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Chandler was an accident

From what we see of Charles and Nora neither of them ever wanted to get married: They both admit to sleeping with the best man before their wedding indicating Charles already knew he was gay and Nora was interested in other men. So the only reason they went through with it was because they'd slept together, Nora had gotten pregnant and deciding against abortion and adoption, they were forced to get married. They both seem pretty rich (family money?) so their parents might have threatened to cut them off if they didn't get married and stay respectable. They stuck it out for a while, raised Chandler and then divorced. This explains why they neglected Chandler so much and his deep insecurity: he knows he was never wanted and the cause of his parents' unhappy marriage. It's an ironic mirroring of Ross, the 'miracle baby' and a point of connection with Monica who also felt like she was never loved.


  • Oh, and then there's this quote:
    Chandler: "No, the best reason to get married is pregnancy."

Chandler had feelings for Monica before London

Not a full-blown obsessive crush like Ross had on Rachel because that would be obvious, but a what-if interest. There are several hints in the first four seasons; him offering to have her baby, convincing her he'd be a good boyfriend, calling her the most beautiful woman he's ever known and them almost having sex in TOW with the flashbacks.

When they do hook up, Monica is depressed and just wants sex. But what about Chandler's perspective? When Monica kisses him, his first reaction is worrying about taking advantage of her. (Makes sense if he had buried feelings). When she reassures him she's alright he gives in and goes with it. Wouldn't you expect him to tell her no? Why would he want to sleep with her so badly? He admitted he wasn't in a bad place, and unlike Joey, he isn't a one night stand type. Yeah he's a guy and naturally wants sex, but that's a lot to risk with your best friend. You'd expect him to be more cautious. So because there’s no process of whether he’s happy with the situation, we can assume he’s fine with it. And the only reason he’d be fine with it that quickly is if he’d thought about it before. He'd thought about 'them' before. Later he even admitted that it was special to him because Monica was "hot", and describes it as the most romantic night of his life. (Even though it was at the fling stage then).


This all suggests Chandler felt something for Monica, and London uncovered that attraction. He was previously terrifed of committment so logically he wouldn't have acted on his feelings. He wouldn’t want to face rejection or lose the security of his best friend.

Monica has a history of eating disorders.
In the episode The One With All The Thanksgivings, it is revealed that Monica lost copious amounts of weight in a single year because Chandler said she was fat. She has been described on the show as having an unhealthy relationship with food ("It's just food, it's not love"), and she had been a compulsive eater prior to making the effort to lose weight. For these reasons, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the sudden drop in weight came as a result of another eating disorder - probably bulimia since she was already established as a compulsive eater, and another flashback episode set later that year indicates that she's trying to lose weight, has lost 'four pounds' and is willing to sit down and eat an entire pizza by herself. Although there is no reference in canon to her sudden weight loss being anything but a good thing, it seems evident that compulsive eaters do not suddenly lose a lot of weight after a blow to their self-esteem in a completely healthy fashion.
  • That's so evil...
  • Sadly, that seems quite credible. She has the kind of personality classically associated with eating disorders, being highly-strung, sensitive and obsessive with strong needs for control and approval; she was also in one of the highest-risk groups for eating disorders (high-achieving, upper-middle-class white teenage girls) at the time of her weight loss.
  • Also, former anorexics frequently find it hard - if not impossible - to have children later. It's one of the side-effects of having starved yourself for a long period of time, as your body shuts down all non-essential functions. So that would explain why she and Chandler couldn't have kids together.
  • To be fair, being overweight also puts a person at a higher risk of infertility. And anorexia doesn't necessarily (witness Victoria Beckham). Also, if she does have such a history, she was probably raped as a child. Think about that for a moment. Makes sense, no? Maybe a subersion of Driven to Suicide. Bet the show doesn't seem so funny anymore, right? Further - she lives with people who clearly make no mention of any psychological disturbances. Either she's just a good dieter, or her friends are pretty horrible to not care about her.
    • It could turn her relationship with Richard (and the jokes around it) into a very dark "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
      • Sufferers of eating disorders have a correlation with victims of childhood abuse? Source please?
  • Wouldn't a side effect of that be rancid breath? Something nobody ever mentions? And rotting teeth? Monica probably just funneled her compulsive eating into compulsive neatness, keeping her neurosis but in a less dangerous form.
    • Those symptoms are far too textbook. For starters, the WMG above says that she has a history of eating disorders, not that she currently has one.
    • Ross and Rachel still would have been around to notice the past side effects of any eating disorders. And rotting teeth don't just disappear.
    • She might not have binged and purged. Considering her competitive nature, obsession with food/anorexia/etc could have been combined with an unhealthy amount of exercise. People can basically get addicted to it, and it's often considered an "eating" disorder itself
  • On the other hand, people who live in emotionally abuse homes as children are often overweight, particularly in adolescence, and then lose the weight once they move out of the house and away from the abusers. Since Monica didn't seem to have her weight yo-yo, but lost it all at once, when she was about 18 (she says it had to do with Chandler, but that doesn't have to be true, however, the fact that she lost it once and kept it off is an observable fact), didn't regain it, and clearly has self-esteem issues with her mother, who makes no secret of the fact that Ross is her favorite, this theory makes as much sense as the "eating disorder" theory.
    • The reason for her difficulty conceiving was explained. She had an unusually high pH count in her uterus, which is "hostile" to establishing a pregnancy. This has nothing to do with eating disorders. On top of that, Chandler had slow swimmers. There actually are treatments for both those things, but they are very expensive. In an earlier episode, it was mentioned that her mother had trouble conceiving, so she may have inherited the problem.
  • It's fairly obvious that if she didn't have a fully-fledged eating disorder, she always had issues with food, whether she was fat or thin. The whole 'I owe it to the chubby girl inside... I never let her eat' and the fact she chose a career of food preparation...
  • Monica didn't have an eating disorder, considering the fact that she is portrayed as being extremely physically fit and very strong. A strict but still healthy diet and a good exercise regimen can make it possible to lose that much weight in about a year, especially considering the fact that she was portrayed as being an extremely big eater before she lost weight.

