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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
  • Anvilicious: Your visions as analogies to the rightfulness of Nyall's claims.
  • Audience Awareness Advantage: Played for Drama. The player knows everything through the well-positioned agents, but news travel significantly slower to, and from, your holding. That means your character takes a while to know that Jon is framed for murder in Braavos; that Terrei died; both your character and Evalyn Chernoff fight in court not knowing Jorgen is alive; Jon has plenty of time to worry whether Eutimio is alive if not to think him dead; and good luck warning Eutimio to turn back south because the Wall crumbled...
    • Jayne seems to plan against you in the belief that she is still your heir, long after you have officially chosen someone else in her absence.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Jayne, who was Easily Forgiven until now, gets either executed or disowned and exiled after imprisoning you in the Summer Isles. Even if she brings The Cavalry which helps you retake your holding, that doesn't mean all her earlier actions against you are forgotten.
    • The Greenseer's Glass does become useful eventually, when chasing the wights back into their tomb in your holding.
  • Badass Decay: Odette was turning from Master Swordswoman into Damsel in Distress while she was in the story, lampshaded repeatedly by herself.
  • Bizarro Episode: Maybe the hidden Volume You storylines qualify, which are told to take place shortly before your pursuit of the Silent Lady, and mostly contain petty quarreling with the neighbors and acquaintances and hassles over taking and tilling new pieces of land.
  • Chickification: Liadain shifted from a rational Barbarian Hero - who could live on her own in the wilderness just fine, got back at her unwanted husband and even if she couldn't use a sword (or maybe just didn't have one) she was pretty good with the bow - who took Jorgen under her wing into a flighty, neurotic Damsel Scrappy - who needed the relatively sheltered Jorgen who was unfamiliar in the wilderness, not a Master Swordsman and even hurt his leg later on, as a ticket to south (to walk there, mind you) and all but threw herself at a White Walker impulsively - when she and Jorgen got romantic.
  • Designated Evil:
    • Your self-defense against the Three, attacking you for no good reason. Your advisors try to railroad you into celebrating to have ruined your former friends.
    • Quite a few enemies of yours attack you repeatedly out of greed, Misplaced Retribution or simple idiocy, but you are the bloodthirsty monster for daring to defend yourself and win.
    • Carellen vilifying you for Bess' death, since the alternative would be letting many of your enslaved smallfolk get killed instead, a mother of ten among them, whose eldest son actually volunteered and risked his life to help you catch the Silent Lady while Carellen or Bess weren't doing anything helpful onscreen, Bess arguably even bringing it on herself by willingly staying in harm's way.
  • Fridge Brilliance: White Walkers and wights recoil from the Greenseer's Glass because it's a Magic Mirror showing them their lost human lives. You, as a human, only see your reflection in it. Gammer is scared of it before it gives back her consciousness.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Maester Lucas remarkably hovering over your character's bedside in Breaking Ties.
    • Rona had some kind of relationship with Yara Greyjoy.
  • Informed Wrongness:
    • Munda thinks punishing her husband for desertion (what he has committed) is injustice, because he was such a good husband and father. Gammer Wilde never said her husband's execution was unjust even if that left her completely alone, nor did Ser Davos Seaworth think the king was unjust when cutting his fingers off for saving him from starvation.
    • You shouldn't hesitate to support the Interclass Romance of Gulian and Alyse, but what if she is just a whim to him as Lady Belmore even mentioned, or he is just a Meal Ticket to her what even Rona encouraged?
    • However accepting you are, it's understandable to worry about your family name living on, which can be only by pushing your son into an Arranged Marriage.
    • Considering punishing/disowning Jayne for the "treason" she was forced into by death threats. Even Gammer's greensight warning about treason from within the family is timed there, instead of Enduring Legacy where she became the real Antagonistic Offspring.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Finding Ser Hugo and making him do your work you receive your nobility for, accepting his pledge of a lifelong free and unconditional service for it, for him to never call you out on reaping the benefits for yourself, but instead staying convinced that he owes you, while still managing to give his life a new meaning after his wife's death, not to mention a promotion and a steady job, is quite an achievement from the still beginner you.
    • Lady Buckwell stayed loyal to your liege lord in appearances while financially supporting Nyall's army and managed to stay on good terms with both sides.
