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  • 8.8: Arkada gave this one a "Skip It" rating. Many people were not amused, since the rating was based on the premise that it's a shoujo series.note 
  • Accidental Innuendo: The Yen Press translation of chapter 72 has Sakura tell Nozaki, "But with just your right bring excitement into the lives of a lot of girls" note .
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Due to the character dynamics being driven by misunderstandings and idiosyncratic character traits, this tends to happen a lot in fandom.
    • Nozaki's manga-centered attitude and extreme obliviousness regarding Sakura's crush on him gets this the most. Is he so focused on manga that his rare signs of concern for his friends, especially Sakura, are merely just concern for useful, free "assistants"? Or does he actually care in his own odd way? Does his concern about being ignored by Sakura and his subconsciously basing Mamiko off her appearance mean that he's in love with her too but hasn't realized it? Is his obsession with Ken just because he's a competent editor compared to Maeno, or does it move into Ho Yay territory?
    • Does Sakura's Stalker with a Crush tendencies and extreme emotional shifts regarding Nozaki speak of an unhealthily obsessive attitude, or is she just a Cloudcuckoolander allowing her inexperience with love and frustration with Nozaki's obliviousness get to her? Does she actually see anything deeper in Nozaki at all, or are her feelings merely shallow infatuation?
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    • Does Hori's obsession with Kashima's face and Tsundere tendencies toward her (coupled with his outspoken fetish for leggy girls) speak of an attraction toward her, or does he really just see her as a close friend and student of some sort that he wants to nurture as an actor?
    • Is Kashima's clinginess toward Hori, need for his attention, and tendency to set him off (on purpose or otherwise) mean that she likes him romantically, or does she see him as an odd combination of friend, mentor, and even familial figure? Chapter 60 showed that even she's not sure exactly how she sees him.
    • Is Seo a Loving Bully who likes hanging with Wakamatsu and targeting him because she's attracted to him? Does she think he's attracted to her and is she stoking said attraction or just leading him on for her own amusement? Does she enjoy watching him compliment Lorelei because she's savoring his ignorance until she feels like breaking his illusion for amusement (as she has done/claims to want to do to other boys), or does she like being flattered by Wakamatsu in particular, even if indirectly? How much of her Jerkass behavior is malicious as opposed to being Innocently Insensitive?
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    • Despite his distaste for her, does Wakamatsu actually like hanging out with Seo to some level, or does he feel that he has no choice because he can't escape her attention? Is Wakamatsu attracted to her on some level, or is he genuinely uninterested in her because he's so focused on Lorelei? Does he even see her as a friend in the first place? Or if he does hold affection for her of whatever type, does he even realize he does or is he too blinded by the Seo/Lorelei dichotomy?
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Tomoda from the dating sim game in Episode 4, now that the anime is out. People on tumblr are attempting to make an entire fanmade visual novel for Tomoda, a character that appeared once and wasn't even a secondary character, let alone a main one.
    • The girl in Chiyo's art club who took inordinate glee at making Mikoshiba pose like a harshly dumped philandering boyfriend (see Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick in the work page) also endeared herself to the fandom even before the chapter she appeared in was animated. This scene has thus far been her only significant appearance, all other appearances being in the background in a few chapters.
    • Okada, a boy Seo played with during childhood. He is only shown once in a flashback, when Seo recalls how she put him in a back of a truck and said truck drove off with him on it... and Seo abruptly stops there, not bothering to reveal what became of him. His fate worries not only Sakura but readers too, as it's revealed to be the most frequently asked question in the fanbook (to Sakura's disbelief, as she remarks he isn't even a main character). note 
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Sakura/Mikoshiba have gained quite a large following despite the two blatantly showing no romantic interest in each other. Also popular is shipping Sakura, Mikoshiba, and Nozaki together. Generally, fans in fact like to ship Mikoshiba with anyone.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The very existence of the manga "I love you, Suzuki!!", considering what Nozaki is famous in-universe for drawing. Whether this is intentional or not remains up in the air.
    • In Chapter 41 Sakura is asked to imagine an affectionate person suddenly giving the cold shoulder. She thinks of Kashima going from affectionate to cold towards Hori, and her subsequent agitated reaction suggest it's a rather stressful scenario. Jump to Chapter 60 where Kashima is made to ignore Hori for acting reasons, and it doesn't last long because neither party can stand it.
    • In Chapter 36/Episode 8, Sakura goes frantic over Hori taking a photo of her and Nozaki for manga references and thinks to herself, "I'm supposed to be Mamiko!?". Jump to Chapter 48, and it turns out she was unintentionally the inspiration for Mamiko's design not long after she and Nozaki met as first-years.
    • In an earlier chapter, during Miyamae and Maeno's class reunion, Miyamae complains that all shoujo mangaka editors (and probably by extension, mangaka themselves) talk about when they're drunk is shoujo manga. When you read Chapter 63, which features a drunk Yukari, you find out he was completely right. Almost doubles as unintentional Foreshadowing.
    • A lot of SeoxWaka fanart usually portrayed her domineering or teasing a flustered/shy Wakamatsu in some way, with varying shades of femdom. Then came Chapter 66, when Wakamatsu discovered something about Seo that he actually found attractive: The fact that SEO is the one who becomes incredibly shy and flustered when Wakamatsu starts teasing her with fake romantic confessions.