Rachel has a foot fetish.
When Rachel and Monica are teaching Chandler how to satisfy a woman sexually, she mentions toes "for some people". In another episode, Ross, who used to date Rachel, mentions that a dessert she prepared tastes like feet. How does he know what feet taste like? Yeah...
  • Also, at one point, Rachel expresses a desire for a lover who could "Make (her) toes curl". And she wears stilettos and other fetishized footwear more often than Monica or Phoebe, though that could just be a side-effect of her being the "fashionable one".
    • (It's also because Jennifer Aniston is the short one, but go on, this is interesting.)
  • She also mentioned, during the episode where they're at the beach with nothing to do, that she painted Ross's toenails when they were dating.
    • Also, Fridge Logic - how did Paolo know her exact shoe size when he bought her shoes when he was in Rome?
      • She's very into fashion and Italy is famous for making shoes. Maybe he just asked because shoes would make a great gift.
  • Smell and taste are just two different manifestations of chemosense. Ross knows what feet taste like because he knows what feet smell like.

Joey is gay.
Think about it:
  • He has many one-night stands - or so we are told. Very few of these women appear onscreen.
    • True, but Chandler's clearly met plenty of them. At one point he refers to talking to some of them in the mornings after.
  • He gets absurdly excited at seeing the women in Baywatch even though he's supposedly scoring every night. Over-compensating?
    • The ability to score with multiple women does not hinder ones ability to enjoy boobies.
  • He's an actor.
    • What does that have to do with anything?
      • The high number of openly gay actors in the theatre community would only indicate that he probably is straight (or at least bi) since he'd have no reason to lie about his sexuality among co-stars, let alone hook up with the female ones as cover.
  • His attachment to childish habits, indicating repressed sexuality.
    • What?
  • He comes from an Italian Catholic family, the only son in a family with many daughters; he would have been under heavy pressure to adopt a macho persona.
    • Or he just learned to appreciate women
  • His relationships with women are brief and awkward, particularly with Rachel.
    • Phoebe thinks he's gay, too. When Rachel asks her why didn't they tell her that she still loves Ross, she says:
      "Well, because we thought you knew!! It's so obvious! God, that would be like telling Monica, 'Hey, you like things clean.' Or, y'know, 'Hey, Joey, you're gay!'"
      • Yes, but this is Phoebe who thinks this.
      • It might have been a run of the episode that was Edited for Syndication. If you meant the joke was adding that part of the line, it was not (I remember the entire line, too, except that it was Chandler she was talking about). If you mean the joke of the line itself, it's playing on the Ambiguously Gay attributes of Chandler (or Joey), and Phoebe being The Ditz.
      • It's Joey, see the transcript.
      • That line is definitely not on Friends DVD. On the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time a show had two copies of an episode in existence with slight differences in editing.
      • That line was not in the original airing and is only in uncut DVDs. Not all of the DVDs sold are uncut. There, settled?
  • Joey, stop being so defensive about being gay.
    • What? Why's everybody pointing at Joey? What about Chandler?
  • Alternatively, Joey is bisexual, which he realizes at some point during the series and just keeps to himself. He would have made a pass at Chandler but Chandler hooked up with Monica before he got up the nerve and loved Chandler and Monica too much to do anything to ruin it. In a later episode he even acts offended when Chandler strongly denies that they are a couple asking if Chandler thinks he's too good for Joey.
    • He could be bisexual and just lean more towards women than men. Some people have a preference.

