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  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Rock-types are NOT immune to electricity. Pikachu could have easily taken both of Latias Sr.'s Pokemon.
    • During Crawdaunt's orgy in Chapter 50, Crawdaunt is described as "proud and joyful and omnipresent as any old saturnine god of sex." The author probably meant to say "jovial," because "saturnine" means "sluggish and gloomy."
    • Reptiles are given placental mammal physiology, probably thanks to Most Writers Are Human. Charla's developing eggs are measured in trimesters, and she goes through a Screaming Birth, like a human. Meanwhile, the Latii are described as getting PMS and going into heat, as if bird-like dragons can have estrous cycles.
  • Fanon: The story uses a lot of popular anime series fanon including:
    • The human characters' last names ("Brock Slate" and "Max and May Maple")
    • Ash's Butterfree dying after he mated
    • Silver and his parent being related to the Lugia from Pokémon 2000
  • Funny Moments: The cast is invited to a ball before the final round of the Pokemon Tournament. Some of them go for more...involved celebrations than others. After drinking copious amounts of punch, Phanpy goes into the bathroom, only to walk in on Uncle Brother Pikachu going at it with Sadic. Traumatized, he runs to Aunt Corsola for help, and walks in on her right in the middle of Crawdaunt's massive orgy. You can probably imagine what happens next.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Besides the sheer amount of over-the-top violence, graphic torture, and Gratuitous Rape scenes at the hands of Eldritch Abominations whose only redeeming feature is that they're shamelessly honest about liking to do all three of those, all the crap that our heroes get put through makes it difficult to sympathize with them. This wasn't already difficult enough to do so, no thanks to them being Wangsty (Latias, May long before anything terrible happens to her), preachy (Sadic and Mewtwo), pervy (Crawdaunt and Brock), stupid (Jirachi, Max, Phanphy, Misty's Psyduck/Golduck, May's Skitty/Delcatty), or downright villainous (The Ghost King, Molly). Then there is Latias' relationship with the Ghost King, which completely destroys all hope of the main heroine being seen as sympathetic. And there's Ri2's refusal to show and not tell. The ending tried to do away with this, but then there was that Sequel Hook...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The fanfic has the Cyberpunk region of Silica. Now look at Black City in Pokemon Black...
    • There's also a ghost dragon trapped in a depressing nebulous realm, and an embodiment of evil that lives in a bizarre Hell-world. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl would later give us Giratina and the Distortion World, which more or less fits both of those.
    • There's also a God of the Pokemon universe. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl would gives us Arceus, who shows up in the second-to-last chapter and was implemented in this fic's sequel.
    • During the final chapters, a lot of the Chosen would gain super forms. Pokémon X and Y would much later give us Mega Forms
  • Idiot Plot: A major problem with the story for the story's critics. A lot of the characters, even the legendary Pokemon, have a bit of a death grip on the Idiot Ball. And it's not just the heroes either.
    • The Tyranitron arc heavily relies on almost every character (except Wobbuffet) being stupid or distracted. Ash and his friends sit around and waste a lot of time gossiping when they should have been trying to think of ways to get around the Tyranitron's defenses. Whenever they come up with something, they're either shot down by Contrived Coincidence (a random Murkrow coming out of nowhere and stealing the Dragon Flute), or they wind up wasting even more time (Max insisting that he wants to pilot Jirachi's Humongous Mecha form, and having to stop and read the owner's manual). On the villains' side, Team Rocket sits around and toys with their opponents instead of defeating them as quickly as possible, allowing Wobbuffet to turn off the Tyranitron's shields, and eventually, its engines. Their failure to get Chimecho out of the bridge ultimately causes their defeat.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Deoxys crosses this when he destroys an entire city, then personally tortures and kills the Pichu Brothers for funsies.
    • Ford has his partner Blaziken brutally torture and mutilate Charizard, and then forcefully turns Ash into the Alpha Ranger.
    • Mariah tries to destroy May's will during their battle by curb-stomping and nearly killing her Pokemon, and insulting her every time. After May has been sufficiently traumatized, she tries to steal her soul.
    • Dark Latios torments his sister, kills their father Ho-oh, immortalizes Lady Ho-oh so he can torture her repeatedly before eating her, force-feeds Latias her father's genitals(!), and then repeatedly rapes her both physically and mentally until she becomes an emotionless killing machine.
  • Narm: The concept of a monster made out of knives is way too ridiculous to find scary.
  • One True Threesome:
    • A particularly weird Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action example: Wobbuffet, Milotic, and Cacturne. You may now scrub your brain with peroxide.
    • If one recalls properly, it becomes fairly obvious that Groudon/Kyogre is really a case of Groudon/Kyogre/Groudon's awesome pants.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: As the Reviews page shows, many former fans are liable to have a "Why did I think this was good back then?" moment when they re-read it to see how many flaws this story is rife with.
  • Shipping Bed Death: Refreshingly averted. Ash and Misty hook up quite early on, and their ongoing relationship is handled as a an integral part of everything happening around them.
