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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Grace has drastically different depictions between the tv series and the films. In the series, she is shown as the main Big Bad who was willing to sacrifice anything and anybody to achieve her goals. In the film, she is depicted as a more sympathetic character who genuinely cared about Sheryl and was being mind controlled by the Macross Galaxy leadership. The latter also extends to the "Sheryl - Kiss in the Galaxy" manga.
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  • Badass Decay: The Ghost V-9 drones, the mass-production model of the deadly Ghost X-9 of Macross Plus, which could singlehandedly dogfight two Ace Pilots in Super Prototypes to a standstill,) are reduced to being mere Elite Mooks in the final battle of Frontier. To be fair, it has been almost 20 years since the events of Macross Plus, with requisite advantages in technology. Besides, you still never see one get taken out by a human pilot - the only thing that is shown actually standing up to Galaxy's V-9s are Luca's own AIF-7S's once released to full AI control. Also, as soon as all of the non-hero pilots see them, they instantly crap their pants and are shown getting blown up rather quickly.
  • Cargo Ship: some fans joke that Alto's 'One Twu Wuv' is his VF-25, which can lead to an amusing Take a Third Option regarding his Love Triangle.
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  • Complete Monster: The original version of Dr. Grace O'Connor plans to Mind Control the alien Vajra into subjugating humanity and the Zentradi under her control and killing those who resist. Murdering the parents of the seven-year-old Sheryl Nemo, Grace torments the then-homeless girl while she is all alone, before using Sheryl in a painful experiment which killed her previous eight subjects, and guarantees Sheryl will die in a decade. Although Grace admits she grows to gain some genuine affection for Sheryl, she decides these feelings will get in the way of her galaxy conquering goals and electronically deletes them from her own brain.
  • Crazy Awesome: From The Wings of Goodbye, here's Macross Quarter's Big Wednesday Formation.
  • Death of the Author: This along with the fact that the movies are Alternate Continuity have been what a lot of Ranka/Harem fans have been hanging on to since the movies came out.
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  • Die for Our Ship: Ranka, in the eyes of Sheryl/Alto shippers. Sheryl, in the eyes of Ranka/Alto shippers. Both sides are equally pretty bad though.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Subverted, though Grace is really popular amongst fans, they don't make her out to be an victim.
  • Fanfic Fuel: The one arc on Jessica Blanc.
  • HSQ: Over Nine Thousand. This is the Macross series' answer to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Just one example: for this series' appearance of the Monster they had the on-screen debut of the Konig Monster (notably, it caused this reaction in-universe when Alto realized what the shuttle called Rabbit 1 really was).
  • He's Just Hiding: Movie-verse only for Alto and Sheryl. Fans questioned whether or not they were dead due to the ambiguity of the ending, but Kawamori clarified that they both survived: Sheryl was in a coma for a while but woke up, while Alto returned to the Frontier Fleet after a bit. Kawamori even expressed shock that anyone thought the two of them ended up dead, as this was apparently not even remotely what he was trying to imply.
  • Internet Backdraft: Do not bring up Ranka's character development, or her behavior, actions or lack thereof over the course of the TV series in any Macross Forum. You will start a war. Movie Ranka is safe though.
  • Les Yay: Sheryl and Ranka seem at least as into each other as they are into Alto. There is a reason that Marry Them All seems viable to many fans.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Grace O'Connor. She turns the entirety of Macross Galaxy into a Hive Mind with herself as the Queen, infiltrates Macross Frontier without even bothering to use an alias or hide her cybernetic implants, killed a little girl's parents for revenge on her family, then had said little girl live on the streets as a beggar for her pure enjoyment, then infects her with the V-type virus which would slowly kill her, then turned little girl into the into a pop idol, solely to use her fame and fold-wave-producing voice for her own benefit (then dumped her the second that a superior replacement was found), manipulated Brera into kidnapping and brainwashing his own sister against his will, completely out-maneuvered co-conspirator Leon Mishima, died twice without casting suspicion on herself, and finally achieves her goal of becoming a Super Dimensional Being: The 'Verse's equivalent of a god. And she does the whole thing while rocking the sexy office lady/librarian look, which provides no real measurable effect, but is probably worth style points.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Nyan Nyan, Nyan Nyan, ni-hao Nyan! Gorgeous, Delicious, Deculture!
