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Revengeance was designed by Christian Humber.
Explains the animesque visuals, the badass rock soundtrack, the self-pitying yet also bloodthirsty protagonist, and the U.S. government being the ultimate bad guys.

The sequels will lead to Raiden continuing down the path of becoming another Big Boss, leading to a new MGS series starring whoever takes him down.
The entire game is a parallel to Metal Gear Solid 3, with Raiden as the new Big Boss. Sooner or later, they're going to have to quit making Big Boss-centric games, as his timeline is fairly well established. They have two, maybe three games before he's got to be running Outer Heaven and FOXHOUND before being stopped by Solid Snake. Outer Heaven, in the original Metal Gear games, was formed in the late 80s. Five takes place in 1984. Therefore, there's only a few possible games left with him. Solid Snake was sent in in 1995. Therefore, there's only a few paths left for the franchise after Big Boss: remake the originals, focus on a new stealth guy, focus on other side stories and characters, or chronicle Solid Snake's activities between Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear 2 is in 1999 and Metal Gear Solid is in 2005, so there's only a six-year span there. As Snake retired between 2 and Solid, there's few things for him to do. Thus, really, the only direction left in the long run is forward. Plus, the idea that the memes of Big Boss live on in Raiden seems like a good one.

There will be a Tomato Surprise (or Tomato in the Mirror) at some point in the second act. You're not Raiden, but a full robot copy of him.
Raiden appears to have made peace with his family at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, and presumably leaves active service to live with them. The government still wants his skills but he refuses so they may or may not capture, torture, and/or kill him to get the parts to build a more bloodthirsty copy of him. Maybe the
live action teaser videos have something to do with this.
  • Jossed.

The "enemy cyborgs should have plenty of electrolytes" line is being spoken by Dr. Madnar
  • Sure, Madnar was in Eastern Europe after Metal Gear 2, Doktor says he's East German, it could work.
    • Jossed. Doktor's real name is Wilhelm Voigt.

This ninja is Olga.
Olga is already a ninja. She was shot in the head, but said head was mostly intact when she died and Gray Fox came back from worse. This ninja's eye is covered, which could cover Olga's gunshot wound. She could potentially be brought back to life if her brain wasn't damaged.
  • Jossed. The game stars Raiden and is supposed to take place between Metal Gears Solid 2 and 4. That said, Zombie Cyborg Ninja Olga making an appearance would be hella cool.
    • And now it takes place several years after 4.

Raiden won't be the hero of Rising
You'll switch to some new guy an hour in.
  • Or new girl...
  • This could be merged with the guess that you play as Raiden's son.
  • Jossed. Raiden has been shown as the player character in multiple late game levels and scenes. You do get 90% of your body replaced an hour in though, so hey, that's something.

There will be a character named Fūjin in Rising.
He or she will have some kind of connection to Raiden.

Metal Gear Solid Rising will star Raiden's son
(Spoiler tagged due to MGS4 ending details) In the teaser picture, "Raiden" has brown eyes. The Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4 has blue eyes. However, Raiden's son, John II (Little John) DOES have brown eyes. Besides, "Raiden" is just a codename, like there have been more than one Snake. Hideo Kojima has already stated that Solid Snake won't appear in any more games. Metal Gear Solid 2 stars the first Raiden (Naked Raiden). Little John (Solid Raiden) will have to fight his ACTUAL twin brother (from whom he was separated at birth. The reason Rose told Naked Raiden that she had had an abortion was to hide that there were two), just as Solid fought Liquid. The next few games will all focus on Solid Raiden, whose main love interest will be Sunny Gurlukovich, mission control and chef. Naked Raiden will clearly be killed by Solid Raiden using a makeshift weapon, and someone will make another nuclear-equipped walking battle tank.

Raiden will demonstrate electrical abilities in Metal Gear Solid: Rising.
Which will explain why he was able to hit people with lightning bolts at the end of MGS4.
  • Considering the game's tagline is "lightning bolt action," I'm gonna have to go with a resounding "no shit" on this one.
    • Sort of confirmed. He does not have actual electrokinesis, but he can obtain a skill that lets him emit shockwaves called "Thunder Strike".
    • In cutscenes, his basic strikes are often infused with electricity, and the blue aura he sometimes gives off is probably similar in nature. So it's likely everything you do has some spark to it, even if it isn't overt.

The cyborg Raiden is fighting in the Revengeance trailer is Vamp.
The cyborg looks like Vamp, and even sounded like him. He is also fighting Raiden, and as any Metal Gear Solid fan knows, Raiden and Vamp have a bit of a rivalry.
  • Jossed. Word of God states that the cyborg is named Sam, has no relation to Vamp, that Vamp is dead for realzies, and that any similarity in appearance between the two is completely accidental.