Scott from S 2 E 6 is actually Barney from How I Met Your Mother
Barney often uses fake identities and he always manipulates girls before and after sex. Also both shows are set in New York.
  • Proably not, as Barney lost his virginity at 23, and was btween 19 and 21 at 1995.

The six of them are in a mental asylum together
It would explain so much. The apartments that would cost a billion dollars a month in rent. The coffee shop always catering to their every whim. Retconned pasts. 'Dating' each other. And every time one of them manages to make a life for themselves outside of the circle (Ross and the English woman), something extraordinary dumb happens to screw it up. Ross LIKES being in the Happy Home with the drugs at seven. However... the PARENTS are real. Sort of. Chandler can't tell the difference between his mom and his dad. Monica hates hers and tries to get 'revenge' by claiming silly stuff. "Oh dear, now she's claiming she slept with her pediatrician." Rachel's parents, of course, drove her into the asylum with her wanting to marry an idiot. Phoebe's mom committed suicide, and she just can't get over it.
  • "So no one told you life was going to be this way..." - OMG subteckst!
    • More likely that Rachel went insane after Barry jilted her, and so she rewrote the memory. Joey was abused over a long period by a man who always asked him "How you doin'?" (his tailor) Monica's bulimia caused brain damage.
      • Or, alternatively, Monica is hospitalized for OCD. Phoebe probably has schizophrenia or something similar (due to her thinking she's psychic and some of her kookier ideas).
      • Their love interests are mental projections of their subconscious minds. Janice represents Chandler's messed-up ideas about women stemming from his own parents' divorce. Joey's constant string of rarely-seen one-night stands is him overcompensating for his latent homosexuality. Barry represents Rachel's fear of emotional intimacy, whereas Emma is a projection of her own self-centeredness (Rachel wants to be Emma). Carol and Emily represent Ross's paranoia and fear of abandonment. Monica's early string of men who use her represent her own insecurity issues from growing up overweight, while her marriage to the somewhat effeminate Chandler symbolizes her own homosexuality and obsessive need to control others. And Phoebe? Suicided mother who wasn't really her mother, absentee father, evil twin sister, having her brother's triplets, staunch vegetarian. She killed and ate her own family, and her mind is now completely detached from reality.
      • Phoebe Evil Twin might be a alternate personality, but a inactive one.
  • And...and...and...forget surrogates! She's her kids' auntie AND mom! EEEWWW!
    • No, she's not! "I'm just the oven; it's totally their bun."

Chandler and Joey really did lose Ben
They ended up getting the wrong baby after they forgot Ben inside the bus, and the baby just happened to cry because of Monica. Ross in fact couldn't tell the difference between his baby and the other baby due to... Oh c'mon ALL BABIES LOOK THE SAME.
  • Ross might not be able to tell the difference, but Carol and Susan would've lynched him had he returned with the wrong kid. Let's jolly well hope they can recognize Ben in a line-up.
    • Why can you understand Ross not recognizing the baby but not the mothers? Or do you mean by his clothes?
    • Take it from this father troper that you ABSOLUTELY CAN recognise your own child when you put them aside other babies. All babies look alike, except your own.

Chandler and Monica are into dom-sub play
Monica is dom, Chandler is sub. She's incredibly bossy and controlling, he's a spineless wimp, so it makes perfect sense for them to be together if they complement each other's fetishes.
  • This is referenced in one episode. Chandler finds a pair of handcuffs in the spare bedroom and freaks out, because they don't do the whole bondage thing and he starts wondering who Monica did use them with (Richard?) and why she doesn't use them with him.
    • At one point, Joey remarks about Chandler being lazy because he's never on top during sex. Think about it...
  • Not to mention the fact that in the season four episode The One With The Cuffs, Chandler is involved in a dom-sub relationship with Rachel's boss - it doesn't get much more explicit than, "She's not just the boss in your office", but the driving force of the episode is the fact that Chandler is handcuffed to a chair in the office when she is called away, and she's unable to come back to free him for hours. Clearly, being the sub is something that Chandler enjoys...
    • Letting himself be handcuffed once doesn't equate to being the sub in a Dom-sub relationship though.
  • If this were true, it's far more likely that Monica would play the sub role, and Chandler the dom. Role-play subs are generally very strong characters IRL
    • Often, yes. Generally, no.
    • Doms and subs generally take those roles in play to express aspects of themselves they can't act out in real life. So Monica would submit to Chandler.
  • There's also the episode "The One With the Routine" where Phoebe and Rachel rope Chandler into trying to find the Christmas gifts Monica had hidden. There's a running gag about Chandler "storing stuff" for Joey in his closet, but it's never actually mentioned what exactly he's storing. We can all take a few guesses.
  • Dom and sub are not necessarily life roles. Many, many, MANY couples "switch" back and forth as the mood takes them. For some people it's an identity, for others it's a game. Both are valid.

