my 19th birthday, I'd rather be a more 1980s working man, though.
  • Entry Pimp: I wanted to be one for I Dream of Mimi, but ultimately failed (still made the article bigger, though). Then I tried to do the same with Leisure Suit Larry games and failed again (the games got individual articles and far bigger, though). Possible future pimping candidate would be the MacVenture series and failed again (I actually made a page on the series and some games related to it, though).
  • Everyone Has Standards: Despite enjoying numerous works considered So Bad, It's Good or Totally Radical, even I can't find any ounce of likability in Rap Rat. He's just too stupid with so-called "rapping", and the game probably isn't much better.
  • Fanboy: Of quite a lot of things. Generally for obscure, pre-2010s video games.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • I consider almost all pages in the Just For Fun namespace and their subpages to not exist and I don't plan to edit or make them anymore since they're unneeded, have little point and are mostly a waste of server space (though if you do make them, that's okay, it's not like they truly hurt the project either, I just won't make them myself). I also ignore most non-wiki related forums.
    • To me, one part of the ending of Total Drama World Tour didn't happen. I don't believe that Ezekiel taking Heather's prize money and jumping into the volcano happened simply due to how unneeded and dickish it is, even if she was the villain initially and he tried to give the burned money to Anne Maria in Revenge of the Island, and yes, I do believe she deserved to be the winner.
  • Favorite Trope:
    • Dummied Out. It's trivia, but it's oddly cool to read about/find unused content in games I like, maybe sometimes reminisce on What Could Have Been or laugh at the blatantly jokey ones.
    • LOL, 69. Not necessarily because I started the trope page, but I did always enjoy these kinds of jokes as long as they aren't obnoxious.
    • Token Enemy Minority. If done right, it can show that not every single person on the villains' team has to be evil per se, as long as it's not nagging or fails to make sense.
  • Grammar Nazi: More of a Namespace Nazi, though typos are also very annoying for me. I may occasionally run Grammarly on a TVT page or elsewhere to make sure there are no screw-ups. I sometimes post comments on games to point out typos to the developers.
  • Greed: Some of my capitalistic tendencies may be symptomatic of it. Even I try to draw the line somewhere, though.
  • Hypochondria: People tell me I'm a hypochondriac sometimes, and they may be right. I'm always suspicious if I get a symptom I think I've never had before, and yes, I do occasionally use the Internet for self-diagnosis.
  • I Hate Past Me: I think I was a very bad man until a few years ago, to the point that I consider myself a completely different person now. Then again, that just keeps happening every year. I was an idiot in CURRENTYEAR-2 (literally CURRENTYEAR, not the one used in memes).
  • The Insomniac: I suffer from difficulties with falling asleep if I eat something particularly heavy (chips, chocolate, or particularly fat sausages) or fruit shortly before going to bed. Just don't do it if you don't want to end up like me.
  • Lack of Empathy: Downplayed as selective lack of empathy, but there are species and groups of people I just don't empathise with, and sometimes I find it hard to empathise with people I know.
  • The Mad Hatter: I know I'm a huge weirdo and I've learned to accept it. I can't even imagine living without my oddities.
  • Mood-Swinger: I feel like I tend to change from happy to sad to angry and back frequently. I don't know why, I'm just dumb.
  • Mouthful of Pi: Downplayed. I can recite at least 50-something digits from memory. Since some know over 100000, that's hardly an accomplishment. And I did forget about 40 of them after I've used them for a contest…
  • Never Get Fat: As of 2021, I'm 5'8 and weigh 114 pounds. I've been trying to eat stuff like fast food, chips, and cake (about 50% more than I used to), but I don't seem to get fatter and sometimes it interferes with my sleep schedule, so then I sleep later and potentially miss other food... It pisses me off.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: For Gorn and Squick, to an extent. I enjoy some freaky or gory games (Wax Works 1992, the Zero Escape series). I even like certain Shock Sites.
  • Ninja Editor: Has anyone seen a post made by me that wasn't edited at least once? Alright, this may have gotten slightly easier, so try to find two in a row.
  • Nostalgia Filter: I tend to look at works that were created before 2010 way more favorably than those after that time. Changed somewhere in 2019, as maybe I was wrong.
  • N-Word Privileges: I used the n-word for the first time back in zeroth grade (2008), as in Polish it did have the letters "cz" and the teacher was asking for words with them, but I don't really have the past as I'm totally white. Must have learnt it from someone else or read it in Jonek Jonka And Kleks (a Polish comic book, it appears in "W Pogoni za Czarnym Kleksem"), but I have avoided saying it since. Still, I do feel like something similar should be applicable for autistic people, as I wouldn't see anything wrong with us referring to each other as spergs.
