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Botched Spot is a Professional Wrestling Webcomic created by James Hornsby in 2008 and updated three times a week. At first, it followed the exploits of two small-time professional wrestlers: a young up-and-comer by the name of Rad Bad DeBone and a cynical old-school wrestler called Olav Orlav. The comic has since moved away from the two stars and their supporting cast in favor of parodying real life wrestling news and television angles seen in WWE and TNA. However, a spin-off comic titled "Over Like Olav" featuring the original characters has been given its own section of the site, with longer strips but more time between updates too.


A lot of the comic's humor comes from affectionately parodying the wrestling business, the types of people who work in it and the people who watch it (or the stereotypical versions, at least). It's likely that there are some in-jokes only wrestling fans will get but Botched Spot is reasonably accessable for everyone, particularly the Olav/Rad Bad plotlines.

The comic came to an official end in December 2019.


Botched Spot provides examples of: