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  • Breather Boss:
    • After 39 floors with varying difficulty of bosses, the fact that the Aura Gate floor 40 boss is just a really buffed up slime can be an relief to some people.
    • While Aura Gate bosses with Pierce skills tend to be That One Boss, ones that don't tend to be stupidly easy because of their tendency to just focus on one element. Just bring a demon that nullifies that element and click "Auto". Prime is floor 49's Siegfried, the second to last boss of the dungeon. He has nothing but physical attacks. Grab a Shiki-Ouji (relatively easy to obtain 3* demon that nulls physical), level and give him Divine brands, click "Auto", and check back in half an hour for the victory screen.
  • Demonic Spiders: Plenty of encounters in the Aura gate can become this if your team is unprepared.
    • Cu Sith's in Level 6 have null physical, which means that, if you are running a full physical team, you're gonna have to run from battles. And if the only magic using demon you have uses light...
    • Abraxas that appear in groups of 3 in level 5 (floors 21-25) have both Makara shift and Makarakarn, preventing their weakness to magic attacks while making them mostly invincible (Abraxas naturally drains physical attacks) while you have to risk losing press turns if you don't have makara break to dispel their magic shield or an almighty skill to get past it.
    • In Floor 41 to 45 of the Aura Gate, you can come across a group of four Jack Frosts or Pyro Jack. These guys have Amp and Pierce of their respective elements, so they hit for a ton of damage, and they'll spam their multi-target skills. Furthermore, they have their weaknesses covered up with Drain passives, so you can't exploit weaknesses to kill them in one turn.
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    • Also in floor 41-45 is a group with one Isis and three Oni. Except this Isis is ridiculously buffed, as she has highly inflated Vitality and Agility, and the Speedster skill. This almost ensures her group will get the first turn, and with those stats she's really hard to take down. She will also spam Mute and revive the Oni is any of them die. Meanwhile, the Onis themselves will spam Oni-Kagura, critting your team like no tomorrow. The Onis are weak to Lightning, but Isis nulls it. This means you need to kill Isis first before casting multi-target Lighting skills (which, as noted, is really hard) or go the slow way and pick on the Onis one-by-one, all while the enemies spam Mute and crit (and as noted, Isis can revive a dead Oni once). Just for an extra kick, this group has one extra Press Turn.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • At the start of the game, your character laments the lack of excitement in their life only to be dragged in the latest SMT conflict. However, the people that you meet are all appropriate, as they are all associated with entertainment in some capacity: a web video maker, a horror movie fan, a light novel author, a gifted graphic artist etc. In other words, you get to meet a plethora of people who each break away from monotony and boredom in different ways.
    • A ritual that is normally very complex and requires a lot of study is simulated by a computer, making it incredibly easy to use. The Demon Summoning Program, or Vanitas simulating the Dragon Stream?
  • Fridge Logic: Eileen's plan to sell photographs of demons failed because she advertised them as real photographs, and the Muggles thought it was a hoax. Why didn't she advertise them as art prints? She'd be breaking the Masquerade if people believed she was selling real photographs.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Huang Di. Possesses a passive that grants pierce Phys and grants 20% increase to hit rate with two good physical attacks naturally, plus no weaknesses means that it is a solid demon all around. The only problem is that A) he's a Gacha exclusive and B) He's a 5 star, which has very low rates. Even worse is the fact that all the archetypes you can pull him are good, even coming with good Gacha skills. Common grants him "Life Aid"note , Aragami grants "Berserker God"note  and "Auto-Taruka"note , Protector grants "Salvation" note  and Null Physical (thus making him a superior to Ose), Psychic grants an immunity to charm and "Serial Killer"note , and Elementalist grants Repel Light and "Infernal Mask"note . All options good one way or another, either in PVP or PVE.
    • Jeanne D' Arc, or rather, her unique skill: "Orlean's Prayer". This skill heals an allied demon and gives them 3 MP, which means demons with high cost spells can use them more often, which makes her great in both PVE and especially in PVP.