The guy who told Rachel off on the flight to London really was Dr. House.
We know that House can fake a passable English accent (from The Socratic Method, 1-06), that he has no qualms about calling people on hypocrisy (often, normally to Cuddy or Foreman) and that he's a complete dick (from...just about every episode made), and he's very high-profile, so it's not inconceivable that he could be on his own way to London for a conference or something similar.
  • But why would he shave?
    • This was before he was nearly lost his leg. He wasn't nearly as bitter or cynical. And we all know that you can't be bitter or cynical without a five-o'clock shadow!
      • Let's make it cannon.
      • A stubble cannon sounds awesome.
      • Men would like getting shot in the face.
      • Hugh Laurie (House) is actually British.
      • The character House isn't, he's American, hence the OP pointing out that the character can fake an English accent.
  • What exactly about calling Rachel out on her bullshit makes him a jerk?
  • At one point, he also asks Rachel "Do you plan you plan on talking the entire flight, because if so I'll take a sedative now. Or slip you one." That's mildly paraphrased, but are there any doctors we know of who regularly slip annoying people sedatives?
    • That's clearly a joke made by the character and not meant to be taken seriously, but Rachel or the audience.

:Monica has trouble conceiving after marrying Chandler because she ate so much Mockolate in The One With The List
She eats quite a bit of mockolate - more than Phoebe or Rachel - during the show, and at the end is asked (with concern) if she ate "a lot" of it, because the FDA didn't approve it because of "something to do with laboratory rats". She is also asked if she suffers a burning sensation when she urinates, which indicates that whatever the problem is with mockolate, it has something to do with her urinary tract and/or her reproductive system.
  • This one works well with the previous WMG about Monica's hostile uterus and how her infertility is not the result of an eating disorder.

The people in the episode where Ross looked like a jerk to his new neighbors were trying to rip him off.
The maintenance guy's retirement gift would have only been about $80-$200, so not only was it not Ross's fair share by not having reaped the benefits of him having worked there beyond the condition of his apartment when he first moved in, it wasn't his fair share mathematically.
  • The gift was going to be a hundred dollars from everybody in the building, cash.
  • Made even more plausible in retrospect- the guy who told Ross about the "gift" went on to later play Mozzie on White Collar, a lifelong con man and swindler. If the two shows took place in the same universe, this could simply be the same character pulling a con.

Phoebe has unrealized/underdeveloped psychic powers.
This is how she was able to tell that Joey had eaten meat, and Monica and Chandler had sex in London. She is also able to hear Joey singing "Baby Elephant Walk" in his head when they're at Central Perk one day.
  • Phoebe knows she's psychic, she's said so before. Also likely precognitive as she predicts several future plot developments in a single conversation, with the unfulfilled ones are still a possibility. Which means she is going to kill Ross in the future.
  • In the Friends universe, psychic powers exist but are erratic, frequently getting future events backwards, like when Phoebe's psychic died after predicting Phoebe's death. In Phoebe's case, it's Monica and Chandler who will have the beautiful kids, Joey and Rachel who will be filthy rich (as an A-list Hollywood actor and the next Luis Vuitton), Ross who will develop a drinking problem (after Rachel becomes his fourth ex-wife and moves to Paris with his daughter), and Phoebe who will die, in 2032 as she predicted, killed by Ross telling a boring palaeontology story, as she once thought he might.

Friends takes place in the Heroes universe
Phoebe dated (and later married) Mike in the last two seasons. Mike himself is a half-Petrelli —rich yuppie, and son of Angela Petrelli but from a different father. The core cast also has subversive powers that very subtly warp reality in their favor, but they're considered too weaksauce for either the Company, the government, Samuel, or Sylar to care about.
  • Hrm, the son of Angela Petrelli and Charles Logan?

