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Nightmare Fuel / Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Pain... this is why I fight...

  • Raiden's Jack the Ripper persona is an Ax-Crazy sociopath who gets off on killing and slicing into people as well as being stabbed himself. At the end of the Jack The Ripper trailer, Raiden even maniacally laughs as he slices down multiple foes. To quote the man himself: "Pain. This is why I fight."
    • The fact that laughing puts Raiden right in the Uncanny Valley as his jaw just flaps about like a crazy skull puppet.
    • He's so crazy that even Monsoon is frightened by him. One of the possible lines from Monsoon when you finally finish him off has him frantically pleading for Raiden to stop.
    • The completely deranged facial expressions Raiden makes as he speaks in an equally frightening rasp.
  • Raiden's Slasher Smile is extra creepy, as his lower jaw has no skin or lips.
    • In this trailer you can see him adjusting his dislocated jaw.
  • LQ-84i's existence. A sentient AI weapon ordered to "defend the freedom of Abkhazia". However, it will be mind wiped at the first sign of questioning orders. Being an AI, the blade-wolf body isn't the important thing for it. If its memory is wiped, all of its experiences and learning will be lost. The chassis and neural net could be trained again, but it would never be the same intelligence. Having its memory wiped would be the same as death.
  • Some of the members of the Winds of Destruction, namely Monsoon and Mistral.
  • The "Make it Right" viral ad campaign, a series of live-action trailers depicting Raiden undergoing surgery and experiencing various flashbacks. The disturbing imagery is what makes these ads Nightmare Fuel.
  • The whole encounter with Jetstream Sam during the prologue chapter. Sam slashes Raiden's eye out and slices off his arm, then the game screen becomes screwy and static-y as Raiden is struggling to move and has incredibly low health, and Sam slowly creeps up on him...
  • When Raiden has to fight against enemy cyborgs while being forced to hear their horrified thoughts at having to engage him, and later enters Ripper Mode for the first time in game after Monsoon and Sam's combined Breaking Speech, moments after being impaled through the stomach and disabling his pain inhibitors. The entire scene becomes awash in black and white as his right eye snaps open and seconds later a trio of mooks has been forcefully separated from their torsos via sword as our hero cackles maniacally.
    • To up the horror the enemy cyborgs are put through, notice how any sufficient damage to them regardless of whether you cut them or not causes them to explode violently. It's entirely likely Desperado is ensuring no one associated with them is remotely able to give away their plan, not unlike the Cobra Unit. These guys are less than expendable to them.
  • Senator Armstrong after activates his nanites. His eyes turn red, his arteries bulge out and cover his body, and every time he needs to deliver a haymaker or gets hit by Raiden, his skin turns a mechanical gray for a second before going back. After getting used to thinking of him as a politician in a suit, it's rather freaky to see him reveal himself as something akin to a more obviously inhuman cyborgs. Unlike most, it's not Cyborg tech but Nanomachinesnote . Even worse, if you look closely at his skin near where the greyish color ends, you can see red and veins on his skin. This can have the effect of looking like blood, almost as if the Nanomachines are tearing the armor through his skin, then regnerating him at high speed.
    Senator Armstrong: "Nanomachines, son."
  • The rooms full of human brains placed into cyborg casings in the third and fifth chapters. They're brains stuck into little casings with just a pair of separate eyes and a dangling spine like device. The still living brains are terrified in this state, and when you enter a room full of them, they all stare at you at once. The fact that these brains once belonged to kidnapped children makes it all the worse.
    • In the Denver server room even more brains are shown, and Sundowner even strokes one as it undulates in muted terror.
  • Raiden standing over the corpse of Senator Armstrong after he ripped his heart out and crushed it is rather haunting of what it implies for his future. Raiden has a Thousand-Yard Stare with blood all over his body, clearly exhausted with all the killing and destruction he has had to cause and witness. He spoke of enforcing justice but knee deep in bodies Raiden can't help but feel Not So Different from his enemies.