    • The skill "Tag", only available on Protector type Jack Frosts and Pyro Jacks. Using this skill is the same as passing, but without consuming any turn whatsoever (usually Pass consumes a half turn). In this game, MP regenerates by 3 per turn, but the skill only cost 2 MPnote , so it can be used infinitely. This also means players can spam Tag and Pass until their heavy hitter regenerates enough MP, then unleash its nuke on the first round. Especially egregious if the nuker in question is a Protector Ishtar, which has the extremely-deadly-but-expensive "Concentrate"note  + "Mesopotamian Star"note  combo.
    • The team combination of Zaou-Gongen and Hell Biker. Zaou-Gongen has the passive "Kongo Zaou", which grants anyone under the effect of Rebellion the ability to pierce Physical resistances (with the exception of Repel or Drain Phys teams with Aliat or Rama respectively). Combined with Hell Biker's "Red Zone", which grants the effect of Rebellion to the whole party, and Phys teams will be demolishing teams with no means to counter the set up. Notably, Jeng Yun abuses this setup to brutal effect in Chapter 7A-11.
    • Reduced stamina events, especially halved Brands of Sin events, are these for seasonal exchange events such as Frog or Wish gathering. Normally, the amount of exchangeable items given per level is equal to the stamina cost, but during these events, the drop amount doesn't change with the stamina cost. The cost also rounds down, so it's possible to get more than twice the amount of items per stamina point.
    • Dante☆, largely because of two of his fixed skills. Rapid Shot puts him into a state of Might if he manages to connect with a regular attack. Million Stab gains Phys Pierce if Dante☆ is in a state of Might. As long as he's able to hit one enemy with a physical attack and none of them have any Pierce-nullifying skills, he can lay waste to groups of enemies in short order.
    • Nero☆ comes with the skill Overture, which is a powerful, self-sufficient skill. Hitting all enemies and putting the user in a state of Concentrate would be strong enough, but Overture also has Elec Pierce. There are few groups that can withstand an assault from Nero☆.
    • Spirit infusion. Since, due to the progress of the game, some demons are naturally left behind, now there's an option to sacrifice duplicates of five-star demons to infuse them with extra upgrades to boost their parameters and make them viable again. It takes up to six copies of a demon to fully upgrade it, but once it's done, they can become outright monsters - for instance, a fully upgraded Alice gets her Dark damage boosted by 15%, all Dark moves reduced in cost, and gets two more castings of Die For Me!.
  • Goddamned Bats: Hathor in later Aura Gate levels. Most enemies in later Aura Gate are weak to Electricity, Force, or Light, and most farming teams are built around exploiting said weaknesses. Well, Hathor isn't weak to any of them, instead resisting both Force and Light. While her weakness to physical look easy to exploit, it actually makes her more annoying. First, she has plenty of Agility, so trying to physically attack her has a high chance to miss. If you do hit her, you won't deal much damage since she also has high Vitality and you're probably using a magic-based team. Second, if you're using Auto-battle, that weakness can break Fenrir's (a staple in Aura Gate teams) AI. It will try to hit her (and probably miss) instead of actually casting support spells like it's supposed to do. If your Fenrir misses and she gets to act, get ready to use a revival item, because Hathor uses Force, which Fenrir is weak to.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • A rare demon conversation will have the demon ask the player what they think about their Timbs.
    • Some of the quotes your party members say in the Hideout has become a little memetic:
      • "The number of fans I have is simply" note 
      • "I would like to command more" note 
      • "WTF is Shionyan doing here?!" note 
    • Remove you limes Explanation 
    • With the announcement that Devil May Cry would be crossing over, "Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series", last seen in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, made a resurgence.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The inability to turn off Auto-Talk during Auto-Quest. See, at the end of a talk, demons will often ask for something before joining your party. Often, they'll only ask for tiny amounts of Macca or Magnetite. Sometimes, however, they'll ask for precious Revival Beads, Magic Reflectors or even obscene amounts of HP. When auto-questing, you will always accept the request. This can end up with players getting killed for a bunch of Slimes during a levelling session.
    • Shionyan's Assist ability, which inflicts Mute, if it activates in Strange Signal dungeons. In said dungeons, enemies will always use one specific element, so if you bring demons that nullifies it, you're guaranteed a win even if you're horribly underleveled. Then Shionyan butts in and Mutes the enemies, forcing them to use physical attacks and beat the crap out of your probably-not-physical-resistant party. Once Shionyan learns this skill, there's no way to disable it other than spending some premium currency to reset her skills or using her as the Dx2 of choice for the dungeon (and thus missing out on Eileen's Random Drop Booster effect).