The entire show takes place in an Alternate Universe New York City.
  • Think about it: There are few minorities around the city... people who barely have employment live in apartments that would cost MANY THOUSANDS of dollars monthly to rent and keep up...obvious retconning goes on frequently and yet none of the major characters notice... and a close knit of group of equally numbered males and females has no issues w/ non-paired group members making clumsy (or successful) attempts at seduction.

How would this be possible in this universe?Therefore Friends documents events that occur in an alternate universe.

  • The Friends characters already live in an alternate universe; on in which the World Trade Center attacks didn't happen. The writers didn't know how to deal with it in a comedy series so chose to ignore them.
  • Untrue. Shortly after the attacks, when new episodes resumed airing, the Magne-Doodle board in Joey's and Chandler's apartment commemorated the attacks.

Janice is (another) illegitimate daughter of Joseph Joestar.

The bump on Ben's head activated powers of precognition
  • And he's not saying "Monica bang!" afterwards, that's just what they hear. He's actually saying Monica Bing, forseeing her eventual marriage to Chandler.
    • Great WMG or greatest WMG?
    • Another example is when Carol and Susan tell Ross that Ben said the word "Yemen". Later in the series, Chandler has to travel to Yemen to get away from Janice.

The Billy Crystal and Robin Williams characters in "TOW The Ultimate Fighting Champion" are actors/performance artists.
  • They visit public places like coffee shops, bars, stores, etc., situate themselves near a large group of people, and repeat the shtick we saw in that episode. They always have a more-or-less captive audience, since onlookers have no way of knowing that it's all an act.

Phoebe and Joey were supposed to get together at some point
  • There are several instances of Ship Teasing between Joey and Phoebe: Joey giving Phoebe 'the perfect kiss', Phoebe saying that she and Joey would get together as part of her plan, Joey refusing to watch a porno which Phoebe apparently stars in, and the episode where they drive Phoebe's taxi back to New York, just for starters. The writers were probably intending to hook them up at some point, but fan reaction was less than superb for whatever reason so they dropped it in favor of Mike.
    • Actually, the Other Wiki says that the creators said that they always assumed that Phoebe and Joey had a secret affair.

Joey has a crush on Phoebe
  • Much like the previous entry, with much of the same evidence. He never acts on it because he's initially worried that she'll reject him because of his womanizing ways, and later because she's so happy dating David, then Mike.

Phoebe is a closet bisexual.
Now, all of the main six have had Ho Yay with each other, but Phoebe outright fantasizes about Monica's cousin and kisses Rachel "to see what all the fuss was about". And she's practically an Ethical Slut anyway, so is probably more open minded about such things than the others...I dunno. Just a thought.
  • Maybe she was bi-curious but never got around to actually dating women?
  • She does state that she can't him tell how she knows, but one girl she sets Joey up with likes threesomes. Phoebe may have been involved at some point.
  • She did say in one episode, "I've had crushes on all you guys, except Chandler and Ross." This could either mean she was saying all the guys, but meaning only Joey, or more likely (considering this is Phoebe) she meant guys in the gender-neutral sense, meaning she's had crushes on Monica, Rachel and Joey.

Phoebe has Asperger's Syndrome.

She's very self centered, and she doesn't understand social norms as much as the rest of the group. Whenever someone pays her a compliment, most would reply with some form of thanks, Phoebe instead replies that she already knows. She also butts in on Monica and Rachel's hugs for the sake of it, even when she isn't involved.

She also uses her mother's death to get her own way over the most trivial things; it's Monica or Rachel who once mentions that Phoebe used her mother's death as an excuse to get the last muffin. Such a traumatic moment of her life shouldn't be treated so lightly, if Phoebe had Asperger's it would explain how she's able to be so flippant about it, she simply doesn't experience the same emotional link to it that others would.

It would also cover her more eccentric behavior, not to mention how callous she is to Chandler right in front of him; granted Rachel does the same thing, but she does it behind his back. Another example is when she finds Monica's "soul mate", she just doesn't understand why Chandler's upset.

  • No. She doesn't. If you work with people with autism and Asperger's, you would know that she clearly doesn't. She may be improperly socialized from having atypical peer groups, though. At one point, her mother worked on barges, and she stayed on the barges, or docks with her mother, and very few child peers, other than her twin, with whom she doesn't get along. Then through various parental traumas, she was tossed around to her grandmother, or living on the streets. She was never in one place very long. She probably had really poor childhood nutrition. Some people with backgrounds like that are very low-functioning, but don't technically have anything wrong with them.
  • Ursula, on the other hand, does behave like there really is something wrong with her, but not Asperger's. She acts like she's had a serious head injury, at some point. She has real problems with her memory. She fell off the barge.
  • This troper has AS, and believe me Phoebe does not. People with AS are not self-centered, in fact they tend to be extremely caring of others. Traumatic events are not treated flippantly, and people with AS are rarely, if ever, callous. What can happen is that the person with AS simply doesn't react in the way that most other people would, or that their reaction is largely internalized, or both. Further, people with AS commonly do understand why people are upset, just not what to do about it.

