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Food Reviewers. Deep Fryers. Challenge Takers. Professional Drinkers.
Cultmoo is a variety food review channel started in 2009. The main showrunners include founders Senor Guerro and Herr Pink. Later members include Promoted Fanboy Loafy Molasses and Sketch, who is in the proposed Canada branch. The channel consists of different food related shows, ranging from throwdown challenges to trying weird, bizarre food from cans.

Cultmoo contains:

  • It Came From a Can: The members try out food that is contained from a can, jar, or bag. Their first video in this series and on the channel itself was eating bacon from a can.
  • Will it Sausage?!: The members grind up different food items into sausages to determine if the items are good if made into sausages. Reactions to the sausages usually differ.
  • The Bum Wine Reviews/22 Second Beer Reviews/Bro Beer Reviews/Liquor Show: The crew will try an alcoholic beverage that is either new or popular at the time, or suggested by one of the members. Rating is determined in a 1-10 scale.
  • Cult Moo Pepper Show: One or more members try a pepper as well as hot sauces similar to the liquor shows mentioned above. The rating for the peppers and the hot sauces are determined by their spiciness.
  • Fan Service/Fan Package: The members try food that are sent or suggested by fans of the show. Package shows food items from all around the world while Service shows food suggested by fans to combine food items into an unusual thing. (i.e. Kids Cuisine Pot Pies)
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  • ROFLWaffle: Similar to Will it Sausage?!, but instead food items are made into waffles.
  • Deep Fried Whaaaaat?!: Different categories of food are deep fried, usually proposed by fans or uncommonly, a food item that was featured in Will it Sausage?!, or ROFLWaffle. Similar to these shows, the members will try the food after being deep fried to see if it's good. It differs from surprisingly good (Deep Fried Lunchables) to obviously awful (Deep Fried Chips). Spin-offs of this show include Deep Friday, where only one food item is deep fried, and Deep Fried MOAR, an extended review of a Deep Fried Whaaaaat?! episode that was made the week before.
  • Cultmoo VS: The crew tries eating and drinking challenges such as eating a whole bar of 100% cacao or chugging 5 cans of bud light in the quickest time. Occasionally, they will either receive or send a throwdown to other food review channels to complete a challenge of anyone's choice. Channels that participate in VS throwdowns include Wreckless Eating, Dude, Where's My Challenge, and In The Hot Seat.
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  • Grubbin with Cultmoo: The members eat or drink food and beverages they are interested in to see if they taste any good.

Due to the format of the show, this is a Spoilers Off page

SG: First thing we gotta do is make us some batter...oh, and check this shit out:

