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Pre-game Release WMG:

Metal Gear Survive is a crossover between MGS and Silent Hill
This is a crossover between Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. Konami stated several times that they were not done with either IP, and would use this to "appease" fans of both series. This will be kept hidden until the launch trailer, where it will reveal that whatever the soldiers see at the end of the reveal trailer is actually Pyramid Head walking toward them with the great knife.
  • Jossed. It's set in Dite inhabited by nanomachine beings.

Monsoon will make an appearance.

It doesn't help that he's an old man in Rising so Survive could have DLC chapters where he was wounded in a gangfight against weird creatures.

  • Jossed.

This will have an ending mission where it establishes where the Metal Gear team will be going.
With Kojima gone and Yota Tsutsumizaki seemingly taking over his role as team lead. It'd be interesting if they used this game as a
Back Door Pilot to their future metal gear titles. whether having the main team/avatar character(s) accidentally starting the events of the next major game (like bringing the virus accidentally to an otherwise normal but alternate universe) or the avatar characters coming into a world that's got it's own issues that are more inline with typical metal gear with it's own twist.

The Reason why there's Diamond Dog Boxes isn't simple laziness
But the wormholes are taking from ALL time periods, including their future. So we'll possibly see not only DD (1985) but Outer heaven(1995), 'The Orange'(2009-2014?), Tank and 'Love Pack' Boxes(1974). All with different resources.

Kyle Schneider/Black Ninja is involved and the same special task force the Player Character is sent by is the same one Kyle is part of.
  • Tying into the above maybe the same special forces unit Kyle was talking about is related to Section. Funding NASA so they can explore different planets through portals seems like the sort of thing the For Science! minded Section would do.
  • Jossed.

The Lord of Dust has the power to not just open up portals to different worlds containing alternate timelines of Earth but entirely different universes as well.
Except that Lord of Dust is all but dead and Stable Time Loop commences where after that, the wormhole did not appear above MSF Mother Base.
  • At the very least the portals do have access to legitimate alien worlds as two monsters called Frostbite and Big Mouth, which are obviously alien in origin, fall out of the portals. So not as far fetched as one would think.
  • Also is the Lord of Dust really as dead as everyone thinks? Keep in mind A) We are talking about a hyper-intelligent hive mind being with all the accumulated knowledge of humanity from its assimilation of said species, making it rather suspect that Virgil can just casually infect it with The Lord of Dust not infecting Virgil with something in return. B) The Captain was never cured of his infection, so the Lord of Dust could still live on as a small remnant inside him.