Judy at one time suffered a miscarriage.
In one episode Jack mentions that he got engaged to Judy because she had gotten pregnant and in another he mentions that Ross was a medical marvel because they thought Judy couldn't have kids. This could have been because of complications from a miscarriage from her first pregnancy. Fridge Horror abounds for this one.
  • Although Ross says "they thought she was barren". This would indicate she was unable to conceive at all, it is different from having the type of body which regularly aborts fetuses.
    • Complications in the first pregnancy (which was when she had a miscarriage) left her barren (or so they believed).

Monica and Chandler do eventually have their own child naturally.
To mirror Monica's issue with her parents' favoritism of Ross, and because of her mom's suspected infertility. And Monica will either follow in her parents' footsteps by favoring their miracle baby, or end up favoring the twins because she would want them to feel loved, even if they were adopted, in an attempt to prevent them from being in Monica's shoes. Ironically, this would leave at least one kid to end up like Monica.
  • Or she wouldn't favor any of them because she knows how that feels, and with Chandler's help (who had repeatedly witnessed how hurt she was by her parents and would avoid that with his own kids), is able to love them all equally.

The One Where Everyone Found Out was planned by Monica
In particular, to get Chandler to publicly admit that he loves her. All of the I Know You Know I Know that started with Joey began with her deliberately having him catch her and Chandler together, and it panned out from there. And come on, she does seem a little too eager for Chandler to seduce another woman with her watching.
  • She's really competitive. Freakishly so.

The "Something" being tried by Ross
In an "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" the friends are looking at old photos of Ross and Monica. Joey exclaims "I got Monica naked!", but Ross explains that it is him, "trying something". In the episode "The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner" Ross's mother tells a story to Rachel that Ross tucked his willy between his legs when he as younger. The photo was in fact of this act (which was what it had always been).

Phoebe has a middle name beginning with the letter C.
She chose the name Princess Consuela Banana Hammock to have the same initials as Phoebe C. Buffay-Hannigan.
  • Courtney? As a reference to Courtney Cox?
  • Or possibly Lily's last name? Phoebe Abbott, Frank Buffay, and Lily C?

Ross is hypoglycemic.
An explanation for why he got so angry when that guy ate his turkey sandwich: low blood sugar. Also explains why he and Joey would take afternoon naps together and why he ate all those sweets and went loopy when he and Chandler stayed at that romantic hotel.

Joey's grandmother is or was a communist
Joey says in "The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister" he says; "She was like, the third person to spit on Mussolini's hanging body." Mussolini was captured and executed by communist partisans.
  • Actually, she is like, the sixth person to spit on Mussolini's hanging body. Admittedly, that doesn't really have any effect on your theory, but it's probably best to be accurate with the details.
  • A gargantuan number of civilians (not just partisans) gathered to watch Mussolini's hanging and spit on him (and his lover), regardless of their current or previous political ideas.

Chandler never suffered from Flanderization.
In later episodes of Friends, Chandler starts to seem a lot less masculine - he loves Miss Congeniality, the soundtrack to Annie and admits to auditioning for the figure skating team in high school. This has been dismissed as Character Derailment by some on this very wiki, because of the short term nature and intensity of such a change, but it could in fact be Character Development. Chandler was never the most macho character to begin with, but when he gets engaged to Monica he also reconnects with his estranged father the drag performer. His marriage to an attractive woman made him feel more secure about his independence and sexuality, and he was finally able to relate to his dad as another adult. He can admit to his girlier tendencies because he's mature grown up and no longer afraid of being embarrassed by his dad.
  • Seconded, we see Chandler grow a lot happier and secure in himself after marrying Monica and that theory fits in with it. Plus his paranoia about people thinking he's gay vanishes in later season: He's happy enough with Monica to accept who he is and not worry about what people think.
  • Alternatively, Chandler is a closeted bisexual. In addition to the above, he frequently comments on the attractiveness of other men, and only takes it back once he realizes other people might judge him.
  • Unlikely. He never shows any personal attraction or interest in guys. His comments are usually because the girls are asking for his opinion and probably the result of his parents. Growing up with a gay dad and sexually explicit mom who are constantly making passes at/checking guys out, means he's picked up on their habits regardless of sexual preference. And the writers expressly say in the Season 10 commentary that they never considered Chandler gay or bi, just metroseuxal.