  • A Day in the Limelight: Loafy gets his part in the spotlight in the Loafy's World section of Cult Kitchen, where Loafy cooks a different food dish each time.
  • Ambiguously Brown: No one has ever really been able to pin down Pink's ethnicity, which the man himself has described as "a lot of things".
  • The Alcoholic: Practically every episode on every show has at least one member, if not all of them, either drinking on the spot or having had a few cold ones before recording.
  • Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: Some hot sauces in Pepper Show will be outright burning from the moment it goes into the crew's mouths.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: The first and second round of Drink of Destiny bring beverages that are normally made into a mixed drink. It's not until the Prestige round where things take a brutal 180 into Squick territory. Some standouts include mixing spicy Taco Bell cheese sauce into a cocktail of Budweiser and bacon soda and adding hickory ranch dressing to rum and corn soda.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Guerro seems to be subject to a lot of mishaps in Late Night Grillin' with Guerro, since his drunkenness screws with his ability to grill (a good example is when he tried to grill an egg... on an open grid grill). To drive the point home, the term Guerro'd was invented from Late Night Grillin itself, as a means of screwing up monumentally.
    • Loafy Molasses does not have the strongest stomach. Considering that he regularly eats delicacies that are off at best and extremely unpleasant at worst, he regularly gets the short end of the stick when he tries new things.
  • Canada, Eh?: Sketch resides in the Great White North, but travels around the world most of the time, which explains why he is rarely seen in any of Cultmoo's shows.
  • Camp Gay: Pink's brother Warpig, an occasional guest on the show, can really only be described as walking fabulosity.
  • Catch Phrase: At the beginning of every Deep Fried Whaaaaat?!, Guerro proclaims the start of deep-frying with "first thing we gotta do is make us some batter", and then randomly say anything after that.
  • Cooking Show : surprisingly, they do cook in the Cult Kitchen, a variety show that has multiple segments through each episode. This also applies to Late Night Grillin' with Guerro.
  • Damned by Faint Praise: Invoked by Pink when he tries his Nachos of Destiny, describing them as "pretty bad, but it's way better than I thought it would be" and calling the mac and cheese used as the sauce the best ingredient. Pink doesn't like half of the ingredients in his Nachos, but clarifies that he thinks that Guerro and Loafy might like it, unlike Pink who is not fond of Braunschweiger or capers. Indeed, Guerro and Loafy enjoy Pink's nachos marginally better than the nachos made by Guerro.
  • Deep-Fried Whatever: Frying any given food is the main focus of Deep Fried Whaaaaat?!.
  • Does Not Like Spam:
    • Herr Pink, an otherwise Extreme Omnivore, does not like peppermint, loathes olives, generally doesn't like liver (with a few exceptions), and according to an August 2020 livestream, does not fancy avocado very much either.
    • Loafy Molasses does not like fruitcake, and is disappointed to find out that he doesn't mind it deep fried on an episode of Deep Friday. On Loafy's own channel, Loafy expresses antipathy towards durian in any form (not that it stops him from consuming such products for the audience's twisted amusement).
  • Don't Try This at Home: A disclaimer shows this on every episode of Cultmoo VS, as well as The Drunkard Games; a show that combines tabletop games and drinking, due to the risk of vomiting and underage drinking, respectively.
  • Drinking Contest / Eating Contest: Cultmoo VS, as well as Drink of Destiny, where two people make a drink from items chosen by the Wheel of Inebriation and have to down the drink faster than the opposing person.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Herr Pink is notoriously able to swallow almost any food and be okay with it; however, even he has his limits.
  • Food Porn: zigzagged in Deep Fried Whaaaaat?!. Sometimes, the crew will provide a compliment on the inside of a deep fried food item when it's cut, but there have been some deep fried food items that look horrific.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Guerro and Pink have been best friends since kindergarten.
  • Hidden Depths: One might look at the channel as a couple of drunk stoners doing wacky and crazy stuff with food and getting money from ad revenue with the videos, but in their day jobs, Guerro is a greenskeeper and Pink is a commercial artist. Loafy actually gets money from doing videos on YouTube with his Let's Play channel, and is a former professional foodservice worker (implied to be a fishmonger).
  • I Can't Believe I'm Saying This: When Loafy Molasses tries fruitcake deep fried, he expresses disbelief before begrudgingly admitting he doesn't mind it nearly as much as he minds fruitcake in general.
  • Insult to Rocks: When Pink compares Boss Watermelon Malt Liquor to nail polish remover, Guerro counters that nail polish remover tastes better than Boss.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • The names Herr Pink and Señor Guerro are shout-outs to Reservoir Dogs, after Mr. Pink and Mr. White (Señor Guerro roughly translates to "Sir White Guy" in Spanish), respectively.
    • Loafy Mollases' nickname alludes to his generally easygoing nature, similar to the viscosity of molasses.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When Señor Guerro makes his popcorn waffles on the popcorn episode of ROFLWaffle, he puts an immense amount more effort than he usually puts into making waffles, because he has severe doubts about whether the waffle will have any flavour. Lampshaded by Pink, and further lampshaded by Guerro.
    Herr Pink: I want to point out right now that Guerro is actually applying himself.
    Señor Guerro: The fuck I am; DON'T RUIN MY IMAGE!
    Pink: He's using a godddamn brush to brush on fucking movie theater butter. This guy is actually trying right now.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The members almost never mentions their real name in their shows or in the Q&A, but apparently, a korean website states Guerro's and Pink's first names as Bob and Travis, respectively. They may have given these fake names as a reference to 'Beavis and Butthead: Do America.
  • Questioning Title? / The X of Y: Will it Sausage?!, Deep Fried Whaaaaat?!, and Drink of Destiny, respectively.
  • Race Against the Clock: VS has the group eat or drink an absurd amount of food and beverages in a time limit in some episodes.
  • The Rival: The group often throwdown challenges to Wreckless Eating in VS, and invite the Wreckless crew to guest host in their shows and vice versa.
  • Running Gag: in almost all of Deep-Fried What?!, the batter recipe displayed in the videos is a mish-mash of random stuff or nothing at all. Inverted in their new location, where they actually tell what batter recipe they make for an episode.
  • The Stoner: Literally all of them, being that the trio is from legendary weed den Seattle.
  • Take a Third Option: On a Q&A, both Guerro and Pink were asked if they were held hostage and had to eat either beans cake or top shell (an edible sea snail), Guerro pulls no punches and goes straight to the point on choosing to have the hostage takers shoot him.
  • A Tankard of Moose Urine: On the Bro Beer Reviews, Cultmoo taste various malt liquors, some of which are surprisingly good, while others are disgusting. The following beverages are the most notable alcoholic beverages they have tried which they have panned.
    • Boss Watermelon is a malt liquor which Herr Pink and Señor Guerro describe as tasting like perm chemicals and nail polish remover. It has the lowest score of any malt liquor on the show, and supposedly chugs as poorly as it sips.
    • Modelo Chelada is loathed by Pink and Loafy for its tomato soup like consistency, and its flavor which "tastes exactly like vomit", while Guerro likes it.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • From the "Cult Kitchen" segment, Herr Pink is initially reluctant to try the "Nachos of Destiny" he made, saying he would be way happier to eat the nachos made by Señor Guerro, due to his aversion to Braunschweiger and capers. However, it turns out that Guerro's nachos are ruined by the tilapia Guerro used. That said, Pink cannot decide which nachos are better, and dislikes them both, although he does say that his own nachos are better than he expected. Even more ironically, Guerro and Loafy like Pink's nachos better by a wide margin. Pink had anticipated that they would like his own nachos more than he did, but didn't anticipate how much.
    • From the 7-Eleven episode of "Will it Sausage", Loafy expects his spicy bite hot dog to make a good Sausage. It turns out worse than the Cap'n Crunch Slurpee sausage.
    • In "Cheeseburger of Destiny" Loafy is hopeful about Pink's Burger, thinking that the orange flavour of the ambrosia salad will go okay with the canned cheese and Veggie Burger that Pink used. Unfortunately, the flavours clash in the worst possible way.
  • Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth: A more literal example than most, but there are some foods even Pink can barely withstand, such as surströmming.
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Mostly related to ICFAC, but Loafy gifts the channel with vomit aplenty.

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