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  • Awesome Music: Songs About Jane is one of the most successful albums of all time... This is for a reason!
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Wiz Khalifa's rap about how hot his car is on "Payphone." "Payphone" is a love song.
  • Broken Base: Plenty of Maroon 5 fans are torn up on Overexposed and V. They're either great albums that allow the band to expand their sound, or terrible rubbish that's studio-created rather than the musicianship shown on their first three albums.
    • You either think Levine is awesome/attractive or an egotistical douche. If his personality doesn't matter to you, you either love or hate his voice.
    • "Animals", from V, is especially getting plenty of this. A great, anthemic song, or a creepy-as-all-get-out Stalker with a Crush anthem that'd make Robin Thicke crap his pants? And then there's the music videos...
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    • Just in general, most fans seem pretty torn on whether the newer material they're churning out is any good in the first place, or is just bad, meaningless schlock. A majority of people commenting on the music video for "Harder to Breathe" on YouTube alone has many fans decrying their newer music, in favor of their older stuff. You'll find this on many videos for their songs.
  • Award Snub: Maroon 5 have yet to win a Kids' Choice Award. Although to be honest, they never really stood a chance against One Direction. Fans hoped that they would finally be honored once the Favorite Music Group category was 1D-free (unlike Bruno Mars who continues to get snubbed in the post-Bieber Favorite Male Singer categories). However, Fifth Harmony than started to dominate the category. Maroon 5 now holds the record for most nominations for the category without a win (6 as of the 2018 ceremony).
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  • Creepy Awesome: Is the music video for "Animals" disturbing as hell, yes. Is it possibly glorifying stalking, rape, and cannibalism, maybe.note  Is it incredible, hell yeah!
  • Designated Hero: Levine in the "Payphone" music video. Sure, he was wrongly accused of being a robber by the cops, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he left the girl to fend for herself, stole Wiz Khalifa's car, and killed a bunch of cops while getting only a few cuts and bruises in the end. The Music Video Show destroys the video to pieces with this.
  • Ear Worm: "This Love" for a start.
    • "I'm at a payphone, trying to call home, all of my change I spent on you." Seriously that chorus shall be stuck in your head forever.
    • Songs About Jane in general.
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    • "She Will Be Loved". Damn it...
    • "This! Love! Has! Taken its toll. On me!"
    • "That may be ALLLLL I need, in darkness she is ALLLLL I see. . ."
    • "Misery"
    • "Moves Like Jagger" is the ear worm.
    • "And when the DAYLIIIIGHT comes I'll have to GO, but tonIIIIGHT I'm gonna hold you SO CLOSE!"
    • "One More Night". Just..."One More Night".
    • "I really wanna love somebody! I really wanna dance the night away!"
    • "Lucky Strike"
    • "Never Gonna Leave This Bed"
    • "It's not over tonight, just give me one more chance to make it right!"
    • Overexposed. The whole album. Along with the songs mentioned above, some lesser known ones like "Tickets" and "Doin' Dirt" are also extremely catchy.
    • "I was the man who never lied, never lied until today, but I just couldn't break your heart, like you did mine yesterday"
    • "Sugar! Yes, please! Won't you come and pour it down on me?"
  • Epic Riff: "Moves Like Jagger" has quite the whistling hook.
  • Face of the Band: Adam Levine, moreso since joining The Voice. Good luck spotting the other members in the "Payphone" video.
  • First Installment Wins: Songs About Jane is still considered their best album. Overlaps with Tough Act to Follow.
  • Funny Moments: "Don't Wanna Know" has a Concept Video parodying Pokémon GO (and possibly also the beginning of A Hard Day's Night), with the band (and various celebrity cameos) dressed in cumbersome mon costumes while being chased down the street by people holding up smartphones. There's also a Mid-Vid Skit where the director asks Adam Levine to put on a Pharrell Williams-esque Nice Hat and Levine refuses because it would make him look "silly"... he says this as he's still dressed as a Squirtle lookalike.
  • Heartwarming Moments: "Sweetest Goodbye" and "Tangled" on their debut.
    • During their 2009 tour, Levine and Carmichael realized that their old summer camp was on the way to their next gig and decided to stop there and spend the day hanging out with the campers.
    • The music video for "Sugar" is the band surprising a bunch of wedding couples by playing the song. While there is some question of how genuine the actual wedding "crashes"/"surprises" were, the brides were all genuine reactions. Even more, Maroon 5 then voluntarily played "She Will Be Loved" as the traditional first dance for all the couples afterwards.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Keyboardist Jessie Carmichael took a one-year sabbatical from the band before the recording of Overexposed, which is significantly more synth-heavy than the rest of their stuff.
  • Mondegreen: A map at least to you, FOR THE WIN, FOR THE WIN, FOR THE WIN...
  • Narm: The howl in "Animals" rivals the one in Shakira's "She Wolf" in terms of awkwardness. It doesn't help that the line "animals-mals" already sounds kind of silly.
  • Never Live It Down: The band's Super Bowl LIII halftime show performance was widely panned as being one of the blandest and most forgettable halftime shows in Super Bowl history. And that's ignoring all the heat the band got well before the show for even being willing to perform in it, but that's for more complex and controversial reasons.
    • It also doesn't help that it’s widely known that they were the NFL, CBS, and Pepsi's third choice to headline. Rihanna and P!nk were the first and second choice but turned them down due to both the aforementioned political reasons as well as business reasons (the act has to spend some of their own money). Neither had new music to promote and P!nk had just gotten off a highly successful tour. Various others turned down the chance to cameo as well, particularly Cardi B who was featured on a song of theirs that had been in the top ten for quite some time at that point. They were basically the only act that would say "yes".
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The lyrics to "Come Away to the Water" (from The Hunger Games soundtrack).
    • The music video for "Maps" features a very realistic scene in which the lead woman gets hit by a car, not to mention all the glorious shots we see of her bloody, bruised face. Compare the comical crash Levine got involved in in the "Misery" review for contrast. Not helping is how light-hearted the song itself is.
    • "Animals" compares sex with animals eating each other, all set to a peppy, anthemic beat. While it's tamer than, say, "Gorilla" by Bruno Mars, the Lyrical Dissonance that occurs is just disturbing. And then there's the lyric video depicting some snakes ganging up on a rabbit. Then there's the official video coming from the perspective of an Abhorrent Admirer/Stalker with a Crush, plus more gore and animal carcasses than "Payphone" or "Maps" ever had!
    • The Director's Cut of "Wake Up Call" ends with Adam in the electric chair.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: "Sweetest Goodbye" is a lullaby.
  • Signature Song: "This Love"
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Overexposed and V have suffered backlash of this sort—the latter two more so.
  • Tear Jerker: "She Will Be Loved"
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Invoked to some extent with "Makes Me Wonder", which looks like a normal song about love at first but takes on a new meaning with the Reality Subtext of Levine's frustration with the state of American politics at the time (ex: war in Iraq).


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