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Awesome / Game of Thrones: Ascent

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  • Taking your assassin on by yourself.
  • Jayne hitting the sword out of her kidnapper's hand with her stump and having Ebony kick him to death.
  • Your fight with the Silent Lady.
  • Gammer Wilde riding into the Citadel to bring the maesters to heel when they refuse to help Maester Lucas.
  • A perk of a non-branching storyline that you can tell off the magistrate and Lady Chernoff without repercussions:
    you: "If [Your Holding] is still mine, you'd better both get the hell out of it."
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  • Eutimio singlehandedly fighting off the group of mercenaries sent after them with skillful waterdancing.
  • you: Did you think that Jon's choice of bedmates would be enough to poison me against him?
    Jorgen looks a bit nonplussed at your warm tone. "Most lords wouldn't want to leave their lands to a know degenerate."
    you: I am not most lords. I will not judge my son. And certainly not at your behest.
  • Sending Jorgen to a Suicide Mission after he finally crossed the Moral Event Horizon by sullying Jon's reputation, which finally wipes the smirk off his face. At Eutimio's suggestion. Not to mention the humiliating treatment he gets from your sworn swords on the road in the quest At My Command. Just because your host is not allowed to throw you out, doesn't mean he can't find a loophole in the same law to pay you back...
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  • Ella getting Tarryl's army onto her side and not only escaping her captivity, but bringing Tarryl to justice. She is treated like a quasi-prophet afterwards.
  • Shocking Oskar with your atheism when he expects you to support a religious war, especially as it turns out to be a fraud anyway.
  • "Enough!" Lady Chernoff finally shouts, after hours of argument. "If this is what you've become, you should have stayed dead in the North!"
  • Septa Eleanor has several against Queen Cersei in The Faith Militant storyline, when pointing out that A) Loras Tyrell has harmed none, he doesn't deserve being abused for his love life, and B) Cersei is quite a pervert herself, letting the Faith Militant loose can easily backfire for her.
  • A pirate ship takes you in from the sea to sell you into slavery, but you and Odette manage to have the crew throw the captain out and take over the ship.
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  • Odette joins the battle for the Stormlands and manages to turn your army's crisis into victory in a boss challenge.
  • Eutimio beats Podrick, Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne while still injured and concussed.
  • Farradhar blasts you out of your prison cell with Videnzio's wildfire.

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