    • Ninjin loves you, Yeah!
    • "Hopes and Dreams" as the Fan Nickname for Sheryl's breasts, after she states that the give people these. This of course leads to.
      • Grace's own Fan Nickname. Grace never says the name, but she happened to grope her breasts anyway, and everyone happened to remember Sheryl's infamous scene introducing "Hopes and Dreams", and since Grace is EVIL, it was inverted: "Despairs and Nightmares"
  • Mis-blamed: A strange combination of types 3,4, and 5 in regards to Kawamori. Fans blame Kawamori for not resolving the love triangle in the last episode because of favoritism and marketing, however this belief was due to a bunch of faked interviews mentioned in the main pages description. Due to a slight but significant mistranslation of Yoshino's fanbook interview, fans then started blaming Yoshino. However, what Yoshino actually revealed in his fanbook interview was that "everyone" came to the same idea around the same time: that it didn't have to end with Alto choosing someone. But some of the fans still blame Kawamori or Yoshino for what happened.
  • Moe: Ranka is this to some degree. Klan also appears at first to be a moeblob otaku fetish object of a character, but she ends up largely being a deconstruction of the type.
    • Ranka is also a bit of a deconstruction (arguably) with the Moe points she has, though not to the extent of Klan. Namely, despite her cuteness, it does not stop her from making decisions that are less than impressive to some viewers.
  • Narm: In episode 19, Ranka is running upstairs to the launch deck, elated because she thinks Alto loves her, when she suddenly barges in on Alto comforting Sheryl (who had collapsed due to her illness, but Ranka doesn't know about that). On the one hand, it's sad to see poor, brokenhearted Ranka stand there, saying, "It can't be..." with a frozen smile on her face. On the other, it becomes hilarious when one remembers that this is Alto Saotome, and that his predecessor was often caught in the exact same situations, with the exact same results. Ranka should have screamed "I HATE YOU, ALTO!" and punch him into the distance.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Almost every shot of Grace in the last 2 episodes.
    • Right in the first episode, a Vajra mecha grabs Henry and crushes him in its bare hands like a bug despite firing his assault rifle at its face. We don't see the body fortunately, but we do see a lot of blood coming from between its fingers.
  • One True Pairing: Mikhail and Klan.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Averted by the Macross Frontier Trilogy games. Ace is a decent 3rd person mecha shooter (also featuring missions from all other Macross incarnations), Ultimate significantly improves on Ace in depth and scope, and Triangle adds the visual novel-like Academy Mode, where players create a pilot whose story intersects with the main Frontier tale.
  • Ship Mates: In a post Frontier world, many shippers that go for Alto/Sheryl also like to ship Brera/Ranka, that is if they don't ship them all together. It helps that the novelization supports both pairings.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Alto/Ranka vs Alto/Sheryl. So vicious that the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other. Well... sort of.
    • It's even worse when both sides start using Slut-Shaming against the other. Sheryl/Alto fans say that Ranka is a barely legal skank and jail bait who uses her cute looks to attract Alto so he won't choose a "Stronger, Perfect And Better Developed Real Woman" like Sheryl, while Ranka/Alto fans retort that Sheryl's Stripperiffic outfits and large breasts make her a slut unlike sweet and poor and flatchested Ranka.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory: Sheryl's stage wear. Though, unlike other examples, Sheryl's physics-defying wardrobe has an excuse — it's entirely digital. She's really wearing a full-body hologram suit.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The death of Jessica Blanc in the ninth episode. It goes to Fanfic Fuel since Mikhail didn't bother to go investigate it.
  • Ugly Cute: Ai-kun in his second form.
  • The Woobie: Ranka and Sheryl, especially after Episode 18.

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