  • Squick:
  • Shocking Swerve: In the final chapter it's revealed that Mewgle had trapped everyone - and we do mean EVERYONE - in virtual reality so he could take over the multiverse. It winds up Retconning generally a lot of things. Some readers found that it gave more closure to the story, while others thought that it made everything worse, and that the author should have left it alone.
  • Strangled by the Red String:
    • In general, most of the pairings in this fic, especially the ones involving the supporting characters, pop right out of nowhere and contribute little, if anything, to the story. For example, Psyduck and Skitty fall in Love at First Sight, and Lombre and Midkip just up and announce to Brock that they're seeing each other out of the blue.
    • The relationship between Latias and the Ghost King, and by extension, Rayquaza is the most disliked aspect of the story. From the very beginning, Latias has been dreaming about marrying the Ghost King, even though she didn't even know what he looked like. Later on, she forgives the him for razing her hometown and murdering everyone in it in a childish fit of rage, all because because a hologram of Latios said they should get together. She obeys it without question, the reason given that she "just knew" the hologram was the real Latios. At the same time, the Ghost King shows no real remorse over destroying Alto Mare nor killing everyone in it; the only reason he regrets doing it is because it upset Latias. To add insult to injury, their love for one another is mostly told and not shown and Latias even considers marrying the damn guy end of the story! Many readers were not at all satisfied with the story's explanation and especially not the tacked-on revelation that Kyogre secretly made the Ghost King do it at the very end, and consider it little more than glorified Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: During the Tryranitron arc, a Murkrow steals Latias' Dragon Flute, forcing her and Togetic to go after him. They only find the flute after the Tyranitron is destroyed.
  • The Un-Twist: Deoxys turns out to be the Cataclysm. Even HE knew in in-universe.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The Ghost King wants to apologize to Latias for destroying her city, killing all her friends, and ultimately traumatizing her.
      You'd Expect: He'd do everything Pokemonly possible not to dig himself a deeper hole. Wait for her to calm down before sending someone to speak on his behalf, since he can't leave the Realm of Mists. And maybe send a messenger who's not a Ghost-type. Also, drop the bounty on Ash's head, because killing him would just piss her off even more.
      Instead: He sends Shedinja, the very Pokemon who killed Latias' best friend, to hunt her down with a squadron of ghosts and capture her. Oh, and Shedinja is also a Jerkass, and would rather terrorize her for several days instead of just bringing her right to the King.
      Then: Once the King gets to speak to Latias when she has Mewtwo as her bodyguard, he tells her right to her face that he's going to kill Ash anyway, because he never breaks his promises.
    • Fearow's gimmick is that he eats other Pokemon and gets stronger from it.
      You'd Expect: He'd eat Latias immediately, because she's a legendary Pokemon.
      Instead: He tries to rape her for no reason, which delays him long enough for Pidgeot to rescue her.
      Then: He is later killed by Latias' New Powers as the Plot Demands - powers that could have been his, had he not screwed around.
    • The apocalypse had started. Deoxys' lands his fortress in the middle of Ever Grande City after destroying everything outside said city. The Chosen have assembled...and then Alpha Bitch Lady Ho-Oh shows up, already ranting.
      You'd Expect: Ignore her bullshit, she's small potatoes compared to the Satanic Archetype staring them in the face. If she can't be ignored, lock her up somewhere so she can't get in the way.
      Instead: Our heroes dogpile on her, and Sadic threatens to eat her. She escapes.
      Then: Lady Ho-Oh immediately joins forces with Deoxys, and interrupts Lord Ho-Oh's battle with Leviathan. As a result, Misdreavus gets eaten thanks to being distracted, and Lord Ho-Oh gets dragged into Dark Latios' realm where he is tortured, mutilated, and killed.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: There are some pretty fucked up moments in the story, and whether it's a good or a bad "fucked up" all depends on the reader. As mentioned on the This Is Your Premise on Drugs page when it still had examples:
    Latias' Journey is Pokémon tripping balls on every hallucinogen known. On meth. And PCP. And Rare Candies. While huffing nitrous oxide. And off its mood stabilizers.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Yes, Latias' Journey is based on the kid-friendly Pokémon anime. But it also contains Nightmare Fuel, intense violence, intense gore, horror, sexual situations, Gratuitous Rape, profanity, and philosophical/religious overtones.
  • The Woobie:
    • May. First she gets Overshadowed by Awesome and ditched when Ash has to go solo at the beginning. Her crush on him goes unrequited note  Then she gets curbstomped and insulted by a godmoder. And when the grand finale kicks in, her Munchlax is shot, Drew's head explodes in her face right as she's realizing her feelings for him, and copies of her parents are killed on public TV. Once she gets an 11th-Hour Superpower with the rest of the cast, she's tricked into killing her ''real'' parents thinking ''they're'' demonic fakes, is ostracized by her brother for it, and her Pokemon and eventually herself are slaughtered by Dark Latias in quite possibly one of the most brutal fatalities of the book. Holy shit.
    • To a lesser degree, Wobbuffet. He was abused as a child by his grandfather, and abused as an adult by Jessie. Just when he quits Team Rocket and things are starting look up for him, Shalor invades Mirage Island and kills almost everyone, including Milotic. Only he and Cacturne make it out alive.


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