  • Old Shame: Just a thing with me. When I start doing something, I feel like I'm some hot shit and life is improving, but after a year I realise there are many things I could have done better, and after two years I feel like I'm so stupid for doing that and I'm far better now (of course, the cycle repeats).
  • Pet-Peeve Trope:
    • Can't Take Criticism in conjunction to Unacceptable Targets. Everything should be criticisable, as that's how we grow, and in different ways (so even if someone makes a work where the message is good, and it's presented in a horrible way that does not enhance the message's delivery, that should not make the latter excempt from it).
    • Loads and Loads of Loading. I just can't get into games that take too long to load, or other such software.
    • Values Dissonance, specifically if you want to remove stuff from old works. I get it, culture changes, and chances are 1980s-2000s culture wouldn't have existed if we still behaved like we were in the 1950s. But let me enjoy the works even if they're not socially correct now and leave me alone if you're going to whine!
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Who am I trying to kid? I used to be a total 2000s netizen (now I'm more like the 50-year-old uncle you grew up with), politically impolite jokes make me laugh if funny and I enjoy stuff like Leisure Suit Larry and Flash games. I try to not flaunt this when I need to be serious, though.
  • Reincarnation: I don't believe in it, yet for some reason, I think I was a dinosaur and the guy who invented the radiator in my previous two lives.
  • Ridiculous Procrastrinator: I tend to procrastinate. In fact, I'm still procrastinating to fix the typo for the trope name! But this only applied to my high school days, these days I can pull a 5*8 week without procrastinating with no issue, maybe putting off non-work related things.
  • RPG Mechanics 'Verse: I sure wish IRL was more like an RPG and stuff like knowledge and health was in more concrete values, but alas, I can only imagine it to myself.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: I used to not understand sarcasm for years. It seems to be easier these days, though.
  • Self-Deprecation: I'm very prone to lowering my profile or calling myself stupid in some way when I'm not feeling confident.
  • Single-Issue Wonk: Zig-Zagged Trope. It's tough for me to focus on one Wiki thing at a time, but when I do, I put a lot of attention into it.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: I use a lot of swears when I'm home. I try not to in public.
  • Sliding Scale Of Silliness Vs Seriousness: I'm generally a serious person, maybe too serious at times. Though I loosen up on the Internet, or at least, used to.
  • Spoiler Hound: I have no problem with spoilers and sometimes read TV Tropes' pages on things I'm about to experience. I get that not everyone is the same as me, though, so I rarely spoil things for others on purpose.
  • Split Personality: Sorta. I think I have three "mes", but considering I know about them, it's not a true example?
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • In terms of favorite snacks, I pretty much always eat either pretzel sticks or sunflower seeds, sometimes chips/crisps.
    • In terms of favorite fruit, I usually eat pears, oranges or sour green apples.
    • In terms of favorite vegetables, carrots or cucumbers are the best for me.
  • True Neutral: I don't always do good things and often lack selflessness, but I don't go out of the way to do evil either and believe that aggression is not the answer. I don't seek freedom in chaos, but I'm not always following laws to the letter. The only things I truly believe in are the product, how the company making it grows, and how the consumers like it. I really just don't see myself as truly compatible with typical morality.
  • Verbal Tic: Quite a few I use regularly when speaking IRL, like "these days", "in any case", "I'm telling you". Though it seems like I use a verbal tic for a little while and eventually abandon it for a new one.
  • Wall of Text: I've realised many people don't read my posts since they tend to be long so I'm gonna leave TL;DR versions when I feel it's exhausting.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: My methods for editing TVT may be extreme at times. But they are meant to improve it. Probably extends to the whole workforce these days.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: I lack compassion towards most animals. That includes common pets, like cats and dogs. However, it really isn't about whether an animal is considered "cute" or "cool" for me, but rather, whether they're "useful" or "don't get in my way". Therefore, I care more about domesticated farm animals like cows or less irritating ones like fish and lizards (kinda want a lizard).
  • Workaholic: I think I'm one. While the Ridiculous Procrastinator entry above would suggest otherwise, I do pretty well at my actual job, and I sometimes wish I could be a little more addicted to it as I think I'd be happier then. While this made me far more productive than I used to be, I am no longer as creative and I just don't truly understand people when they don't talk about work (or gaming). I kinda wish I could pull 6*12 work weeks (known as 996 weeks by others), but I'm too weak and there's an overtime limit in Poland of 150 hours per year.
  • Yuppie: I'm not one yet, but I strive to be one. While I can see their flaws and agree that many of the things they do are impractical, some of their traits like materialism, workaholism, and enjoyment of technology are very appealing to me.