  • Motive Decay: Evalyn Chernoff was supposed to want [Your Holding] from the start of Forging Bonds but it gradually shifts into Irrational Hatred for your character until the volume ends with her downright sabotaging her own chances at getting the holding to try and ruin you instead. On the other hand, the Goldfoots, a house of Stupid Evil in the most obsessive vendetta against you, simply go home in the middle of the same battle because they had no practical gain from it anymore.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Groat is shifting from a cynic into a snarky but cool Only Sane Man in Forging Bonds.
    • Septa Eleanor shows surprising political correctness during the inquest in Volume 5.
    • Jorgen is redeemed after he falls in love with Liadain and his mother disowns him.
  • Shocking Swerve: Jayne is on the Summer Isles, getting married to a local slave-trading prince. Your holding has fallen into chaos in your absence. Because of a boy named Galyan. Who was acting on behalf of his mother. Who is Lady Buckwell.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Nearly everyone calls Jayne out on the stupidity of trusting Littlefinger.
    • If you choose her to be your heir, Jon seems disbelieving and points out she isn't even there.
    • When she has you imprisoned:
    you: I look at you, and I no longer see my daughter. Just another pathetic adversary.
    Explain how Moxhala deceived you by saying he'd end his alliance with slavers.
    "So you turned a blind eye to Moxhala's cruelty, and you are only forsaking him now because you liked being in control," Lyria says, sizing Jayne up.
    Defiantly tell Lyria that she knows nothing about you, or your character.
    "Many women come to this island, blinded by ambition and a desire to belong," Lyria says. "All without wisdom have been turned away, as you are now."
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Terrei Oridane, a complex, intelligent character and good potential Love Interest for your character, is killed off in Essos rescuing her son.
    • Silvercheek, who takes care of his family and goes on adventures in your name, is quickly put away when not needed. Hopefully he will get a chance when he joins the Brotherhood.
    • Derryk, after the king, you and your neighbors made a fuss about finding and protecting him, joins the Night's Watch to be promptly killed by a White Walker.
    • Jakeb, after harassing your family in your liege lord's name, is neither revealed to be a swindler nor brings your liege lord's wrath on you, only used as a Diabolus ex Nihilo to introduce Odette.
    • Ham, the little peasant boy with greensight, is called into your castle and educated by Gammer -and dreams about every Animal Motifs including dragons while Gammer only manages wolves-, only to be cast out into the wilderness and never heard of again.
    • Even Lady Chernoff's unseen lowborn husband could have been rescued by your character and won as an ally.
    • Odette's death. Killing her off just when she found the loving family she was craving and your entire holding became attached to her as well is one thing since Anyone Can Die. But by dumbing her down so she would be curbstomped by a henchman who should be no match for her?
    • Liadain is hinted to have grown up in Westeros, but none of you tries to find her family to see whether she is from nobility, or for a simple happy reunion's sake. She is moved into your forests and all but forgotten about.
  • Wangst: Rona's defense for Jayne, who has inherited but abandoned Hawkhaven because her father-in-law betrayed her and Devan was killed, still doesn't make her a dependable Feudal Overlord, considering that several people betrayed you, attempted to murder and rob you on your own holdings, but that never made you throw a tantrum and run away from the responsibility. Not like she has no right to be upset, but dealing with similar issues regularly is part of the job, if your career is anything to go by. Though, to be fair, she never shows interest in being your heir so much as Rona is trying to push you to consider her for it.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tyana, imprisoned.
    • Ser Hugo, whose wife was killed by the slavers and whose mentor betrays him.
    • Gammer Wilde, whose husband and sons were killed, and has only the trees for company ever since.
    • Rona, the only survivor of her family.
    • Kyra, the murdered prostitute in your holdings.
    • Alvyn, losing his son.
    • Groat, when you learn Kyra was his loving mistress and he willingly vouched for covering the crime so your kingdom will prosper. Despite his cunning and scheming nature, he's not a heartless man. At least you can give him the chance for subtle revenge if you cover Lord Cley's murder. It even ends more fairly than if you choose the Truthful path...
    • Carellen if she loses Bess. You have saved plenty of enslaved smallfolk, a mother of ten among them, and she still makes you feel like a monster.
    • Farmer Lewyn.
    • Jon when he feels like The Unfavorite.
    • Jorgen when he comes back begging after his mother disowned him. May he be just a "Well Done, Son!" Guy, only scheming against you because his mother was pulling his strings, rather than your genuine enemy?
      Jorgen lowers his head. "I worked against you at my mother's command. She used me, then threw me away when I could no longer serve her." *Sniff*.
