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Drinking Game / Friends

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Recommended drink: coffee (preferably decaf to avoid a caffeine overdose).

  • Take a shot every time somebody:
    • starts going out with someone.
    • breaks up with someone.
    • has sex.
    • gets married.
    • has a baby.
  • Take a shot every time Chandler makes a joke.
    • Two if it involves sarcasm.
    • Three if Joey doesn't get it.
  • Take a shot when characters say their best-known catchphrases:
    • Monica excitedly says "I know!"
    • Rachel says an elongated "Noooooooooo" in a low/gravelly voice.
    • Ross references that he and Rachel were on a break.
    • Chandler says some variant of "Could X be any more Y" (although he actually doesn't do this much).
      • Or if another character uses this to do an impression of Chandler (which actually happens just as often).
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    • Joey says "How you doin'".
    • Phoebe uses her distinctive way of saying "Oh no".
    • Phoebe uses the fake name "Regina Phalange".
  • Whenever Joey and others find out something at the same time, and the others react immediately but Joey does not, start drinking. Keep going until Joey finally puts 2 and 2 together and reacts.
  • Take a shot every time Joey tries to flirt with a girl. Two if he succeeds.
  • Take a shot every time Monica freaks out about something not being clean/being in the wrong place.
  • Take a shot whenever Gunther pines for Rachel.
  • If there's a big secret, take a shot whenever someone finds out.
  • Take a shot whenever you can see someone's nipple protrusions in their shirt. Two if they're Rachel's.
  • Take a shot when Phoebe sings. Make it two if it's "Smelly Cat"
  • Three drinks when Janice comes in unannounced and says "OH! MY!!! GOD!!!!!", one with each word.

An alternative, simpler game:

  • Drink every time the audience makes a noise. Laugh track, "Oooooh" etc.

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