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I have work on Mondays to Fridays, with online college on some weekends. I may sometimes be inactive because of that.

If I don't edit for a month, I give full permission for the administrators to put all my to-do list items publicly in a document or something so the content does not go to waste.

Please do not ask me to take part in discussions related to LGBT, gender, or related topics on the wiki/forum. I refer to all other tropers as "they" as that's what the Editors' pronouns essay on Wikipedia recommends and that's why I do so here as well. If you have a problem with that, sorry, but that's how it is (but don't worry, I'll still gladly discuss other things with anyone).
I don't look quite like this. But that's OK. I make my own style (and kinda got tired of the pic that was here before).

"Work hard, look good, feel good, and help the planet."
My current life philosophy

Hello, this is Piterpicher. (call me Piter if you want to) (Formerly known on primarily Flash gaming websites as PITERPICHER3752 reason for change ) I don't trope myself as that's too hard to keep up to date and a bit much, but here's a summation: I am an autistic young man from Poland and a gamer, troper, an employee elsewhere, a bit of a geek, and game designer... eventually.

After a year of lurking (or possibly more? I still remember how this site looked like two major updates ago), I've joined this site on 03.05.2017 (that's the 3rd May Constitution, if you're in Poland, so it's twofold significant for me). I started editing because there was misinformation that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is the final Five Nights at Freddy's game, when Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location was out. And yes, I became addicted to it like everyone else.

My role in TV Tropes? I'm a materialistic inclusionist, always looking for new stuff to add to the wiki or improving what already exists. Adding examples, example context, images, indexes, videos (early on), or even entire articles. That said, I like to get rid of objectively underperforming crap, like works with no tropes and tropes with not enough wicks. Other than that, I'm generally a "blue ocean strategy" guy, who makes pages and edits to improve coverage on stuff that's lesser known or does not appeal to the current status quo, as I believe that TV Tropes' "no notability + humorous and quick way to deliver info" build is useful for it.

That said, I am also active on forums related to the wiki, less on the forums that are just for the forum, I don't give much attention to them. I used to post in Image Pickin' a lot, but eventually quit due to it just no longer feeling like my thing. For specific contributions, see the "Achievements" folder below.

I can speak and write in Polish (native), English (highly advanced, with my greatest achievement being the fact that I freaking ACED the base and extended high-school English exams), and German (lower intermediate, had the "satisfactory" grade on my high-school report card). My knowledge of other languages is nothing to write home about.

I find The '80s, The '90s, and Turn of the Millennium to be the most appealing decades (in different aspects), even if I only got to live in the last one. Despite being born in the Gen Z period, I prefer following Boomer values myself. I know generational values can be subjective and I ultimately see them as a template rather than something to rigidly follow. See this and this for roughly what I believe, and this for how to function best around me. Admittedly I use these kinds of comments on Troper Wall pages for all types of people, but I legitimately believe that properly giving positive feedback for good work can go a long way for almost anyone and don't mean any offense, so if you got one, this is just my way of showing appreciation and I hope it brightens up your day.

If you're wondering how to pronounce my nickname, I generally say it like Peter-Pitcher... But I guess Peter-Picker isn't really wrong, either.

My stuff:

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    Specific things I've done on TV Tropes (in other words, achievements)
This editor is a Veteran Editor IV and is entitled to display this Gold Editor Star. (Image by Herostratus, mentioning because of CC-BY-SA 3.0)
I've done over 20000 contributions and been 3.5+ years on this site. (Image by Jkudlick, mentioning because of CC-BY-SA 3.0)

I consider my work on TVT to be quite prolific since my start. I strongly believe in inclusionism and want the wiki to be as big as possible (We shall reach 1000000 articles eventually). That said, I am not afraid to make changes to existing content as well. I've been continually improving my work and these pages should usually show my level of understanding of this website.


    Personal notes for myself, based on my past mistakes on TV Tropes (can be used as advice for yourself, too) 
As you can tell, despite all my achievements above, I'm not perfect. No editor is. The thing is, you should look back at your (and my) mistakes and not commit them again.
  • You do not have to use "Hello, X here" opening your every post.
  • If you're reporting a problematic troper, mention their name.
  • Don't break consensus of a sudden unless you have really good arguments. Don't be a contrarian for the sake of it.
  • Do not ask for edits on other tropers' pages, even if it's for typos, old indexing, or namespacing. The only exception is perverted or fetishstic content which should be reported privately.
  • If you're trying to defend a bad page's existence, the "It's pointless, but it won't harm anybody" argument won't achieve much.
  • It's best to create pages before asking for disambigs that contain them.
  • A duplicate image is when the same image appears shared between two of these: A trope page, a work page, a subpage, but not a character page.
  • Red Links to non-existent work pages are okay, but not to creator pages. Sometimes they just won't have enough works for a page.
  • Do not use indexes as tropes.
  • It's usually good to reply if you edit/want to edit someone else's TLP draft as it can sometimes lead to edit conflicts if you just do it by yourself.
  • Ask more than one person for an opinion before splitting a giant page or doing some other very controversial change, even if that other person seems committed. Asking on the discussion page could help a lot.
  • Do not take images from Wikipedia. They typically make them small or low-quality on purpose because of a copyright policy.
  • If you feel a page is about to get too long, it's better to split it or discuss its split sooner than later, not at last minute when it shows a too-long warning.
  • Verifiability and notability are two different things and we only have a policy for the latter, though they sure feel similar on Wikipedia.
  • Just because someone focuses on deletion doesn't mean they're cold. They can still be reasoned with and may apologise.
  • Someone advertising a transparent image doesn't mean much if it's too artifacted. Consider using the show image button.
  • Mob mentality doesn't help things.
  • Some people really are here for forums and fun, even if you prefer the wiki stuff a lot more.
  • Moderators remake pages with miscapitalised titles/namespaces with a script usually. Sadly, this means they have to do blank edits and not change the page type, but you won't be able to change that.
  • Issues which aren't complicated should be fixed/asked for help when you spot them.

Now if you excuse me, I've gotta go, do my best as I always do.