Solid Snake will make an appearance in this game.
I don't know if it'll be a cameo or a full role, but Snake will show up in somewhere because it's Metal Gear.
  • Raiden will visit his grave.
    • Confirmed, sort of, his soul has been infused into a sentient living wooden sword called the "Soul Snake Wooden Sword" that screams and talks in his voice. Although it's DLC only.

There will be time traveling.
It's the only way to make the plot more complex and confusing. It would also explain Raikov's middle name.
  • Revengeance!Raiden is the real Raiden's robot son from the future.
    • Jossed.

The RAY Pilot Will Be A Hive Mind AI Controlling The Mooks
This just came to me-a lot of the Mooks look pretty similar to each other. While this is understandable, I thought "Hey, what if they're clones, and that's why Desperado is actually so threatening despite not being employed by a legit government-with enough resources, they can simply clone a new force. Naturally, given how Metal Gear applies to Clones Are People, Too, the apparent identical personalities will raise alarms, until The Reveal that they literally have one mind-an intelligent Unmaned Gear like Bladewolf (perhaps named SO-013, and he will point out that their names are leet-speak anagrams of Solid and Liquid-programmer's joke).

Because this is Metal Gear, it will be revealed that, originally, the Gear was like his "brother", only fighting for Desperado for lack of any better options. However, the memories of his human bodies being repeatedly killed by Raiden kept on being transferred back to him, along with excruciating final moments. By the time of the boss fight, the Gear is completely insane from experiencing death over and over again, recklessly attacking the source of his pain in an attempt to make it stop. Bonus points for the Gear deciding that since Raiden is his nemesis, and obviously being an agent of the Patriots due to his apparent sadism, the AI's purpose is to be an anti-Patriot and use the servers of the Patriot A.I.s and remnants of the SOP system to destroy all that would restrict free will and choice, no matter how slight. Thus being an Evil Counterpart to Bladewolf, who faced the same question about freedom but was shown mercy.

Needless to say, realizing he's turned an otherwise innocent creature into himself, this is what motivates Raiden to ask himself why he's seeking revenge, if all he's done is give cause for more.

There will be call backs to previous cyborg ninjas
You will undergo a similar spiritual journey as Olga from MGS2 and Gray Fox from MGS1. This will be part of Raiden's character development, along with knowing when and if he should use his Jack The Ripper persona.
  • Half confirmed. Olga's daughter Sunny makes an appearance and various codec conversations discuss the previous games Raiden was involved in.
    • And now fully confirmed. The Gamestop pre-order DLC is a Grey Fox skin, complete with sword.

John will wind up as a hostage.
We are now all fully aware that the main character is the Raiden who grew up as a child soldier in Liberia, wound up as an American spy, then a cyborg ninja. The game also takes place several years after Guns of the Patriots. We all know that Raiden's family has to be involved somehow. My money's on this.
  • Jossed.

Something happened to Raiden's family, whether they be dead, captured, or otherwise
There's gotta be a reason why Revengeance is the subtitle.
  • Jossed. Word of God confirmed Rose and John are alive. Raiden goes on his "Revengence" due to Desperado killing N'Mani, who he respected, and Sam nearly killing him.
  • Rose and John were confirmed by Raiden to be happily living in New Zealand.

Bladewolf appreciates puns because he's smart enough to get them.
Learning to talk took Wolf three years, and he's so good at it he properly understands the intricacies of the English language, one of the most complex on the planet. When Raiden makes his early "Throw the dog a bone" pun, this is one of the few times he doesn't rebuke the attempt at humor - Wolf immediately and flatly analyzes it, but doesn't outright dismiss it. He might not get any humor out of them the way humans do, but Wolf appreciates hearing puns because being able to understand sophisticated wordplay is another way he's very unique compared to other AIs.
  • Isn't English one of the less complex languages around? Many contracts written in English will even be written down in a different, more complex languages like German instead, to make for a more accurate representation of the content.
    • English's complexity comes from its ambiguity - contracts are written in other languages where one word has one meaning, making them unambiguous and hard to find loopholes in. Compared to English, in which almost every word has several meaning, possible multiple spellings, and layers of context that make it mind-bendingly difficult to learn (some even say it's the most difficult language on Earth for an adult to master). That's why being able to speak and understand the subtleties of English, an incredibly flexible and fluid language (notice Blade Wolf is never confused by the idea of slang or idioms, even if he doesn't hear them often), is even more of an achievement.

