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Born Dutch, but raised, educated and living in Belgium.

As a fledgling geeky nerd in The '80s, I was raised on copious amounts of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica (1978), Buck Rogers, Blake's 7, Knight Rider, The Real Ghostbusters, and more 70s and 80s goodies while trying to make X-Wings and TIE Fighters out of Classic LEGO Space or playing Elite on our Commodore 64 and dreaming of becoming a palaeontologist.

Then The '90s came along and I actually had to work for a living while studying. I actually managed to become that evolutionary biologist but Real Life and the need to maintain a family forced me to throw my lot in with the Corrupt Corporate Executives and become a wage slave. I never got any less geeky or nerdy though.

In the meantime I've been divorced (unrelated to the time spent here) but the rent needs to be paid, so what's a man to do? The free time I have now, I mostly fill with copious amounts of boardgames, fantasy, Sci Fi and troperiffic series.

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