    • Dx2 duels were updated to include a defensive circle mechanic. Each turn after the third, your party takes an increasing amount of damage at the beginning of the turn until the duel ends. This makes only very specific types of teams any measure of effective on both sides. On the offensive end, teams that can kill enemies quickly are preferred, as the defensive circle will do you in if you take too long. On the defensive end, stalling teams rule the roost, as if you don't kill the enemy, the circle eventually will. This has somewhat decreased after the initial damage the circle inflicts was lowered, as was the rate at which damage increases.
  • That One Boss:
    • Trumpeter in the Sloth Brands of Sin stages 6-9 is a nightmare to deal with starting out. Packing an ability that goes off at the beginning of each enemy phase, dealing a different status effect, an Almighty attack that also inflicts mute, and has concentrate to boost the power of said almighty skill even higher.
    • Any boss in the Aura Gate that has Pierce, since it makes using demons who have resistance/immunity to the boss's attacks are rendered moot, thus having to plan around said attacks. The most notable are:
      • Ose in floor 32. You know how Ose is considered a Disc-One Nuke? This boss shows you why. He has the standard Ose kit Charge + Hades Blast, and a Phys Pierce exclusive to this boss. This means you can't prevent the huge physical damage he'll be dealing. And like other Oses, he has no elemental weakness to exploit to kill him quickly. Thankfully he has no Null Phys.
      • Sleipnir in floor 38. It has high Agi and the skill Speedster, which means it will always go first and start spamming Mahamaon. Combined with Light Boost, Light Pierce, and the generally inflated stats for bosses, this means that Mahamaon will hurt a lot. Not surprising it can kill an unprepared party before they can even act.
      • Girimekhala in floor 41 is like the floor 32 Ose, on steroids. Instead of Charge, it gets Mega Boost, which is Charge plus guaranteed critical hit. And it gets Megaton Press, which is a stronger version of Hades Blast. It also has Phys Pierce, which means even more fudgehuge damage you can't prevent. It thankfully has three elemental the cost of repelling physical attacks.
    • In floor 45 of Aura Gate you fight a Dual Boss of Thor and Ishtar, and boy is it hell. To start with, both have the highly inflated stats of bosses, and between them they get 5 press turns. Ishtar will spam Judgement, a powerful Almighty (AKA unblockable) attack that also buffs their damage. Additionally, she can also use Diarahan to heal ~1000 HP. Meanwhile, Thor uses extremely damaging physical and lightning attacks, enough to wipe half your team's health in one turn (remember, they get five). Once you kill the more troublesome Ishtar, turns out Thor brings four of their shared five turn, so now you have four rounds of Thor ravaging your party. Fortunately both are weak to Force, and Thor doesn't have any Pierce skills.
    • Beelzebub in Aura Gate 2 floor 20. He spams Gluttony with Dark Pierce (weak), constantly ravaging your party's HP and healing himself, punctuated every now and then with Sea of Chaos, an Almighty attack that lowers Defense. He has no weakness, is immune to Light and Dark, and resists Physical, Wind and Electricity. When you manage to harm him enough, he will break out a single-use move to restore almost all of his HP. And when you manage to bring him down again, he stops using Gluttony... and switches over to Gluttony+, which hits harder and lets him eat more of your demons' HP, making it all the more hellish to keep his HP down and your demons alive.
  • Uncanny Valley: Hollows in Aura Gate 2 are spirits that have slowly begun to develop humanity, but are still fundamentally incomplete. They are easily swayed and have... issues communicating. For instance, a Hollow woman asks you to find her child in a dangerous area. When they meet, it's a joyful reunion... only to be revealed they're not mother and child - you can find their real relatives dead nearby, and they have no idea the other is not who they believe is.
  • Unexpected Character: Being the first Guest Fighter in the game, Bayonetta was a pleasant surprise. Other than her, she's joined by popular side-character Jeanne...and Beloved, a generic enemy.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The game has the equivalent of E10 on the iOS and Android stores. Despite featuring Mara.....


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