Assuming Bladewolf is playable in it, a sequel will have four animal-ish AI bosses that Bladewolf will fight (though nothing says that Raiden can't provide support).
Drawing inspiration from the Four Gods, one will be based on the black turtle (perhaps employing the use of explosive shields? It could shoot its enemy from the holes in the shields), one will be based on the white tiger (potential mirror boss, since it could roughly be similar to Bladewolf body-wise. Perhaps Bladewolf's rival?), one will be based on the vermillion bird (divebombing Bladewolf with powerful missiles? Bonus points if it pesters Raiden/Bladewolf a lot during its level with rockets) and lastly the last one will be based on the azure dragon (could have a flamethrower in its mouth. The "leader" of the pack perhaps?).
  • Bladewolf-centric DLC has apparently been confirmed...
  • Well, I can't see the Blade Wolf DLC having brand new bosses in a mere DLC (Sam's bosses wasn't too different from the normal game, though two of them had some gameplay differences) but if any of these made it as a boss fight in it, probably the Tiger. It probably wouldn't be too hard to change bits of a regular Fenris UG model to make it resemble a tiger or at least a cat. Turtle is also possible (We can borrow Sundowner's shields for Turtle) but the turtle would likely require a new model made from the scratch, and I doubt Platinum's DLC budget is high enough for that.
  • It also wouldn't be hard to do the vermillion bird and the azure dragon. Just make a Palette Swap of a Slider and Raptor UG, respectfully, and you're pretty much done. Maybe give the Raptor a flamethrower instead of a EMP attack.
  • Since Bladewolf has parallels to both Sniper Wolf and Crying Wolf in naming schema, a better idea would be to base them off of the Foxhound Animal Archetypes. So the members of "Wolfhound" might be more along the lines of Scythemantis, an prototype with a built-in predictive computer, Axeraven, an AI with a wide variety of weapons on its person and schizophrenic attack pattern, Lanceoctopus, a tentacled prototype that specializes in assimilating technology, and Knifesnake, a smaller prototype that specializes in sabotage.

The DLC story featuring Sam seems to imply that he, like Raiden, is fighting on the behalf of justice. Sam seemed to be going to World Marshal to not ask for a job, but to take it down. Monsoon and Armstrong were to be aware of this, so they taunted him. After Armstrong cut off his arm and gave him the job, Sam decided to roll with it and influence Raiden into doing what Sam couldn't. By breaking Raiden mind, made Raiden stronger. Then Raiden could defeat Sam, which is Sam's way of ensuring that Raiden was strong enough to take on Armstrong. Finally, as a Thanatos Gambit, Sam would give Raiden his sword once he died because the Murasama blade was already proved to be able to harm Armstrong. After that, Raiden would do what Sam was doing at the beginning; Raiden began his own personal war on the rest of World Marshal. Not so different huh?

Ninja Cat was behind everything
Think about it. That cat can flawlessly dodge anything and everything Raiden throws at it. No other character in the game can do this. Not even Jetstream Sam. Not even Monsoon. Only the Ninja Cat. It must have the most advanced cybernetic enhancements known to man. And according to the logic of the Metal Gear series as the most powerful cyborg in the game the Ninja Cat must be the true power behind the forces of evil. A most formidable foe indeed...

The Blade Wolf DLC will show us his origin and how Desperado acquired him.
It will start with a testing program to check LQ-84i's battle capabilities (with a few boss fights in it). There might also be a boss fight against one of the Winds of Destruction (to see if he can stand up to an enemy like them?).
  • The boss fight against one of the Winds of Destruction not seen in the main game is confirmed, and it's likely that it might play into the reason why Bladewolf has the AI-wiping Restraining Bolt installed to begin with.

George was the little boy at the end of MGS4 who Sunny gave the MK III Metal Gear to.

Senator Armstrong is really Greed.
Nigh-Invulnerable Body that turns black in combat? Check. Glowing red eyes? Check. Their fighting method is also a very similar brawling style.

Monsoon is/was blind.
Concept art of Monsoon shows that under his helmet, he has weird tube-like things coming out of his eyes. This may be because, prior to becoming a cyborg, he was struck blind. Obviously, he has no trouble getting around now, which suggests his cybernetics allow him to see, perhaps in the same way the Raiden sees the world in Augment Mode, or perhaps with magnetic imaging...

Doktor is related to, or apprenticed under, the Medic of Team Fortress 2
They certainly have similar "ethics", if not accents.

There will be new virus called SNAKEDIE and its opposite, SNAKEALIVE.

Nanomachines have nothing to do with it; Armstrong is infected with the Blacklight Virus.

Nanomachines are everwhere in the MGS series, but they've never resulted in anything as over-the-top as Armstrong. The guy can catch and snap Raiden's HF blade, take hundreds of rapid-fire punches without flinching, and easily wrestle the ludicrously strong Raiden to the ground. He's stronger and tougher than any cyborg seen in the series so far.