    • Odette so Desperately Craves Affection that she obsessed over and latches onto her Glorified Sperm Donor, falling over herself so that you find her good enough. Especially considering that all she has probably heard about you was that you were a loser who abandoned her and her mother and you wouldn't want anything to do with her. Or, alternatively, she is your Child by Rape.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Chapter Traitors All Around:
      Lord Roxton makes the Three believe you mean them harm with the treasure (Old Gods bible or something) you have found.
      You would expect: them to take the common enemy's words with a grain of salt and be mature enough to clarify things with your character with an honest talk. After all, they have no reason to mistrust you and every reason to mistrust him. If they couldn't simply have their spies keep an eye on you or volunteer to help with the treasure hunting like you were able to test Lord Harlton's or the Turners' intentions preventing even a verbal confrontation about it.
      Instead: They believe Roxton blindly and attack you out of the blue.
      Result: horrific destruction of their holdings and turning a powerful ally into an enemy for no reason.
    • Chapter A Lesson Harshly Learned:
      You interrogate Lord Turner. He finally tells you what was going on. He is still threatening you.
      You would expect: your character to kill him the hell off before he does more harm and annex Hawkhaven to [Your Holding], or make peace only with his son Devan if you are feeling generous. Even if he wouldn't be good-natured enough to forgive you his father's death, he is naive enough not to be a threat. Also, not to waste an eligible daughter by making her marry down, nor trust the Turners with any partnership, but offer only peace, friendship and advices to Devan and blessings if he and Jayne ever happen to fall in love.
      Instead: You cement your alliance with Regenard with an Arranged Marriage, because he is obviously a good ally material.
      Result: He stabs you in the back again, in Volume You, stooping low enough to support an infamous slaver against you.
    • Chapter Wings of Fury, from Volume You:
      Devan and Jayne are helpless against the disappearance of their smallfolk, but Regenard knows it's the Silent Lady, since she seeks him out early on to propose him a deal: leaving Hawkhaven alone in exchange for his help against you.
      You would expect: him to put aside his resentment against you and rather ally with you against her, maybe seize the opportunity to gain her trust and lure her into a trap for you.
      Instead: He helps her against you, lets his house and his son accessible to her.
      Result: she proves to be a worse ally than you have ever been, and kidnaps Devan.
    The Traders' Guild scams lords by overtaxing them. You don't fall for it and refuse.
    You would expect: them to Know When to Fold 'Em, back off gracefully and find another target.
    Instead: They vandalize your storehouse and declare war against you, despite not even having a decent army.
    Result: You crush them and take over the guild.
    • You know Jorgen Chernoff will try to sabotage you, and seems to have Ella already wrapped around a little finger.
      You would expect: you to keep an eye on them together and keep Ella far away from any access to your confidential papers, valuables and information Jorgen could turn against you, after realizing that simply talking to Ella not to trust him won't work. Maybe send her on an errand outside of your holding early on, even making her feel like you trust her to be an adult and making her less susceptible to Jorgen's manipulations. Better yet, send Jorgen away.
      Instead: you ignore the problem.
      Result: you are surprised to learn that Jorgen has taken advantage of her and used her to help his mother at your expense.
    • Ella's religious fanatism is completely enthused for the holy war Oscar is advertising.
      You would expect: your character to take precautions early, instruct the guards to seize her if she wants to leave the castle, not let her anywhere near your papers and seals, maybe proclaim right away that you are not supporting this war and not participating.
      Instead: you again ignore the problem.
      Result: she runs away into the middle of a battle and gets captured by a Sinister Minister.
    • Ella realizes Tarryl is corrupt.
      You would expect: her to keep her head down and play along until she can get to a safe distance from him or his men, sneak back home, tell you what she knows and trust your judgement on how to deal with him, like you and Odette did with Nyall in Breaking Ties.
      Instead: she threatens Tarryl while still alone in his camp.
      Result: Tarryl knocks her out and abducts her. She escapes only thanks to her charisma and a sworn sword's help.
    • Eutimio rids the Iron Bank of a corrupt and dangerous member.
      You would expect: them to recognize his value and promote him.
      Instead: they fire him.
      Result: well, you can always use an extremely capable and loyal soldier and clever advisor.
    • Jon and Eutimio are aware of the prejudices they will have to face.
      You would expect: them to keep their romance as low-key as possible, especially with an enemy in the house, coming out only to you privately, Jon to ask for your help modestly, emphasizing how Eutimio saved Jon's life, has nowhere to go and how useful he can be.
      Instead: they all but flaunt the romance, come out in the great hall with every advisor present, Jon demands you hire Eutimio saying he has already made promises on your behalf, treats you like enemy and threatens with running away.