Ross is mentally ill, and went off the deep end after the divorce with Emily
Which explains all the shouting and losing his temper at strange things in Season 5 and 6. And his ill-advised attempt to stay married to Rachel after their drunken wedding in Vegas. He settles down and is more under control in later seasons, but flares up again when he finds out Joey and Rachel are dating.
Ross eventually lost custody of Ben
  • The show is frequently teased because eventually Ross's son Ben completely disappeared. However, it's possible that everything that happened resulted in him losing custody of Ben. Considering his very violent outburst as his job that had him put on sabbatical and on medication (fans assumed Ross was going to be institutionalized.) Normally that probably wouldn't be enough, but remember that Ross and Susan hated each other. It's possible Susan convinced Carol that Ross is dangerous and they finally got sole custody of him. Ross is enough of a pushover he wouldn't put up much of a fight, Susan seems to dislike Ross enough, and it would explain how indifferent he seemed (since he couldn't see him anyway.)
    • Ross lost his job around season five. Ben was still making appearances at least as late as season eight and is still treated as if Ross has regular contact with him after that. They simply spent the last several seasons believing it was their last and were more focussed on building the characters to a satisfying conclusion each year than bringing in guest stars for no reason other than to have them there.
    • Susan does not hate Ross. She starts out annoyed by him, but when Susan and Carol get married, Susan and Ross make their peace with one another.
Pete eventually becomes UFC champion.
  • Why not? He is The Determinator in his own words. Besides, having finished with Monica, he has a lot more time on his hands to train for it.
    • Agreed, he's one determined chap. It would have been interesting to have him return, no doubt fuelling Chandler's insecurities that not only did Monica date a billionaire but a guy who is now an action hero.
Chandler was badly bullied in the past
Based on 'TOW the Bullies' episode: Although the bullies pick on both Ross and Chandler, Ross is far more defensive and prepared to stand up for himself, admitting he'd never been properly beaten up. In contrast Chandler is cowed and passive, apparently familiar with what those types of guys would do to them. Considering his feminine habits, his 'gay vibe', his humiliating parents who rarely bothered about his feelings and that he went to an all boys boarding school he was probably an easy victim for bullies growing up.
  • He does mention that he thought he wouldn't have to deal with bullies as a grownup, which implies he did deal with them during his school years.
Monica and Chandler have the same mother.
Just LOOK at Chandler's Mother and then at Monica. The resemblance is uncanny.
  • Rachel's mother and Chandler's mother looked alike.
  • Yes, if all white women look the same to you, then Monica, Chandler, and Rachel's mothers all look alike. Otherwise, they have VERY different facial features.
  • More likely, they have the same plastic surgeon.
  • Whatever the case, Chandler's attraction to Monica is a clear case of Oedipus syndrome. His very first line in the show was about a dream he had where his penis was a phone, and he got a call from her mother. Not to mention the episode where he ruins Ross' life by mention that he unwillingly pictures his mom during sex.

Carol was visited by The Inquisitor.
Why else would she played by someone else after her first appearance?

The film adaptation of Lost in Space exists in the Friends 'verse with Joey as Don West.
Basically, Matt LeBlanc appears to be channelling Joey's brand of acting. Plus, it fits with all the other ridiculous roles Joey has played.

Phoebe secretly has feelings for Monica.
It's implied throughout the series that Phoebe is bisexual, or at least feels attraction to women sometimes. She's admitted to spying on Monica naked when they lived together, and was all but hypnotized when she got an eyeful of her chest ("That woman has the breasts of a Greek goddess"). However, she's well aware that Monica is straight, and that they probably wouldn't work as a couple even if she wasn't, so she never admits her feelings.

Meanwhile, her increasing hostility toward Chandler over the series is out of pure jealousy. They seemed to get along well enough in the early seasons, and it never seemed to bother Phoebe when Monica dated guys outside their circle of friends. But she turned borderline cruel to Chandler after they hooked up - because Monica had fallen in love with one of her closest friends, and it wasn't Phoebe.