Armstrong's armoured, toughened body bears a remarkable similarity to Alex Mercer's blacklight-based augmentations , he demonstrates the same kind of incredible strength and durability, and unlike most cyborgs, he's pretty much indistinguishable from a normal human until he starts actually using his powers.

Sam is really the MGS universe's EMIYA.

An ally of justice who gave in to despair after being faced with the truth that he couldn't save the world alone. Hell, even his theme has numerous parallels:

  • "I've even forgotten my name", by way of Rin's messed up summoning.
  • "A desolate place", an apt description for Unlimited Blade Works.
  • "Ride upon the dragon's back", for Saber and her infamous CG Dragon.
  • Never realizing why I fight, more or less the meaning behind "yet those hands will never hold anything".

An A.I. based on Solid Snake will be the Big Bad of the sequel.
Or at least one based on what someone thought Solid Snake was like. This A.I. will try to create a new version of the Patriots system, and Raiden will have to rescue the real Solid Snake.

The sequel will focus more on A.I.s and The Singularity
With the big bad either going to be a luddite who wants to bomb everything back to the stone age to prevent another Patriots system from being created, or an guy who's trying to exploit an emergent A.I. to create an army of android soldiers.

The Stealth camo Mooks in the beginning of Chapter R-01 are there to patrol the Ninja Cat.
It's pretty clear anyone who tries to attack that cat that can rival even Armstrong just by blocking every single attack that tries to hit it is either Too Dumb to Live or against them. Maybe the cat was one of the Winds of Destruction. Too bad for the guards that they have Raiden in their way, though.

Sundowner is much smarter than he looks
The guy is the de facto leader of a PMC, and we see that he has enough self-control to restrain himself from fighting where he's damage something valuable. At the very least, he has a lot more self-control that he lets on.

Sundowner is alive
Why? Because he's clearly fucking Invincible, that's why.

There will be a game focusing on the Four Winds and their origins
Because they're too great characters to waste so soon.

Raiden absorbed Armstrong's nanomachines
Seeing how he absorbs electrolytes by crushing spinal cords in his hand, and he crushed Armstrong's nanomachine-engorged heart the same way, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine Raiden could've absorbed some of his nanomachines.

The BMI in BMI ERROR stands for "biomechanical interface"
No official expansion for the acronym has been given, but it makes sense. The three different stun messages are for different types of combatants, too: "STUN" is reserved for squishy humans like Sam, "AI ERROR" is used for UGs with no biological parts at all, and "BMI ERROR" is for cyborgs with cybernetic implants backing up cellular neurons – so when a cyborg gets slugged really hard, both their organic and mechanical processing units must recalibrate. Hence a biomechanical interface error, or BMI error.
  • It stands for Brain-Machine Interface. Doktor mentions it in one of his Codec conversations.

Sam's cybernetic arm has a Restraining Bolt.
Which would explain why he never thought of rebelling against Desperado as soon as he could pick up a sword again. Sundowner or Armstrong could just push a button to disable him (or even kill him outright) if he tried.

Armstrong hardens due to blood flow.
When the nanomachines go into effect, the areas around the blackened areas are blood red, which could support the theory that his skin turning black is from nanomachines which are in his blood and extremely pressurized & densely packed instead of spaced apart, and they are a natural red when they aren't in use. Actually, now that I think of it, if this theory is true, Armstrong is technically a walking erection.

Armstrong's superhuman strength is natural, his nanomachines only serve to allow him to withstand the force of his own blows

The true purpose of the Sears Program was to mass-produce ideal citizens for Armstrong's "new America".

Armstrong claims his involvement with World Marshal was just a way of generating campaign money, but there are many ways of generating campaign money that don't involve harvesting the brains of homeless children - Yes, Armstrong felt nothing but contempt towards or "the weak", homeless kids included, but he must have been aware that if credible evidence of his involvement in the program was ever leaked, the resulting controversy would kill any chance of him ever being elected.

So, perhaps he had another motivation for involving himself in something as potentially risky as the the Sears Program: The VR training the Sears Program children undergo was based on the experience of Raiden and other child soldiers in the Small Boy Unit, and in his fight with Raiden, Armstrong expresses admiration for him and how he "took back his life" and "follows his own set of rules". What if the real purpose of the Sears Program was to essentially recreate Raiden by subjecting people to the same experiences as him, (Much like how the Patriots tried to make Raiden into a recreation of Snake.) creating thousands of Ubermenschen willing to fight for their ideals in Armstrong's "utopia"?