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A furry webcomic drawn by Nixie.

This almost-Steampunk Space Opera focuses on the misadventures of captain Mandy Cheng and her dysfunctional spaceshipmates. At the bidding of two mad scientists, the ship sails in search of a species they haven't yet identified. The captain has a split personality, the pilot is a "reformed" space pirate, the engineer is a cultist who always tries to recruit other for ritual orgies, the copilot is an overly affectionate squid (tentacle rope, anyone?) and the security officer is a unicorn with a virgin detector. Their mad scientist client turns into a monster when he gets hungry, and his daughter hates everyone. Together, this misfit crew can hardly handle their interpersonal issues. What happens when the dangers of space close in?!


The comic went through a reboot in July 2013 as the author wasn't happy with the direction it was taking. The previous version considered a canon alternate universe. In March 2016 this new version was canceled as well and was replaced with a different comic called Debunkers.

Anthronauts can be found on The Katbox, which hosts this comic along with Las Lindas, The Eye of Ramalach, Caribbean Blue, and Draconia Chronicles. Check it out.


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