Phoebe secretly has feelings for Rachel.
It's implied throughout the series that Phoebe is bisexual, or at least feels attraction to women sometimes. She immediately chose Rachel over Monica when asked who she would have as her girlfriend; Ross suggested explicitly in early Season 6 that Phoebe's secret love for Rachel was what was driving her to suggest that Ross still loved Rachel; Phoebe kissed Rachel unsolicitedly, claiming she wanted to see 'what all the fuss was about', and reacted to news that Rachel had kissed a woman by classifying her as lesbian, perhaps out of optimism; a large proportion of Ross and Rachel's later-season romantic encounters can be traced back to Phoebe pushing them together, in the final episode and after Rachel had the baby, despite Ross and Rachel's repeatedly established dysfunction as a couple; Phoebe pushing them together could be explained as Phoebe compensating for her feelings for Rachel (and for having the same feelings of guilt as Joey had for falling for Ross's ex) by projecting her feelings for Rachel onto Ross.

Meanwhile, her increasing hostility toward Chandler over the series is out of pure jealousy: jealousy that he acted on his secret feelings and successfully pursued the woman he loved, while she feels continually compelled not to pursue Rachel out of fear of offending Ross (and Rachel's perceived heterosexuality).

Monica isn't both Jack's and Judy's daughter
Either they adopted her, despite Judy's ambivalence, because they didn't think they will be able to have more biological kids, or she is the result of Jack cheating on Judy, and Jack got custody of her, or most interestingly, the result of Judy cheating on Jack, which Judy is ashamed of and wants to forget.

Chandler and Rachel didn't actually meet before the first episode

The fog of time makes the gang remember two Thanksgiving dinners and two parties as if they were one dinner and one party.

Monica isn't actually The Unfavorite

From what we've heard Ross had a tendency to act out when he thought Monica was getting more attention than him ("pulling his testicles", "tucking his willie between his legs") and eventually Jack and Judy probably realized that to get him to behave they'd need to give him more attention, you'd think he'd have grown out of it by now but in "The One Were Rosita Dies" to spite laying into his dad for favoring him he freaked out when he gave her the Porsche instead of him and although he acts sympathetic to her when their not around he still reviles in all there compliments while doing basically nothing to get them to ease of Monica. Maybe they only gush over him to protect his fragile ego, I know he claims he was a "medical marvel" but when at dinner with Chandler and Monica Jack passively tells them how they had to get married because Ross was an unplanned pregnancy and Monica claimed this wasn't the first time she herd that story. Also keep in mind how much nicer Jack is to Monica when Ross isn't around.

Carol is actually bisexual.

In "The One That Could Have Been", she still clearly has feelings for Ross. It seems entirely possible that she actually identifies as a lesbian to avoid the stigma that comes with bisexuality, mainly stereotypes concerning promiscuity and "needing to pick a side".

  • It seems unlikely to this LGBT troper that Carol would have preferred to identify as lesbian than bisexual in 1990s America. It also makes Carol's cheating on Ross far less forgivable, and removes the sole reason provided why she would ultimately choose Susan over Ross.
  • Carol might have been genuinely in love with Ross in an emotional manner, but didn’t realize she was more attracted to women in a physical way until after they were married.
  • Susan's inexplicable distaste for Ross might be explained by her worrying that Carol will realize that she is bisexual instead of homosexual and want to go back to him. Ross' constant presence in their lives is threatening to her.

Ross might have disproven evolution.

In an early episode, Ross and Phoebe argue over evolution, with Phoebe chastizing Ross for believing in the "dogma" of evolution so completely. When Ross gives up saying that there is a slight possibility that evolution isn't real, Phoebe then chastizes him for betraying his values and the scientific community. That's what gets Ross thinking.

In a season 5 episode, Ross casually mentions a story about a "Mesozoic Mastodon", boring Joey. The problem is, there were no mastodons in the Mezosoic era. And, as every evolutionist knows, finding a specimen in an era it wasn't supposed to have evolved yet would mean the almost complete collapse of the theory (It'd be the equivalent of saying he found a fossil of a dinosaur with a human in its mouth, since mastodons might've coexisted with humans). Season 5 also sees Ross's freakout at the museum, which basically cost him his job.

After that, his publications do seem pretty iffy. He does mention a magazine raising serious questions about the quality of his research... he goes to a paleontoly convention in Barbados thanks to sheer luck (the aged professor fell asleep during his presentation), and once he's there, he receives praise from an eccentric paleontologist who describes his theories as "revolutionary". The odd thing is, we don't really get to hear much of Ross's lecture, but we know he alternates between mentioning Mesozoic era creatures and hominids. What subject, exactly, would the lecture be about to mention species so further apart in the evolutionary tree?

  • Alternatively, Ross is just a crank. Most of his job in the museum seemed to consist of manipulating early human dioramas, and his professorship involved mishaps like faking a ridiculous british accent and dating a student. It's a miracle he managed to achieve tenure.


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