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With a soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno and several vocals sung by Megumi Nakajima and May Nakabayashi, Macross Frontier by itself is able to put all the previous entries of the Macross franchise to shame in the music department, and stands tall as one of the most iconic collections of awe-inspiring songs since it aired in 2008. It's really saying something when the first soundtrack broke into the top 3 of the Japanese charts, something that hasn't happened since Neon Genesis Evangelion over a decade ago!


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As Sheryl Nome's singing voice, May Nakabayashi (better known as May'n here) brings some of the most memorable battle songs in the series.

    Megumi Nakajima 
On top of providing voice acting for her actual character, Ranka Lee, Megumi Nakajima is the other prominent songstress, and she certainly doesn't fall behind May'n.


    May'n and Megumi Nakajima 
As a duet, Sheryl and Ranka rock out even more awesome than their solos, which is no small feat.

  • "Infinity", sung in Episode 7's climax.note 
  • "Nyan Nyan Service Medley", which is an epic mashup of several songs in the series note , is used in Episode 25's climactic fight against the true mastermind who has hijacked the Vajra, Grace. The third album, "VOCAL COLLECTION Nyan Tama", provides an extended version, called "Nyan Nyan Special Service Medley (Tokumori)", which adds "Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don't be late", "Triangler" and "Anata no Oto" to the mix.
  • The Wings of Goodbye adds several more duets to the list:
    • "Get it on ~ Kousoku Climax", which is used as Alto and company rescue Sheryl from her imprisonment under the guise of Ranka's concert. A version with different lyrics, Get it on - flying rock, was included on the Houkago Overflow single.
    • "Nyan Nyan Final Attack Frontier Greatest Hits!"; this differs from "Nyan Nyan Service Medley" in that it incorporates other songs; it ditches "Infinity", "What 'bout my star?", "Diamond Crevasse", "Watashi Kare Wa Pilot" and "Seikan Hikou" for "Northern Cross", "Niji-Iro Kuma Kuma", "Universal Bunny" and "Obelisk".
    • "Sayonara no Tsubasa ~ the end of triangle", the third and final song used in the movie's climax.
    • The ending credits add "d Shootin' Star b" after Ranka's "Hoshi Kira", signifying Sheryl's recovery and comeback to the stage.

    The Soundtracks 
Yoko Kanno is the main composer for the series and movies' musical score (this is on top of doing the arrangement for both singers' vocals), she's no slouch in that department, even when considering all the above songs. Her bombastic orchestral tracks add a grand scale befitting of a militaristic space opera.


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