  • Each one of the bosses is dispatched using a Zandatsu attack, meaning that they get diced to tiny bits. But then, they make dying codec calls. Despite being literally diced to tiny pieces, they are still alive, at least enough to make their last words.
    • If it's any consolation, Wolf was an AI, as opposed to the somewhat human Winds of Destruction.
    • They weren't necessarily alive. There are ghosts in the MGS universe.
  • Performing Zandatsu on Senator Armstrong. While it is very much awesome, you were previously ripping out fuel cells from cyborgs. The final battle has you ripping out someone's nanomachine-laced heart and crushing it while it still beats.
  • How Sam loses his arm. He slices off Armstrong's hand, leaving a crude, black-armored point. Armstrong knocks him to the floor and drives the sharpened point through his shoulder. The normally cool and collected Sam has a look of absolute horror on his face, and there's a shot of the arm twitching in its death throes and going limp.
  • The Mastiff, an ape-like Unmanned Gears. Mix that with a Blackout Basement level in the underground railroad in R-03, and you're in for a pretty scary experience.
    • Those enemies get a mention on their own because of how vicious and animalistic they are. Not to mention they're the Demonic Spiders of the game. And on Revengeance Mode, you have to fight one of them right near the start of the very first mission. Have fun.
  • Cyborgs and their associated weapons must be pretty terrifying to unaugmented, squishy humans. Take President N'Mani's kidnapping, for example. Sundowner hacks his guards into pieces while grinning, then picks him up like a ragdoll as he tries to escape his burning limo. Sundowner then ties him up and tortures him by pressing his high-frequency machete into N'Mani's neck, which is not only switched on, but also extremely hot. You can hear and see N'Mani's blood and flesh sizzling. The fact that the first thing he does after being cut loose is hold his neck closed and tell Raiden not to worry about him is a pretty awesome moment, when you think about it.
  • Even the MUSIC for the game can be scary. Case in point; Collective Consciousness, the semi-final boss theme, is utterly terrifying. Heavy beats, screeching dubstep sounds and guitars, distorted electronic noises, and the brutally fast pace all make it really intimidating. And the lyrics are frightening too, speaking of keeping the masses under control while the world falls apart around them, sounding like something that would fit the Law faction in Shin Megami Tensei. Those growling voices near the end DO NOT HELP.
    Let your country control your mind!
    • Speaking of those last two lines, the latter finishes off the song in an INCREDIBLY creepy way.
      Let your country control your soul.
      Let your country control your soul.
      Let your country control your soul.
  • Monsoon's boss fight, the only one where the player is canonically in Jack's role, is all about getting them on board with "killing is okay because it's natural," and this will only sink in once the player starts realizing how much fun they had. His basic attacks, which include red phosphorous ambushes, Detachment Combat, and a predatory attack which involves repeatedly stabbing the pinned player, will punish players who still have to think in order to react, and his bizarre special attacks will benefit players who attempt to attack the rubble he's hurling. Monsoon's constant shouting about the rules of nature, his evasive abilities, and his stupidly high health mean that some players will easily get frustrated and really want to kill him... and as a bonus, players who do especially well with him get to hear him panic and beg for his life.
    • Even his theme, "The Stains of Time", gets in on this; the heavy dubstep and (live) instrumentation and drums are as fast and frantic as the soundtrack gets, making sure the player's heart is racing as they try keeping up with Monsoon. The lyrics back up the boss's philosophy, talking about how his anger and dreams have washed away and he kills just because it's natural... and the song's triumphant climax is "my dreams have disappeared." Do you feel like a hero yet?
      Here I stand beneath the warm and soothing rainnote 
      The droplets falling gently down on the terrain
      Wash away the sorrow, all the stains of time
      But there's no memory, it's only dry inside!
  • The early concepts of Senator Armstrong's nanomachine enhancements were absolutely terrifying.
  • Mistral cruelly destroying one of her own drones by tearing off its arms and smashing the sphere unit in half just to show off her ruthlessness as a killer.
  • A minor one but Khamsin's arms look almost like exposed muscle.

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