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Fridge Horror

  • The song Maroon 5 and Rihanna sang, "If I Never See Your Face Again," also had some Friends with Benefits vibes to top off all the horror in the situations over situations over situations. The implications Chris and Rihanna may also have indulged in this with the new "Birthday Cake" version is not lost on anyone.

Fridge Logic

  • The ending of the video for "She Will Be Loved". Why the hell did it take the girlfriend so long to go after them? Wouldn't you realise that there was something weird between your boyfriend and your mother once he got up to go after her?
    • Actually it seems the girl and the older woman are the same person, you will notice the girl morphing into the image of the older at various points throughout the video.
  • Also, why the heck did the guy in "Payphone" not just tell the police that he was just a bystander running away instead of letting it escalate into a police chase?
    • To be fair, he did grab the gun and fire at the robbers, so that's at least one crime- he probably wasn't thinking clearly, having just escaped being repeatedly shot.
    • Speaking of "Payphone", doesn't he have a cell?
      • He might have left it behind at work.
      • He's actually seen throwing it away at the very beginning of the music video. Presumably it got damaged during all the car chase-excitement.
    • Why would they send choppers after him? How did all of those robbers miss shooting at him as he was running out of the bank? And how did Whiz Khalifa suddenly turn dirt poor after Levine stole his luxury car?

Fridge Brilliance



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