  • Idiot Plot: A lot of the misunderstandings wouldn't go on for as long as they do if the characters would just talk to each other instead of constantly making assumptions. Of course, given that the said misunderstandings drive many of the jokes, they rarely do - and even when they do make attempts to talk things out, the point tends to go over each other's heads for some reason or another.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Mikoshiba. On the official fanbook's pairing poll, right after the three official pairings are: Sakura & Mikoshiba, Nozaki & Mikoshiba, Mikoshiba & Kashima, and Mikoshiba & Hori. Of particular note is that he is shipped with characters of both sexes, and the canon gave no Ship Tease to any of these pairings.
  • Memetic Mutation: Naturally, quite a lot of the gags of the manga have become this for the fan base, even one-off gags. The following are among the most popular:
    • "TOMODAAAA!!!"note 
    • "Boxes!"note 
    • "Needs more tanuki." This usually elicits the reply of "MAENOOOO!!!"
    • In discussions of who the best couple is, many will often answer Mikorin/2D or Tomoda/Suzuki(lol)note .
    • Most fans will often say that "Mikorin is the Best Girl". In China he's called "the REAL female protagonist."
    • Some fans noted Chiyo's strange resemblance to Paras from Pokémon and ran with it. Her ribbons and their white-on-red polkadot pattern have also achieved memetic status as well. She's also been associated with Kantai Collection's rendition of Prinz Eugen (see: Characters.Kantai Collection Five) due to Ari Ozawa voicing them both, as well as some similarities in appearance. The extra chapter 84.5 nods at this since a flashback of a middle-school Chiyo shows her with a hairstyle exactly like Prinz Eugen.
    • Fans have also taken to saying that out of all the main characters, Nozaki is the ideal housewife due to having excellent cooking skills and often unashamedly wearing a heart-emblazoned apron while cooking.
    • Blue Ribbon Chiyo. In a certain imageboard, fans made up a creepypasta story featuring Chiyo with blue ribbons instead of red. Blue Ribbon Chiyo is depicted as a yandere Humanoid Abomination that isn't afraid to kill the entire cast just to get Nozaki, and can even possess normal Chiyo. The story got so memetic that every conversation about the series will inevitably have someone bring up this topic.
  • Moe:
    • Chiyo, due to her petite feminine looks and hilarious reactions, is seen as very cute by many. Seo even calls Nozaki a lolicon for appearing interested in her.
    • Mikoshiba aka Mikorin... Both Nozaki and Chiyo think that he's absolutely adorable.
    • Wakamatsu has been likened to a big puppy by many fans, and often elicits a response of wanting to take care of him. Even Nozaki feels the need to look out for his sensitive underclassman.
    • The debut of Yumeko, Nozaki's little sister, in a side chapter had a good chunk of the fandom exploding due to her cute and innocent character.
  • Mythology Gag: Rei mistaking Nozaki for a teacher might be a reference to one of Tsubaki's other works, Ore-sama Teacher, where the titular teacher has the exact same design. Or rather, Nozaki has his design, as Nozaki came second.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Okada, a little boy from Seo's childhood, has only appeared on half a page in the manga (and for a few scenes in the anime). Said appearance is very popular (to the point of being the most asked about topic for the fanbook) because it comprises him playing with Seo and getting driven away on the back of the truck he was playing on, followed by Seo casually brushing the story off and having no intention of saying what happened to him.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Relatively mild and mostly nowhere near Die for Our Ship levels, but some Mikorin/Sakura shippers like to portray Nozaki on the "unfeelingly, insensitively oblivious" or "sees Sakura as merely an assistant and nothing more" side of Alternate Character Interpretation.
  • The Scrappy: Maeno. Due to his self-centered and Pointy-Haired Boss behavior, many fans just find him as infuriating as the cast does.
  • Signature Scene:
    • The entire Dating Sim skit, which makes its way not only into the anime but the Drama CD as well.
    • From the anime, the original scene where Sakura confesses to Nozaki during the festival fireworks. For better or for worse, it's seen as a shining example of the cliche in shoujo.
  • Unpopular Popular Character:
    • While in-universe the tanuki are almost as despised as Maeno himself, with one being destroyed by Sakura and Hori in the anime OP, the fandom finds them an amusing aspect of the series. An official fanbook poll even had them place 9th out of 15 to Maeno's 13th.
    • Seo isn't liked very much in-series due to her abrasive personality, but she came 5th in the fanbook character poll and is loved by fans for the comedy she contributes to.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Of all the heroines in a love story, Sakura, while admired, is thought to be the weakest of the heroines in characterization compared to Kashima or Seo.
  • Woolseyism: One of the scanlation teams, Roselia Scans, have had some impressive takes on certain language-related puns in the manga. One example is from Chapter 55 relating to a nigh-untranslatable pun; Wakamatsu's manga character looks in the mirror and sees that "スキだ" (suki da) is written her forehead and, depending on the Japanese writing system used, it can mean "I love you" or "you're defenseless". The scanlation's take was to use an ambigram which says "love u" but can also be read as "idiot" upside down.


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