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YMMV / Freedom Planet 2

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Carol's older sister Cory has generated the most attention before the game has released. With nothing to go off of but a website description and a sprite, fans latched on to her badass design, Cool Plane, and the implication she's an Evil Counterpart to Carol.
    • Maria Notte has generated a lot of fanart. A lot of people like her character design and think she looks cute with her bat wings and like the idea of a reporter type in the setting.
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  • Good Bad Bugs: In release 1.01 of the Sample version, if the Special and Attack buttons were pressed at just the right frames while jumping, Milla could stack a limitless supply of Phantom Blocks. This is about as hilarious as it sounds, as her Super Shield Burst let her gain ridiculous amounts of height. See it here. Sadly, this was patched out immediately.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • The girls' characterization is in no need of repairs, but Carol's gameplay got some much-needed tuning. In the first Freedom Planet, she was commonly seen as less fun to play than Lilac as her movements were on the stiff side, her special wasn't seen to do anything particularly unique, and her lack of mobility gave her a bit of a learning curve. In this game, she can now attack while running which smooths her gameplay flow immensely, and her jump disk lets her aim and leap in any direction, letting her easily scale walls faster and do a bit of gliding. It's such an improvement the loss of the Wild Kick is almost unnoticeable.
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    • Those who weren't fans of Milla's Difficult, but Awesome gameplay style from the first game will be more satisfied with the addition of both melee and ranged attacks, the significantly reduced charge-up time for her Phantom Cubes, and a small health boost on top of everything she had from the first game.
  • Tainted by the Preview: The Galaxy Trail Mix 2019 video got a mostly positive reception, but there were some people, unhappy with the cutscenes and/or the story of the first game, who felt that the inclusion of hubs, NPCs to talk to, and an overall greater emphasis on story have taken this game in the wrong direction, comparing it to the Adventure era of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.note 


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