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Heartwarming / Game of Thrones: Ascent

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  • Despite his crazy scheme, Ser Launcil's confession to Septa Eleanor was still a Crowning Moment Of Romantic.
  • Ser Hugo offering to stand up for Tyrion when all his other loved ones abandoned him.
  • Comforting Emmet, you spouse's bastard child on his deathbed, who only wanted a family to belong.
    Emmet: The dying boy looks at you from his bed. "Tell me about my... About your [husband/wife], if it please you. Would I have had place?" he asks pleadingly.
    You: "Emmet... Why does that matter to you now?"
    Emmet: "I always wanted a place in the world, like others have. To know someone will miss me when I'm gone. To know I'm not a mistake." He coughs weakly.
    You: "You're a part of this family, Emmet, no matter the strange road you took to get here."
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  • Rolfe's letter to you.
  • You: "Are you able to return to your duties, Rona? There are more ravens coming in."
    Rona Grey: "Of course, my [lady/lord]. I will put this unpleasantness aside and return to matters affecting [Your House], the only family I have left."
    You: "You will always be welcome to feel that way, Rona."
  • you: "Tell me what's troubling you, Ella."
    Ella takes a hesitant step closer. "I remember when you were just 'mother', and not 'my lady'. Sometimes I miss that."
    you: "I love you, Ella. I'll always be your mother."
    Ella relaxes into your embrace. You remember her as a little girl, always bright-eyed and curious and jealous when Jon was taught fencing while she sewed.

  • You: "'A special friend?' What exactly does that mean?"
    Jon: Jon meets your prying gaze steadily. "It means he saved my life and trusted me when no one else did, and I want him at my side now and forever."
    You: "Then welcome to [Your House], Eutimio. If Jon cares for you so much, you're family."
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  • Lady Chernoff's gaze doesn't leave Jorgen. "I'll sign my rights away. I'll... I'll be your prisoner. But I can't watch him die." Jorgen's eyes are wet.
  • Rolfe's awkward goodbye to Alvyn.
  • You:"You are my daughter. There will always be a place for you in [Your House]."
    Odette looks stunned. "E-everyone told me not to even look for you, that you wouldn't want me even if I found you." She embraces you. "Thank you!"
  • Even if upset, Jon and Ella understand Odette's situation and welcome her in the family.
  • The quest Come Home To Me: the injured Eutimio dreams of Jon and resolves to recover soon for him.

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