    My experience with insomnia 
Ever since I started working, I had sleeping problems. This, compounded by the fact I have to awaken at 6:30 AM and have college on weekends is probably the only thing I hate about working. This folder is mostly a guide and experience regarding my sleep difficulties and does not qualify as medical advice.
  • Insomnia happens sometime ranging from once every week to once every two weeks.
  • It oftentimes happens when I eat something sweet, fat, or drink beer, but not always.
  • Exercise does not lead me to lose sleep. In fact, since it makes me more tired, it's sometimes mandatory.
  • After taking pills, I do sometimes go to sleep more easily.

    My "Lenient Bonus Level" draft that was discarded, may try it again 
TLP Note: Rolling Updates
The shockingly easy Secret Levels some games have. They exist so the player can relax after a difficult game, enjoy the scenery or music, or just feel satisfied. Basically, if you can get to this level, you deserve something enjoyable to play through as a reward. Examples of this trope are almost always Breather Level.

Compare with Bonus Level of Heaven, since LBLs don't need to be set in Heaven, and BLoHs don't have to be any easier (in fact, they can be harder) than the rest of the game. Contrast with Brutal Bonus Level, the exact opposite.

Beware of unmarked spoilers.


Platform Games
  • Mr. Gimmick: Stage 7, which you can only get to by collecting all six treasures and not continuing once. It's a level in the sky with really pleasant music, featuring very simple platforming compared to the previous stages.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The 8-bit version has Crystal Egg Zone. To reach it, you must find all six Chaos Emeralds. Compared to the really hard Scrambled Egg Zone and its maze of pipes, Crystal Egg has little danger, pastel coloring and carousel-like music.
    • Sonic Adventure 2: Getting all 180 emblems and all A Ranks unlocks Green Hill from the original Sonic the Hedgehog in 3D. It's not really hard since it is the first level of the first game, but the idea of seeing Green Hill again was fresh at the time, and it wasn't overused like it is now.
  • Super Mario World: While the Special World counts as Brutal Bonus Level, Groovy (its fifth stage) is very easy and relatively short compared to the rest of it. What's unique about it is how it's the same level that was used in the game's demo mode.
  • Treasure Master has a Prize World unlockable by entering a secret code at the start and beating five worlds. While what came before is tough, Prize World is an easy amusement park.

Indexes: Video Game Settings

    Another unfinished draft I'll probably have no use for, at least right now 
Rating Gate
TLP Note: I don't know if this idea is perfect right now, but it is something seen in puzzle games and similar games often. May need a lot of questions regarding its scope, like "Should unlockable bonus levels count or only those that are deemed part of the main game?" Please tell me your thoughts and suggestions. Rolling Updates.
If you don

See also Cash Gate, Fame Gate, and Forced Level-Grinding, other ways a game can block your progress, though those tropes use repeatable methods. May overlap with Easy-Mode Mockery if the game only gives high enough ranks on higher difficulties and Double Unlock .

Please note: The collectible variant of this trope requires one that is optional and which collecting by itself would not finish the level. Stars or similar things that need to be collected to unlock new levels in Super Mario Bros. 3D platformers for example would not count, as each one of them effectively counts as its own level or sidequest.


[[folder:Puzzle Games]]

  • Perfect Balance 3: After completing a level, you can put diamonds and make sure they balance well enough as an additional challenge, with a few per level. Reaching a large enough highest number of diamonds across all levels lets you play new level packs.
  • Prizma Puzzle: Starting from the second game, you unlock certain level packs by earning enough stars. In 2 there's only the Black Zone which is unlocked by gaining 50 stars and you earn stars depending on how many points you earned, while in 3 and Challenge stars are scattered around the levels and you have to collect them while still making sure you reach the goal.

Now if you excuse me, I've gotta go, work and make the line go up some more.