      Result: they are surprised people start gossiping. You are open-minded and understanding, but precious time and effort is wasted infighting instead of putting your minds together.
    • Lady Chernoff is about to marry Lothan Oridane, you are about to marry Terrei Oridane. Ruvayn is captive in Ravencrag.
      You would expect: Evalyn Chernoff to do her best to stay on Lothan's good side, maybe secretly offer to pull some strings for Ruvayn if Terrei wins your trust and sabotages you on her behalf. Maybe she could even get Lothan assassinated and put Ruvayn on his righful place, winning both Ruvayn's and Terrei's support. There would be probably plenty of ways to turn the tables on your character.
      Instead: she sells Ruvayn into slavery for some Revenge by Proxy.
      Result: she is thrown out of Ravencrag, and has committed an illegal act, which won't reflect well in her lawsuit for your holding. Maybe there is a reason why she is an Impoverished Patrician while the so snubbed upstart house of yours is skyrocketing...
    • Jorgen doesn't want to marry Liadain at first.
      You would expect: Liadain to accept that since he is still willing to take her back home with him and living in a southern wilderness is still better than living alone in the north, and not sleep with him after being fairly warned that it won't end with marriage if that makes her feel used. Moreover, her to understand that even if she were wronged by him, their situation is hard enough without infighting and she can have her revenge later in safer circumstances.
      Instead: she all but drags him into bed/furs anyway and is shocked when he is still unwilling to marry her, and so insulted she storms away alone to punish him.
      Result: A White Walker spots and tries to kidnap her.
    • Jorgen goes home with a wildling girl he wants to marry.
      You would expect: his mother to let it go, since it's not like the Goldfoots need an Arranged Marriage to ally with her against their old enemy. She can't even claim this Interclass Romance would degrade the family, since Jorgen's father was a peasant himself. Or gently try to convince them not to rush with the wedding, since she is hoping Liadain is just a whim for Jorgen and he will change his mind. Besides, she needs Jorgen's help against you and he isn't acting like a puppet who cowers before her orders anymore.
      Instead:she snaps at him to marry Helaine Goldfoot NOW and does her best to be hostile to Liadain, then disowns Jorgen and throws him out when he doesn't comply.
      Result: Her behavior only makes Jorgen more defiant, and proves that she just wants to use her son, thus she isn't worth his loyalty. She just lost her only heir and can't hold your lands. Jorgen seeks help from you. You are pragmatic enough to give him and Liadain shelter and accept his help. She ends up giving up her claim in exchange for her son's life. If he wasn't already Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves.
    • You get disturbing news about an impending White Walker invasion. You already own the Greenseer's Glass.
      You would expect: someone to at least think of sending the Glass to the Night's Watch, explaining what it could do and encouraging them to give it a try. After all, this is what you have obtained it for.
      Though: When you ask about the glass, Maester Lucas says it's in the Citadel for research and can't be retrieved.
    • Jakeb is let out of your prison. / has been executed.
      You would expect: him to realize at least after the fact that he brought that on himself by severely overestimating his power, harassing your family and threatening to ruin you, if not be downright glad he got off relatively lightly and lay low around you for a while, especially if even your liege lord and his father, Ser Goldfoot, refuses to do anything about it. / his brother to admit you did nothing unjust or unnecessary and Jakeb is to blame for Bullying a Dragon, apologize on Jakeb's behalf and try to persuade you no to let their mother starve for his mistake. You also took in Munda and her sons, after all.
      Instead: he lures you into a trap to avenge what is practically Crime of Self-Defense on your part.
      Result: Even if Odette weren't there to throw a knife into his back, you brought plenty of guards to protect you. All in all, he worked hard to kill himself.
    • Odette wants to go and rescue Jayne after several sworn swords died visiting her.
      You would expect: your character to send an army with her. However good she is in a fair fight, she can be sneaked up on as Farradhar has proven. Flying under Littlefinger's radar isn't really an option anymore, either.
      Instead: She goes on her own and speaks with Jayne openly about dangerous secrets.
      Result: She is caught and stabbed.
    • You express distrust in men Jayne gets in contact with, like the Turners, Littlefinger and Moxhala Xho.
    You would expect: her to at least think about it and find some way to double-check, if only to prove you wrong. Whatever your relationship, she should have learned from experience that your judge of character can be trusted.
    Instead: she defends them blindly and demands you to take her word for it without a single argument, if not accuses you.
    Result: she always needs to learn the hard way.

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